Block Party Bash Pictures

This fun, interactive parade has left Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Florida!

The Block Party Bash is no longer being performed! This fun, interactive parade (that gave your kids a chance to dance with Disney/Pixar characters) has ended its runs in both California and Florida. On this page, you can view nostalgic photos and remember the fun times you had enjoying Block Party Bash on your Disney vacation!

Block Party Bash fun!

You're hereby ordered to get up and dance!

Picture: Toy Soldier from Block Party Bash parade at the Disney Resort

Disney's Block Party Bash was an interactive which YOU could join the fun!

A serious-faced soldier barked orders to the crowd as the parade began. There was no mistaking that it was time to GET UP AND DANCE!

Interactivity was still relatively new when the Block Party Bash ran. The Block Party Bash started the trend towards more interactivity at the kids (and their parents!) more chances to "join the action." For decades, we visitors have been merely WATCHING the characters pass by...just like we would if we were attending the Rose Parade, the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade...or nearly any other parade in the USA. For the history of parades, people have been on either one side or the other: the marchers or the watchers.

Block Party Bash led the way for interactivity: Several years ago when the Block Party Bash opened at Disney's California Adventure, a tough-guy soldier made it nearly a COMMAND to get up and dance! And, we visitors needed that---we'd been accustomed to many years of sitting and staring. We needed a shove. Nowadays, it almost seems like "overkill" to be prodded into the action. But...the green soldiers are now a familiar part of the act, and visitors who have seen the parade wouldn't even THINK of sending them away!

Block Party Bash showcased Disney-Pixar Characters!

Sully, Mike and Boo from "Monsters, Inc!"

Picture: Sully from Monsters Inc movie is a character featured in Disney's Block Party Bash parade

Who's everyone's favorite cuddly blue monster? James P. Sullivan from Monsters, Inc, of course!

The picture of Sulley (Monster, Inc's "star") to your left shows how this great big bundle of fur looked ready to hug the Block Party Bash onlookers! Sully has never looked so lovable as during the parade when he waved and posed for the crowd.

Although Sulley's sidekick, Mike Wazowski, stayed atop the Monsters, Inc float throughout its march along the parade route, Sully actually jumped off the float and mingled with the crowd during the Block Party Bash performance stops.

Picture: Boo, the little girl from Monster's Inc, marches in the Block Party Bash parade

Boo joins in, too! Another member of the Monsters, Inc float who mingled with the kids along the parade route is little Boo.

Boo is the toddler-aged "human" girl that the residents of Monstropolis fear so badly in the Disney-Pixar animated movie, "Monsters, Inc." For her march along the parade route, she wore her "monster costume," which (in the Monsters, Inc movie) helped Sully and Mike hide her & keep her from being detected by the fearsome CDA.

As you can see from the pictures of monsters in the slide show above, several other minor Monsters, Inc characters from the film also joined the parade and interacted with the crowds lining the streets of the Disney theme park. Maybe your favorites were among them!

Block Party Bash---Toy Story Characters

Cowboy Woody, Cowgirl Jessie and Buzz Lightyear!

Picture: Jessie the Cowgirl from Disney-Pixar's Toy Story movies

The Toy Story movies were represented by 2 floats in the Block Party Bash parade. One float showcased Cowboy Woody and his friend, Cowgirl Jessie. The other float was space-themed, and featured Buzz Lightyear and a number of little space aliens.

In the picture of Cowgirl Jessie to your right, you can see that she thoroughly enjoyed waving to her young fans in the crowd. During parade stops, she hopped off of her float to greet children, dance with them...and pose for a photo or two!

Picture: Woody the Cowboy character from the Disney-Pixar Toy Story movies

Cowboy Woody joined in on the action, too!

In the picture of Cowboy Woody to your left, you can see that he, too, loved to ham it up with the crowd of onlookers.

Like Jessie, Cowboy Woody left the Block Party Bash float at every stop in order to greet young Toy Story fans.

Picture: Buzz Lightyear character from the Disney-Pixar Toy Story movies

Buzz Lightyear waves from his parade float:

As you can see from the picture of Buzz Lightyear to your right, this Toy Story superstar showed up at the Block Party Bash looking his dapper best. Clad in his now-familiar space suit, Buzz Lightyear rode aboard a whimsical space-themed float...which appears to be assembled, in part, out of colorful giant-sized Tinker Toys!

The Block Party Bash parade also gave spectators a good glimpse of the little 3-eyed aliens that were a humorous part of the Toy Story movies.

Block Party Bash "Bugs Life" float

Flik, Princess Atta, Heimlich and friends!

Picture: Heimlich character from the Disney-Pixar movie, A Bug's Life The picture of Heimlich from "A Bug's Life" (to your left) gives you an idea of the whimsical humor that went into building this movie's Block Party Bash float.

Not only was Heimlich on hand to wave to Disney-Pixar film fans, but other members of the "Bug's Life" cast march along the parade route were, the delight of numerous young fans.

Both Flik and Princess Atta, leading characters in the movie "A Bug's Life," stayed quite busy dancing and hob-nobbing with members of the audience along the Block Party Bash parade route.

THE INCREDIBLES PARADE FLOAT: The Incredibles characters had a nice float in the Block Party Bash Parade.

WHERE WAS THE BEST PLACE TO VIEW THE BLOCK PARTY BASH? The answer is that there was NO one "best place." Like most Disney parades, you could get a good view of the action no matter where you happened to be standing. However, for little kids who actually wanted to DANCE with the Pixar characters, it was important to be standing up to the front of the crowd.

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