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Boomers Family Fun Center Locations

Play mini golf, ride Go Karts & Bumper Boats; and have fun in the game arcade!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Boomer's Family Fun Centers in several different California locations. Boomer's Fun Parks are good places to enjoy miniature golf courses, rock climbing walls, bumper boats and other family attractions! Note: a fond farewell to the Fresno Boomer's. They didn't want to close, but they lost their lease.

Boomers Family Fun Center Attractions

Everything you need for a fun family activity or group party!

Picture: Boomers family fun center bumper boats; Santa Maria location Each Boomer's Family Fun Center looks a bit different from the others, but they all have most of the same activities. All (or nearly all) of the Boomers Fun Parks have the following things to do:

1.) Birthday Party areas
2.) Bumper Boats
3.) Game Rooms (arcades)
4.) Go Karts
5.) Miniature golf courses
6.) Rock climbing walls
7.) Snack bars

In addition to the above list of activities, some of the Boomers Family Fun Parks also offer the following fun:

* Batting Cages
* Kiddie Rides
* Go Carts for smaller kids, often called Rookie Tracks

Boomers Fun Center Prices: All of the Boomers family fun centers allow activities to be purchased either singly "by the activity," or else as part of a wristband or other multi-attraction package. Prices for activities are set individually for each Boomers fun park location. (You'll need to consult the Boomers official website--link at end of page--if you want the exact amount your desired activity will cost at a specific fun center.) To generalize about Boomer's activity prices, you can expect tickets for major activities to cost between about $5 and $10, depending on the activity you choose and the Boomer's location that you're visiting.

Boomers Fun Center Discounts:

1.) Boomers website specials: All of the Boomers locations in California offer special discount programs, group prices, fellowship nights, etc. These Boomers discount coupons and programs vary from location to location. It's always a good idea to check the "discounts" portion of the Boomers website to check out the special prices which may be available to you. Also, you will find that your local Boomers Park celebrates report card time by rewarding good grades (A's and B's) with free arcade game tokens!

Check for discounts: Here are direct links to the Boomers "discounts and deals" pages:

1.) El Cajon Boomers Fun Park Prices, Discounts and Coupons
2.) Fountain Valley Boomers Prices, Discounts and Coupons
3.) Irvine Boomers Prices, Discounts and Coupons
4.) Livermore Boomers Prices, Discounts and Coupons
5.) Modesto Boomers Discounts and Coupons
6.) Palm Springs/Cathedral City Boomers Discounts and Coupons
7.) San Diego Boomers Discounts and Coupons
8.) Santa Maria Boomers Park Discounts and Coupons
9.) Upland Boomers Discounts and Coupons
10.) Vista Boomers Discounts and Coupons

2.) Boomers Military Discounts: Most Boomers offer some type of military discount! Check each park's pricing & discount page for details (see links above.)

3.) Boomers AAA Discounts: Some Boomers offer some type of AAA automobile club discount! Simply show your card at the park's ticket booths to receive a discount---which is generally $5 of at most locations. You may check each park's pricing & discount page for exact details (see links above.)

4.) Boomers 90-day passes: SOME Boomers locations offer a 90-day pass at selected times of the year (usually during summer vacation.) This is absolutely the best deal you can get because, when it's available, you can get a 4-hour pass each day for ninety days---and the total price is very reasonable if you plan to visit several times during a three-month period. You may check each park's pricing & discount page (see links above) to see if this type of pass is currently being offered in your location.

5.) Boomers discounts on Twitter and in each park's newsletter: Are you a member of the Twitter community? If you love going to Boomers, do NOT forget to sign up as a fan of your local Boomers! (Each Boomers fun center location has its own Twitter account, and sends out tweets that only apply to that one location.) Boomers has gotten into the fun of tweeting...and occasionally announces surprise discounts!

Signing up for your favorite location's e-newsletter is also a good idea. They'll send notice of current sales and promotions straight to your email address. The sign-up link is usually at the bottom of the "prices & discounts" page (see links above.)

Boomers Family Fun Center locations in California

Picture: Boomers miniature golf course with lush landscaping; Fountain Valley Boomers location You'll find a number of Boomers family fun park locations scattered throughout Southern California and Central California. (There are also a few locations in Florida and New York.)

In SoCal, you'll find 3 Boomers Fun Parks in San Diego County, 2 Boomers parks in Orange County, one in San Bernardino County and one in Riverside County. In Central California, you'll find locations in Modesto and Santa Maria. And in the Bay Area, you'll find a Boomer's location in Livermore. The list of Boomers Family Fun Centers in Calif is below:

1.) Cathedral City/Palm Springs Boomers, address is 67-700 E Palm Canyon Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234 (Riverside County) not far from the Target Store. You may use the upcoming Google map to Boomer's Family Fun Park to help plan your route. The Palm Springs/Cathedral City Boomer's phone number is (760) 770-7522.

