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Children's Animal Costumes

and some for Men, Women and Teens, too!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of animal costumes for men, women, boys, girls...and even tiny babies! All of these are for sale at, one of the internet's largest costume stores...and despite this large selection, there are still more. Animal costumes available at include: bat, bear, bunny rabbit, Care Bears, chicken, Cookie Monster, bumble bee, dinosaur, dragon, duck, elephant, Elmo, giraffe, gorilla, kitty cat, lady bug, lamb, lemur, lion, meerkat, monkey, otter, panda bear, penguin, Pooh bear, Scooby Doo, shark, skunk, spider, tiger, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh...and more. Here's a link to view the animal costume section at Or, if you see a particular animal costume in the slide show that you'd like to investigate further, simply type its name into the costume search box below to discover more details.

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Animal suits are great Trick-or-Treat wear

Snuggly & huggable, animal costumes are perfect for keeping your family warm on chilly October nights

Picture of Care Bear children's costume

For this Halloween or other upcoming family-friendly activity calling for costumes, what could be more adorable than a children's animal costume?

By the time most kids hit the "tween" age, they'll sometimes think that they're "too old" to dress up in a bunny suit. (In fact, whether you decide to sew or buy your child's animal costume, it's MUCH easier to find baby, toddler and pre-schooler sizes for animal costumes than it is to find them for older kids and/or adults.)

No problem! Little kids look so adorable in animal costumes, that we can get them several!

On this page, we'll talk about what types of animal costumes are available to purchase at your local costume store or on-line, as well as the sewing patterns available for this exciting project.

We'll also mention "Halloween pumpkin" costumes (Jack O Lantern costumes,) since they're also warm & snuggly like an animal costume...and are quite popular.

Types of Halloween animal costumes

Picture of a pumpkin Halloween costume for babies There are a number of different types of children's animal costumes available, and we'll talk about each kind:

1.) Heavy full-body suit: This is what comes into my mind, personally, when I think of a kid's animal costume. These full-body costumes cover the child from neck to foot with some type of furry or fuzzy material...and usually, they have an attached hood, as well. They may have tails or ears...depending on the particular animal they represent...and usually have a long zipper for getting in and out of the suit.

2.) Flannel full-body suit: These "pajama" style animal costumes serve double-purpose. On Halloween night, they make fine long as the weather isn't freezing cold. (Southern California's many micro-climates mean that there isn't just ONE temperature on Halloween night, but many...depending on the exact area you're located!) Sometimes you'll find these costumes sold in the regular clothing departments of stores like Target or Walmart...and you might not find them at all in a costume store.

Photo: Winnie the Pooh costume which slips on over the head and is meant to be worn over other clothing

3.) Partial-body suit: These animal costumes aren't quite as cute as a full-body suit, but are much more comfortable being worn in the regions of Southern California (and other states) where it's still warm on Halloween night. These partial-body costumes...which slip on over the child's other clothing, and leave the arms and legs free to move about without restrictions...make ideal additions to a child's toy box or dress-up chest during the rest of the year.

4.) Baby-only costumes (without legs): There are some "baby bunting" style costumes made in which the infants feet stay enclosed in a sack-like pouch (rather than being put into individual legs of the garment.) The "plus" side to these baby costumes is that they're very warm. Another plus is that styles can be made which look much better without legs---the popular infant's "peas in a pod" costume or the baby's "banana" costume are two styles you may have already seen if you've been costume-hunting.

If you're buying your child's animal costume this Halloween, you'll notice all of these types of costumes as you shop. But, if you'll be sewing a kiddie animal suit, most patterns do feature the traditional full-body style of costume.

Sewing a child's animal costume

Overview of sewing patterns available

The GOOD news: There are quite a few children's animal costume sewing patterns on the market right now. All the most popular animals that your child would probably pick as a Halloween costume are represented...and, with some hunting, some of the less-frequently-used animal costume patterns can be found, as well.

The BAD news: There have never been fewer costume patterns available for LICENSED character animals! You won't be finding Sesame Street character patterns this year. If your child wants to "be" Elmo, Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch, you'll just have to get creative with an available animal. The same thing can be said for Winnie the Pooh storybook animals. No need to look around for Eeyore, Piglet or even Pooh Bear himself...because the patterns just aren't in the books. Vintage patterns are available for both Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street characters, if you're lucky enough to be searching at a time when someone is selling one of them on Ebay.

