Adult Pirate Costumes

Men's and women's pirate costumes can look dashing, daring, cute...even ghostly!

In the pictures of pirate costumes in the above slide show, you're seeing this year's tremendous variety of men's and women's pirate costumes that are available in both your local stores and online. Adult pirate costumes express lots of different styles and "looks" these days...from the cute female pirate vixen, to the bold & daring pirate man, to the charming pirate even the ghostly "skeleton pirate" look. And, believe it or not, despite the many pirate Halloween costume styles shown above, they're just a fraction of what you'll find available this year. To view still more styles, here's a link to the adult pirate costumes section of, one of the internet's largest costume superstores. Or, you may use the following search box to look up a different type of costume or pirate accessory:

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Men's Pirate Costumes

Buy, sew, or put together from your own clothes

Picture:  Jason Compass carefully   assembled his Jack Sparrow pirate costume from individual components

Men have 3 options when thinking about dressing as a pirate for Halloween. They can purchase a costume, have someone sew a costume in order to get their own customized look, or put a costume together from clothing they already have (adding a few accessories and makeup to complete the effect.)

Is price a consideration? If so, using your own clothing, then adding makeup & a few pirate accessories is one of the cheapest ways to go. You can find "pirate kits" to buy that include several popular pirate sword, hat, eye patch...or you can simply get the pieces you like best one-by-one.

If you choose to buy the entire costume, make sure you double-check exactly WHICH accessories come with the costume you're purchasing. All of the costume manufacturers picture their costumes fully accessorized, and yet many times not all of the pirate props shown in the picture are included. If you see a sword in the picture, it's probably NOT included. Same with pirate boots. On the other hand, at least SOME of the accessories will most likely be included with your costume. By law, there will be a list of items included...and NOT included...on the package, and you need to read the fine print to know what you're getting.

Buying a costume can sometimes be cheaper than putting together your own costume. Of course, if you want an elegant "pirate captain" look, this probably isn't true. Still, because of the overwhelming popularity of pirate costumes, the costume manufacturers can get great discounts on the materials & supplies. Some of the lower priced pirate costumes are among the cheapest Halloween disguises that you can find.

The pirate costume picture to your right was assembled by Jason Compas, who won a prize in our Halloween Costume Contest for his efforts!

Sewing men's pirate costumes

Pick a men's pirate pattern and your favorite fabrics to create your own unique costume

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of men's pirate costumes and decorations which have been entered into our Halloween Costume Contest in the last several years. Pretty cool costumes, aren't they!

If you're the type of guy who likes to have a one-of-a-kind costume, then you may wish to have someone sew your outfit. Choosing your preferred pattern and selecting your own fabrics and trim is a very good way to be sure that nobody else has YOUR exact pirate costume. Get creative with your makeup & accessories, and you may very well be the star of your Halloween party!

Here are current pirate costume patterns that you'll be able to find at your local fabric store:

1.) Simplicity men's cape and pirate pattern 2499. Men's sizes XS through XL. If you're sure you'd like a cape, this is a costume which puts lots of emphasis on that particular accessory. Ad a sword, boots and hat, and you'll re-create the look shown in the picture on the package.

2.) Simplicity men's pirate shirt 3758. Men's sizes XS through XL. If you're looking for a cool-looking pirate shirt, this pattern may interest you. Add your own pants, makeup & props, and you'll be ready to head out to your party with a very hip-but-casual pirate look.

3.) Simplicity men's pirate costume 3758. Men's sizes XS through XL. If you'd like a very adaptable pirate costume, this pattern includes all the various pieces that the well-dressed pirate might ever need. Want to be a pirate captain? This pattern has the fancy frock coat you can make. It also includes a vest, pants, sash and pirate shirt...just mix & match according to the style you're trying to make. The headband, hat, boots, shoes and hosiery shown on the cover picture are all extras you must provide, however.

4.) McCall's men's pirate pattern M5446 also features multiple pieces from which you may choose to create your costume. This pattern, which comes in men's sizes Small to XL, has the advantage of being simpler to sew than some of the others, which may be a big help in finding someone to sew it for you. Another advantage is that this pattern also comes in boy's case you'd like to team up as a father & son pirate duo!

For ideas on creating a Jack Sparrow-style men's pirate costume, please see the Sewing a Jack Sparrow Costume page of this site.

Women's Pirate Costume Sewing Patterns

There are a number of good women's pirate costume patterns that you'll be able to find in your local stores. Note: if you're looking for a girl's pirate costume pattern, please see the Kid's Pirate Costumes page of this site.

1.) Simplicity Misses & Plus Size pirate dress pattern 2502. Fits Misses sizes 8 through 24. This is Simplicity's newest women's pirate costume, and comes with an assortment of other costume styles that you might want to make later (including a vampire, witch and gypsy fortune teller.) It's also the only plus-size pirate dress pattern you'll find in sizes up to 24 (for the other patterns, a Misses size 20 is the largest.) This versatile pattern gives you the option of making the skirt length at any level you like.

2.) Simplicity Women's pirate dress pattern 3618. Fits Misses sizes 6 through 20. Here's a mini-skirted pirate costume featuring a gathered neckline which is meant to be worn off-the-shoulder. Since the package includes a cape pattern (intended for the "Little Red Riding Hood" version) you will be able to add a cape to your pirate's outfit if you wish to project a more elegant look.

3.) Simplicity Women's pirate dress pattern 3629. Fits Misses sizes 6 through 20. Another way to project an elegant "pirate captain" look is by using Simplicity women's pirate pattern 3629. The pattern features military-style epaulets, and its vest pattern has the look of a captain's jacket (and it calls for golden braid trim, as well!) With purchased over-the-knee boots and a pirate hat festooned with a fluffy feather plume, you'll complete the smart look pictured on the pattern's package.

4.) Simplicity Women's pirate costume pattern 3677. Fits Misses sizes 6 through 20. Who says a lady pirate needs to wear a dress? This pirate costume features knickers-length pants that you can make with or without below-the-knee gathers. A cute vest comes included...and if you get ambitious, you can even make a frock coat! A blouse pattern is included...although you'll have to purchase other accessories shown on the package, such as pirate hat, spyglass, eye patch, or boots.

5.) Simplicity Women's pirate captain pattern 3685. Fits Misses sizes 6 through 20. Here's another mini-skirted pirate dress that's perfect for a would-be pirate captain. The overcoat can be made in an elegant fabric and trimmed with gold to reflect your elevated status amongst the crew. Over-the-knee boots and a feathered pirate's hat are suggested accessories to complete the look.

6.) Simplicity Women's pirate dress pattern 4046. Fits Misses sizes 6 through 20. If you love lace, this very feminine pirate's outfit will be to your liking. The dress itself is suggested to be made with a lacy fabric...and trimmed with 3 rows of gathered eyelet lace at the hemline. A corset is worn over the top to add more "cuteness factor" to the costume...and it, too, features a lacy trim. Purchased boots and a feathery hat complete the look.

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