2.) El Cajon Boomers Family Fun Center, address is 1155 Graves Ave, El Cajon, CA 92021 (San Diego County.) This location is not far from the intersection of I-8 and the CA 67 Freeway, and it's also near the Westfield Parkway Mall, as well. Directions coming from Interstate 8: take the first exit north of I-8 and follow the exit ramp, which will dead-end into Graves Ave. Follow Graves Avenue north to Boomer's El Cajon location. Here's a Google map to Boomers Fun Park in El Cajon to help you find your way. The El Cajon Boomer's phone number is (619) 593-1155.

3.) Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach Boomers, address is 16800 Magnolia Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (Orange County.) This Boomers Family Fun park is located directly to the side of I-405 at Magnolia Street. Directions: from Interstate 405, take the Magnolia St exit; the park's entrance drive is a mere 1/2 block from the freeway. Here is a Google map to the Fountain Valley Boomer's location to use as a reference guide. The Fountain Valley Boomer's phone number is (714) 842-1111. Note: several photos of Boomer's Fountain Valley park are included in the slide show at the top of this page.

Picture: Rock Climbing Wall at the Boomers Family Fun Center's Santa Maria, CA location

4.) Irvine Boomer's family fun park, address is 3405 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612 (in Orange County.) This location is located midway between the Jamboree Rd and Culver Drive exits of I-405. From either exit, head west to Michelson Drive. If you wish, you may use the following Google map to the Irvine Boomer's location to plan your route. The Irvine Boomer's phone number is (949) 559-8336 .

5.) Livermore Boomers Fun Park location: address, 2400 Kitty Hawk Road, Livermore, CA 94550 (Alameda County.) This location is directly south of the I-580 freeway not far from the Airway Blvd exit. You may use the following Google map to the Livermore Boomer's location to get an overview of this area. The Livermore Boomer's phone number is (925) 447-7275.

6.) Modesto Boomers Family Fun Center, address is 4215 Bangs Ave, Modesto, CA 95356. Directions: From the CA 99 Freeway, take the Pelandale Ave exit east to Sisk Avenue; then head north on Sisk to Bangs Avenue. You may use the following Google map to the Modesto Boomers location as a guide, if you wish. The Modesto Boomer's phone number is (209) 545-5248.

* Palm Springs Boomers Fun Park location: See Cathedral City.

7.) San Diego Boomers Family Fun Center, address is 6999 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111. This location is just to the side of I-805. From the freeway, take the Clairemont Mesa Blvd exit and head east to the Boomer's Park. Here's a Google map to the San Diego Boomers location for your reference. The San Diego Boomer's phone number is (858) 560-4212.

8.) Santa Maria Boomers Fun Park, address is 2250 N. Preisker Lane, Santa Maria, CA 93458 (Santa Barbara County.) This easy-to-find location is just to the west side of the US 101 Freeway. Take the Broadway exit west to Preisker Ln; go north on Preisker to the park. Here's a Google map to the Santa Maria Boomer's location if you're unfamiliar with this area. The Boomer's Santa Maria phone number is (805) 928-4942. Note: the slide show of Boomers Fun Park pictures above features a number of photos of Boomer's Santa Maria location.

9.) Upland Boomer's Family Fun Park, address is 1500 W 7th St, Upland, CA 91786. Directions: exit I-10 at either Central Ave (by the Montclair Plaza Mall) or at S Mountain Ave; head north to 7th Street. Here's a Google map to the Upland Boomer's location you may check out, if you wish. The Boomer's Upland phone number is (909) 946-9555.

10.) Vista Boomers Family Fun Center, address is 1525 W. Vista Way, Vista, CA 92083 (San Diego County.) From the CA 78 Freeway, take the Emerald Drive exit. Turn north on Emerald 1/2 block to Vista Way and then head east on Vista Way to Boomers Park. Here is a Google map to the Boomer's Vista location. The Vista Boomers telephone number is (760) 945-9474.

Boomers Fun Center Birthday Parties

Picture: Boomers birthday party room; Fresno, Calif location All Boomers Fun Parks offer birthday party packages. Each Boomers Family Fun Center has 3 or 4 birthday party package plans available. All Boomers birthday party packages require a minimum of 8 to 10 guests, depending on your location. (You don't actually need to have the minimum number of guests, but you will be charged the same price even if you don't.) An extra fee will be charged for each extra guest. Details for each package vary a little bit from location to location, but generally offer the following food and activities:

BASIC BOOMERS BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE: For a price which is generally about $14 per guest, a "basic" party at any Boomers family fun center will keep your guests occupied for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Most Boomers give your group 60 minutes of "birthday table time," although several allow 90 minutes. When you walk into the Boomer's party room, you'll find the table already set up with a festive table cloth, paper plates, cups and napkins. A party host will help you serve the children their food, which includes 2 pieces of either cheese or pepperoni pizza---plus party punch with unlimited refills. (Most locations offer other types off food, eg chicken wings or veggies, for an additional fee.)

