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Belmont Park at Mission Beach

San Diego's fun family amusement park!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the fun & lively Belmont Park rides & attractions. This exciting beachside amusement park at San Diego's Mission Beach is popular with all age groups...and visitors & locals, alike. On this page, you can view pictures of the rides, plus discover good discounts on tickets and wristbands (if you think ahead before visiting the park!)

Enjoy the charm of this fun beachside amusement park!

Mission Beach has a wide sandy beach, blue water, and a strolling path lined with fun places to eat and shop. Even so, there are many beaches in greater San Diego, California which have clean, white sand and lovely, blue water. But, if you choose Mission Beach, you'll ALSO be able to enjoy the fun rides at Belmont Park!

The traditionally-styled Belmont Park amusement area has been thrilling local residents and guests since 1925. The current version of Belmont Park is modern and up-to-date, featuring exhilharating thrill rides, along with kiddie rides and family activities. Yet at the same time, Belmont Park continues to exude its old-school if the park appeared straight out of a movie scene from yesteryear. On this page, we'll talk about all the fun you and your family can have if you pay a visit to Belmont Park in Mission Beach...and how to get some good discounts at Belmont Park, too!

Belmont Park list of rides

Roller coaster and thrill rides

Photo of The Giant Dipper roller Coaster, highlight of Belmont Park at Mission Beach (San Diego) * The Granddaddy ride of 'em all at Belmont Park is the GIANT DIPPER ROLLER COASTER. This roller coaster is a well-beloved feature of Belmont Park...and is actually a registered National Landmark!

The Giant Dipper rollercoaster has a long history. The Giant Dipper opened with the original park in 1925, and was---naturally!---the park's centerpiece. Though it remained the park's "shining star" for decades, time eventually won out over the aging wooden coaster. It closed in 1976...but, thankfully, it was revived by a group of concerned citizens working together as the "Save the Coaster Committee."

The Giant Dipper roller coaster opened again in 1990 after a thourough and painstaking the tune of $2 million dollars! Once again, the Giant Dipper is Belmont Park's shining star, and it continues to be the most popular ride in the park...beloved by still another generation of riders! There is a 50" minimum height required to ride the Giant Dipper. You may purchase an individual ticket to ride, or you may ride as many times as you wish by purchasing an all-you-can-ride wristband (details below.)

* The Beach Blaster thrill ride! Called The Beach Blaster, this hard-to-describe ride will lift you up in the air, swinging you from side to side & spinning you at the same time! You'll hear plenty of screaming here---and just might contribute to some of those screams yourself! Like the Giant Dipper, the Beach Blaster ride has a minimum height of 50" tall required for riders.

* "Control Freak" and "Octotron" are two popular thrill rides that let you flip upside down! Sound fun? They are! The absolute minimum height required to ride is 48" tall for both; however, for the Control Freak, the actual minimum height for riding alone is 52 inches. Kids between 48-52 inches tall will need to ride with a chaperone who's over the 52" mark.

* The Speedway Bumper Cars are a fun way to "play war" with your other family members. Just strap yourself into a bumper car...and start ramming! There's a 52" minimum height required to drive a Speedway Bumper Car; or a 42" minimum height required to ride along as a passenger.

Belmont Park Family & Kiddie Rides

Photo of the kiddie Crazy Submarine ride in Belmont Park at Mission Beach (San Diego) * The Liberty Carousel is Belmont Park's lovely "centerpiece" for children and their parents. The Liberty Carousel has no minimum height for riders, as long as parents are riding along with their tots. Also, kids 2 and under can ride FREE with a paying adult!

Though the Liberty Carousel isn't actually an antique, it was made carefully from photos to be an "antique reproduction" carousel. Its lovely colors and beautifully crafted animals are a visual treat, as well as being fun for its young riders.

* The Thunder Boats ride is another Belmont Park attraction meant for toddlers and preschoolers. Children may choose their boats, and then float around a central hub while ringing their boat's bell.

* The Crazy Submarine ride is a little "wilder" ride for children. The "submarine" rises up into the air and circles forwards; then it circles backwards. (You can see a photo of the Crazy Submarine just above and to your left.) Kids over 42" in height may ride the Crazy Submarine alone; shorter tots need to bring a parent along for the ride with them.

* The Vertical Plunge ride is another thriller for older children. This is a small version of the "tower plunge" rides that are all the rage in most theme parks these days. Kids (who must be 42" or taller to ride) board a ride car which raises up to the top of the 3-story tower...then get quickly lowered to produce a thrill sensation.

* The Krazy Cars are round "bumper" type cars which spin. Unlike the Raceway Bumper Cars, though, riders only need to be 42" tall to drive.

