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You will NOT believe Baja Ridge at Magic Mountain!

X2 Roller Coaster--One of a kind thrills!

The X2 roller coaster is a scare fest! This mega-popular coaster in Baja Ridge makes even grown men scream and quiver like little boys. It's a hybrid ride...mostly roller coaster, but ALSO it's partly a spinning you a roller coaster ride like none other!

Image of the X No Limits rollercoaster's old colors Each seat swivels independently from the rest of the train. Because of this, you can circle forwards a full 360 degrees. But...get this--- the ride car can also freely send you circling around BACKWARDS 360 degrees!

So, the net action is that you're zooming along AHEAD with the train WHILE tumbling head-over-heels. As one friend of mine put it, "You get so lost, you don't even know WHAT direction you're going!" And, imagine doing all that...PLUS taking steep drops, banking sharp curves, and looping giant loops. No wonder the waiting time for this killer thrill ride reaches 2 hours on a busy summer day!

Picture of X2 roller coaster's new red and black paint; 6 Flags Magic Mountain theme park

If riding X-No Limits is on your "must do" list, then THIS is the attraction around which you should build your day's activities. The "X--No Limits" roller coaster has no counterpart---not at 6 Flags Magic Mountain, and not in all of Southern California's theme parks. If you miss it, you can't make up for it. We'd suggest arriving at the theme park early if you're a summer visitor...and then heading straight to "X." Also, you should be aware that the line for this ride often closes an hour or more ahead of Magic Mountain's closing all the X-riders can be done with the attraction and exit the park "on time" along with all the other visitors.

Picture: X2 roller coaster climbs its first hill at the Magic Mountain theme park There's good news and bad news. The good news is that the X2 refurbished roller coaster is able to accept Flash Pass now. (It wasn't part of the Flash Pass system before the refurbishment.) In addition to revamping the roller coaster itself, the X No Limits refurbishment process included re-doing the queueing area. Flash pass users could be accommodated on the X rollercoaster, as a result.

The bad news? Expense! You now have to get a Flash Pass AND pay an extra fee, too, if you want to move to the front of X2's line! (1) Flash passes are expensive, to begin with. (2) There are now 3 "levels" of Flash Passes---regular, Gold and Platinum. You can NOT use a "regular" Flash Pass to board X2; you'll need to get a more expensive version (either the Gold or the Platinum Flash Pass.) How much more expensive is the Gold level Flash Pass? About $70 for just one person! (3) Even if you get the more expensive Gold Flash Pass, you'll still have to pay an EXTRA FEE on top of that to get front-of-line privileges to the X2 roller coaster added! Six Flags Magic Mountain has an amazing roller coaster, all right---and you're either going to pay big-time with your money or your time in order to ride it!

Picture: X2 roller coaster flies around a curve at Six Flags Magic Mountain; greater Los Angeles, CaliforniaX2's line does move a bit faster than before the ride was upgraded. During the refurbishment, the planners tried to implement a few changes which would improve the actual passenger loading and unloading process. The revamped X2 is able to move more guests per hour through the ride than ever before.

New X2 color: As you can see in the picture of the X2 roller coaster's new colors to your left, the ride has now been painted red and black. You can contrast this with X's older colors of magenta and yellow in the X No Limits pics above on this page. The new colors are supposed to look meaner, more threatening...and more similar looking to the ride's new "volcano" theme.

More X2 pics on Magic Mountain's website: Magic Mountain has released some behind-the-scenes photos of the X2 refurbishment, including close-up pictures of the X2 ride cars. You may use the following link to see the X2 photos page of Magic Mountains website.

The Revolution and Viper Roller Coasters

Photo of the Viper Roller Coaster in Six Flags Magic Mountain; greater Los Angeles, California Baja Ridge at Magic Mountain is host to another excellent coaster called "Viper." Added in 1990, this 188-foot-tall mass of metal entangles you in its loops and corkscrews while bulleting you forwards at speeds reaching 70 MPH. A roofed, tree-shaded building helps to keep the temperatures bearable as you wait on a hot, summer day.

Photo of The Viper rollercoaster and queue area; Baja Ridge at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California

Picture: Revolution roller coaster turns upside-down at Six Flags Magic Mountain; greater Los Angeles, California "Revolution" in Baja Ridge at Magic Mountain was the world's 1st looping roller coaster! (There's even a commerative sign at the park, which is justifiably proud of this ride's history.)

Revolution was added to Baja Ridge in Six Flags Magic Mountain to celebrate the USA's bicentennial back in 1976. It's original name was "The Great American Revolution," to tie in with the patriotic occasion. (This was even before the creation of Baja Ridge at Magic Mountain as a separate themed area.)

Picture: Revolution roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park In these photos, you see its famous loop circling above the trees at two different spots along its route. Most of the ride, though, it's hard to spot the Revolution roller coaster train---it stays hidden in the trees!

Given its spectacular history, I'd like to recommend this ride to you...but, I can't. Be aware that it gives a very jerky ride. If you do go ahead, be prepared to be bumped around.



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