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Build A Bear Store

Bear-stuffing fun in Downtown Disney Anaheim!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of adorable Build A Bear animals that you can make at the Downtown Disney Build-A-Bear Store. On this page, you'll discover all about the fun you can have creating cute stuffed animals on your visit to Disneyland's verys special Build A Bear location!

Disneyland Resort's Build A Bear Store

Find unique Disneyland items not available at other locations!

Photo of the Build A Bear Workshop store at Downtown Disney Anaheim, California There's a Build A Bear Workshop in Downtown Disney Anaheim, and your little ones are going to LOVE it! (What if you don't have kids? Don't worry--you're probably going to enjoy visiting Downtown Disney's Build A Bear Workshop, too!)

If you don't know what a Build A Bear store is---read on!

"Build A Bear Workshops" are a worldwide chain of store locations that let kids--or adults!--stuff their own teddy bears and then dress them. And, mega-popular they are! There are dozens of Build A Bear Workshops all over the world! New locations open monthly, both in the USA as well as in many different countries. (Who would ever have imagined that so many people would want to stuff their own teddy bears?)

If you'd like to head to a Build A Bear Workshop close to your home, you may use the following link to jump over to the "Build A Bear Workshop Locations" page of this website to find out all the other BuildABear Workshops in Nevada and Arizona, too.

Photo  of the cute Surfer Bear statue who greets visitors to the Build-A-Bear Workshop at Downtown Disney Anaheim

The Build A Bear Store at Downtown Disney Anaheim is hard to miss--it's a tall, green, 2-story Art Deco structure. (It's quite attractive, and its exotic architectural style fits in well with its flashy resort location.)

Once you step inside the door, a giant California "Surfer Bear" greets you! And, walking along further, you'll come to the main sales floor LOADED with clothing and accessories for the teddy bears you'll be making.

By the way...teddy bears aren't the only "furry friends" you can make at the Build A Bear Work Shop. You can construct a puppy dog, kitty cat, zoo animals, wild animals...and at Christmas time---special holiday animals, as well. (Some styles may not be in you local store, however.) At the Downtown Disney Build-A-Bear store, a selection of dinosaurs is also available; be sure to check upstairs on the second floor for them.

More and more new Build-A-Bear selections become available with time. New styles rotate in...and old styles rotate out of the Build A Bear Store every season.

The Build A Bear Store is a great place to celebrate seasons and holidays! In January and February, lovable Valentine's bears are on well as basketball-player bears, to go along with basketball season. In March, the Build-A-Bear Workshops are decked in green, and out come the St. Patrick's Day bears and costumes. The rest of Spring, you'll find Easter bears, bunnies and chicks. Graduate bears and Wedding bears are prominently placed at Build-a-Bear stores in June...and patriotic bears can be found near the 4th of July (in the USA. As Build-a-Bear Workshops can be found world-wide, so they celebrate different holidays elsewhere.)

In the fall, bears go "back to school" and play football. All sorts of costumes can be found for the bears in October as Halloween approaches...and then, it's back to December again...and Build-A-Bear's endearing collection of fuzzy winter fellows.

In the slide show below, you can see some pictures of recent Build A Bear's Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween and St. Patrick's Day animals.

Build A Bear Store---

Steps to creating your own stuffed animal!

Photo: Pick an 1.) The first step in building your own teddy bear at the Build A Bear Store is to select your empty, un-stuffed animal. There are bins full of "empty" animals; you decide which one you'd like to make by looking at "finished examples" of the animals.

If you DON'T want to stuff your own bear, that's OK, too. You'll find a selection of pre-finished animals available for purchase, as well. You can buy them already dressed in a particular style---eg. bride & groom bears, graduate bears, sports team bears, Mouskateer bears, etc. Or, you may purchase a "naked" animal and dress him from the wide selection of Build A Bear outfits and accessories that you'll find in the store. You can choose from dresses, pants, shirts, tees, scarves, socks, shoes, hats, purses, belts, uniforms, costumes...and even THIS list is incomplete!

Bear stuffing machines blow in the fluff!

Photo of the Fluff and Stuff machine at the Build-a-Bear Workshop; that's Step #2! On to the bear stuffing machines! You don't actually hand-stuff your bear (or penguin or koala) at the Build A Bear Store. You'll take your selection to the "bear stuffing machine," where you'll get to watch the fluffy white stuffing material rotating in its clear plexiglass enclosure. One very special part of this process is getting to personally add your bear's heart---AFTER you make a wish upon it!

