Cheap Halloween Costumes

Bargain kids and adult costumes are available if you take the time to look!

In the slide show above, you're viewing some of the cheap adult Halloween costumes available this year in your local stores and online costume warehouses. (You can see cheap kids costume pictures below on this page.) This particular selection is from, one of the internet's largest costume superstores. It's only a small sampling of adult costumes under $30 that are available. To see still MORE cheap men's and women's costumes, here's a link to the "Adult costumes under $30" section of the website. Note: This page is about finding inexpensive costumes to BUY. If you'd rather put together your own disguise, please visit the Inexpensive homemade costumes page of our site.

Styles of Cheap Adult Costumes

A wide range of cheap Halloween costumes for men and women are available. When a costume designing firm prepares its list of Halloween costumes for the next season, a bottom-of-the-line version is made in every costume category, whenever possible.

As you can see in the slide show of cheap men's and women's Halloween costumes above, there are many styles. Cheap pirate costumes, inexpensive witch costumes, bargain vampire costumes and cheap "period" costumes (ancient times, '50's, 60's, hippie, '70's, disco, etc) are all very common themes in discount Halloween costumes.

Other types of bargain Halloween costumes include mermaids, cooks, fairies, western guys and gals, prison inmates, ninja, clowns, doctors, Hollywood starlets...and more--even Minnie Mouse. You're probably surprised to find that such a wide variety of cheap costumes exists!

How much does a cheap Halloween costume cost?

For kids, it's $20 and under; for adults, it's $30 and under

A good selection of cheap kids costumes suddenly appears at the $20 mark, or more specifically, $19.99. Under that price figure, you will find costumes which cost less ($9.99 or $14.99, etc)---but those are few and far between.

A good selection of cheap adult costumes begins suddenly at the $30 price level, or specifically, at $29.99. Just as with children's costumes, you can find even cheaper costumes, but the supply and styles are quite limited. Once you get to the $30 mark, you will actually have a pretty decent selection of styles for men and women. (Note: For women's plus sizes and men's "big & tall" sizes, the selection is still very limited at $30, and you may have to go a bit higher to get something you like.)

What kind of quality can you expect from the cheapest costumes?

You already know that you can't expect a high-quality costume in the bargain-basement price range. This shouldn't matter to you if you're only planning to wear your costume one night. If you wish a higher quality costume for a bargain price, sewing may be the only way to go.

However, it's usually cheaper to buy than sew a costume if you're looking in the lowest price ranges. That's because your local fabric store carries higher quality material than costume manufacturers use...and it costs more to buy this better-quality fabric. (Also, the costume manufacturers buy cheap synthetic materials in bulk...and get big discounts on the huge amounts they purchase.) And, sewing patterns aren't cheap; at their full retail price of around $15, the price of the pattern alone is enough to get a cheap kid's costume...and you haven't even started selecting your fabric and trim!

Still, even the cheapest costumes aren't so flimsy that they'll fall apart before you get to your Halloween party. The fabric will be thin; you may need to wear a slip or undershirt. It will be made of a cheap synthetic material. It will feature elastic instead of buttons and buttonholes; & raw hemlines instead of hems that are turned-under. Your cheap costume may appear rather disappointing-looking because it "hangs limp" on its hanger or when you first hold it up after taking it out of the bag. Still, once you iron it and put it on, the costume will start to "come to life" because your body will give the thin fabric some much-needed shape. By adding some Halloween makeup and/or accessories, your costume will look even better yet. And, since you'll only be wearing it for one night, your cheap new costume will not be a bad purchase for the price, after all!

Costume Search

Ways to get the best bargains on cheap costumes

Check the cheapest sources; get discount coupons from stores; check clearance sales

1.) Check Costco, Walmart or
If you've ever spent time comparing costume prices, you will have discovered that your local Walmart probably has the cheapest costumes in your area. At least, where I live, the identical costume that I can find at Target, Party City or Spirit Halloween is going to be cheaper at Walmart---IF Walmart sells it. So, Walmart is a good place to start your costume search; if they carry the item you want, that's probably going to be the cheapest price you find. As an alternative, has a supply of costumes that can be ordered online at these same cheap prices. If you have your costume shipped to your nearest store (rather than to your home,) then there won't be any shipping charges added, either.