Nor are there any Care Bear patterns in this year's costume sections. You'll need to either purchase a Care Bear costume, or else adapt an existing kid's animal costume pattern to look like the particular Care Bear that you have in mind.

Children's Animal Costume Index

Select your favorite animal...find what pattern number you'll need!

Closeup photo of Care Bear costume's face BEAR COSTUMES FOR KIDS: 1.) Simplicity bear costume #2855--- Here's a good pattern whose sizes can accommodate tweens & teens as well as toddlers; the range of sizes runs from Kid's 2 thru 16. The pattern calls for making a one-piece jumpsuit, separate hood, mittens to cover the hands and strap-on boot covers for the feet.
2.) Simplicity bear costume #2557--- An adorable, yet rather odd, bear costume pattern for babies ranging in age from 6 months to 2 years is Simplicity pattern 2557. Why is it odd? Because it's apparently made for children who won't be getting up out of their strollers or car seats. Instead of real legs to this costume, there are faux leg panels that simply drape over the front of the child's legs. Nevertheless, the top of this bear suit looks adorable, and would provide you with some very cute pictures.
3.) Another baby's bear costume is more traditional; that is, your baby can put his or her legs into the costume. It's Simplicity baby or toddler bear costume pattern #2506. The pattern gives two different suggestions: either a brown bear...or a furry black and white panda bear. A hood pattern featuring cute little bear ears, plus a big bow tie (made of contrasting color fabric) complete this cute children's bear costume.
4.) Butterick pattern #B3238--- Comes in children's sizes 2 thru 8. Detachable hood with bear ears; one-piece jumpsuit. Separate mittens and shoe covers complete the cute, furry look.
5.) Kwik Sew Bear Costume K3099 This cute bear costume is another one which will keep your little cub warm on chilly Halloween nights. It's suggested by the pattern that you make it in a stretch-knit fleece fabric, which will give it some flexibility as it snuggles your child from head to toe. An attached hood features little round bear cub ears, and paw prints decorate the built-in hand covers. Sizes range from infant's 6 months up to toddler age 3. Other patterns in the package include a lion, bunny rabbit and dragon.

BIRD COSTUMES FOR KIDS: 1.) Out-of-print: Simplicity child's bird costume pattern #3663--- If you want a truly different costume that's worth a little searching around, you may still find this pattern on Ebay and other auction websites from time to time. Your young child (sizes fit approximately ages 3 thru 8) can dress as a lively-colored toucan, macaw, flamingo or parrot this Halloween or Carnival/Carnaval! Two styles of bird costumes come in this one package: one is a full jumpsuit, and the other is a "top" which is worn over the child's own pair of pants. The jumpsuit style includes tail feathers. A separate hood includes the bird's beak and facial features. No slippers are included, nor are mittens. However, the costume does drape to cover the hands.
For other bird patterns, please see the "chicken" and "penguin" sections of this page.

Picture: adorable toddler's bumble bee costume, sent by reader Marianne C. from New Jersey.BUMBLE BEE COSTUMES: (1.) Bee costume for the entire, women and kids of all ages! Your whole group can dress as members of the hive this halloween when you make Simplicity's Family Bee Costume pattern #2829. (Note: this pattern is now out-of-print, but can be worth your trouble to find it on Ebay or other auction sites, since it's one of the rare animal costume patterns made as a matching family costume.) All sizes from boys and girls to adult men's and women's extra large come in this one package. This warm bee costume will keep you from feeling the chill of Halloween night. You'll make a knee-length bee suit featuring black and yellow stripes, plus a built-in pointed tail and stinger. Instructions come included for bee wings and a snuggly bee hat that includes antennae. Next, you'll slip your home-made bee costume over your own pair of purchased black pants and long-sleeved shirt. Add your own purchased pair of black gloves, and your outfit is complete. What should you use to for collecting the kid's trick-or-treat candy? Try making a beehive-shaped bag, whose pattern comes included in the package.
2.) Baby & Toddler bee costume: If your child wears between sizes 6 months and Toddler 4, then the cute Simplicity Pattern 5373 bee costume will interest you highly. The body features a blousy costume which you should make in black & yellow striped material. Patterns for a headpiece & wings come included. You'll need to purchase a pair of tights to complete the look.
3.) Women's Bee costume pattern: Mom, do you want to join in on the fun? Simplicity Misses Bee Pattern 5393 is a simple dress which you sew using yellow and black striped material. Other parts of the costume don't come included in the pattern package, so you'd need to find your own headpiece and wings separately. Note: We suspect that this pattern will be given a new number soon, because it's now also being sold as Simplicity It's So Easy Pattern 2088.
4.) Cute bee pattern: McCall's cute bee pattern 6180 is sure to bring oohs and aahs from your friends. You'll make a jumpsuit in suitable bumble bee colors; wings and a little stinger are attached. An adorable hat to which you'll attach feelers completes the costume. All toddler sizes through age 4 come included in the package.