The "heart ceremony" part of the Build-A-Bear process is one of the things which makes the shop so popular with little girls. Be careful! While most employees perform this ceremony with equal zest and enthusiasm, you'll find the occasional employee who leads the ceremony with less intensity. While you're waiting in line for your turn to fluff 'n' stuff, if you notice that one Build-A-Bear employee is markedly more friendly and enthusiastic (and, thus, give your little one a fonder memory of her visit here), make sure that you grab that particular employee, even if you have to wait! (On the other hand, when I stuff a bear by myself, I'm invariably still asked to perform the "heart ceremony" even though I'm an adult! Where's a lackluster employee when you need one?)

Photo: Natali steps on a pedal that allows fluff to enter and fill her bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop The Build-A-Bear Workshop folks advertise that kids get to "come make a stuffed bear" at their stores...but, in actuality, the children themselves have very little to do with making the finished bears---the bear stuffing machines do the work! Thus, the folks at the Build-a-Bear store need to come up with things for kids to do during the process to make them think that they actually did something---and to give their parents the feeling that they got a good deal for their money!

In this photo on your left, you see my granddaughter, Natali, pushing down a pedal with her foot near the fluffing and stuffing machine. This allows the stuffing material to enter the bear, while giving the child something to do during the process.

During the middle of the stuffing process, while the bear is still partly empty, the Make-a-wish-on-your-bear's heart ceremony takes place. Also, if you have selected a voice box containing a recorded message to be inserted into your bear, then now is the time that this gets added as well. (For example, Natali chose her bear to say "I Love You!" out of a selection of over a dozen different voice box messages.) The voice box containing the message will be placed into the bear's arm or foot, so that it will be easy later for your child to squeeze the box and make her bear "talk."

Photo of the Build-a-Bear waterless bath station at the Build-A-Bear Workshop Following the insertion of the bear's heart and voice box, the employee who is building your bear will add the last bit of stuffing, then close up the bear by its handy lacing system (similar to shoe laces.) Voila! It's done!

To prolong the excitement for your child, she is next sent to the "bear bathing station" to give her bear a (waterless) pretend bath. Of course, the bear is neither dirty, nor does it need its pristine fluffy fur un-tangled; this is just "part of the fun." As you can see in the photo, Natali takes her bear's bath seriously, and is enjoying the time immensely.

(Note: For information on how to clean an older Build-a-Bear that has become dirty, see the "FAQ's" section below.)

Photo of the bear-dressing station at Build-a-Bear Workshop Next step: it's on to the bear dressing-station. Here, as you can see in the photo to your left, Natali was able to dress her bear in a cute little pink and white scooter-skirt-and-jacket that she had found. (Cost was $12 for this fashion, and the outfit was adorable.)

I let Natali dress the bear slowly. She was really enjoying every moment of her time at the Build-a-Bear store!

(You'll have to decide ahead of time what your "bear budget" is going to be, because, quite frankly, this store is really going to tempt you to spend money!) The Build-a-Bear bears and other various animals are adorable. The Build-a-Bear outfits are all adorable. The Build-a-Bear accessories are all adorable. You'll have to decide ahead of time just where you're going to draw the line!

In total---after selecting your empty bear, your outfit, your voice box, your accessories---and even your Build-a-Bear furniture (!), the well-dressed bear can easily come to $35...and can range up to $65 if you choose a detailed outfit.)

Once you finish your bear, you'll name him or her, and receive his or her official birth certificate! You'll also get a decorative box called a "Cub Condo" in which to take home you "brand new friend," as the Build A Bear folks would now call your creation!

Build A Bear Store--Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of a Disney-Pixar Woody-the-Cowboy outfit on a St. Patrick's Day Build A Bear.  Interesting combo! I've been asked some interesting questions concerning Build A Bear I thought I'd share some of them with other readers who may be having similar questions.

Question: How do you clean a dirty Build A Bear animal without damaging it?

Answer: I was cautioned by the BuildABear folks that machine washing their creations is NOT the way to go! Voice boxes will get damaged. Some bears may lose fur (certain styles have more of a problem with this than others, they say.) At the Build-A-Bear Workshops, you can buy a Bear Cleaning Kit. (At the Downtown Disney location, this costs $6.) You'll use the spray included in the kit to coat the bear, then wipe it off carefully, bringing the dirt and the stains off along with the cleaning solution. They assure me that this does a good job of cleaning the bears; however, I've never tried this personally. Nevertheless, if washing isn't recommended, using the cleaning kit is certainly worth a try, right?

