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Big Sur Camping

Pitch your tent! Park your RV! Enjoy oceanside camping with stunning views!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Big Sur's Plaskett Creek campground, the Kirk Creek campground, and the Limekiln State Park campground. All three of these fine Big Sur camping grounds are set amidst some of California's most gorgeous scenery. Sweeping ocean views may or may not be visible from your actual campsite, but they're never far away!

Southern Big Sur camping overview

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Will you be driving the ultra-scenic California Highway 1 as part of your road trip vacation? If so, you'll be treated to luxurious, sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and its rock-strewn shoreline. Yet, on just the other side of the highway, your view will be that of towering hillsides. California coastal Hwy 1 sits on such a narrow ledge of land that you'll be wedged between these 2 scenic extremes as you travel!

To enjoy these spectacles of nature more thoroughly, you'll be tempted to camp in order to feel close to the natural beauty surrounding you. Why not give it a try? Because of Big Sur's geography that features "mountains meeting the sea," you can actually enjoy 2 different types of camping experiences along this thin strip of the very same camping trip!

Map of Big Sur area: This page focuses on 4 campgrounds along the Big Sur coastline. The custom Google map to your left shows the locations of the Big Sur campgrounds discussed on this page---the Limekiln SP Campground, the Kirk Creek NF campground, the Plaskett Creek NF campground, and the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park campground. (If map fails to load, please use the "view larger map" link.)

If you would like a PDF map of the Big Sur area that you can print at home & bring with you on your camping trip, here's the link to a PDF map of Central California showing the highways and towns from Santa Barbara to Monterey, Ca. The Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is marked on this PDF map, but unfortunately, the Limekiln, Kirk Creek and Plaskett Creek campground locations are not.

Other good camping near Big Sur: If you'll be traveling along the Central California coastline, you may also wish to camp at some of the other scenic campgrounds available just south of Big Sur. You may check out our San Simeon SP Campgrounds, our Morro Bay Camping, our Montana de Oro campground, our Pismo Beach camping, and our Santa Barbara Beach Camping pages to see pictures and get ideas for other fun camping trips you might enjoy.

Plaskett Creek Campground

Relax under the trees at this Los Padres National Forest camping gem!

Picture: Ocean view near Plaskett Creek Campground in Central California's Big Sur area The inviting Plaskett Creek campground is a US Forest Service campground that's part of the Los Padres National Forest.

Located across California Hwy 1 from the Pacific Ocean's shore, you won't have direct beach access when you camp at Plaskett Creek. However, the walk is only a short one.

Meanwhile, the tree-shrouded environment within the Plaskett Creek camping ground is nearly as lovely as the beach itself. As the greenery of mature trees towers over your head, its cooling shade provides shelter from the sun and wind as you camp beneath them.

Surfers will be interested to know that the Plaskett Creek campground is the closest camping area to Sand Dollar Beach. For further surfing info, you may check the Sand Dollar Beach surfing page of the website.

In the slides above, you're viewing pictures of the Plaskett Creek campground. If the slideshow has stopped by the time you reach this point, refreshing the page should get it running once again.

Plaskett Creek Campground Amenities

1.) Plaskett Creek offers 45 campsites; both RV's as well as tents are welcome. The campground is open year-round. Campsites are generally quite level. There are no hook-ups available at Plaskett Creek's campground, and the nearest dump station is at San Simeon State Park 40 miles to the south.

2.) Running water is available at spigots located throughout the campground, and flush toilets are provided.

3.) Each camping site has a picnic table and grill; the use of fire is subject to campground regulations.

4.) Interior park roads are paved, and so are the camping spurs.

5.) Very natural setting; this bonus for natural beauty means that you'll have to plan your trip thoroughly ahead of time! There will be no running to the store for items you left at home---because there are no stores within miles. Neither are there restaurants, laundromats, souvenir shops, or gas stations!

Plaskett Creek Campground location, fees & contact information

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Plaskett Creek Campground address: There is no street address for the Plaskett Creek Campground. (Addresses in the towns of Goleta or King City that you may see on the internet are merely mailing addresses of ranger stations.) Therefore, it's difficult to set your GPS. Nevertheless, it's actually an easy campground to find, because its entrance is directly off of California Highway 1, and it's well-marked.

Directions: the Plaskett Creek campground is located on California State Highway 1, 35 miles north of San Simeon State Park (coming from the south); or, 60 miles south of Carmel (if you're arriving from the north.)

Map to Plaskett Campground: To your left, you'll find a custom Google map to the Plaskett Creek Campground. If the map isn't working well, you may use the link to "view larger map," which seems to work more reliably. By zooming in with the satellite view of the map of Plaskett Creek Campground, you can see an aerial photo of the camping area.

