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Busch Gardens Discount Tickets

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Busch Gardens Tampa theme park. Are you looking for cheaper tickets to either of the Busch Gardens parks? On this pages, you'll discover current deals & specials available at both Busch Gardens Tampa and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

How much do Busch Gardens tickets cost?

Current Busch Gardens Tampa ticket prices as of 2018 are as follows: One-day ticket prices cost $104.99 (plus tax) at the gate. Tickets that include all-day dining run 139.98 if you buy them at the park.

Current Busch Gardens Williamsburg ticket prices as of 2018 are: One-day ticket prices cost $90 at the gate. 2-day tickets run $110 at the park, and 3-day tickets go for $120.

Whew! These prices can make any family think twice about enjoying a fun trip to the theme park! But, you don't really need to change your plans; you'll just need to do a bit of thinking ahead, and you may enjoy all the Busch Gardens fun you a price you can afford.

With a bit of advance planning, you'll rarely have to pay full price at the theme park's ticket booths. On the rest of this page, you'll find current deals & specials going on at the Busch Gardens parks which will help you enjoy some cheaper ticket prices.

Busch Gardens print-at-home ticket specials & multi-park deals

Both Busch Gardens Williamsburg & Busch Gardens Tampa usually offer print-at-home ticket discounts. The amount of the park's print-at-home ticket discounts may vary from time to time, but you'll generally save somewhere between $15 and $20 compared to ticket-booth prices (and sometimes even more.)

It's always a good idea to know what Busch Garden's OWN web specials are before you start looking around at other options. Sometimes the theme park's own prices are actually cheaper than you can find by using other coupons or offers.

Busch Gardens Tampa, Florida web-only specials

1.) Busch Gardens Tampa Online Deals: Busch Gardens Tampa usually offers several good deals online. For example, at the time of this update, guests who plan ahead can get a $25 discount with the park's current special---which is a 3-days-in-advance ticket for $79.99. Or...a $15 discount on purchases of a same-day ticket (for $89.99.) For those who enjoy dining at the park, there is generally a special ticket-plus-meals deal offered. For example, at the time of this update, you can get a $30 discount on a ticket which includes dining if you buy online at the park's site (which brings the cost down to $109.98.) When these specials end, then other deals always begin.)

2.) Some of the BEST news is that the Busch Gardens popular "Fun Card" is being offered again this year!With a Fun Card, you'll get unlimited admission to Busch Gardens for the entire 2018 calendar year for $99.99. That's an entire season's worth of fun for about the price of a 1-day ticket! (The park restricts this offer to residents of the USA, Canada or Puerto Rico.) Even better news is that this year's Fun Card also includes unlimited admission to the Adventure Island water park in this deal...with no extra fees!

3.) Busch Gardens Tampa also offers combo savings with SeaWorld Orlando and the Aquatica water park in Orlando. If you want to visit all 3 parks, SeaWorld Orlando's website gives you a big discount over the cost of purchasing the tickets separately. The 3-day Park ticket costs $119.99 on SeaWorld's website, and gives you one day's admission to each of these 3 wonderful parks. Or, for 14 days of unlimited visits, the cost is $169.99 online at SeaWorld's website...and they throw in FREE parking with this ticket combo, too!

Note: These current deals may change without notice, but the park always offers some kind of an online special. You can check for current Florida specials on the Busch Gardens Tampa discount tickets page of the park's official website. Or, if you're interested in combo tickets that include SeaWorld Orlando, you'll find that info on the SeaWorld Orlando ticketing page.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA web specials

1.) 1, 2 or 3-day tickets: Busch Gardens Williamsburg also has several good money-saving offers going whenever the park is open. At the time of this update, online specials for 1, 2 and 3-day tickets are all discounted $20 on the park's website (compared to the price you'd at the gate.) The current deal includes a choice of spending time at the Water Country water park if you purchase a multy-day ticket. Or, you may choose to spend all of your days at the Busch Gardens theme park, if you'd rather. (Water Country is open from mid-May through Labor Day.)