Question: How much does it cost to start a Build A Bear store?

Well, unfortunately for would-be franchisees, all of the USA Build A Bear Work Shop locations are company-owned. So, there simply are no Build A Bear Workshop franchise opportunities available for interested individuals who would like to become Build-A-Bear owners.

Question: What types of animals are available at Build-A-Bear stores?

Answer: It's really impossible to say exactly what selection you'll find at a given Build-A-Bear location on a given day. Merchandise rotates every few weeks...along with the seasons and holidays. Not only that, but individual stores may run out of a particular item. In addition, each region tries to sell an animal or two that you can't find anywhere else. For example, ONLY in parts of Texas you can find a longhorn steer and coyote. And ONLY at Downtown Disney will you be able to find certain Disney-themed items! All stores, however, carry a selection of Build A Bear animals currently being featured on the company's website. You'll always find bears (both curly and fluffy)...and from time to time, different animals such as giraffes, unicorns, pandas, koalas, tigers, puppies and dogs (collies, poodles, labradors, beagles, boxers, golden retrievers, westies, huskies among others), mooses (meese?), frogs, bunnies, chicks, ponies, unicorns, cats and kittens, monkeys, cows, gators, and Winnie the Pooh's, Hello Kitty's, and Shrek' addition to whatever seasonal items happen to be offered.

Picture: Hearts Fur You Puppy, the 2008 Build A Bear Valentine's Day stuffed animal Question: What are Build A Bear's "Bonus Bear Bills?

Answer: These days at Build A Bear stores, you'll notice that some of the animals you may choose are labeled with a small sign that says "1,000 Bonus Bear Bills. Unfortunately for parents footing the bill, this sign does NOT mean that you can get a discount on what you're buying! These Build A Bear bills are virtual money! Similar to the Webkins or Neopets websites, you can actually pay REAL money in order for your child to equip their online, virtual Build a Bear animal!

Your Build A Bear's Birth Certificate gets your child a free virtual animal at Check your bear's birth certificate for the special number your child will enter online to activate a virtual version of the BuildABear animal she made at the store today. Once online, she and her virtual bear can have fun together playing games...AND she can dress up her bear with items she can buy online. At first, she can use the free Bear Bonus Bills to buy the merchandise. After your child has run through the free bonus bucks, you'll have to start paying REAL CASH to finance her fun.

Do all Build A Bear birth certificates contain the Buildabearville special code on them? No, only Build A Bear birth certificates for animals made during or after October 2007 have the special codes. If your child made an animal during or after October 2007, you may register them and get your free virtual BuildABear friend at any time---even today, months later! But, if you haven't made any Build-A-Bear animals since October 2007, you may ask an employee for a special code that will allow you to register up to 5 Build A Bears made before that that your child can play online without having to make a new Build A Bear!

Question: Do the Build A Bear Stores have a discount plan?

Answer: Yes, they do! At the Disneyland Build A Bear Workshop only, Disneyland Annual Passport holders can show their annual passes & get a 10% discount on the spot! But all Build A Bear stores participate in a "Stuff Fur Stuff Club" rewards program. For every dollar that you spend at Build A Bear stores, you receive a point in the rewards club. The Build A Bear company keeps track of your points, and every you save up 100 points, you'll be mailed a certificate good for $10 on your next Build A Bear shop visit. (You may choose to be emailed with your certificate, instead...which you can print at home.)

Disneyland Build A Bear Store Contact Info

Downtown Disney BuildABear's Phone and Address

Photo: Natali's Build-a-Bear...all finished!

Here's the Downtown Disney Anaheim Build-A-Bear Store contact information---

* Downtown Build A Bear Address...
Build-A-Bear Workshop
1540 S. Disneyland Drive, Suite 104
Anaheim, CA 92802

* Downtown Disney Build A Bear phone numbers...
Local phone number for the Downtown Disney Anaheim Build A Bear Store is (714)776-5980. This is not a toll-free number.
National number for the Build-A-Bear headquarters and the central party reservations system is 1-8770789-BEAR (2327). This is a toll-free number.

* Website address---
You may order pre-stuffed bears and other furry friends on the Build A Bear company website. All manner of accessories are also available, as well as a wide selection of holiday items. (Build A Bear makes a BIG FUSS over each and ever holiday that requires a seasonal change of clothing for your bears!) You may use the following link to reach the Build A Bear official website,

Or, if you wish to register your Build A Bear online and receive its free "virtual" counterpart, you may register your bear and start playing games by visiting the website.



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