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Still More Attractions at SeaWorld San Diego!

On this page, we'll talk about still MORE Sea World San Diego attractions! While SeaWorld is best known for its marine animal shows and displays, there's plenty of fun for you at SeaWorld after you finish watching Shamu, Clyde & Seamore, and the dolphin show! On this page you'll discover Sea World San Diego's other fun shows! Still need tickets? Don't forget to view our Sea World San Diego discounts page to discover the theme park's current specials, coupons and deals!

Attractions at SeaWorld -- Pets Rule!

Picture of potbellied pig performing in the Pets Rule attraction at SeaWorld San Diego Not all of the animals at SeaWorld make their homes in the sea. At the cute and clever "Pets Rule!" show, everyday household pets---and some exotic pets, too---get to show off their moves. At Pets Rule! you'll see dogs, cats, birds...and even a performing potbellied pig! (You can see a picture of the potbellied pig to your left.)

The Pets Rule! show features pets who were adopted from shelters and animal rescue agencies! One thing that the SeaWorld folks want to remind us by staging this show, is that the same training techniques that work for dolphins, whales and seals...will work for you and your pets at home, as well!

Picture of a performing cat on a tightwire in SeaWorld San Diego's Pets Rule show In the picture of a cat walking with ease across a thin tightrope, you can see this feline's trememdous sense of balance in action. That's just one of MANY entertaining pet stunts and tricks that you'll enjoy at the Pets Rule! show. (Special sets and props are used throughout the "Pet's Rule" performance to help show-off the animals' abilities. The stage is colorful and attractive...and the props you see as you make your way into the stadium and take a seat turn out to be used in very inventive ways during the performance!)

One thing is sure---the pets performing in the show are ALWAYS cute and lovable-looking!

The Pets Rule! show is held in a large, outdoor stadium-style arena. After the program begins, the main entrance is closed, but you'll still be welcome to enter through a back stairway. Don't worry---employees will be available to guide you.

And what if it rains? This show needs to be cancelled when the stage is that the animal actors won't slip and fall. BUT, a real treat is in store for you instead: you'll get to meet and pet some of the dogs who perform...and ask questions of their trainers, too! What a special way to rescue a drizzly day, isn't it?

RL Stine's Haunted Lighthouse 4D is gone, but

A Cute Sesame Street 4D Movie has opened!

Picture of Elmo, star of new attractions at SeaWorld San Diego! Elmo and his friends can't wait until until you see their new 4D movie at SeaWorld San Diego! A brand new show featuring the Sesame Street characters opened in March, 2008---and it has been a big hit with the many kids & their families who visit Sea World!

Though we were all sad to see the RL Stine 4D show leave, it's exciting, nevertheless, to enjoy the fun Sesame Street show which began in Spring 2008. What sort of surprises will Elmo and Big Bird have in store for you when you watch their movie?

As in all 3D films, the characters within the movie seem to "pop out" at you. And the "4D" part? That means there are extra special effects hidden within the structure of the theater itself. For example, if one part of the movie shows dripping water on the may find yourself feeling a drip of water coming from above your seat in the theater!

Will adults without children in tow want to see the new Sesame Street 4D film? In my opinion, anyone who enjoys watching a good 3D movie would enjoy catching this show at least once. If you get a kick out of special effects which pop out of the screen, you should like the Sesame Street 4D "Imagination" movie. This show offers viewers plenty of moments in which they'll want to reach forwards to touch the objects coming at them. Personally, I enjoyed the effects so much that I'll probably see it again, whether or not I bring kids with me to SeaWorld. It's not the plot that's especially intruiging (although since it's a Sesame Street production, it naturally offers kids an educational message to think about.) It's the bounty of good 3D/4D special effects that gimick-lovers can enjoy.

Attractions at SeaWorld -- Shamu's Happy Harbor is gone, but

The Sesame Street Bay of Play has opened!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the cute Sesame Street Bay of Play children's area at Sea World San Diego. These colorful rides and attractions are very popular with SeaWorld's youngest guests...and their parents, too! Sesame Street characters also pose for photos in this area...and sometimes put on live shows, too!

Sesame Street characters now welcome your children to a new playground at SeaWorld San Diego!

This new playground has replaced the beloved "Shamu's Happy Harbor" which families enjoyed at SeaWorld for a number of years. The old Happy Harbor was lots of fun...

but the new Sesame Street Bay of Play has been welcomed with enthusiasm. On a busy day at Sea World San Diego, the Bay of Play packs in a crowd!

Picture of Big Bird, star of new Sesame Street attractions at SeaWorld San Diego!

Sesame Street characters are universally loved by children, and they have made a great new theme for the SeaWorld play area. Plus, the new Sesame Street playground will have a BONUS---kiddie rides! Once the new Sesame Street Bay of Play opened, families with preschoolers suddenly had more attractions to enjoy at SeaWorld San Diego than ever before. Three fun Sesame Street-themed kiddie rides became instant "favorites" with kids!



Use the button to your one more new attraction at SeaWorld featuring Elmo and his friends!

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