Of course, once you know what Walmart sells, you will also know what many of your neighbors will be wearing! If you'll be looking for a costume that's different from the crowd, you'll know what outfits to avoid when you check costume stores which offer more variety!

Costco supplies some very good costumes at good discounts. However, the variety is very slim. Nevertheless, this year my friend bought her kids some thick, high-quality costumes at Costco (ladybug & dinosaur) for only $11.99 each. If you're a member, don't forget to try Costco's costumes to find good deals.

2.) Sign up for email costume coupons:
Party City and Spirit Halloween both promise discounts and coupons by email if you sign up for their updates and newsletters. Also, the JoAnn chain of fabric & crafts stores have a small Halloween costume aisle. When you sign up for the store's newsletter at, you'll get a speedy discount coupon sent to you by email.

Unfortunately, if you go to "coupon" websites, you will probably NOT find a printable coupon that you can take to your local Halloween store for a discount. Coupon websites usually give you an e-coupon, which must be used by clicking a link to the website of a costume shop. This is because the coupon websites make money off of these referrals. A tracking "cookie" tells the online costume store which coupon site sent the referral. A coupon website doesn't want you to print a coupon at home---they might not get paid for their referral!

3.) Look for costume clearances:
Naturally, if you get a more expensive costume at a cheap price, you'll be getting the best quality for your money. However, your local stores aren't going to hold a clearance BEFORE Halloween, so online costume stores are a good place to check. Since they have more room than your local stores, they generally have a clearance of older costumes running year-round.

4.) Buy "partial" costumes:
When a man buys a Joker costume, he supplies his own pants. This is a GOOD thing, because the $30 he pays for the jacket, vest and mask gives him higher-quality costume pieces...since the manufacturer didn't have to include the cost of material & labor for making the pants, too. Another example would be a chef's costume. Less than $15 gets you a decent chef's hat and apron, which you complete by wearing your own white clothing underneath. You save money and get higher quality costume pieces by supplying part of the costume from your own wardrobe!

When buying either cheap OR expensive Halloween costumes, always check to see exactly what accessories are included. All manufacturers make their costumes look good in the photos by adding makeup and accessories such as wigs, hats, swords, eye patches, etc that may not be included with the suit. At any price level, you need to know exactly what you're getting...and what "extras" you'll have to pay for later.

5.) Good Will, Salvation Army & other second-hand stores:
Finding Halloween costumes at a thrift store is possible...but it's far from a sure bet. Unless your local thrift shop is better than mine are, the costumes seem rather picked-over, even if you try to shop early. Also, be aware that "vintage clothing shops" can be expensive. Vintage clothing stores are a distinctive type of second-hand shop which specialize in apparel from specific time periods---often the 1950's through 1980's. In return for offering their customers a selection of well-maintained retro styles and accessories, they charge prices above what you'd normally pay for "used clothing."

Cheap kids costumes for Halloween

Babies, toddlers and tweens can find even cheaper costumes!

"Smaller bodies, smaller prices" could be a motto for kids costumes. Whereas adults need to spend about $30 to find a good selection of Halloween costume styles, kids only need to spend $20 to reach the same level of variety. And, by the time the $30 mark is reached, there are literally hundreds of children's Halloween costumes from which you may choose!

In the slide show above, you're viewing a sampling of cheap kids costumes from the online costume superstore, As you can see, plenty of styles are available from infants to preschoolers to teens. To see the full selection of boy's and girl's costumes under $20, please use the following link to the kid's $20-or-less costume section at

What kind of cheap kids costumes are available? The variety is large. It includes superheros, Minnie & Mickey mouse, lady bugs & bumble bees, cute animal costumes, pirates, clowns, fairies, storybook & movie characters, angels and devils, witches, and more. Almost whatever your son or daughter wants to "be" for Halloween, there's a cheap boys or girls costume in that category!

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