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The Exciting Boardwalk at Knotts Berry Farm

Enjoy pictures of the XCelerator, Boomerang and other Boardwalk rides!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Knott's Berry Farm roller coasters and rides in the Boardwalk themed area of the park. You're seeing pics of the XCelerator roller coaster, the Perilous Plunge boat ride, the Boomerang roller coaster and the Supreme Scream free-falling tower ride. On this page, you'll get the details about these rides and others on the Knott's Boardwalk, including height restrictions for each.

XCelerator Roller Coaster--

Get ready to scream!

Picture:The Xcelerator hairpin roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm , Buena Park, California USA

The Boardwalk at Knotts Berry Farm holds more "thrill" type rides than any other area in the park.

In this photos on your left and right, you see that bad dude called the "Xcelerator," a hairpin roller coaster that rises 205 feet into the air---and then plunges its riders back down to earth at a 90 degree angle, their faces headed directly towards the quickly-rising-to-meet-them cement!

Picture: The Xcelerator roller coaster entrance at Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, California USA

This mean mesh of metal in The Boardwalk at Knotts Berry Farm has a little "scenario" that goes with it. You're supposedly boarding onto a race car. The flag drops. You put the pedal to the metal. Your peel out from the starting line reaching 82 MPH in 2.3 seconds!

There is a minimum height requirement of 52" tall to ride the Xcelerator roller coaster. Expectant mothers may not ride.

Knotts Berry Farm Rides -- Boomerang Roller Coaster!

Photo: The Boomerang roller coaster, Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California USA The Boomerang roller coaster is another thrill-seeker's delight in themed area of The Boardwalk at Knotts Berry Farm.

"The Boomerang" is aptly named, because it's a "boomerang" style roller coaster. If you spread the track out to its full length, you'd get a long, straight piece of track, and not a loopin shape, as a "normal" roller coaster's track would take.

Therefore, in order to get back to where you start, you must "boomerang" back home over the same stretch of track you used when leaving the station---but on the return trip, you'll be zooming along BACKWARDS!

Picture: The Boomerang roller coaster at Knotts Berry Farm, greater Los Angeles, California USA

In the photo above, you see the Boomerang's track headed upwards to a dead-end tower high in the sky. Riders hang at the top for a second, giving them a moment to anticipate with dread what's coming next. Then it happens---they begin to slam back down the track backwards, roaring back into the upside-down-loop from whence they first came. Brrrr! It'll give you the chills---chills of FRIGHT! (And in the picture of Knott's Boomerang roller coaster to your right, you see riders zooming through a loop!)

There is a minimum height requirement of 48" to ride the Boomerang roller coaster, and expectant mothers are not allowed to ride.

Rip Tide thrill ride!

Picture: Rip Tide thrill ride at Knott's Berry Farm theme park Here's another scream machine in The Boardwalk at Knotts Berry Farm---The Rip Tide.

You may have seen this one at your county fair, or at other parks---such as the Elitch Gardens theme park in Denver, Colorado. So, no, it's not a unique ride, but it packs a punch and sets the crowd screaming, nevertheless.

If you ride the Rip Tide, you'll get harnessed into your seat, and then be lifted into the air. Just when you're thinking that it "all seems so innocent," then the ride turns the whole passenger car upside down, leaving your hair hanging in the breeze!

The ride car will swirl itself upright again...only to dump you upside down another time. And it'll keep dumping you over and over until the ride ends. Whew!

There are some unusual height restrictions for the Rip Tide thrill ride. Guests must be at least 54" tall to ride...but no taller than 76". Expectant moms are not permitted to ride the Rip Tide. There is a minimum age requirement of 10 years old for would-be Rip Tide riders.

Supreme Scream ride

Take a free fall from a tower so high it can be seen for miles around!

Picture: Supreme Scream thrill ride at Knott's Berry Farm To your left, you're viewing a picture of the Supreme Scream free falling tower ride at Knott's Berry Farm. The Boardwalk is the themed area of the park where you'll find this tall devil of a ride. The "Supreme Scream" is an aptly-named thrill ride: if you ride it, you'll scream your head off!

