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Comparing 2 SeaWorld Parks

Discover the differences between SeaWorld San Diego and SeaWorld San Antonio!

Photo of SeaWorld San Antonio's beautiful entry plaza Will your Interstate 10 road trip to Southern California take you past the interesting city of San Antonio, Texas? If so, why not check out SeaWorld San Antonio? If you're headed for a visit to Sea World in San Diego, California, comparing the similarities and differences between these 2 SeaWorld Parks is great fun!

To make a quick summary of the differences between these 2 SeaWorld parks, you might say that SeaWorld San Antonio has more variety in its attractions...making it a great choice for families whose members have different tastes about "what's fun." On the other hand, SeaWorld San Antonio is missing some of the animal attractions that you'll find at Sea World in San Diego...making California's Sea World park the favorite for animal-lovers.

When it comes down to it, I personally wouldn't be able to choose a favorite. Both of these 2 SeaWorld parks are terrific...and if you can possibly visit both, you'll find the experience of comparing them to be a real pleasure.

Comparing 2 SeaWorld Parks -- SeaWorld San Antonio's Water Park closed; Aquatica open in Summer 2012

Photo: Wave Pool at SeaWorld San Antonio's water park One of the most notable differences between these 2 SeaWorld parks has always been that SeaWorld San Antonio has a water park, and SeaWorld San Diego does not. Well...Sea World San Antonio will STILL have a water park...but it won't be the same water park that visitors in past years have enjoyed.

Beginning 2012, a brand new Aquatica water park will open next to Sea World San Antonio. This new water park will be greatly expanded from the old one...with more rides 'n slides for all ages...and simply more ways to have fun.

What's the catch? Aquatica will require a separate admission ticket from Sea World San Diego! If you've been used to having the price of your water park fun included with your theme park admission...well, this may not make you very happy. However, if you always thought that SeaWorld's water park was too small...then you'll be very pleased with this larger and more exciting park. From now on, it will be "goodbye to Lost Lagoon" and "Hello, Aquatica!"

Comparing 2 SeaWorld Parks -- Different Rides & Roller Coasters

Photo: Tall roller coaster rises above a large blue lagoon at Sea World San Antonio Another thing that you'll immediately notice if you compare the 2 SeaWorld parks is that SeaWorld San Antonio has huge roller coasters---2 of them!---and SeaWorld San Diego doesn't. (Hey, no fair!) While Sea World San Diego does have the "Journey to Atlantis" roller coaster/water flume combination ride, the Atlantis ride's thrill factor just isn't in the same league with the roller coasters at Sea World San Antonio! (Note: each Sea World location has a Journey to Atlantis ride...but they are different. While San Antonio's version is strictly a water-ride, the San Diego version is part water flume and part roller coaster)

In the photo to your left, you are viewing the "Steel Eel," SeaWorld San Antonio's tallest and fastest rollercoaster. The Steel Eel's 1st drop is 15 stories tall...and will get you zooming to a whopping 65 MPH! That's alot of thrill factor!

Photo: Log riders zoom towards a splashdown on Sea World San Antonio's water flume ride Also missing from SeaWorld San Diego is a log flume ride...which, as you can see from the picture to your right, SeaWorld San Antonio DID have...until 2011. This log flume was the "Texas Splashdown," and featured 2 separate thrilling plunges along its course.

You won't be seeing the Texas Spashdown when you visit Sea World San Antonio in 2012. It isn't running and, in fact, a new attraction will be taking its place in the future.

Photo: Roller coaster train makes a loop at Sea World San Antonio In the picture on your left, you see the other one of Sea World San Antonio's 2 giant roller coasters. This photo shows you, "The Great White" looping coaster, named after the Great White Shark, of course.

"The Great White" roller coaster is a suspension-type coaster which features seating in a ski lift-style chair. As your legs dangle in the breeze, you'll zoom along at 50 mph making 5 inversions as you zip through loops and corkscrews. At one point, your feet nearly graze the heads of passersby!

Photo: Raft ride winding through the tall green trees at Sea World San Antonio

Ah, the picture to your right, you see a ride which both of the 2 SeaWorld parks have in common: a white-water rafting ride! In the photo, you're viewing San Antonio's "Rio Loco" ride, which takes you churning and splashing your way down a loverly tree-lined waterway. Since it's a great deal hotter (temperature-wise) in San Antonio, Texas than it is in California, you'll LOVE getting dowsed with water on the Rio Loco!

For complete information about Sea World Texas rides, (and to view plenty of pictures) please visit our Sea World San Antonio Ride Pictures page.

Or, to view pics & get more info about Sea World California, you may check out our Sea World San Diego Rides page.

Comparing 2 SeaWorld Parks -- Shamu Show and Shamu Stadium

Photo of Shamu Stadium's attractive exterior; SeaWorld park in San Antonio In the photo to your left, you can see the attractive exterior of Shamu Stadium at SeaWorld San Antonio. The Shamu show, is another feature that the 2 SeaWorld parks have in common. And, in 2011, a brand NEW Shamu show began at both parks. It's called "One World," and it emphasizes the importance of taking care of the world's oceans and sea creatures. In addition, both parks hold specially-themed Shamu shows on certain holidays and during the busy summer season.

Photo: Interior of the Shamu Stadium at SeaWorld San Antonio In the picture to your right, you're viewing the interior of SeaWorld San Antonio's Shamu Stadium. If you look closely, you'll notice that the seats in the stadium are PACKED. The Shamu Show is drawing big, don't forget to head to Shamu Stadium well before show time if you want to get a good seat!

Both of the 2 SeaWorld Parks also have dolphin shows, the Clyde and Seamore Sea Lion shows, and the "4D" movie show, where images seem to pop right off of the screen and into your face!

On the other hand, you can see the cute "Pets Rule" domestic animal show at SeaWorld San Diego...but you'll miss it at SeaWorld San Antonio. SeaWorld San Diego also features the astounding acrobatic feats of the players at the Cirque de la Mer "Amphibitheater" which San Antonio doesn't have

Conversely, in Texas, you can see an exciting water ski show...but you'll have to do without that in California! SeaWorld San Diego does NOT have a lake for water skiing.

SeaWorld San Antonio-Contact Information

The SeaWorld San Antonio phone number is (800) 700-7786. If you call that telephone number, you'll get a recorded message with options to learn about park prices, hours of operation, etc. You'll also have the option of speaking to a "live" park employee, as well, if you have a question not answered by the recorded message line.

The SeaWorld San Antonio address is: 10500 SeaWorld Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78251. This location is on the far-western side of San Antonio. If you'd like to view a map to SeaWorld, you may use the following link to study a Yahoo map of the SeaWorld San Antonio area of San Antonio, Texas.

If you need further information about SeaWorld San Antonio, including admission prices, hours of operation, etc, you may follow the upcoming link to visit the SeaWorld San Antonio Official Website.

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