Plaskett Creek campground fees: Camping fees at the National Forest's Plaskett Creek camping ground are $22 per night (as of Summer, 2012.) These fees are payable by cash or California check. There is an envelope you should fill out at the campground; enclose your payment, then put it into the campground's drop box.

Reservations for Plaskett Creek campground: Camping at Plaskett Creek offers the best of both worlds: the campground reserves 50% of its campsites, while the other 50% of camping spaces are first come-first served. This is one reason why people who don't like to schedule their lives months in advance are actually able to enjoy some Big Sur camping at Plaskett Creek! On the other hand, if you'd like to make reservations, here's a link to the Plaskett Creek campground reservations page of the website. On this page, you may reserve a site for your tent or your RV (up to 50 feet in length); there are no hookups. You may also make reservations by calling 1-877-444-6777.

Picture: Campsites at the Plaskett Creek Campground Camping map of Plaskett Creek campground: You'll be able to view an interactive map of Plaskett Creek campsites if you use the link to the Plaskett Creek campground reservations page of the website (in the paragraph above.) Or, you can see a picture of the Plaskett Creek camping map (taken at the campground's entrance) in the slide show above.

Plaskett Creek Campground's website: Plaskett Creek doesn't have its own website, but its information can be found on the National Forest's website. Plaskett Creek Campground is a unit of the Monterey Ranger district of the Los Padres National Forest. Here is a link to the Los Padres National Forest website. You'll also be able to discover info about other campgrounds in the Los Padres NF, as well.

Plaskett Creek Campground phone number: 831/385-5434 is the number you should call to reach the Monterey Ranger District's office. Or, 877-444-6777 is the telephone number to call for making reservations at Plaskett Creek.

Kirk Creek Campground

This Big Sur camping area offers views, views, views!

In the slide show above, you're viewing photos of the lovely Kirk Creek campground, which features oceanfront camping with unprecedented views of the Pacific. If the slides have stopped running, you may refresh this page to start the show over again.

As you can tell from the pictures of Big Sur's Kirk Creek Campground on this page, the Kirk Creek Campground sits on a bluff directly above the Pacific Ocean. Some camping sites have a front-row ocean view (as you can see in the pictures of Kirk Creek campsites below), while others are in the "back row" of the campground. Yet, even the BACK row at Kirk Creek has a spectacular ocean view!

One notable thing about the Kirk Creek Campground which makes it even more appealing is that it's administered by the Los Padres National Forest. Kirk Creek does takes reservations...but only for a FEW of its campsites. This allows MOST campsites at the Kirk Creek Campground to operate on a first come-first served basis. So, unlike the California State Park campgrounds...which fill up months in advance for summertime camping actually have a chance of doing some summer beachfront camping without prior reservations if you choose the Kirk Creek camping ground!

Kirk Creek Campground Amenities

Picture: Kirk Creek Campground campsite with a Pacific Ocean view
1.) The Kirk Creek campground's biggest amenity is its location! Kirk Creek campsites sit high on a bluff which is outcropped like a pier. You'll enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean on 3 sides of the campground! The view to the east---one of ruggedly rising mountains---is thought to be just as stunning, by many visitors.

2.) The Kirk Creek Campground has 33 campsites, which are available for use by either tents or RV's. There is a separate tent-only area for adventuresome visitors arriving by bicycle or on foot. Each campsite at Kirk Creek has a picnic table and grill.

3.) Bathrooms have flush toilets, and running water is available. However, the campsites have no hookups for RV's. There is no dump station at Kirk Creek.

Picture: Kirk Creek Campground ocean view campsite

4.) Interior roads are paved, and so are the camping spurs.

5.) Recreation at Kirk Creek Campground: You can reach the beach by a trail leading from the campground down to the water. Hiking enthusiasts will want to enjoy the trails leading into the mountains (trail heads are just across the highway from the campground.) Use of the beach and/or hiking trails is free (for those visitors not wishing to camp.)

6.) Services at Kirk Creek Campground: Camping at Kirk Creek is very "back to nature." Other than water, you'll have to think ahead and bring your own supplies to meet your camping, clothing, recreational and meal preparation needs. There is no store, no laundromat, no restaurant, nor gas available at Kirk Creek.

Picture: Kirk Creek tent camping area reserved for hikers and bikers

Kirk Creek Campground's Hike & Bike area: In the photo of a Kirk Creek tent-only camping area to your right, you see the area reserved for campers who arrive by bicycle (or on foot.)

In other words, if you arrive at the Kirk Creek Campground either by hiking or biking, you're guaranteed to have a camping space when you get there.

It's a way to reward all those who arrive in an "environmentally friendly" way. It's a reward...and also a practicality, as well. The Kirk Creek Campground is located miles from a town. The 2 closest campgrounds, Limekiln and Plaskett Creek...which are easy to reach by car...don't seem so nearby to a hiker! (And, both of these camping areas frequently fill to capacity during the busy summer months, anyway.) Imagine how difficult it would be to get to another camping site or motel in the city if you were dependent on your own feet or pedal power!