If you board the free-falling Supreme Scream, you'll be hoisted up to the top of a 254 foot tower, then, without warning, be allowed to fall back to earth, leaving your breath in your throat! At speeds of 50 MPH or more, it won't take long until you "hit" the bottom---and then bounce right back up the tower for more!

Picture: Supreme Scream thrill ride at Knotts Berry Farm theme park

Supreme Scream minimum height requirement: There is a minimum height required to board the Supreme Scream thrill ride...and that's 52 inches tall. Pregnant women are not allowed to board.

Size restrictions: A safety harness that fits over your head and chest is used on the Supreme Scream thrill ride. You must be able to wear this harness with a snug fit...but not too tight, either. Most people will fit the harness, but there are some that may not. If the safety restraint does not close nor fit properly in some other manner, you will not be allowed to ride. Also, ladies: there's a strap that needs to fit between your legs and attach to the safety harness. If you're wearing a tight mini, you may show some underwear; better to wear a looser or longer skirt (or a skort, or pants) to the park if you're planning to ride the Supreme Scream.

Sky Cabin ride

Picture: Sky Cabin ride at Knotts Berry Farm The Sky Cabin at Knott's Berry Farm is one of the theme park's signature rides. After all, like the Supreme Scream and Wind Seeker rides, it's a tall tower that can be seen for miles around. Whether you drive to Knott's amusement park along Beach Blvd, from La Palma Ave, or from the 91 Freeway, you're going to see both the Sky Cabin and Supreme Scream rides before you get close. The Sky Cabin is a sight that residents of Buena Park see every day!

The Sky Cabin may be tall, but it's a gentle giant. Despite the Sky Cabin's intimidating size, it's a popular "family" ride! You'll board the disc-shaped, fully-enclosed (and air conditioned) cabin at ground level. Then, the cabin rises slowly into the air, revolving to give you a complete 360 degree view of the Buena Park, California area. It's safe enough for babes in arms.

Sky Cabin ride restrictions: There are very few ride restrictions for the Knott's Sky Cabin. There is no minimum height rule. There is only a rule requiring children under 46" tall to ride with a responsible adult. Expectant moms are welcome; now's your chance to FINALLY ride on something in the Boardwalk section of Knott's Berry Farm!

New rides on The Boardwalk in 2013!

The Perilous Plunge has closed...and a new family roller coaster opened in its place

Picture: Perilous Plunge ride at Knott's Berry Farm theme park has CLOSED The "Perilous Plunge" boat ride has CLOSED permanently in The Boardwalk themed area at Knott's. What's going to replace it? Some new surprises...and an "old friend!"

The Coast Rider roller coaster is the highlight of the new additions along The Boardwalk. Although coaster fanatics may groan that the Coast Rider won't be a thrill-machine, families are going to love this "intermediate" level coaster. Kids too old for Camp Snoopy...but too young for the Xcelerator...will be just the right size for the Coast Rider's 52-foot tall peak. This steel-tracked coaster with sit-down seating will provide families some sharp-turned screams (Wild Mouse-style) along its 1,339 feet of track.

Do you remember the Scrambler ride that was moved to make room for the Pony Express roller coaster? It has come back to the park in 2013...this time to the Boardwalk themed area...not far from the Coast Rider coaster. And there's one more new ride in the Boardwalk area, as well: the Surfside Gliders, a mild flying ride geared towards families.

Bumper cars: A well-loved ride remaining in the Boardwalk is the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Car ride. This traditional amusement park attraction will give your family the chance for some good-natured (?) fun as you try to see who among you is king or queen of the track. This familiar favorite can be found across from the Charles M. Schulz Theater (also in The Boardwalk section; see next section for information about the theater.) Bumper car minimum height: the minimum height rule to drive the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars is 48" tall. Children 42-48" tall may ride a bumper car, but as a passenger...with a responsible adult driving the vehicle. Pregnant moms may not ride the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars.)

Arcade and video games: Want to play some games while you're at Knotts? You'll find old-fashioned carnival games scattered throughout The Boardwalk, where you can test your skill and---maybe---win a prize. You'll find all sorts of colorful plush animals...and other win. Video game lovers: You'll also find the Buffalo Nickel Arcade, full of video games and pinball machines. Some of the games at the Buffalo Nickel give out prize tickets, too!

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