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Celebrity, TV and Movie Costumes

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of popular celebrity and movie costumes that you'll find available in your local stores (and online) this year. This selection comes from, a large internet Halloween store. However, since there are relatively few costume manufacturers, you're sure to see some of these costumes over and over again, no matter where you shop. To see still more costumes, here are links to the adult movie costumes and the kid's movie costumes sections of the website.

Choosing a good celebrity costume

First step: choosing a celebrity (or TV/Movie character) that fits your looks and style

Picture: Michael Jackson costume, sent in by reader Martha Rodarte of California

As you already know, not every person can portray every celebrity or movie character. Unless you're aiming for laughs, a man is limited to men's characters, for example; and tall, short, thin or large characters will be more believable if chosen by someone fitting approximately the same physical description.

Fortunately, celebrities come in all sizes, shapes and colors, just like we all do. So, there's certainly a movie character or celebrity that's a good fit for you and (if you're going as a group costume,) for your friends and family members, too.

Some characters make great group the Star Trek movie characters from the recent screen versions (or from the classic TV shows, as well.) Others make great couples costumes...such as Lucy and Desi, or Shrek and Fiona. And nearly all can be used as good solo costumes.

Photo note: The great-looking Michael Jackson costume (to your right) was sent in by reader Martha Rodarte of California. As you can tell by viewing the Michael Jackson costume pictures in the slide show above, we had a number of contestants in last year's Halloween Contest who chose this celebrity costume...even a cat!

Which celebrity & movie costumes are the most popular?

Picture: Joker costume, sent by Jennifer Honeycutt of Tennessee

Every year, costume trends for Halloween follow the movies which were released fairly recently. For example, this year, Avengers costumes are particularly hot, after the raging success of this high-octane superhero movie. Movie costumes from recent years also remain popular, so you'll also be seeing GI Joe characters, Wolfman, Star Trek and Star Wars (a classic that's been been brought back to the forefront by the new animated TV series.)

Other celebrity and movie costumes remain popular year in and year out. Some costumes in this category include Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. It doesn't matter what current movies or music might be playing, these fan favorites will be worn by a certain percentage of Halloween party-goers every year.

A more recent celebrity whose outfits stay popular year after year are the Michael Jackson costumes. Several of his most famous costumes worn in his music videos are being sold by costume companies, all of which are selling well. He's one entertainer who certainly has not been forgotten by his fans.

Picture: Indiana Jones costume; submitted by reader Gina Chiacchia from Washington

On this page, you'll get some ideas for sewing some favorite celebrity, TV and movie costumes. (Because, of course, there isn't much that can be said about buying them!) Other pages of this site already talk about certain types of movie character costumes. So, if the character you're looking to portray isn't discussed on this page, you can try these others:

1.) Captain Jack Sparrow
2.) Darth Vader
3.) Other Star Wars Costumes
4.) Disney Princesses
5.) Superhero Costumes
6.) Witch/Vampire costumes
7.) Wizard of Oz

Photo notes: the picture of a smart-looking Indiana Jones costume (to your right) was submitted by reader Gina Chiacchia of Washington. And the very dapper Joker costume (above) was sent in by reader Jennifer Honeycutt of Tennessee.

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Elvis Presley Costumes

Several good sewing patterns can help you "be" Elvis!

Picture: Baby Elvis looks so adorable, doesn't he? Submitted by the Sturgill family.

Elvis--boys: Simplicity Boy's Elvis costume 2528 gives your son a choice of two different Elvis looks--"early years" and Las Vegas Elvis. Sizes range from Boys Small through Extra Large (corresponding to Toddler size 2 all the way through Teen size 16.) Pattern pieces included are pants suit, belt guitar strap and (for the Las Vegas style) a cape. Add an Elvis wig, and you'll have a clone of The King!

Elvis--men's: McCall's Elvis costume M5734 makes a Las Vegas-style Elvis jumpsuit with flared long sleeves and huge bell bottoms. Sizes come in Sm to XXXL, which should fit nearly any man, from a skinny teen to a big brawny fellow. Add an Elvis wig...maybe a microphone for a prop...and you'll be so convincing that people will ask for your autograph! Note: this same pattern package comes with a Saturday Night Fever style jumpsuit, which will give you a totally different retro costume to wear next Halloween!

Do you have a pet? You can find out about a good Elvis sewing pattern for dogs on the Halloween Pet Costumes page of this site.

Elvis costumes and accessories: If you'd like to view Elvis wigs and accessories to go with the Elvis jumpsuit you've made, here's a link to the Elvis Presley costumes and accessories section of the website.

Celebrity costumes: Marilyn Monroe dress

Both retro AND modern patterns are available for her classic "7 Year Itch" dress

Picture: Marilyn Monroe look-alike entertains at Universal Studios Hollywood in California

Marilyn Monroe women's costume: Marilyn Monroe actually did change clothing during her lifetime, but you'd never know it by looking at the Marilyn Monroe impersonators of today. They almost universally choose the famous white movie dress which can be made with Simplicity Marilyn Monroe-style halter dress pattern 3823. This pattern can fit a wide variety of body types from thin to plus-size because it comes in Misses sizes 6 through 22. Make it in white, add a blonde wig, and you won't have to announce to your friends what famous celebrity you're imitating. They'll know!