5.) Another cute bee costume for toddlers and preschoolers (size 1 thru 5) is KwikSew's bee pattern #3803. Meant to be worn over your child's own pants and long-sleeved shirt in a matching color, the body of the bee costume is a blousy, sleeveless garment featuring yellow and black stripes. Wings (instructions included) are attached to the back of the costume. A headband is part of this adorable costume; it's where you'll attach the bee's feelers. To accessorize this ensemble smartly, you'll surely want to make this pattern's matching bumble bee trick-or-treat bucket...which has its own set of wings, feelers...and even a honey-sweet smile on its face! This pattern also comes with a "scary" spider pattern, as well (and if you make it, we won't tell your son that it's really more adorable than frightening!)
6.) Toddlers thru Tweens can wear Simplicity Bee Costume 2071 which comes in girl's sizes 3 thru 14. The highlight of this costume is its cute tu tu skirt, which you'll make in sheer fabrics. A simple sleeveless A-line dress forms the rest of the costume. A headband pattern is included...but you'll need to buy your own wings and tights to complete the look shown on the package.
1.) Baby bee costumes--
Simplicity baby pattern #3558 has been discontinued, but if you wish to sew this costume, you'll still be able to find it up for bid at Ebay (or elsewhere on the internet.) This pattern featured sizes for babies only. It was a bunting-style Halloween costume without legs. It featured a black and yellow striped bumble bee suit with separate hat & feelers. Several other costumes came in this package, including a Halloween pumpkin and a Santa suit.
2.) Toddler girl's bee costume: Simplicity Bee Pattern #2794, meant for babys age 6 months thru toddler size 4, is now out-of-print. However, it was so cute, it may be worth your while to try to find it on Ebay or elsewhere on the internet. (Note: this pattern number also turns up women's hat patterns...but this IS the correct number.) An adorable tu tu-style skirt is the highlight of this precious-looking costume. Other focal points are the bee's antlers and wings (patterns included.) Worn with a pair of long pants (pattern piece included,) and made with the long-sleeve option, this costume is suitable for cold-weather trick-or-treating. Or this insect costume can be worn with tights, instead.
Photo note: In the picture of a cute bumble bee costume to your left, you can easily see the reason why some parents choose bee costumes for their children; they're simply precious! This sweet costume photo was sent by reader Marianne C. from New Jersey.

BUNNY RABBIT COSTUMES: 1.) McCalls bunny costume M6182 for girls ages 2 thru 8 is absolutely adorable! Featuring an adorable ballerina-style skirt (to be made from sheer tulle in shades of pink and white,) your little cutie will look ultra-feminine. Yet, she'll stay plenty warm on chilly Halloween evenings thanks to the long sleeves (and the tights that you'll purchase separately.) A cute pointed bunny ear pattern comes included in the package.
2.) Butterick pattern #B3238--- Comes in children's sizes 2 thru 8. Detachable hood with long rabbit ears; and a jumpsuit with a cute little bunny tail. Separate mittens and shoe covers complete this fun kid's animal costume.
3.) Kwik Sew Bunny Rabbit Costume K3099 This cute bunny costume will keep your little one warm on a chilly Halloween night. It's suggested by the pattern that you make it in a stretch-knit fleece fabric, which will give it some flexibility as it snuggles your child from head to toe. An attached hood features long pointy rabbit ears, a cute little bunny tail...and paw prints decorate the built-in hand covers. Sizes range from infant's 6 months up to toddler age 3. Other patterns in the package include a lion, bear cub and dragon.