Kirk Creek Campground fees and maps

Picture: Kirk Creek Campground has ocean views even from the back camping row Fees at the Kirk Creek Campground currently run $22/night. Hike-in or bike-in camping fees run $5 per person. You'll pay these fees at a self-serve kiosk/bulletin board area. There is no park ranger stationed at the campground full-time. However, rangers do drive through and make security checks from time to time throughout the day and night.

Kirk Creek Campground reservations: Kirk Creek now accepts a limited amount of reservations each night (although, most spaces remain on a first come-first served basis.) If you would like to reserve your camping space ahead of time, you may use the following link to reach the Kirk Creek camping reservations page of the website.

Note: If you don't find any spaces available when you try to reserve a spot, that's because the reservable spaces are already booked solid. Yes, that DOES happen with the Kirk Creek camping spaces! It wouldn't be uncommon to try to reserve a campsite in June...and not find any all...until September. In that case, you'll have to try for one of the park's un-reservable campsites (or else choose a different campground.)

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Kirk Creek Campground address: the Kirk Creek camping ground doesn't have its own street address...merely, California Hwy 1. Any address for the campground that you see online is probably a mailing address for the ranger's station. It's hard to set a GPS without an address! Nevertheless, it's not difficult to find because the Kirk Creek campground is well-marked by signs. If you're coming from the south, Kirk Creek will be about 5 1/2 miles north of Plaskett Creek Camp. If you're coming from the north, Kirk Creek will be about 4 miles south of the tiny village of Lucia, California.

Map to Kirk Creek Campground: You may refer to the custom Google map to your left in planning your camping trip. Camping map of Kirk Creek's campsites: You'll see an interactive map of the Kirk Creek camping sites on the Kirk Creek camping reservations page of the website (see link above.) You'll also see a photo of the Kirk Creek camping map in the slide show at the top of this page.

Kirk Creek Campground website: Kirk Creek is a camping unit of the Los Padres National Forest (Monterey Ranger District.) The US Forest Service website is where you'll find information about Kirk Creek (and other National Forest campgrounds in the surrounding area.) You may discover any price changes that may be in effect by the time you take your trip. You'll also find a list of alternative campgrounds in the Los Padres National Forest which you can try if you arrive at the Kirk Creek Campground and find it to be full. You may use the following link to view the Los Padres National Forest official website.

Limekiln Campground

State park camping with hillside or flat-land campsite options

Photo of a terraced hillside camping space at the Limekiln SP campgroundLIMEKILN STATE PARK CAMPGROUND has been saved from state budget cuts! One of the most popular and well-loved campgrounds near Big Sur, the Limekiln Campground, was supposed to fall victim to the California state budget crisis. Thankfully, the campground has been spared from that fate. At the time of this update, Limekiln is open, running and taking reservations.

LIMEKILN campground is located not too far south of a road construction project this year. There may be some nighttime road closures which might affect you during your stay. (There will be NO daytime road closures, but you may be subject to brief delays because only one lane of traffic is open, and both north & south-bound traffic must alternate using that one lane. Delays are about 5 to 10 minutes long, usually.) Be sure to consult the Limekiln State Park below...for the latest road construction updates. End of Road Closure Notice.

Why do camping-lovers enjoy Limekiln? A pretty beach. A choice of camping areas within the campground. And a cozy feeling of being sheltered in a scenic glen.

Campsites terraced on a hillside? Strange, but true---when you camp at Limekiln State Park, you'll get to choose between camping on the slopes of a mountainside...or under the trees...or more "routine" camping sites down at sea level.

Though it's hard to believe, the Limekiln Campground...just a short drive from the Kirk Creek Camp Ground...will give you a completely different type of camping experience. While the Kirk Creek Campground sits on the western, "ocean" side of California Route 1, the Limekiln Campground sits on the "mountain" side of the highway. You'll need to try both campgrounds to experience and enjoy their differences!

Photo of valley camping spaces at the Limekiln SP campground The Limekiln Campground shares many things in common with Kirk Creek Camp. With 33 campsites in each park, they're both about the same size. They both offer flush toilets and running water. They're both in the same general area...and share the same mountains and ocean views.

What's different? Aside from the difference that Kirk Creek has a direct ocean front view, the biggest difference for you, the camper, is that Limekiln State Park is part of the California State Parks system. The State Parks allow 100% of camping spaces to be reserved in many of its parks...including Limekiln. This means that you'll HAVE to make reservations during the summer if you want to stay here. Some Big Sur-lovers plan their camping trips to Limekiln many months in advance. You must do that, too, if you want to compete. If you don't have reservations, there's not much chance that you'll get a spot here during the summer tourist season. The rangers at Limekiln tell me that no-shows to the park are VERY rare.