* The Tilt-a-Whirl isn't just a kiddie ride...yet neither could it be called a big "thrill." Let's just say that it's "fun for the whole family." You'll sit in a seashell-shaped car which circles a central hub, while producing a spinning action of its own. Children under 48" tall need to ride with an adult chaperone.

Belmont Park Prices, Discount Tickets and Couponss

Planning ahead can save you money on your amusement park fun!

Admission to Belmont Park itself is free. You may walk around an look at the happenings without paying an admission fee. You may shop in the shops there, and eat at the snack bars. You'll only need to start paying if you decide to go on the rides.

Belmont Park Ride & Attraction Prices: Individual ride tickets range from $2 (the Liberty Carousel) to $6 (the Giant Dipper roller coaster), with other rides priced somewhere in between. Paying for rides individually can be your cheapest way to enjoy the amusement park...IF you don't plan to enjoy many rides. However, paying individually can also be your most expensive way to have fun at Belmont Park...if you decide to go on more than one or two rides. There are several ways to save money over the price of purchasing individual tickets. One way is to buy tickets in a large package (eg. 40 tickets), then split up the tickets among your family members or friends. The other way is to purchase an all-day wrist band. The wristbands don't include every attraction at Belmont Park...but they do allow admission to most of the rides on the midway.

Belmont Park wristband prices: The cost of a wristband (for all-you-can-ride fun) at Belmont Park changes regularly...and has actually gone down during the recession. Generally speaking, the price for a junior wristband is going to be between about $13 & $18; and an adult/teen wristband will cost between $24 and $27 (depending on whether you purchase your tickets online or at the park. You DO get a discount for pre-purchasing your tickets at the website.) No matter what the exact price might be when you visit, it's always a good deal for anyone who wants to relax & enjoy the park for an afternoon or evening. You can ride & re-ride your favorites as many times as you'd like. You may even take a break to enjoy the beach, eat a meal, or go shopping, then come back to enjoy more long as it's still on the date you purchased your wristband. (Note: about the only time you might be dissatisfied with getting a wristband is during the Giant Dipper roller coaster's annual refurbishment. There are still enough thrill rides to make the wristband worthwhile, but for many people, riding the Giant Dipper is the main point of going to Belmont Park.)

BELMONT PARK DISCOUNT COUPON FROM THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA: You can save even MORE money with a Belmont Park wristband coupon that's available from the state of California tourist board! This coupon is good for $5 off each ride band purchased. Here's a link to the Belmont Park discount coupon from the official tourism website. While you're on the coupon page, you'll discover still other wonderful California theme park coupons that you might enjoy using, too!

BELMONT PARK DISCOUNT TICKETS FROM COSTCO: Sometimes you can get a good special at the Costco Warehouse stores or online at The Costco special usually includes unlimited use of the Belmont Park rides PLUS a number of extra-fee activities and food discounts. Here's a link to the's Theme Park Discount Tickets page where you can check for current offers. If you don't find any specials on this link, then none are currently being offered.

"SAN DIEGO GO CARD" MULTI-ATTRACTION DISCOUNT PLAN: If you're going to be visiting San Diego and would like to see all of its best attractions for one low price...including Sea World, Legoland, the San Diego Zoo, AND Belmont Park, you can get your admissions steeply discounted with the Go Card Plan. For one pre-set price, you can cram as many fun attractions into your touring schedule as your time allows! For further details, here's a link to the Go San Diego Card website.

Belmont Park's extra-fee attractions---

* The Family Fun Arcade---You can play video games, air hockey, and ticket-winning games at the Belmont Park arcade. All games in the arcade are priced individually.

* Laser Tag--- Head indoors for some family fun in a glow-in-the-dark battleground!

* Sky Ropes

* Sky Climb

* The Flow Rider & Flow Barrel surf machines...(See a picture of the Flow Rider below.) The Flow Rider (and its wilder cousin, the Flow Barrel) are a whole lot of fun to watch, even if you don't know how to surf. The machines produce an endless wave, which provides some non-stop boogie boarding/surfing fun for those skilled enough. (And, there's no reaching the shore to end your ride!) There is, however, a fee to pay. First, there's a one-time registration fee for the Flow Rider, then a per-session usage fee. Also, you'll need to be at least 42" tall to use the Flow Rider.

Belmont Park at Mission Beach -- Address, Map and Directions

Photo of the Flow-Rider endless wave machine in Belmont Park at Mission Beach (San Diego)
The address for Belmont Park at Mission Beach is--
3146 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, California 92109. Visitors to San Diego will want to note that this location is not too far from Sea World.

Directions to Belmont Park: Belmont Park at Mission Beach does not have direct freeway access. There are a number of routes you may take, depending on your starting point. To plan your route, you may use the following Google map to Belmont Park at Mission Beach helpful.

Belmont Park official website: To keep up on the latest news at the Belmont Park family amusement area, use the following link to visit the Belmont Park official website at

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