Picture: cute toddler's leopard costume, sent by reader Jessica S. CAT COSTUMES: The following children's cat costumes are quite versatile. Depending on the fabric you choose, your finished costume can resemble a house cat...or even a "ferocious" leopard or tiger! Photo note: The picture of an adorable children's leopard costume was sent by reader Jessica T. Her daughter was surely the cutest trick-or-treater in the neighborhood!
1.) McCalls Tiger pattern M6181; this pattern fits toddlers up to size 4. It includes hood with ears; tail; and built-in mittens
2.) McCalls kitty cat costume M6182 for girls ages 2 thru 8 is cute as can be! Detachable headpiece with kitty cat shaped ears; ballerina-style skirt made of orange, purple and black tulle, and a tail complete this cute kitty costume.
3.) Simplicity pattern #2855--- Toddlers thru teens can fit this cat costume, which ranges from toddler size 2 through children's size 16. A tame little kitty cat or a ferocious tiger can be made, depending on the fabric used. The one-piece cat suit includes a long tail, and the separate hood features kitty ears. Mittens and shoe covers complete the outfit.
4.) Butterick cat or tiger pattern #B6695--- Kids from appx ages 3 thru 8 can wear this "children's one size" pattern. Use your choice of fabric to determine if you'll make a gentle kitty cat or a raging tiger. Plans call for a long kitty or tiger tail, and separate hood with ears. No mittens or shoe covers come with this long-sleeved jumpsuit.
5.) Toddlers will enjoy looking like a tiger or a kitty cat when you sew Butterick's animal costume pattern B3238. This long-sleeved jumpsuit is suggested to be made in a tiger-striped fabric (or other furry color of your choice, if you're making the "kitten" view.) Separate hood & slippers, and a long tail attached to the jumpsuit are other important parts to this adorable cat/tiger costume.

CHICKEN COSTUMES: Kwik Sew Costume Pattern 3630: The Kwik Sew chicken costume pattern comes in sizes which fit ages 4 thru 14. Meant to be made out of a fluffy fabric, this warm costume features long sleeves (the chicken wings!) and an attached hood which is decorated with eyes, a comb and a beak. A separate pants pattern (to be sewn in orange) forms the chicken's legs. Shoe covers are not needed, because the pants include chicken feet...flaps which sits over the top of the child's shoes.
DISCONTINUED CHICKEN COSTUME PATTERN: Burda costume pattern #2425---was a cute, one-piece jumpsuit with tail. Attatched hood has beak and comb. This costume is now out-of-print, but can still be found on occasion through online sources such as Ebay.

Picture: Children's pink Unicorn costume amazes the little girl wearing it!

COW COSTUMES: The costumes in this category could be made to depict either cows or Dalmation dogs. The problem is that there really aren't any dedicated cow-only costumes, so a clever seamstress will have to make do with what's available! Here's the list:
1.) Butterick Cow Costume pattern B6695 will keep your kid warm as well as cute. Depending on how you make the ears, this costume could actually be a cow OR a Dalmatian puppy.) The main part of the costume is a jumpsuit which has set-in sleeves, a zipper in back...and a cow's tail! You'll make the headpiece separately; and you'll sew in the cows ears to make the costume extra cute.
2.) For girls, the frilly McCalls animal costume pattern M61823 does look more like a Dalmatian...but it's so adorable, you'll possibly want to make this your choice if you're looking for a feminine cow costume. (Simply shorten the ears and omit the fur trim on the sleeves.) You'll make a long-sleeved white shirt, a black & white spotted underskirt, and a sheer tulle balerina skirt to go over the top. Add your own purchased stockings & makeup...and the outfit is complete!

DOG COSTUMES:1.) Butterick Puppy Dog Costume pattern B6695--- Children approx. ages 3 - 8 can wear this floppy-eared doggie costume, which may be made with or without spots. Plans call for a tail and separate hood. No mittens nor shoe covers come included.

