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Cedar Point Discount Tickets & Coupons

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of fun Cedar Point roller coasters and rides. Thrill-seekers from all over the USA visit Cedar Point every year...and why not? It's got the most roller coasters anywhere! This page can help you save money on your next visit to this exciting theme park.

How much do 2018 Cedar Point tickets cost?

What are the theme park's regular prices? And can you beat them??

Regular-price adult tickets at Cedar Point cost $72, as of Summer, 2018. If you've ever vacationed in Florida, then Cedar Point's full price is going to seem like it's already being sold at a discount by comparison to Disney World & Universal Studios Orlando (whose one-day tickets cost over $110, after tax.)

But even, so, $72 per ticket is still a lot for a family to spend, and there ARE good ways to save money when you purchase admissions to Cedar why pay more than you have to? However, DON'T merely show up at the ticket booths and think you'll get a good discount. You'll only get the best deals by planning in advance.

But here's some good news: Cedar Point kid's tickets are ALWAYS sold at a discount. Yes, even at the park's ticket booths! Cedar Point knows how much it means to its guests to hold family outings at their theme park. Therefore, EVERY day at Cedar Point you can buy children's tickets (48 inches or less in height) for only $45. Likewise, Senior tickets are always $45, as well (for guests age 62+.)

So, are there good ways to save money on your family's visit to Cedar Point this year? Yes, there are! This year, you'll find a number of coupons and discounts that will slash your theme park ticket costs...and you'll discover what they are on the rest of this page!

Cedar Point's own print-at-home discounts

If you don't want to bother heading to a store to find discount tickets, it's always easiest just to use Cedar Point's own internet discounts.

Cedar Point's own print-at-home discounts: Cedar Point ALWAYS offers a web-only special of some kind. These can be quite generous. You might not even need to look around elsewhere, because the park's own discounts can be very good...when you plan ahead. (Note: Junior and Senior tickets are generally just the same price online as they are at the park's ticket booths. But there's still an advantage to printing them at home: you won't have to stand in line at Cedar Point's front gate!)

1.) Cedar Point's best current 1-day discounts include the Weekday Saver ticket. At the time of this update, these tickets give you a substantial savings---namely $49 tickets if you can manage to fisit on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday! That's a $23 savings...and the price will be hard to beat elsewhere. What if you can't visit on a weekday? You can get a Friday/Sunday discount ticket for $52 ( a $20 discount.) And for the most popular day of the week...there's also a Saturday Saver ticket being offered for $55---a $17 savings. When these specials end, these discounts will be replaced with some other deals like early bird or end-of-season specials or 3-day advance purchase prices.

2.) After 4 PM Discounts (formerly called Starlight Admission) are a good deal for those planning to head to Cedar Fair late in the day. If you don't mind waiting until late afternoon to enter the park, you may get a cheap summertime Cedar Point ticket priced at only $41 (for Monday thru Thursday admissions. The price bumps up to $44 for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.) These special prices are good through Sept 9, 2018.

3.) COMBO TICKETS: Cedar Point offers guests several types of combination tickets that save money when you purchase things together. Some combos include perks inside the Cedar Point theme park itself. Other combo tickets include other attractions outside of the park. Here are some popular combo tickets being offered at the time of this update:

a.) Combo Admission PLUS Fast Lane Pass: You may purchase your Fast Lane pass (Cedar Point's front-of-line pass) online together with your admission ticket. Bundling this time-saving perk together with your ticket will always save you money (over purchasing both separately at the park.) However, you will need to know the exact date of your visit. Only a limited number of Fast Lane passes are sold each day. You will not be permitted to purchase one (either online OR at the park) if that limit has been reached.

b.) Coaster Combo--Admission to Cedar Point PLUS Kings Island: If you'd like to try out the fun coasters & rides at King's Island, you may get a two-park ticket ONLINE for less than the single-day price of a Cedar Point ticket at the gate! If you're interested in both parks, it's a good price. The tickets may be used weekends as well as weekdays.

c.) Combo Admission with 1 OR 2 other Ohio attractions: Tourists may enjoy the park's "Rock and Ride" combo tickets. For one low price, you may visit Cedar Point AND the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (in Cleveland, OH.) If you're a football lover, you might even want a 3-attraction pass that includes the Pro Football Hall of Fame. By purchasing your admission to these attractions at the same time, you will save a nice amount of money compared to buying your tickets separately.

  • For further information: For details about these discounts, and to see any current deep-discount specials which might be available for a limited-time only, here's a link to Cedar Point's online ticketing page.

