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Animal Attractions at SeaWorld San Diego

New--Turtle Reef!

SeaWorld's new Turtle Reef is a can't miss attraction! Animal-lovers will enjoy SeaWorld California's new exhibit, Turtle Reef. You may remember that SeaWorld already had a turtle display. It was nice, but didn't attract a crowd. Turtle Reef, on the other hand, has a "wow factor" that encourages longer visits and will keep all eyes riveted, both young and old.

A large underwater turtle-viewing window is what marks the biggest difference between the old turtle display and the new Turtle Reef. It's fascinating to watch the turtles swimming under water. You'll get closer-than-ever views of these spectacular animals as they glide right past your eyes in the viewing glass! A new turtle-themed gift shop has also been added, featuring the perfect gifts for turtle-fans of all ages.

Animal Attractions at SeaWorld --

Clyde and Seamore's Risky Rescue Show

Photo: Clyde and Seamore show at SeaWorld San Diego Clyde and Seamore are the sea lion stars of a comedic production at SeaWorld San Diego. It's called, "Clyde and Seamore's Risky Rescue." Of course this "play" has a supposed scenario---which is that Clyde and Seamore must rescue an important admiral from the terrible Anemone Territory.

Nevertheless, you and I both know that the actual reason for this production is to show off the tricks and antics of the two stars-of-the-show, the adorable Clyde and Seamore!

If you've been to SeaWorld before, then you already know that Clyde and Seamore are ALWAYS getting into mishaps, no matter what show they're in! And, you needn't have visited SeaWorld San Diego to have enjoyed their performances, either. Just like EVERY SeaWorld location has a mascot whale named Shamu, EVERY SeaWorld has an animal actor pair named Clyde and Seamore! So, if you can't get to SeaWorld San Diego, don't worry! You can enjoy Clyde and Seamore's adorable antics at SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Antonio, too!!

Photo: Clyde and Seamore seal and sea lion show at SeaWorld San Diego During the spring and summer months at SeaWorld San Diego, Clyde and Seamore will perform in 2 different productions daily! "Clyde and Seamore's Risky Rescue" will be performed during the daylight hours...while a show called "Sea Lions Tonite" will be performed in the evenings. (Note: evening Clyde and Seamore shows are only available on dates when SeaWorld is open until 9 pm or later.)

There's too much to say about SeaWorld's sea lion show and other sea lion exhibits to fit on this page! If you'd like to see a slide show of Clyde & Seamore photos of the natural-looking Pacific Point sea lion display, please check out the Sea Lion attractions at SeaWorld page of this website.

Or, if you'd like to discover info about Clyde and Seamore's hilarious Christmas show (available every December at SeaWorld San Diego,) please visit the SeaWorld Christmas Pictures page of this site.

Animal Attractions at SeaWorld -- Penguin Encounter

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the adorable...and very popular...Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego? Will you like this attraction? Most people do!

Photo: Magellanic penguins on display at SeaWorld San Diego Penguin-lovers will want to make a beeline to SeaWorld San Diego's Penguin Encounter. There, you'll find an entire huge building FULL of your favorite animals!

At SeaWorld's Penguin Encounter exhibit, you'll get to enjoy viewing various species of adorable penguins. In the photo to your left, you see 2 Magellanic Penguins on display in the outdoor segment of the Penguin Encounter exhibit. These are a temperate-climate species of penguin, and their natural home turf is in the mid-latitudes of South the coasts of Chile (on the Pacific Ocean) and Argentina (on the Atlantic Ocean.)

Photo: Penguins at the Penguin Encounter exhibit at SeaWorld San Diego Inside the Penguin Encounter building, you'll enjoy viewing nearly 350 penguins from 6 different cold-weather species. (Yes, they're cute---but, boy, so they smell!)

You'll board a moving sidewalk which floats you effortlessly by dozens and dozens of the birds. The penguins themselves are actually behind a clear barrier that they can enjoy a "comfy" 25 degree environment without making the park guests shiver!

When you've reached the end of the moving sidewalk, you may continue to enjoy the exhibit in a stationery viewing area...or you may move on to the penguin-themed gift shop.

In this "penguin boutique," you'll find cute, unique gifts that would be difficult to come across elsewhere. Penguin PJ's anyone? How about a charming plush penguin purse for little girls? And OF COURSE you'll find endearing penguin stuffed animals of all sizes among the merchandise, as well.

Animal Attractions at SeaWorld -- Shark Encounter

Photo: Shark swims in the Shark Encounter exhibit at SeaWorld San Diego

Sharks...they're the SCARY ocean animal! You'll find them here at SeaWorld's Shark Encounter exhibit. And yet, you won't find ALL of the sharks here to be frightening. In fact, you'll see some shark species here that don't grow very large at all!

On the other hand...when you walk through the clear acrylic shark-viewing tunnel at the Shark Encounter, you just may see some of those larger species that will raise the hairs on your head!

Photo: Shark-viewing tunnel in the Shark Encounter exhibit at SeaWorld San Diego

As you can tell by the picture of a shark showing his many teeth as he's swimming overhead you in the shark tunnel, you'll get closer than you ever cared to get to these fierce-looking predators when you visit SeaWorld's Shark Encounter!

Of the several exhibits within the Shark Encounter building, you'll probably find the Shark Tunnel the most fascinating. You'll feel just as if you were actually immersed in the ocean...getting a close-up view of the sharks swimming by! (Yet, thankfully, you won't have any of the DANGER involved with deep diving into shark infested waters!)

Animal Attractions at SeaWorld -- Aquariums and Touch Tanks

In the slide show above, you've been viewing pictures of colorful fish, beautiful sea plants, and unusual sea creatures from SeaWorld's Aquarium de la Mer. Did you notice the picture of a nautilus? Or notice the underside of a starfish (who was clinging to the glass wall of a fish tank?) In the next section of this page, you'll discover some of the aquarium buildings and touch pools that you'll enjoy at SeaWorld San Diego.

Photo: Clownfish at SeaWorld San Diego SeaWorld of San Diego has a variety of aquarium exhibits and touch tanks. You'll find a freshwater aquarium. Then, there's a cold-salt-water aquarium. And, there's still another aquarium for tropical fish who prefer a warm, salt-water environment. In other words, at SeaWorld San Diego, just ONE aquarium would never do! They want to bring you the enjoyment of seeing just as many different kinds of fish and other ocean creatures as they possibly can! How would you like to see a real seahorse? Or a giant Pacific octopus? These animals are here, along with many others.

Photo: Fish in aquarium at SeaWorld San Diego

At one touch tank, the "California Tide Pool," you'll observe---and touch, if you dare---hermit crabs, starfish, sea urchins, tube worms (!) and sea hares. (Well, the touch tank makes the creatures available...but you don't HAVE to touch them, if the thought of it makes you feel squeamish!)

At another shallow tank, you'll enjoy watching the graceful rays float by...and catch sight of a moray eel or two.

Throughout the touch tank areas, you'll have access to specially trained employees who know all about the animals in their care...and would be happy to answer your questions and share their knowledge with you!



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