2.) Fun Cards are a good deal for frequent guests! With a Fun Card, you get admission to the Busch Gardens VA theme park as many times as you'd care to visit...all the way through September 9th, 2018. (de the park's popular Halloween or Christmas events, but even so, the park's Fun Card is a great way to enjoy lots of high-quality entertainment all summer long.) There is a 2nd type of Fun Card available which DOES include the Water Country water park...for a small extra fee. Water Country is open thru Labor Day this year...September 3rd. (Note: If you don't like theme parks, you may purchase a water park ONLY Fun Card, instead.)

Out-of-town visitors will love the park's combo passes, which include other Williamsburg-area attractions. One of these passes includes Busch theme park entry, Water Country admission AND ALSO visits to the educational-but-exciting Colonial Williamsburg attraction. Your pass will give you 7 days of enjoying all 3 of these attractions at a discounted price! For Summer 2018, this pass costs $146 on the Busch Gardens website (or $151 at the gate.) Kids ages 6 thru 12 cost $121 online, and children age 5 and under get free admission with this plan.

A 2nd type of combo pass, includes Busch theme park entry, Water Country admission, visits to the Colonial Williamsburg attraction AND ALSO admission to the Jamestown Settlement, Historic Jamestowne, the Yorktown Victory Center & Yorktown Battlefield historic site. Your pass will give you 7 days of enjoying ALL of these attractions! For Summer 2018, this pass costs $203.70 on the Busch Gardens website (or $158.95 for youth ages 6 thru 15. Kids ages 5 and under are free.)

Limited-time specials: As the summer season progresses, you may expect to see other types of discounts offered. For example, a twilight discount (for guests entering after 4 pm) is sometimes sold during the peak vacation months...and it might be offered again this year at some point. Pop-up sales sometimes take place on the Busch Gardens website, too. These are limited-time specials which must be snapped up right away...before they're all-too-soon gone. In 2018, there has already been a pop-up sale in honor of Nessie's 40th birthday! You can never tell when a pop-up sale is coming, but there's always some sort of special discount going on at the park's own website.. You can check for current print-at-home discounts on the Busch Gardens Williamsburg discount tickets. page of the park's official website.

Still more Busch Gardens coupons and discounts!

Merchant coupons, AAA savings, group discounts...and more!

Both locations of the Busch Gardens theme park offer other ways to get discounts besides those listed above. Here are some typical types of discounts that you can find:

Current store coupons for Busch Gardens WILLIAMSBURG:

Food Lion grocery stores often sell Busch Gardens tickets once the park has opened for the summer. You may check at the service desk of your local store it see if any discount coupons (or coupon codes) are available.

Merchant discount coupons can sometimes be found at local stores and restaurants for Busch Gardens. (Merchants such as Farm Fresh and Wendy's have offered discount coupons in the past.)


1.) CityPass multi-attraction discount: If you'd like to visit several popular attractions in the Tampa Bay area, then it's VERY difficult to beat the prices you'll get through the CityPass program. The way it works is this: You buy a ticket on the CityPass website, and then you get one-day tickets to the following attractions: Busch Gardens Tampa, the Florida Aquarium, ZooTampa, and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. You also get a CHOICE of going either to the family-friendly Museum of Science & Industry...OR the more adult-oriented Chihuly Collection & Morean Glass Studio.

Prices for 2018: The cost for visiting a total of 5 popular attractions is only $107 (or $97 for kids ages 3-9.) If you've been reading carefully through this page, you already know that this is only a mere couple of dollars more than the Busch Gardens ticket price at the gate. Therefore, tourists don't even have to think about whether this is a good deal or not. It clearly IS! (The CityPass website is claiming that their price gives you a full 50% discount over the cost of purchasing your tickets individually. We haven't run the totals ourselves, but it certainly seems like it could be so.) We haven't used this particular CityPass offer ourselves (but only because we live so far away.) However, we HAVE used the CityPass Southern California offer...and had absolutely no trouble at all with hassles when using them. CityPass plans are popular, and attraction ticket-takers are used to seeing them.