    2018 Cedar Fair discount coupons and deals

    Grocery stores, credit unions, newspapers and AAA tickets are good ways to save money

    If you're going to visit Cedar Point many times this year, a season pass is surely the best way to get the cheapest price-per-entry. However, not everyone lives close enough or has the time to make more than one or two theme park outings. And, in that case, you'll be able to save money purchasing single-day tickets instead of a pass. There are a number of good ways to get cheaper one and two-day tickets to Cedar Point...and more will be coming up later in the season.

    1.) AAA member discounts: Members of the AAA auto club can purchase discount Cedar Point tickets at offices near the park...or online, as well. Many AAA clubs OUTSIDE of Ohio also carry discounted Cedar Point tickets in their offices (or online.) This club's offers vary from state to state, so it's impossible to say just what offer you're going to get in your particular area., which is the AAA club's official website.

    Unfortunately, Cedar Point is not a part of the AAA's "Show Your Card and Save" program. That means you won't get any discount by showing your AAA membership card at the Cedar Point ticket booths. You MUST purchase your discount theme park tickets ahead of time.

    2.) Newspaper Sunday Ad Supplement coupons: Cedar Point prints coupons from time to time in various Sunday newspapers. You'll find them in the glossy ad section, mixed in with the coupons for ketchup, dish soap and other household items! Cedar Point wouldn't tell us which newspapers will be having the coupon and when, but if you live in (or visit) the region near Sandusky, keep your eyes open. Simply take the coupons to the park's ticket booths to redeem them.

    3.) Hotel discounts: Visitors to the area will want to consider staying at one of the Cedar Point resort's many lodging options (which include hotels, cabins, cottages, RV camping and the exciting Castaway Bay Water Park Resort Hotel.) Why? Because resort guests get some great deals on packages that include tickets. PLUS, if you stay at an "official" park hotel, you'll get to enter Cedar Point one hour before its normal opening time for the public! The "early entry" program does NOT mean that every ride and attraction is open an hour early. But it DOES mean that you'll get your choice of 20 of the park's most popular rides, including the new Steel Vengeance!

    To discover the full range of Cedar Point's hotel, camping and lodging options, you'll want to check out the Cedar Point Resort Discounts and info page of the park's official website. Or, for further info about the Castaway Bay Hotel (which has its own indoor water park!) here's the Castaway Bay official website.

    4.) Employer Discounts: Do you work for a company which offers discount Cedar Point tickets as one of its benefits? If you don't, you can see if your company will sign up. And, if you do, then you're already quite lucky! Your company can either sell tickets to you directly from your human resources department, give you coupons that you may take to the park, or even set up a special web page for the company. In 2018, the group price for one-day admission to Cedar Point for about $39. This ticket allows employees to visit the park with their own families on any day of the operating season, unless otherwise stated.

    Large-group parties at the park: In addition to offering employees cheaper Cedar Point tickets that families can use any time they like, companies may also treat employees to a catered summer picnic, if they're feeling generous. If your employer would like more information about joining in on the fun, you can point the powers-that-be to the Cedar Point website's Corporate Discounts and Events section.

    5.) Family reunions, youth groups, etc: Small groups (15 to 99 people) may purchase tickets directly from the park's website. You don't need to depend on your employer in order to get group tickets. Hold a family reunion, gather up your friends, plan an outing for you child's preschool...or whatever group you happen to be a part of! With 15+ people, you may purchase Cedar Point tickets online for only $39 (in 2018.) One person must purchase all of the tickets for your group, with only one payment source, in order to receive this discount. For further info, please visit the Small Group's ticket page of Cedar Point's website. Click on the link that says "Buy Now," not the links that say "Learn More" when you are ready to make a purchase.

    6.) Meijer grocery store discount tickets to Cedar Point: The Meijer supermarket chain traditionally sells discount Cedar Point tickets every year...and this year is no exception. Meijer stores do have Cedar Point tickets available for $55 for an adult ticket and Junior/Senior tickets for $45, as of 2018. You may now buy Meijer grocery store discount tickets to Cedar Point: If your local Meijer store does not have tickets, you may still take advantage of Meijer's special pricing. At the following link, you will fin the Meijer's ticket page of the Cedar Fair-Cedar point ticket shop.

    7.) Discount Drug Mart tickets to Cedar Point: Once again this year, Drug Mart is carrying Cedar Point Discount tickets. The cost will be $55, just like the Meijer tickets. Junior/Senior tickets are $45. You may also purchase tickets for the Cedar Point Shores water park, as well as season passes. For details, here's the Cedar Point discount page of the Discount Drug Mart website.

    8.) Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle stores are also carrying the Cedar Point discount tickets at the service desk again this year (along with tickets for other parks, such as Kennywood, Idlewild and SandCastle.) Like Meijer and Drug Mart, the tickets cost $55 for adult/teen admission.

    9.) Wegman's: Selected Wegman's stores also carry the Cedar Point discount tickets.