2.) For girls, the frilly McCalls animal costume pattern M6182 makes a very cute costume for young ladies who enjoy the girly-girl look. You'll make a long-sleeved white shirt, a black & white spotted underskirt, and a sheer tulle balerina skirt to go over the top. A headpiece holds the doggie's ears in place. Add your own purchased stockings & makeup...and the outfit is complete!
DISCONTINUED COSTUME PATTERNS: The following costume patterns may be found on Ebay or other auction sites occasionally, if you still haven't found the doggie pattern of your dreams:
1.) Although the following pattern is out of print...but if your preschooler wants to dress up as a poodle, you should try to find it on Ebay or other auctions websites. Look for Simplicity poodle costume pattern #3596. This dog costume pattern makes the cutest pink poodle! It's available in baby & toddler-only (up through children's size 4.) Make a full jumpsuit with tie closure from a furry pink material. Add on a separate hood with poodle ears, plus separate furry animal slippers.
2.) Also out-of-print is Simplicity pattern #2787--- This dog costume resembles a the cute puppies seen in Disney's 101 Dalmatians animated movie and its sequels. This is a baby & toddler pattern (to size 4 kids.) Full-body jumpsuit with doggie tail; separate hood with Dalmatian-shaped ears; and separate animal slippers.
3.) Another out of print pattern you may look for online is Simplicity baby dog costume pattern #3558--- Sizes for babies only; bunting-style Halloween costume makes a Dalmatian dog. This animal pattern features an attached hood with Dalmatian-shaped ears for this view. This pattern is good only for babies too young to walk, as the infant's feet remain enclosed.

DRAGON & DINOSAUR COSTUMES: 1.) McCall's pattern #M6185; children's sizes from 1 to 6. Not just one, but SEVERAL dragon/dino styles come in this package. The two styles your child will probably like best come with spines down the entire back, and have a front zipper. Shoe covers are built into the suit and are not detachable. The spine-covered hood and dinosaur/dragon mittens are included as separate pieces. Expect your child to make lots of menacing growls on Halloween night!
2.) Do you need a smaller size? A baby and toddler dragon or dinosaur costume can be made from Simplicity dinosaur pattern #2506. The description of the costume is very much the same as you read in the entry above. A big difference, though, is that the Simplicity pattern will fit infants age 6 months through preschoolers age 4 years.
3.) Butterick Dragon & Dinosaur Costume pattern B6695--- a "one size" children's pattern which fits kids from approximately age 3 thru 8, is a one-piece dragon suit. Instructions call for spines to be placed up the back of the tail. A separate hood also features spines.
4.) Kwik Sew Dragon Costume K3099 This cute dragon/dinosaur costume is another one which will keep your fierce little fellow warm on chilly Halloween nights. The pattern company suggests that you make it in a stretch-knit fleece fabric, which will give it some room to move, as it covers your child from head to toe. An attached hood and long tail will be adorned with spikey dragon scales from top to bottom; scales decorate the dragon's paws, as well. Sizes range from infant's 6 months up to toddler age 3. Other patterns in the package include a lion, bunny rabbit and furry little bear.

DUCK COSTUME: 1.) Simplicity duck costume pattern 2788.--- Perfect for babies and toddlers up through size 2, this cute duck costume will keep your infant snuggly while looking cute. This unique, plump-as-a-butterball look is achieved by first making a long-sleeved, zipper-back jumpsuit which then serves as a base over which your child wears a super-stuffed over-piece. Add web-footed slippers and a hat with, yes, a duck bill...and this duck costume is then complete.
2.) McCall's Duck Pattern M6181 makes an adorable (and warm!) outfit for toddler and preschool boys and girls. This duck pattern makes a one-piece, long-sleeved jumpsuit that you should make in a fluffy yellow fabric. The hood and mittens are attached, so there are no pieces to fall off. (The cute duckie face and duck bill are sewn right into the hood!) All you need to add is your child's own pair of shoes, and off you go to Trick or Treat!

Costume Search

Picture of children's elephant costume, submitted by Erin Berry of Arkansas ELEPHANT COSTUMES: 1.) McCall's elephant costume pattern M6106 is a Tom Arma designer elephant costume for babies & toddlers thru size 4. This precious elephant costume includes a full-body suit with feet enclosed; hood with large, flappy elephant ears and a long elephant's trunk with tusks.