How to use your CityPass: You'll get 9 consecutive days to visit all 5 of your CityPass attractions. The countdown begins from the first day that you USE one of the tickets. You may enjoy the attractions in any order. And you may either buy them online ahead-of-time or at the ticket booths of any one of the listed attraction. If you purchase online, then you may choose to get a physical ticket book (which is shipped to you), or you may get the tickets sent to you in an email. Email tickets may be printed at home, or you may use them as a mobile ticket by showing your mobile device at each attraction. For further information, here's a link to the CityPass website.

2.) Email newsletter discounts: The park sometimes has short-running specials to boost attendance during slower periods. You might not hear about these if you don't read through their website regularly. However, if you sign up for the park's newsletter the next time you visit the Busch Gardens Tampa website, they will send you notification of any limited time offers that come up.

3.) Publix grocery store discounts: Selected Publix Supermarkets generally carry Busch Gardens Florida tickets at a discount. The price runs about $15-20 less than tickets purchased at the theme park.

Discounts offered at BOTH Busch Gardens locations:

Photo: Get ready to scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!1.) The AAA automobile club offers discounts to both Busch Gardens locations.The AAA clubs in many states offer members the opportunity to purchase Busch Gardens tickets in the office or online at a discount. With the AAA, the deals change...and sometimes the discount is a good one, but sometimes the park's own deals are better. There is a 2nd way to save money in addition to going to the AAA's website or local office---and that's through the club's "Show your card and save" program. If you discover that you've reached Busch Gardens without any other discount, you may simply show your current AAA membership card and receive a small discount. It's not much, but it's better than no discount at all. Here's a link to the website so that you may check out current deals. (Members will need to login before being able to purchase the specials that are listed on the site.)

2.) Employer and Credit Union Discounts: You can get good discounts to either one of Busch Garden's locations through your workplace or your credit union IF they are members of the Busch Gardens Corporate Discount program. It's worth checking, because the savings can be substantial...often $10 or more less than even the park's own online specials. You may find physical discount coupons in the Human Resources department at your place of employment (or behind the desk at your credit union.) OR, they may direct you to a secret page of their website, where you can purchase the tickets at a discount. OR, they may give you a coupon code to use when buying tickets from the Busch Gardens website. If your employer or credit union is NOT offering discounts, it wouldn't hurt to urge them to join the program!

3.) BOTH Busch Gardens locations offer Group Discounts: There are several types of group discounts at both parks, ranging from employer discounts, youth groups, and special park & dining combo events. Savings can be substantial.

  • For Busch Gardens Williamsburg group discounts: In 2018, groups of 15 or more get 1-day tickets for only $62 (or $52 for ages 3 thru 9.) Water Country group tickets cost even less---$33, or $26 for kids 3-9.) There's no need to talk with the group planning department if you don't need to. You may simply purchase them online. Here's a link to the Busch Gardens Williamsburg group ticket discount page from the park's official website.

  • For Busch Gardens Tampa group ticket discounts: It's not quite as easy to get group tickets for the park's Florida location, because you'll need to contact the park for them (rather than make a purchase directly from the park's website.) But the savings are substantial and it may be worth it to you to go to the trouble. Whether you're planning a family reunion, bringing a youth group, etc, you may view the park's special Group Discounts section which has full details.

    FREE tickets to Busch Gardens...

    ...for Military, for Preschoolers, for contest winners, etc.

    Photo: Montu goes upside down at Busch Gardens Tampa!1.) Both Busch Gardens theme park locations offer FREE tickets to active military members! Active military members, reservists & National Guard members (and up to 3 direct dependents) may get free tickets to Busch Gardens Tampa or Williamsburg! Veterans are also saluted with this program, and will receive either free or substantial discounted tickets, depending on what type of promotion is being run at the time you'd like to visit. For complete information, and to register for the Free Military Tickets program, please visit Sea World Park's Waves of Honor website. Note: These discounts are NOT available at the gate, so be sure to sign up ahead of time!

    New---Military Pass for Virginia location! Busch Gardens Williamsburg is offering active military members and their families an unlimited-visit pass in 2018. This is a very good deal that includes not only the Busch theme park, but also the Water Country USA water park AND admission to the Christmas Town special event! FREE parking is included for every visait. You may purchase your Military Passes at your local MWR office or online. To find out more info, here's a link to the Military Pass page of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's website.