Other Marilyn Monroe dress patterns: Another pattern you may use to make the famous Marilyn Monroe movie dress is Butterick Retro Pattern B5209. The overall effect of the outfit is the same, but there are little styling differences which you may prefer. Yet another true vintage pattern in this same halter-dress style, is Vogue vintage dress pattern V2962.

Check out Marilyn Monroe costumes and accessories: If you'd like to check out Marilyn Monroe wigs, jewelry and dresses to see what's available for sale commercially, here's a link to the Marilyn Monroe costumes section of the website.

Lucille Ball--I Love Lucy costume

Picture: I Love Lucy costume, submitted by Lacey Sanders of Texas

Costume for Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy: The most common I Love Lucy dress being sold is a navy blue '50's dress featuring white polka dots and trim. If you don't like that particular outfit, there's no problem. Fortunately, Lucille Ball wore hundreds of different outfits during "I Love Lucy's" long reign as queen of sitcoms. Therefore, all you need to do is to find an accurate pattern from the era and you'll have an outfit that Lucy might have worn. Today's impersonators generally choose a shirtwaist dress with short sleeves, but Lucy also wore tailored suits, shirts and blouses, and occasionally an apron during kitchen scenes. Butterick maintains a line of retro patterns from the late 40's and early 50's, including Butterick "wrap" dress pattern B4790 and Butterick pattern B6582.

A modern shirtwaist dress pattern that you might prefer (if you plan to wear your Lucy Halloween costume as a dress after the holiday) is Butterick pattern 5315, which has several "looks" you can make out of the same pattern. This pattern is based on retro styles that Lucy might have worn...but with a 21st century twist.

If you don't see exactly the style you want, don't worry! The Vogue pattern company also maintains a retro line of patterns, which they call "Vintage Vogue." Here's a link to the Vintage Vogue section of the Vogue Patterns website.

Lucy wig: No matter what dress you decide to make, getting a good red-haired Lucy wig is a must. While there are a few Lucy historians who actually know which styles she wore (and in which scenes she wore them!) most people do not. It's the red wig that "tells" them what celebrity you're portraying!

Photo note: The adorable toddler Lucy costume (to your left) was a contest winner in the Halloween Photo Contest for 2008. Submitted by Lacey Saunders of Texas, her little girl's beautiful red hair made her think of planning out the Lucille Ball costume. It worked with smashing success, don't you think!? To see how Lacey created this costume...which is actually a conversion of a Minnie Mouse dress (!)...please visit the Prize-Winning Halloween Costumes page of this site.

Movie Character Costumes

Many movie character costumes have already been discussed on other pages of

Here are some other movie/TV character costumes that haven't been talked-about elsewhere on a different page:

Wolfman costume: The classic Wolfman character returned to the big screen in 2010...and his costume is available both in stores and on the sewing pattern shelves! Simplicity Wolfman costume 2513 Sizes for Men's XS through M or L thru XL, depending on which package you get. You'll use your own pants as the base for this costume. You may also use your own jacket if you wish...but the package does include the pattern for a suit jacket, if you care to undertake the task. The pertinent part of the costume (the items which turn you into Wolfman) are the furry hood with wolf ears; the furry gloves; and a furry chest piece which makes you look like you're bursting through your shirt as you start to change into a beast. You'll want to add your own pair of fangs and facial hair to complete the look.

Classic Sherlock Holmes costume: You can become the great, master detective if you sew (or have sewn for you) Simplicity's Sherlock Holmes detective cloak pattern 2513. (This is actually the same pattern as Simplicity's Wolfman costume; the package contains several different outfits.) Of course, you'll have to add your own hat and magnifying glass to finish the look, but it's really this cool detective's coat which will "tell everyone with a glance" that you're dressed as Sherlock Holmes. Available in men's sizes XS through XL. You'll wear the cloak over your own set of clothing.

Men's Sherlock Holmes costume alternative: If you don't like the style of the detective cloak listed above, you have yet another choice---Simplicity's Detective Coat pattern 2517. This is also a perfect costume for larger gents, since it comes in sizes 38 all the way up through 52. A Sherlock Holmes-style detective hat pattern comes included.

Movie & Celebrity Costume Ideas from our readers

Here are some terrific ideas for celebrity & movie costumes from contestants in the Halloween Costume Contests our site used to hold. Many of these character ideas did not have sewing patterns nor ready-made costumes available commercially. Our clever readers simply assembled the "look" of a particular celebrity or movie role by choosing appropriate clothing and applying make-up.

Here's the list of character costumes you're viewing:

* Austin Powers

* I Love Lucy, candy factory episode

* Charlie Chaplain...(2 versions)

* Sweeney Todd...and...

* Mrs. Lovett

* Mr T (2 versions)

* Phantom of the opera & Christine

* Creature from the Black Lagoon

* Deal or No Deal...(2 versions)

* Addams Family

* Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"

* Edward Scissorhands...(2 versions)

* The Exorcist...(2 versions)

* King Kong & the Empire State Building

* Willie Wonka

* A cute little Oompa Loompa

* Shrek and Fiona...(2 versions)

* Baywatch costumes

* Oprah and Dr Phil (all in one!)

* The Hobbit

Many thanks for these wonderful costume ideas go out to the Barnes, Bolls, Black, Foley, Simmonds, House, Allsup, Calton, Campe, Mariotti, Cassarino, DeArmas, Findlay, Brown, Fitzgerald, Martinez, McBride, Blum, Ellis, Gray, Havey, Russell, Scott, Small,Hill and Ramos families, who created these terrific movie and celebrity costumes.

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