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Superhero Costumes

Batman, Superman, Spiderman & Wonder Woman are all popular superhero costumes for men, women, boys, girls--and even pets!

Picture of Batman boy's superhero costume; notice muscles rippling in the sunlight! If you have young children or grandchildren, chances are very good that they admire one or more Super Heroes. Batman, Spiderman and Superman moved from the pages of comic books and onto movie and TV screens long ago...allowing millions of growing boys and girls the chance to idolize their special hero in a very vivid and realistic way.

So, you're certainly not going to be surprised if your youngster wants to "be" a Superhero for Halloween! These popular costumes are real "hits" with the younger set.

Men and women like Superhero costumes, too! For your Halloween or masquerade party, why not portray your OWN favorite hero from the movies or comics? Superhero costumes aren't just for kids anymore!

Don't make Fido jealous! If you happen to be making superhero costumes for the entire family, don't forget your pet. Even dogs have superhero costumes these days, too!

Child and Adult Superhero Costumes

Find Batman, Spiderman, Superman costumes & accessories!

In the slide show above, you're looking at superhero costumes offered at choices for men, women, boys, girls, toddlers, and infants. If you've been having trouble finding a perfect costume in your local stores, perhaps you see something you like in the pictures above. Here's a link to see all the many Superhero costumes at Or, if you prefer, you may type your favorite character's name (Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc) into the following search box to view ONLY those types of costumes and accessories.

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Boys' Superhero Costumes-- Sew or buy?

Photo of Superman costume; body suits are the authentic look for these superhero suits

See at the "authentic" Superman costume in the photo to your left? This man makes his living by posing as the Superman character on Hollywood Blvd. His living wage (which is paid in "tips only" by the tourists who pose for photos with him) depends on him looking as much like the "real Superman" as possible. Therefore, he has chosen a Superman suit like the ones worn in movies and on TV: a stretchy blue body suit. Costumes can vary in how much--or how little--they actually resemble the superhero costume which you see worn on the big screen.

Here's a question that may be the biggest factor in your decision to sew or buy: Do you or your child insist on having an "official" costume? An official costume comes complete with the "authentic" logo or identifyinig decal of the character.

Photo of Wonder Woman costume; picture submitted by reader Michelle Martinez of California

Because, if you do insist on having a totally authentic "look", the only way to get an authentic Batman, Superman, Spiderman or other superhero costume may be to buy an "officially licensed" version from a store (or get a used costume via an on-line auction, such as EBay.)

If you are willing to accept your home-sewn rendition of the Batman or Superman costume and decal...or if your child is young enough not to care...then sewing your own superhero costume at home can be an emotionally rewarding experience.

What mom or grandmother doesn't enjoy spending time making creative gifts for her family? And what children don't love looking back through family photo albums and remembering (with fondness) the costumes that made them look so dashing?

First, we'll explore the types of superhero costumes you can make at home with a sewing you'll see whether or not you think you can tackle the project. Then, we'll talk about the types of superhero suits that are available for purchase.

Superhero Sewing Patterns

Simplicity's Superman, Batman, Ninja and other patterns

Picture of Spiderman costume, a popular boys Halloween Superhero suit. Notice that beefy muscles are built-in!1.) Simplicity's Superhero Costume for boys and girls: Simplicity has a handy hero costume: a girl's superhero dress and a boy's superhero suit---all in one pattern package. It's Simplicity kid's superhero pattern 2567, which fits from toddler size 3 all the way up to teen size 14, depending on which size you purchase.

This is a 2-piece superhero outfit, with the basic parts being a stretchy top and either pants or a skirt. You'll get instructions for a whole range of superhero accessories in this packet--short or long cape; regular or "batman-ears" style mask; wide superhero belt; boot or shoe covers--and even forearm covers to simulate the look of wearing flashy gauntlets. Made in the colors of your favorite male or female superhero, you can simulate the look of many different movie or cartoon characters!

2.) Simplicity's men's and women's superhero costume pattern: Simplicity also has a nice-looking generic superhero pattern for the adults in your family. Now you can appear as a family of superheroes! Simplicity's women's and men's superhero pattern 2565 fits men's sizes XS thru XL, and Misses sizes 8 through 18. Like the children's pattern you just read about above, the men's and women's superhero pattern is made up of 2 pieces, a top and bottom (elastic-waist skirt or trousers. For this costume, the man's shirt includes sewn-in "muscles" over the chest area.) Patterns for both long and short superhero capes are included, and so are belt, mask, shoe covers, and forearm covers. You may use any or all of these accessories as you desire. Use the colors and fabric your own favorite movie or cartoon superhero would choose in order to make the most authentic-looking suit.

Picture: Christopher Reeve's Superman movie costume on display at Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax in Texas3.) Boy's Superhero Costume: Simplicity Pattern #3595, which comes in sizes Boys 3 thru 8---all in the same package---is also a good Simplicity superhero pattern. You'll find that it comes with all the various parts that you need...including the body suit, the headpiece (with ears, a la Batman hood style) and the cape. The finished Superman or Batman costume (depending on which colors you pick for the outfit) looks like a jumpsuit, but is actually made in 2 pieces out of pajama-style pants and shirt. A belt made in contrasting colors makes the superhero suit look more seamless and sleek. This same pattern can also be used to make a boy's vampire suit. When the cape is made of high-quality material and lined in fabric of contrasting color (such as a rich black & red or black & purple combo) the effect is quite striking, indeed. Your son really could be an elegant Count Dracula! View Simplicity Pattern 3595 here.