Photo note: This children's elephant costume picture (on a very cute baby!) was submitted by reader Erin Berry of Arkansas. Snuggly and soft, an elephant costume keeps kids toasty warm on cold Halloween nights.

FROG COSTUMES: 1.) Simplicity frog costume pattern # 3594 comes in sizes for babies through Child's 4. This pattern calls for making a snuggly body suit with long legs and sleeves. Add a detached hood with crown (apparantly, he's a "frog prince!") Separate frog slippers give your child a cute, webbed-foot look. This pattern is now out-of-print but may still be purchased from Ebay and other auction websites from time to time.
2.) McCall's Dino & Frog pattern #M6185 fits kids size 1 thru 6. Like Simplicity's frog, the McCall's frog also wears a he looking for a beautifully-costumed little princess to come and kiss him? Built-in shoe covers will give your child the webbed-foot look...while a separate hood has this frog's bulging eyes sewn to it. Separate webbed-look mittens complete this handsome frog outfit.

GORILLA COSTUMES: 1.) Simplicity Gorilla Costume, pattern 2855; This one-piece jumpsuit with detachable hood fits kids age 2 - 16, depending on the size pattern you buy. Boot covers and mittens complete the costume. Furry fabric is suggested for the most "gorilla-like" looking costume.

LADY BUG COSTUMES: 1.) Simplicity lady bug costume #2788--- Intended for babies and toddlers up through size 2, this cute lady bug costume will keep your infant warm while looking cute. This unusual, plump-as-a-butterball ladybug style is achieved by first making a long-sleeved, zipper-back jumpsuit which then serves as a base over which you child wears a super-stuffed over-piece. To finish the outfit, you'll make a hat featuring lady bug antennae, plus a pair of wings!
2.) McCall's Ladybug Pattern M6180 is truly "cute as a bug!" You can make it in sizes to fit babies age 6 months+ all the way up to preschoolers appx age 4-5. This is a cute little jumpsuit made in red fabric and covered with round, black ladybug spots. An adorable hat holds the ladybug's feelers...and keeps little heads warm on chilly evenings. Wings attach to the back of the costume (pattern included.) All you'll need to purchase to complete the look is a warm black shirt, black tights (and possibly red shoes, if you want to match the picture on the package perfectly.)
3.) Baby & Toddler lady bug costume: If your child wears between sizes 6 months and Toddler 4, then the cute Simplicity Pattern 5373 lady bug costume will interest you if you live in a warm-weather area where a sleeveless costume will be welcome in the heat. (As an alternative, your child might wear this adorable outfit with a shirt or leotard underneath.) The body features a blousy costume which you should make in black & red material. Patterns for a lady bug spots, a cute headband & wings come included. You'll need to purchase a pair of tights to complete the look.
DISCONTINUED COSTUME PATTERN: You won't find this one in stores, but you may still find this online (at auction sites like Ebay) if you do some looking.
1.) The following costume is out-of-print, but makes a little girl's lady costume so cute that you may wish to try to find it on Ebay or other online sources. It's Simplicity Lady Bug Costume Pattern #2794, meant for babys age 6 months thru toddler size 4. It comes with an option for a cute bumble bee as well. An absolutely precious multi-layer tu tu-style skirt is the highlight of this adorable costume.

LAMB COSTUME: 1.) Your baby or toddler will look so cuddly and adorable in his or her lamb costume made with Simplicity baby lamb pattern #2788. Suggested to be made in fleecy white material, this costume will keep babies age 6 mo through preschoolers age 4 snuggly and warm on Halloween night. Slippers cover the feet, and a little lamb hood--complete with pink-lined ears---are important parts of the costume. A visual highlight is a little brass bell at the neckline (purchased separately.)
2.) McCall's Lamb Pattern M6181 doesn't look too much like a little lamb on the pattern's package...but you could fix that problem by using a wooly white fabric (instead of tan material, as pictured.) The headpiece is a highlight of this costume, with an adorable little lamb's face & ears sewn right into the hood. A tiny little lamb's tail is sewn into the back of this very warm costume. You won't even need to spoil the "look" by adding mittens; they're built right into the suit!