Note: between November 1 and March 31 each year, the camping sites revert to a "first come, first serve" basis.

Limekiln Campground Fees & Reservations

Photo of the beach at Limekiln State Park in Central California's Big Sur region Limekiln State Park phone number: 831-667-2403 is the telephone number for general information about the Limekiln campground.

Limekiln State Park camping fees: Limekiln camping rates are $35 per campsite. There is no longer a lower off-season rate.

Limekiln camping reservations: Like most campgrounds in the California State Parks system, the Limekiln camping ground uses Reserve America to handle its reservation requests. The only problem here is that the site reservations are "non-specific," meaning that you can't pick out your favorite campsite in advance. So, you'll be guaranteed a space once you make a reservation...but not any particular space. Here's a link to the Limekiln State Park camping reservations page of the website. Dates with campsites still available will be marked with "A" on the park's calendar. Those dates marked with an "R" signify that all spaces have already been reserved for that day. And, spaces marked with a "W" are available on a walk-up/drive-up basis only, and cannot be reserved in advance.

Camping map of Limekiln State Park: There is an interactive map of the Limekiln Campground on the Reserve America website (see link in the paragraph above.) You'll be able to get specific information about each different campsite which interests you by using that map. On the other hand, if you'd like a printable PDF map of the Limekiln campground...which includes both a map of the campsites, plus a road map to the campground itself, use the following link to get a PDF Limekiln camping map and park brochure from the California State Parks website.

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Limekiln State Park Address: The Limekiln campground has no exact street address; simply, Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920 is used. However, you won't have a hard time finding the camp because it's clearly marked with signs.

Map to Limekiln State Park: In the custom Google map to your right, you can see the campground at Limekiln State Park highlighted with a pinpoint. You may zoom in on the satellite view to see a good aerial photo of the camping area. Or, you may zoom out to see the roads you'll need to take to reach the park.

Limekiln State Park website: Information about the Limekiln SP campground is found in this park's own special section of the California State Parks website. Here's a link to the Limekiln State Park section of the State Parks official website.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Photo of a campsite at the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park campground
What's one of the most popular state campgrounds along the Big Sur coastline? It's Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, located right in the little village of Big Sur. The Pfeiffer SP campground is well-loved and always seems to be full, which is why it's difficult to get a spot here. But, with advanced reservations...or some good luck during the'll be able to enjoy an exciting campground which features dense trees, lovely hiking paths, a scenic lodge and a reputation of being one of the top attractions at Big Sur. Here's the Pfeiffer Big Sur camping reservations info on the website.

Pfeiffer Big Sur camping fees and amenities: Campsites at the Pfeiffer Big Sur campground cost $35 per night. Each site includes a picnic table, fire pit/grill, relatively level and comfortable tent space, and parking apron for car or RV. (Note: there are RV length limits; be sure to check the limit for the space you choose when making reservations. Motorhomes up to 32 feet in length are accepted at Pfeiffer Big Sur SP, but not all campsites can accommodate that size. It is common for the site limit to be only 30 ft...or even only 25 feet long. Rigs larger than the 35' limit will need to visit one of the private campgrounds in the area.) Campsites do not have RV hookups for electricity, water nor sewer.

Picture: Pfeiffer Big Sur campground bathroom

Many sites are tree-enshrouded and relatively dark. However, some sunnier, more open camping spaces are available. Whatever your preference, you'll find that most campsites enjoy a decent amount of coziness, privacy and space between you and the neighboring campsites. The campground has running water, with spigots placed at intervals around the campground. Restrooms have flush toilets and running water.

Pfeiffer Big Sur SP website: For other campground information, here is the Pfeiffer Big Sur SP website, where you can find out more information about the park.

Big Sur Campgrounds -- Activities to enjoy

Photo of a beautiful hiking trail in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park of Big Sur, California, USA Hiking: Hiking trails abound in the Big Sur area, and trails may be accessed from the Limekiln campground, as well.

Another favorite place to hike is at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park northwards up Highway 1 from Limekiln. (In the photo to your left, you see a hiking trail at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns park. However, this park is especially famous for its scenic waterfall.) If you'll be staying several days at the Limekiln campground, there's no reason why you couldn't hike both parks to enjoy the unique scenery in each one. For further information, here's a link to the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park section of the California Parks website.

Another activity some families enjoy at Big Sur is fishing. Surf-fishing an ideal activity for families with children, because once the kids get tired of the actual fishing, they can explore the activity which kids never seem to get tired of doing!

For further information on where you can go to fish at Big Sur, what types of fish you can expect to catch, etc, you may discover that information on the Los Padres National Forest official website.

Is there good surfing at Big Sur? You bet! For Big Sur surfing info, please see the Big Sur surfing page of the website.

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