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Castaic Lake Camping

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Castaic Lake SRA camping grounds, as well as photos of upper Castaic Lake, lower Castaic Lake and the dam between them. On this page, you can get details about planning a family campout at Castaic Lake State Recreation Area in Southern California.

Castaic Lake SRA overview

Picture: Castaic Lake in Southern California From the pictures of Castaic Lake on this page, you'd think this tranquil setting was "miles from nowhere." In reality, Castaic Lake is situated in northern Los Angeles County, the most populous county in California!

Castaic Lake SRA lies only a short distance from Six Flags Magic Mountain, a renowned theme park which draws thousands of visitors to Southern California (in addition to a tidal wave of local guests, as well.) Barely out of earshot are several freeways carrying commuters to their workplaces, kids to their schools, and families to some of the best shopping centers in the region.

If you head to Castaic Lake for some summer fun 'n sun, you may think that the lake is a madhouse of boaters, fishermen, picnickers and campers all trying to get back to nature at the same time...even getting in each other's way during the process. If you experience Castaic Lake at one of its busiest moments, be sure to return after the kids are back in school, and the grownups have returned to work. Because, most of the year, Castaic Lake is a peaceful and lovely jewel, serenely basking in its beauty as if awaiting a passing artist to enshrine its treasures on canvas.

Castaic Lake Camping Information

Picture: Castaic Lake in Los Angeles County There are 60 camping spaces at Castaic Lake, making it a mid-sized campground still small enough to give you a "back to nature" feel.

Both RV's and tents are accepted at the Castaic Lake SRA Camping grounds. This can be confusing, because some books & websites call this the "Castaic Lake RV Campground." Yes, it's mainly set up for RV's. But, there are good camping spaces here for tents, as well, as you'll notice in the pictures on this page. Also, there is a private campground nearby called the "Castaic Lake RV Park," which is under completely different ownership and operation. Since this page is about camping at Castaic Lake SRA (in its public campground,) if you're looking for info about the private RV camping ground, you may use the following link to view the website, where you'll get the information you need.

The Castaic Lake SRA Campground hugs the eastern shore of the Castaic Lagoon (lower lake.) There are 3 camping grounds...A, B, and C. They're parking lot-shaped, with one row of campsites getting a direct waterfront view. The other row still gets a good view of the water, nevertheless. Trees have been planted in the campground; they provide shade in some spots, and beauty for everyone in the camping area.

Castaic Lake campsites

Picture: Castaic Lake SRA tent campsite As you can see from this picture of Castaic Lake tent/RV campsites to your left and below, some camping spots have a level area covered with fine gravel to use as a tent pad. The camping sites in these photos are in Loop C.

Other camping apots spots, meant for RV's, pop-up campers, camping vans, and travel trailers (but no tents), simply have a curb...and resemble a plain old parking lot.

Every campsite at Castaic Lake SRA has a picnic table and a grill, whether the campsite is meant for RV's or for tents.

Restrooms are available at the Castaic Lake campground. Trash cans are placed around the camping area at convenient intervals.

Picture: Castaic Lake SRA campsite

What are the Castaic Lake camping sites missing?

1.) There are no hookups for RV's. There are no water hookups, no electrical hookups, no blackwater hookup, and certainly no cable TV hookup. Nevertheless, the campground does have an RV dump station. (A fee is required to use the dump if you're not a registered camper.)

2.) You may not come & go 24 hours a day; the campground gates close at 10 pm and do not re-open until sunrise the next morning.

3.) There is no camp store, coin laundry, restaurant nor game room. However, it's not far from town, where all of these things are available.

Castaic Lake Camping Fees and Reservations

Picture: Castaic Lake campground restroom RV camping fees at the Castaic Lake SRA campground are $20 per night. This price is in effect as of Summer, 2012; fees may have raised if you're reading this at a later time. You'll want to check out the latest camping fees on the Castaic Lake website (link at bottom of page.)

Tent camping fees are also $20 per night. The fees at Castaic Lake SRA are lower than similar state park campgrounds in other locations (particularly the beach camping areas.) The nightly fees at this public campground are also much lower than nearby private campgrounds; however, private camping grounds do have more amenities.

There is a 14-day stay-limit at the Castaic Lake camping ground.

CASTAIC LAKE CAMPGROUND RESERVATIONS: You may make camping reservations online at the website. Simply plug in the dates you'll be visiting to get the reservations process started. You will be asked to make a minimum reservation of 2 nights. You will also need to choose a specific camping spot in order to complete your reservation. You may wish to look over (or print out) the following PDF map of the Castaic Lake Campground to help you decide which campsite to reserve.

(Note: You may wonder why Castaic Lake does not use Reserve America for its reservations, like most state campgrounds do. Although most state parks use Reserve America, the Castaic Lake SRA is in a unique position. It is indeed a California State Park...BUT, it's not actually run by the state park system. It's run by LA County, instead. So, many of its rules and procedures are different.)

To make camping reservations at Castaic Lake by telephone, call the Castaic Lake phone number at 661/257-4050 (or come in person to the campground.) Phone reservations are taken Monday through Sunday beginning at 8 am each day.

Castaic Lake's Campground doesn't accept reservations very far in advance---only 3 months. This is unlike Reserve America, which lets campers place reservations 7 months ahead of time for most California State Parks (so that virtually all of the prime summer camping spots are gone long before summer ever arrives,) For those who don't make their camping plans very far in advance, this 3-month policy ensures that you'll have a better chance at getting a campsite during the busy season.

Castaic Lake address, directions, contact info

Picture: firepit and grill at Castaic Lake campground The Castaic Lake campground phone number is 661/257-4050. This is the telephone number where you can make reservations or ask reservation & camping questions from one of the park rangers. This is also a phone number where you can ask other questions you may have about Castaic Lake, as well.

The Castaic Lake SRA address is 32132 Ridge Route Road, Castaic, CA 91310. (This is the address from the California State Parks website.) But here's some confusion: the Castaic Lake recreation area's address is ALSO 32132 Castaic Lake Dr, Castaic, CA 91384. (This is the address listed on the park's own website.) These are actually both the SAME address; Ridge Route Road turns into Castaic Lake Drive near the park entrance. You may use either address to write the park, and your letter will arrive. However, don't drive to this address, because this is not the location of the campgrounds. The park's address leads you to the park's main entrance on the western shore of the Castaic Lagoon. This is where the day-use facilities are, like picnic areas, seasonal swimming beaches, and hiking trails.

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Directions to the Castaic Lake campground: Take the Lake Hughes Rd exit from I-5, then head west to the campground entrance. You'll pass Ridge Route Rd; don't turn, or you'll reach the main entrance to the park. Keep going west on Lake Hughes Road...past the boat launch parking lot, around a bend, then you'll finally reach the entrance drive to the campground. If you start to climb up a steep hill, then you've gone too far. To your left, you see a Custom Google map to Castaic Lake SRA campground. The map points to the entrance drive of the park's camping area. If you use the satellite view of this Google map, you'll see a good aerial photo of the park, and you'll even be able to identify the individual camping areas withing the park, all stretched out along the eastern side of the lagoon.

Castaic Lake website: The Castaic Lake recreation area has its own website. You'll need to read it whether you plan to camp, or whether you just want to fish, swim, picnic or go boating. (There are rules to follow for every activity! And, if you're bringing a boat, you'll definitely want to read up on the park's boat inspection rules.) Here's a link to the official website.

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