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In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Golfland Family Fun Centers in Roseville, San Jose and Sunnyvale, California! You can see that Golfland decorates and landscapes their miniature golf courses with cute fixtures and beautiful plants, waterfalls, and (at night) colorful lighting. In addition, all Golflands feature arcades with the latest games, along with a snack bar. Some Golflands feature laser tag...or even water slides!

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Golfland locations in California

Golfland family fun centers have locations throughout the state!

Picture: Roseville Golfland location features a beautiful castle in its mini golf course Discover the Golfland address, phone number, and directions for the fun center location most convenient for your needs!

* Looking for the Mesa, Arizona Golfland info? The pics and information for that location can be found on our Mesa, AZ Golfland-Sunsplash page. (This page covers only the California Golfland locations.)

1.) Anaheim Camelot Golfland: The Anaheim Golfland phone number is 714-630-3340. The Anaheim Golfland fun center address is: 3200 Carpenter Ave, Anaheim, California 92806. You'll find the fun center located directly off the 91 Freeway on the eastern side of Anaheim. (In other words, if you're visiting California to see Disneyland Park, you'll need a car to get to Golfland; it's not withing walking distance of the Disney resort.) Directions to Golfland: Take the Kraemer Blvd exit from the 91 Freeway and head 1 block north to La Palma Avenue. Turn right on La Palma, then right again on Shepherd. Continue straight, and you'll find both Carpenter Avenue and Golfland Park. You may use the following Google map to Anaheim's Golfland Family Fun Center if you'd like some help in finding your way there.

2.) Castro Valley Golfland: The Castro Valley Golden Tee Golfland phone number is 510-537-2168. The Castro Valley Golfland family fun center's address is 2533 Castro Valley Blvd, Castro Valley, California 94546. If you wish, use the following Google map to the Castro Valley Golfland location to find your way to this miniature golf course.

3.) Milpitas Golfland: The Milpitas Golfland Family Fun Center's phone pumber is 408-263-6855. The Milpitis Golfland location's address is 1199 Jacklin Rd, Milpitas, California 95035. This Golfland is located to the east side of I-680 at the Jacklin Rd exit. You may use the following Google map to the Milpitas Golfland Family Fun Center to view the layout of this area.

Picture: Sunnyvale Golfland features attractive miniature golf courses 4.) Roseville Golfland: The Roseville Golfland/Sunsplash phone number is 916-784-1273. The Roseville Golfland's address is 1893 Taylor Rd, Roseville, California 95661 (northeast Sacramento area.) The Roseville Golfland Family Fun Center sits to the side of I-80 near several different freeway exits. Here's a Google map to the Roseville Golfland location for help in choosing the best route for your needs. Note: the slide show of Golfland pictures at the top of this page shows photos of the beautiful Roseville location.

5.) San Jose Golfland: The San Jose Golfland Fun Center phone number is 408-225-1533. The Golfland San Jose address is 976 Blossom Hills Rd, San Jose, California 95123 (across from the Westfield Oakridge Mall.) You may use the following Google map to the San Jose Golfland location to plan your route.

6.) Sunnyvale Golfland: The Sunnyvale Golfland Family Fun Center's phone number is 408-245-1322. The Sunnyvale Golfland's address is 855 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, California 94087. Here is a Google map to the Sunnyvale Golfland fun park so you may plan out a convenient route.

Golfland Prices and Activities

Mini golf prices can be steep, but Golfland does offer many discounts

Picture: Golfland-Sunsplash water slides at the Roseville, California location GOLFLAND FAMILY FUN CENTER ACTIVITIES:

All California Golfland locations offer both miniature golf, game arcades, and birthday party/group rates; and all Golfland family fun centers feature a snack bar (except one location.) In addition, all Golfland locations offer free parking lots adjacent to their facilities.

In addition, some Golfland locations have laser tag rooms and water slides. The Roseville Golfland location has a go kart track, as well.


Each Golfland location sets its own prices for the activities it offers. Nevertheless, it's possible to generalize about Golfland prices.

Miniature golf prices:
Individual games of miniature golf run from $7.75 to $8.95 per adult (as of Spring 2009.) Discounts vary from location to location, but may include the following discount prices: weekday discounts; family night discounts; child/senior discounts; steep discounts for toddlers; replay discounts; fun pack discounts.

Arcade games: Tokens cost 25 cents each; a game may cost more than one token to play, however.

