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A Bugs Land at Disneys California Adventure--an adorable children's place

Photo of a giant watermelon slice decorating Heimlich's Chew Chew ride in A Bug's Land at Disney's California Adventure The adorable "A Bug's Land" themed area at Disneys California Adventure is a childrens' favorite!

This section of the park is notable for its many clever, creative touches...all in keeping with the popular Disney-Pixar movie, "A Bug's Life."

You'll find rides for young children in A Bug's Land---but they're not just "kiddie rides." Every one of these attractions are suitable for adults, too---so that you may have some family fun time by riding along WITH your children!

On this page you'll discover the fun rides and attractions waiting for you in "A Bug's Land" at Disney's California Adventure park.

Heimlich's "Chew Chew" Train--Simply adorable

Picture: Heimlich caterpillar train approaches watermelon tunnel in On both your left and right, you see pictures of the whimsical ride "Heimlich's Chew Chew Train." (Such a clever name for this ride, isn't it? Heimlich the caterpillar loves to eat; so, instead of a "choo choo train" this ride is called a "chew chew train!")

A ride with "smelly stickers" built in! A surprising touch to this little children's train is that you'll pass various SMELLS as you ride along, in addition to the clever sights you'll see. For example, you'll pass a half-eaten apple while on your train ride---and you'll really smell scented apple fragrance in the air as you pass it!

Photo taken as the Heimlich Caterpillar train approaches a giant box of animal crackers in

Why is the watermelon so large? In the photo above, you may notice that the little train rides through a slice of watermelon as if it were a tunnel! Well, you may remember that "Heimlich" is a caterpillar in the popular Disney/Pixar "A Bug's Life" movie. As you ride along, you'll see how the world looks from HIS eye-level. That's why the plants are so tall. That's why the apple below seems so giant. And that's also why you go through the rind of a watermelon as if it were a tunnel!

Photo of a decorative giant apple, seen in the Heimlich's Chew Chew Train ride in

Just above, you can see a picture of the the caterpillar train cars as they move ahead towards a giant-sized box of animal crackers....which, once again, seems so large to little Heimlich that he can easily go through it as if it were a tunnel

It looks like our caterpillar friend has taken a munch break here! In the picture of the half-eaten apple to your right, riders are meant to realize that Heimlich has passed by this way before...and took a few bites while visiting here!

Be sure to take in a big whiff of air as you pass this apple---and you'll be rewarded with a fragrant "apple" scent!

Tuck and Roll's "Drive 'Em Buggies"

Photo of the Tuck and Roll Bumper Cars, Disney California Adventure The "Tuck and Roll Buggies," a children's bumper car ride, are another popular attraction in A Bugs Land at Disneys California Adventure.

To your left, you a picture of a bumper car, adorned with the whimsical face of a bug! These adorably-decorated ride cares are special slower-than-normal bumper cars made especially for younger children. Yet, they're still fun for adults to ride, too!

Photo of the Drive 'Em Buggies bumper car ride sign

To your right, you see a photo of the sign for the Tuck & Roll Bumper Cars. As with any bumper car ride, it's a slow loading attraction. So, be sure to check out the size of the line before you commit to standing there.

The one thing I wish to reassure you about is that these bumper cars are not rough and will not hurt your little ones. If you've had a bad experience with rough bumper cars elsewhere, you may be hesitant to ride these. If so---watch the action for awhile. You'll see that the kids and adults are having fun---without getting their necks or backs snapped.

Flik's Flyers, a fun family ride

Photo of the darling Fliks Flyers ride in A Bugs Land at Disney California Adventure Flik's Flyers are a delightful ride in A Bugs Land at Disneys California Adventure. The ride action itself is routine---you'll fly along in a car circling a central hub.

The theming of this ride is superb, though. Flik, you may remember, was a very inventive ant...and the lead character of "A Bug's Life," the animated hit movie. Through Flik's inventiveness in the movie, he saved his entire ant colony from servitude and starvation.

The scenario for Flik's Flyers is that, once more, intrepid Flik has been pursuing his inventive ways. He has constructed this ride out of spare parts he found in the junk yard!

Photo of the cute Flik's Flyers ride in A Bug's Land at Disney's California Adventure

You'll see that the ride cars are "made of" old boxes taken from the trash heap---a Chinese takeout carton, an empty box of raisins, etc. A discarded pie plate sits at the top of the ride, holding all the individual boxes together.

