Boys Costume Contestants

Winners have now been announced by the judges!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Boys Costume winners for this year's contest. Names of the winning contestants will be released soon.

Many terrific entries were made this year in the Boys you'll see in the slide shows below!

You'll be able to find you son's group by age, with Age 3 pictures at the top, and Age 11 & 12 at the end of the page. You'll find the contestants listed by alphabetical order within their categories. Other contest pages you may wish to enjoy are:

1.) "Baby and Toddler Costumes"
2.) "Girls Costumes"
3.) "Family Group Costumes"
4.) "Kids Pairs Costumes"
6.) Other family costumes, including wagon/stroller/wheelchair/vehicle costumes; and the "Families with Pets" costumes
7.) Teen Individual Costumes
7.) "Men's Individual Costumes"
8.) "Women's Individual Costumes"
9.) " Teen & Adult Pairs and Couple's Costumes"
10.) "Pet Costumes"
(Note: The Teen & Adult Group Costumes and the Scary Costumes have not yet been posted.)

Here they are---this year's wonderful group of Boys Costume Entries!

Boys Costumes--Ages 3 and 4

Boys Costumes--Ages 5 and 6

Boys Costumes--Age 7

Boys Costumes--Ages 8 and 9

Boys Costumes--Ages 10, 11 and 12

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