Other major activities, eg. laser tag, go karts: Generally cost between $6-7; discounts may be available for weekday play or fun pack pricing.

CHECK THE GOLFLAND WEBSITE FOR DISCOUNTS AND COUPONS: The Golfland website has a section for each one of its parks. Since each fun center offers its own special deals and coupons, you'll want to check the section for the location you plan to visit. You'll discover if you can cash in on any bargains the day you plan to visit! (There's a link to the Golfland official website at the end of this page. Note: Many Golfland locations now offer "internet specials" rather than issuing coupons. You still save; but you need to purchase your discount tickets ahead of time.)

ENTERTAINMENT COUPON BOOKS HAVE GOLFLAND COUPONS: Are you familiar with the thick Entertainment books which hold hundreds of discount coupons for restaurants, stores and activities? Entertainment Books are sold in dozens of editions, representing different geographic regions. Most of the time, you'll find that Entertainment books for areas near a Golfland location (like the San Jose book and the Orange County book) have coupons for buy-one-get-one-free miniature golf at Golfland. If you have an Entertainment book already, don't forget to use your coupon! If you'd like to learn more about Entertainment book coupons, here's a link so you may view the Entertainment book website and learn about all the discounts you can get.

Golfland Birthday Parties

Golfland makes it easy to celebrate your child's birthday or special occasion!

Picture: cute miniature golf course decorations at the Golfland in Roseville, Calif Every Golfland family fun center offers birthday party packages! It's an easy, no-fuss way to entertain a group of your son or daughter's friends without any cooking, cleaning nor buying home party games.

All Golfland locations offer a similar basic birthday party package. The basic Golfland party package requires a minimum of 10 paying guests, and includes the following food and activities:

1.) Refreshments: Golfland party packages include food & drink for the guests. This includes 2-3 slices of pizza per guest, plus soft drinks. (This is the standard birthday party food you'll get at almost every chain of family fun center.)

2.) Party decorations: You'll get festive birthday-themed paper plates, cups and napkins; additional table decorations are available for purchase.

3.) Activities: Golfland birthday packages include game play-time in the arcade and/or miniature golf (or other major activity such as laser tag or go karts, if available at the location you choose.) For Golfland-Sunsplash locations with water slides, a Sunsplash birthday package is always offered, as well...but at a substantially higher price than the golf & arcade birthday packages.

4.) NO birthday cake comes with the package price:
Birthday cakes are not included, but can usually be purchased through the Golfland location with advance notice. Otherwise, families booking official birthday parties at Anaheim's Golfland are free to bring in their own birthday cakes from home.

GOLFLAND BIRTHDAY PARTY PRICES: Though the price of a party package at Golfland varies from location to location, the general price range you may expect ranges from about $11 to $13 per person for a basic "mini golf & arcade" birthday party.

ARE THE GOLFLAND BIRTHDAY PARTY PRICES REASONABLE? Only you can decide whether or not Golfland's party package prices fit your budget. However, you can be secure in knowing that Golfland's birthday party costs are well within the "normal" range for family fun center birthday parties. It would be hard to find lower prices for birthday parties held outside of the home...but it would be quite easy to find children's birthday party activities which are more expensive.

GOLFLAND BIRTHDAY PARTY RESERVATIONS: Reservations are an absolute "must" if you're planning a birthday party at a Golfland family fun center. To discover the specific prices and activities available for birthday parties at the location nearest to you, please use the following links to the "official birthday pages" of each fun center---

1.) Anaheim Camelot Golfland's birthday party page
2.) Castro Valley Golfland's birthday party page
3.) Milpitas Golfland's birthday party page
4.) Roseville Golfland-Sunsplash birthday party page
5.) San Jose Emerald Hills Golfland birthday page
6.) Sunnyvale Golfland's birthday party information page

Golfland's Camelot Family Fun Center in Anaheim... of Orange County's finest miniature golf courses and game arcades

Photo of the Anaheim Golfland Fun Center's main castle-themed building, which houses its game arcade and laser tag room Visitors to Anaheim, California might wonder why a town which boasts of having one of the world's top tourist attractions--Disneyland Park, of course--would need to have a miniature golf course and family fun center. That's simple to answer! There are all kinds of fun in the world, and the families of Anaheim want to enjoy them all!