In addition, lively music plays as you ride...music that reminds one of the energy with which Flik faces life and creates his "masterpieces." Give this one a try with your kids!

Francis' Lady Bug Boogie Ride

Photo of a cute ride in A Bug's Land at the Disney California Adventure Park Francis is a ladybug---but he is a MALE ladybug. If you've seen the Disney-Pixar animated movie, "A Bug's Life," then you already know that he gets really irked because people always assume he's female----after all, he is a LADY bug!

You can see his irritation in his face on the ride cars at Francis' Ladybug Boogie ride in A Bugs Land at Disney California Adventure!

There's nothing irritating about the ride itself, though. You and your children will sit in the cute "ladybug" ride cars, then begin to travel along a "figure 8" shaped track.

Photo of a cute ride in A Bug's Land at Disney's California Adventure park in Anaheim, California

Though the set-up of this ride makes it look as if it will be a clone of the Mad Tea Party ride in Fantasyland, it's not. The major "thrill" of this ride is that you supposedly have near misses with other ladybug cars as you snake around the figure 8.

Thus, it's not as fast and furious a ride as the Mad Teacups...and it doesn't take any muscle power, because parents don't have to turn a wheel to "spin" it!

Don't miss The Bug's Life Theater!

Photo of the Bug's Life Theater entry at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California There's one attraction in A Bugs Land at Disneys California Adventure that you'll want to enjoy...even when ther aren't any kids in your group. That's The Bug's Life Theater.

In this theater, you'll see a 3D movie that's very clever and inventive...and fits in perfectly with the "bug" theme of this "land." 3D movies are generally lots of fun anyway, and this one goes the "extra mile" in adding cute little touches to please the guests.

Photo of the Bug's Life Theater at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California Aside from being an interesting and adorable attraction, The Bug's Life Theater is convenient, as well; usually, quite reasonable wait-times will greet you here.

Showings of this movie run continually throughout the day. And, since the theater itself is large, you'll probably not have to wait very long before it's your turn to view the movie.

To enter the well-themed Bugs Life Theater, you'll walk down, down, down "into the earth," just as a bug entering its subterranean nest would do. There are interesting themed touches to look at---for example, you'll see roots from the plants growing above ground poking through the ceiling...to further emphasize the fact that you're underground!

Both the theater and underground waiting room are air conditioned to add to your comfort on a warm summer day.

Other fun in A Bugs Land at Disneys California Adventure

Picture of Flik, a Disney/Pixar character from the movie, A Bug's Life Occasionally, strolling costumed characters from the movie "A Bug's Life" make their way around A Bugs Land at Disneys California Adventure. So, if your timing is right, you may be able to meet & greet Flik himself! At other times, you may be able to spot Princess Atta!

Photo: You'll find statues of the characters in A Bug's Life movie situated around A Bug's Land in Disney's California Adventure

If you happen to miss Flik "live," you'll still have photo ops to take snapshots with his buddies. Detailed statues of the characters from "A Bug's Life" are scattered around the entrance to A Bug's Land, and make colorful backdrops for your family photos.

Photo of merchandise themed to the animated movie A Bug's Life in  A Bug's Land themed area at Disney's California Adventure

A Bugs Land at Disneys California Adventure is a great place to buy character merchandise for the movie "A Bug's Life." Since this movie is no longer a hot new release, it's hard to find movie merchandise at popular stores.

Thanks to videos and DVD's, however, your child MAY have just watched "A Bug's Life recently...in fact, it could even be a movie which he or she enjoys regularly. The Bug's Land store will solve your problem if your child has been interested in Bug's Life characters, but you've been unable to locate them.

Photo of a cute store in A Bug's Land at Disney's California Adventure

As you can see in the picture of Bug's Life merchandise above, you'll find a full range of Bug's Life plush dolls at the store here---Flik, Princess Atta, Heimlich, Francis and their friends. And that's only one small portion of the store! In other sections, you'll find other items such as clothing and accessories, as well as "souvenir" items, such as keychains. And, of course, more toys!

In the photo on your right, you can see that even the exterior of the Bug's Land store is colorful and whimsical. Supposedly, Flik has been inventing things again...such as this new system to water the garden!



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