4.) Dog superhero costume pattern: Your "best friend" would make a dashing Super Pooch, complete with cape and decal. Simplicity's Pet Superhero Pattern 3667 gives you instructions for making all sizes of dog superhero costumes included in one package. This slip-on suit will make your dog look like Superman's double if you make it in the colors suggested on the pattern's package!

5.) Ninja Costume: Simplicity pattern #3610: An intriguing hood which half-masks the wearers face is the focal point of this costume pattern's "look." Made in a black or other dark fabric, your son will look ready to slink through the night on a mission to save...or destroy...the world! Adding an inexpensive Ninja-style sword (like the kind found at Walmart or costume stores) will add greater authenticity to the costume. Simplicity Pattern #3610 is now out of print. However, you may still find this Ninja costume pattern at Ebay or other internet auction sites. If you child really wants to dress up as a Ninja, it may be worth your while to try to find this good pattern.

Photo note: In the picture of a vintage Superman costume to your right, you can see an actual Superman movie costume worn by Christopher Reeve. This special memorial display can be viewed at Louis Tussaud's wax museum in metro Dallas, Texas.

McCalls Superhero sewing pattern

Picture: Superman costume for boys; comes with built-in muscles and boot covers; cape is detachable

Superhero/Ninja Costume: McCalls #M4951--- Do the pattern companies conspire to make sure we buy several patterns before we get all of the pieces? In McCall's pattern M4951, you'll get the Superhero boot covers that were missing from the Simplicity Batman/Superman costume...but you WON'T get the cape!

The McCall's pattern isn't geared towards any particular, with your own imagination, you could turn it into a Spiderman costume, a Batman suit (this pattern's hood DOES come with optional "ears",) a Power Rangers outfit, the Green Lantern, Captain America, etc. Or, you can make it to look like a Ninja suit, as well. Simply choose the colors which your favorite superhero prefers and add the appropriate accessories.

And what about a cape? If you like the McCall's superhero pattern, it's easy enough to "ad lib" a cape without even sewing by using a matching yard of fabric. Or, if you live near a Six Flags theme park, they all sell superhero capes year-round---and they're very inexpensive. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and several other superhero capes can be found in several lengths & sizes at gift shops in each 6 Flags park.

You may use the following link to view the McCall's # M4951 Superhero costume pattern.

Butterick's Super Hero-style pattern

Astronaut suit/Superhero, possibilities: Butterick pattern #B3244--- Though it's intended as a boy's astronaut costume, this pattern comes with a hood and does resemble a superhero's costume. This pattern makes a one-piece jumpsuit, which does save a bit of time over making a two-piece costume...and gives a sleeker look (important if your son's shirt is always coming untucked.) Boot covers and fancy cuffs (which resemble a superhero's gloves) come included with this pattern, as well. This pattern could also be adapted to become a Buzz Lightyear costume. You may use the following link to view the Butterick boy's Buzz Lightyear-style astronaut costume, which includes patterns for a boy's fireman and cowboy, as well.

Where to buy Superhero Halloween Costumes

Photo of Superman costume close up; the built-in muscles fill out a boy's chest You can find boy's superhero costumes just about EVERYWHERE at Halloween time! They'll be at your local Target, Walmart and Kmart discount stores. They'll be in many grocery stores and drug stores. They'll most certainly be at your local party supplies stores and your area's costume shops. Plus, you'll find them in on-line costume stores.

Girl's, Men's and Women's superhero costumes are available commercially, too, although not in such an abundance as the costumes for young boys.

Is this a blessing or a curse? It will be easy to find a costume...that's the GOOD point. Almost all of the superhero costumes look alike...that's the BAD point. To make things worse, one particular size of superhero costumes "sells out" the fastest: the young boy's size "small" costume. Why? Well, seems like older fellows aren't as enthusiastic about wearing tights & jumpsuits. They'll buy the superhero comic books, video games, dvd's and movie tickets. But when it comes to actually donning the costume...well, they just feel hesitant. So, you're quite a bit MORE likely to find "boys size large" costumes left over after Halloween.

Photo of a Batman costume for boys, a popular Superhero outfit for Halloween

If you have a son under age 8 or so, you should hurry to buy his Superman, Batman, or Spiderman costume as early as possible. There are two distinct versions of the suit: one with built-in "muscles," and one without. The more muscular version looks really cool, and much more "Superhero-ish," but it's also the version that boys seem to "grow out of" first. Check with your son to see if he wants the muscular version of the suit if you have doubts.

Since 2007, Spiderman's suit has had a new version---there's a solid black Spiderman costume! The traditional blue and red Spiderman costume has been joined by the "evil Spiderman" version of the outfit which was made popular in the blockbuster movie hit, "Spiderman 3." There's also a Black Spiderman trick-or-treat candy bucket that you can buy if your local store happens to keep it in stock.

The least expensive superhero costumes are usually at Walmart stores. With some costumes, it pays to get a more expensive version. But, unless you opt for a custom suit, the Batman, Spiderman or Superman suit you'll probably find at every store you visit is the exact same one! So, getting the least expensive suit will simply save you money in this case.

Superhero Halloween Costumes on EBay

Another place to find boys superhero costumes...both new and at an online auction website, such as EBay. Below, you'll find a widget which show current EBay auctions involving boys Superman, Spiderman, Batman, ninjas and other such disguises. (The widget regularly updates itself, so the costumes you see next time you visit this page will be entirely different!)



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