Both locals and tourists alike enjoy visiting the beautiful, castle-themed Anaheim Golfland Fun Center. Here, you'll step into a play-world themed to the period of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and Camelot. (In fact, another name for the Anaheim location of Golfland is the "Camelot Golfland." The Anaheim Golfland is the only Southern California location of a Southwestern USA chain of family fun parks which include locations in Arizona and northern California, as well as the Camelot Golfland location in Orange County.)

On this page, you'll discover the attractions you can enjoy when you pay a visit to this lively family fun center...along with directions and contact information so that you can contact the facility directly with any other questions you have that may come to mind.

Anaheim Golfland Fun Center -- list of activities

Enjoy 5 miniature golf courses at Anaheim's Golfland location!

Photo of harbor-themed decor adorning one of the miniature golf courses at the Anaheim Golfland Fun Center The Anaheim Golfland Fun Center hosts a whopping FIVE separate minature golf courses! Each one is lovely, and decorated to various themes. At night, colorful lighting makes a relaxing setting for family fun...and perhaps sets a romantic mood for a date or a parent's night out, as well.

Whether by day or by night, you'll enjoy viewing beautiful fountains, babbling little streams, decorative bridges, lovely landscaping, and thoughtfully-designed putting greens.

Photo of medieval-themed decor on one of the Anaheim Golfland's mini golf courses

No matter what your skill level, you'll find a miniature golf course at the Anaheim Golfland Fun Center that's "just right" for you. Among the 5 mini golf courses, you'll find one "beginner" level course, 2 medium-level courses, and 2 miniature golf courses that are considered to be "hard." You can look them over, ask the attendant on-duty for a recommendation, then have him or her point you in the right direction for the course you'd like to play.

Photo of a slender tower adorning one of the Anaheim Golfland Fun Center's miniature golf courses

Prices for a round of mini golf are currently running just under $9 per game. Fortunately, there are on-line family specials you may use (see the link below on this page to head directly to the Golfland website.) Also, if you're in the mood to play more than one round of golf, you'll get a very special deal: your second round of golf will cost much less!

An added bonus for families with toddlers is that kids of the ages 4 years and under play golf for free, which substantially reduces the cost of a fun family outing.

In the photos on this section of the page, you're viewing some of the decor structures on Golfland's mini golf courses. Actually, their miniature golf courses are quite lovely; it's my photos that don't really do them justice!

Laser Tag at the Anaheim Golfland Fun Center

Photo of the laser tag arena at the Anaheim Golfland Fun Center in Southern California The favorite activity of some guests is Anaheim Golfland's laser tag center...which, in keeping with the knights 'n castle theme of this fun center, is named "Camelot Laser Jousting."

No matter by what name you call it, this is a traditional laser tag game, where sides team up to try to beat the opposing team. The "jousting" arena is decorated by black light paints. (As you can see in the photos to your left and right, despite the black lighting effects, a medieval castle theme is maintained in the laser arena.)

If your group wishes to play laser tag, purchase your tickets downstairs at the central ticket counter, then head upstairs to wait for your moment of fun.

Photo of the laser tag arena at the Anaheim Golfland Fun Center in Southern California

Once your group is called to prepare for the games, you can tell anyone who might be waiting for you that it will take about 20 minutes for the entire event. The game itself only lasts half that time. However, before the event, players need to watch an instructional and safety video, and then get "suited up" in their laser tag suits. And, of course, when the game is over, the suits must come off again. But, anyone waiting will certainly know that the players have had fun---They're likely to burst out of the jousting arena grinning from ear to ear!

Arcade fun at Anaheim's Camelot Golfland!

Photo of the arcade at Anaheim's Camelot Golfland in greater Los Angeles, California Game enthusiasts think that the best attraction at the Anaheim Golfland Fun Center is its game arcade. There are video games, both current and retro-themed, games of skill, pinball machine, and ticket-spewing games where you can "buy" prizes with your winnings. Games are played with tokens; 4 tokens cost $1. Twenty tokens cost $5, which means that there's no savings for buying "in bulk" for that amount. Once you start buing 100+ tokens, as you might for a birthday party, then you'll start seeing some savings.

Golfland Website

Picture: San Jose Golfland location Golfland's official website is

From Home Page of the Golfland website, you can access sections for each one of the Golfland family fun center locations. Since attractions, prices and discounts are different at every Golfland location, you'll want to check out the latest savings coupons & deals before you head out for your afternoon or evening of family fun at the mini golf park.

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