    New---Pop-up sale for Florida location! While the Tampa park is NOT offering an unlimited-visit pass this year, they DO have an interesting sale you might enjoy. Thru July 4th, you can get some good add-ons at a 25 to 50% discount. These include a 50% discount for the Quick Queue front-of-line pass...which is a real time-saver on a busy day. (May be used in conjunction with free or discounted military tickets.) Another good deal is 25% off of adult all-day dining passes. For further information, here's a link to the Military Pass page of the Busch Gardens Tampa website.

    2. The FREE Preschool passes at Busch Gardens Williamsburg promotion has ended for this year. For a number of years, the park has offered free passes for Virginia preschoolers! However, this is always a special for early-birds. The last day to sign up is always right around the end of May. Since this has been an important family discount every year for the past several years, then there's a good chance that it may return in 2019. Since kids age 2 and under are ALWAYS free, this particular pass applies to those with kids age 3-5. (As long as your child is age 5 at the time of registration, he/she may keep using this pass until the expiration date...which is generally Labor Day each year.) You may visit the park's website next spring to see if it's being offered again. Or, you might wish to sign up for the Busch Gardens email newsletter the next time you're visiting their site---and then they will notify you automatically!

    3.) Busch Gardens Twitter contests: Both Busch Gardens locations have Twitter accounts...and they make "tweets" quite frequently! Sometime these tweets will simply refer you to fun new information that they've recently posted on the Busch Gardens Blog...interesting animal facts, info about new attractions, etc. But SOMETIMES these tweets announce contests in which FREE Busch Gardens tickets are given away!

    4.) Busch Gardens on Facebook: There are thousands of Busch Gardens Facebook Fans. Both of the Busch Gardens theme park locations have their own separate fan pages. You may or may not find a contest or Busch Gardens discounts at the time you're ready to visit the park. But, even if you don't, you may enjoy following Busch Gardens on Facebook. You can make a post sharing your excitement, view the park's schedule of upcoming special events...or even ask a park representative a question.

    5.) Sea World Parks Platinum Pass Holder free "friend" tickets to Busch Gardens: If you have a top-of-the-line Platinum Pass to one of the Sea World parks, you always get one or two free admission tickets for friends or family members. (If you have a Platinum Pass, then you always get free admission for yourself to every park in the SeaWorld group.) Also, the less-expensive annual passes SOMETIMES come along with free-friend tickets. Check your Annual Pass benefits guide to see if your particular pass includes any free tickets this year. (Note: sometimes you can even get "free friend" tickets that are NOT listed in your benefits guide. ALWAYS read the Passholder Newsletter that comes to the email address you signed up with. Whenever park attendance is light, they MAY throw a few "free friend" tickets at you in order to give themselves a boost...while helping their pass holders at the same time. These are often limited-time offers that only last for a month or two...or sometimes only on one particular weekend.

    Busch Gardens annual passes: big savings for frequent guests!

    Both Busch Gardens locations offer a variety of annual pass options. This is a terrific way for families who LOVE theme parks to save loads of money; the more you visit the park, the more you can save! You won't even need to pay out a large sum of money to get your annual passes: the Busch Gardens EZ Pay program takes small monthly deductions directly out of your checking account...and doesn't even charge interest or a service fee for doing this!

    If you think that you'll make several visits each year to Busch Gardens or Sea World theme parks, it's worth checking out the details. In 2018, there are several different types of annual passes (called "memberships.") Unlike the Fun Cards, they're good for a full 12 months of fun (from the date you purchase them.) The price of these passes varies depending on the perks you choose: one park or two? Free parking or not? Extra discounts and perks...or not? The details are a bit complex, so here are some links where you'll find more info:

    1.) Here's the annual pass section of the Busch Gardens Williamsburg website.

    2.) Here's the annual pass section of the Busch Gardens Tampa website. This year, you'll get the choice of several very good options. For thrill-lovers, there's the Busch Gardens theme park ONLY annual pass for $168 (at the time of this update.) This includes 12 months of admission PLUS free parking! Combo passes are also available for Busch Gardens + Adventure Island; or for Busch Gardens + SeaWorld Orlando.

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