    10.) Credit Union discounts: Do you bank with a Credit Union? A number of credit unions in and around Ohio offer Cedar Point discount tickets. These include the OUR Credit Union, Parkside C.U., Advantage Credit Union, ProMedica Credit Union, Lake Trust C.U., Total Community C.U, and others. Be sure to check with your branch before heading to the park.

    Cedar Point's Military Discounts

    and FREE military tickets for Memorial Day & July 4th!

    Does Cedar Point offer a good military discount? Yes, it does!

    How do you get the special military discount tickets?

    It's easy; military discounts are now available online at Cedar Point's own website! You'll be able to print up a Cedar Point Military Ticket on-the-spot! At the time of this update, a single-day military discount ticket is $44...or in other words, $28 off of the gate price. This price is good for admission on any day of the week, including weekends. Active members of the military may buy tickets both for themselves and for their families. There is no discount for kid's tickets with the low-priced military special. All kids age 3 and older need their own ticket, while ages 2 and under may enter free-of-charge. There is a 6-ticket limit to your total order. (Note: Cedar Point's Military Discount be combined with other coupons or offers.)

    How do you verify your active military status? You may confirm your status online at the time you buy your ticket. First, however, you need to find the "military tickets" page of the website. Once you arrive at the park's "general" page for everyone, you will see a notice (in small print) asking if you're eligible for a military discount. Of course, you will click on the "yes" answer. Then you will be taken to the special military page. From there, you choose your tickets...and then you're asked to sign into a website called This is a website that's being used by a number of theme parks in order to verify eligibility for various offers. You will fill in the information they ask for, and then be allowed to proceed towards getting your tickets. As an alternative, here's a direct link to the Military Discounts page of Cedar Point's website. If this link isn't working for any reason (because websites often change their links), then you should head to the park's Frequently Asked Questions page where they will surely give out new military discount info.

    FREE military tickets during Armed Forces Weekend and July 4th celebration: For the Memorial Day holiday weekend (May 25, 26, 27 & 28,) and for the Independence Day holiday (July 4 ONLY this year,) all active, retired and honorably discharged members of the military may receive a FREE one-day ticket to Cedar Point. Tickets for up to 6 immediate family members will cost only $44 each. How do you take advantage of this offer? By bringing your valid military ID to the Cedar Point ticket booths.

    What forms of ID will Cedar Point accept? Active Duty ID; Retired Personnel ID; VA ID; or a copy of DD-214 discharge papers and photo ID. Present your ID at the theme park's ticket booth to redeem this offer. The free military ticket is NOT offered online.

    Cedar Point Season Passes

    A good bargain for frequent visitors!

    Frequent visitors will often find that they'll save the most money in the long run by getting a season pass. While season passes are generally cheapest during the spring of the year, they're a bargain even later in the year for someone who will be making multiple park visits.

    Regular season passes: The regular Cedar Point season pass is good for unlimited admission to the theme park (but not the water park) for the entire operating season, including HalloWeekends. Parking is not included. As of Summer, 2018, Cedar Point season passes cost $145 each, adult or junior/senior. And, even better, 4 payment installment plans are available...which mean that you can make a down-payment when you buy your pass, then make 3 monthly payments until you reach the total amount.

    Platinum Passes: Platinum Passes are good for the entire operating season at both the Cedar Point theme park AND the Cedar Point Shores water parking is included, as well. A terrific addition is the possibility of getting some extra ride time thru early admission times. In addition, if you'll be traveling then this is a good pass to consider: it allows you admission to ALL of Cedar Point's sister-parks across the country...including the nearby Kings Island theme park. As of Summer 2018, adult/teen platinum passes cost $218, and Junior/Senior platinum passes cost $190.

    To discover more about Cedar Point's season passes, here's a link to the park's own Cedar Point season pass page where you may discover all the details.

    Tourists: Discounts are available for other Sandusky-area attractions

    If you're planning a vacation to Cedar Point, naturally the theme park (and water park) will be the highlights of your visit. But, there are other interesting things to see and do in the general vicinity of Cedar Point...and you can get discounts to quite a few of them.

    The Ottawa County Visitor's & Convention Bureau runs a program called the "Shore Savings Card. This is a FREE discount card that you can get (in exchange for giving them some of your personal information, such as name, address & phone number...but NOT credit card information.)

    The African Safari Wildlife Park, the Edison Birthplace Museum, the Island Adventure Family Fun Park, Seneca Caverns, the Common Ground Zipline...and around a dozen other family attractions all offer discounts through this program.

    Here's a link to the Shore Savings Card information from the Ottawa Co official tourism website, www.Shores and Additional information on this site will let you know about upcoming festivals, good places to eat and hints about local lodging.

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