Activities included with the Boomers Basic Party Package: The main party activity during a basic birthday party at Boomers Park will be playing one round of miniature golf. If your group has the 8-guest minimum, you'll split into 2 groups. By the time everyone chooses their clubs, gets to the mini golf course, takes their turns, and returns their golf clubs, it should take nearly an hour to play the game. Of course, if your party is held on a day when no one else is visiting Boomers Family Fun Center, then you'll breeze through the game faster; but if you're playing on a busy day when a number of other groups and families are on the miniature golf courses, then it will undoubtedly take longer.

In addition, each guest gets a pre-determined number of arcade game tokens included in the price you've paid. At most locations, this is 50 points on a Play Card; or at locations still using tokens, it's generally 20 tokens. Some guests will be able to whip through their game tokens in 10 minutes; others may take up to a half hour. When combined with the other birthday party activities (eating/opening the gifts, then playing golf,) your group will have spent about 2 hours at Boomers. Many parents feel that this is plenty of time to devote to a children's party, and therefore feel that the Basic Party Package fits their needs best.

Picture: Boomers go kart track; Santa Maria, CA location BOOMERS DELUXE BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE: For families wishing to extend their birthday party to a total time of about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, the Deluxe party package at Boomers might be the perfect plan. For about $21, you'll receive exactly the same food, party host and "table time" as with the Basic Party package...BUT you'll receive extra activities. These activities vary widely from location to location. At one Boomers Park, the Deluxe activities might include 2 or 3 "extra attraction" tickets for use on the bumper boats, go carts, rock climbing wall, etc. At a different Boomers location, it might be unlimited use of certain selected activities. If you're considering the deluxe party, you'll need to check the Boomer's website (see Birthday Party links below) to verify exactly which "extra attractions" your local Boomers Fun Park is offering with this package.

BOOMERS ULTIMATE & VIP BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGEs: For about $28 per guest (or $43 for a "WOW VIP" package,) you can turn your child's birthday shindig into a 4 or 5 hour affair (or MORE, if you have the energy!) The food, the party hostess, and your paper goods will be exactly the same as with the Basic Birthday Package. But for your activities---the sky's the limit! Each guest will receive a wristband good for all-day use of the Boomers Family Fun Center rides, mini golf and attractions...EXCEPT the game arcade. (You can even get the arcade games tossed into the mix if you choose the VIP package.)

Having such a variety of choices will be a "big hit" with your child's friends, who may enjoy riding go carts non-stop; or wish to cool down from the summer heat with countless bumper boat rides. Not to mention endless rounds of miniature golf! You won't have to worry about what to do with bored children while waiting for parents to come pick them up; the kids' wristbands will keep them playing & busy until the tardiest of parents arrive to get them!

EXTRA-FEE BIRTHDAY ADD-ONS: There are a number of extra items you may purchase to go with the birthday party plan you've selected. Most notably absent from all of the Boomers Birthday Party Packages is an allowance for more than a sampling of arcade games. If you have ardent game-fans in your group, you may purchase extra game points or tokens for a bit of a discount (in bulk.)

BOOMERS BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS: Boomers has created downloadable PDF birthday party invitations that you may print out. Naturally, these will look much better if you have a color printer! You are not obligated to use the official Boomers party invitations, however.

Picture: Boomers Family Fun Center, Fresno, California; the arcade building looks like a castle! BOOMERS BIRTHDAY PARTY RESERVATIONS: Each Boomers Family Fun Park takes care of their own reservations. Boomers would like you to reserve your space at least 72 hours in advance, though most locations will accept last-minute reservations if space is still available. You may be required to give Boomers a deposit to book your party reservation. Call the park where you plan to hold your party directly to reserve your spot. Or, you may use the following links to head directly to the "birthday party info page" of your local Boomers park---

1.) El Cajon Boomers Birthday Party Info
2.) Fountain Valley Boomers Birthday Party Info
4.) Irvine Boomers Birthday Party Info
4.) Livermore Boomers Birthday Party Info
5.) Modesto Boomers Birthday Party Info
6.) Palm Springs/Cathedral City Boomers Birthday Party Info
7.) San Diego Boomers Birthday Party Info
8.) Santa Maria Boomers Park Birthday Party Info
9.) Upland Boomers Birthday Party Info
10.) Vista Boomers Birthday Party Info

Boomers Website

Picture: Boomers fun center in Santa Maria, California The Boomers family fun park official website is (NOT, as you might imagine. is owned by a guy who has nothing at all to do with the chain of family fun centers. Likewise, the website has nothing to do with the chain of Boomers parks.)

From the home page of, you can reach specific information for all of the Boomers family fun center locations. As mentioned above, each park charges its own prices for activities, so you'll be able to get an exact amount by accessing the section for the individual location you plan to attend. Also, each park offers its own special discounts; you'll probably want to check these out before making a fun park visit, as well.

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