Closeup photo of Winnie the Pooh costume's face

LION COSTUMES: 1.) McCall's lion costume pattern M6106 is an adorable Tom Arma designer pattern meant for ages 6 months to 4 years old (approximately.) The first thing that will attract you to this pattern is its curly mane, which covers both front and back of the hood...and frames your child's face in a very lion-like way. The body suit part of the costume features a tasseled tail. Paw prints are the decorative highlight of the lion suit's sewn-in feet.
2.) McCall's Lion Pattern M6181 is for toddlers and preschoolers. The pattern makes a full-body suit with an attached hood. On the hood, you'll sew the lion's ears and fluffy mane. Your young one will look so much like a lion, he or she will probably go around roaring all evening! The lion's tail is sewn into the rear of the suit...and of COURSE it has a very lion-like tassel at the end of it!
3.) Simplicity toddler/baby lion pattern # 3594 comes in sizes for babies through Child's 4. Body suit comes with tail; detached hood with full mane (around the whole head, not just framing the face.) Separate lion slippers. It's now out of print, but may still be found occasionally on Ebay...which you might like to try because of this costume's particularly nice-looking mane.
4.) Butterick pattern #B3238--- Children's sizes 2 trhru 8. Detachable hood with mane; jumpsuit with lion's tail and fringe at bottom of legs. Separate mittens and shoe covers.
5.) Simplicity costume pattern #2855--- This lion costume pattern fits kids between the approximate ages of 2 and 16. The one-piece suit is adorned with fringe at the neckline (tied on separately) to simulate the lion's mane. Other pieces are the separate hood, mittens and shoe covers.
6.) Kwik Sew Bear Costume K3099--- This cute lion costume is another one which will keep your little cub warm on chilly Halloween nights. It's meant to be made in a stretch-knit fleece fabric, which will give it some flexibility as it snuggles your child from head to toe. An attached hood features a handsome mane, and a long lions tail ends in a lion-like tassle of fur. Sizes range from infant's 6 months up to toddler age 3. Other patterns in the package include a bear, bunny rabbit and dragon.

MONKEY COSTUMES: 1.) Butterick monkey pattern #B3238 for young children includes a full-body suit with shoe covers for feet; hood with ears; mittens for hands; and tail sewn into the back of the suit.. The pattern suggests eating a banana while wearing the costume to make it look more funny!
2.) Simplicity toddler/baby monkey pattern # 3594 comes in sizes for babies 6 months old through Child's size 4. A long-sleeved/long leg jumpsuit pattern features a long tail; detached hood with organ grinder-style cap (like worn by the little monkey, Abu, in Disney's "Aladdin" animated movie.) Separate jacket, also like worn by Abu; separate monkey slippers. Although it's now out of print, this pattern may occasionally be found on Ebay.
3.) McCall's monkey costume pattern M6106 is an absolutely adorable Tom Arma designer costume. It fits infants, toddlers and preschoolers up to about age 4. The very first thing that you'll notice about this monkey suit is its furry trim. A full circle of white fur surrounds and highlights your child's face. Another important element of the costume is its long monkey tail...which curls into a loop at the end! The main part of the costume is a body suit which you'll make from a furry brown material. (How warm on a crisp Halloween night!)

MOUSE COSTUMES: 1.) McCall's mouse pattern M6182 creates a very feminine, girlish mouse costume for toddlers and preschoolers. The costume consists of a long-sleeve shirt rimmed with boa feathers (as well as a feathery tail.) The most eye-catching part of the costume is a ballerina-style skirt made from tule. A headpice supports the costume's cute little mouse ears. All you need is a pair of leggings & shoes, and you're set to go!
2.) A cute toddler or baby's mouse pattern (for ages 6 months thru 4 years) is Simplicity mouse costume pattern #2506. This costume features a long mouse tail and hood with big, pink-lined mouse ears. A whimsical faux Swiss-cheese bow tie adds a cute touch.

PANDA COSTUMES: (See "bears" listing, also)
1.) McCall's panda costume pattern M6106 (for babies and kids thru appx age 4) is a Tom Arma designer animal costume for babies & toddlers thru size 4; includes full-body suit with feet enclosed; hood with ears; and tail.
OUT OF PRINT PATTERNS: This pattern is now discontinued, but may still be found...with a bit of good luck...on auction sites like Ebay. Burda Bear Costume Pattern #2789--- One-piece jumpsuit with attached hood. This kid's bear costumes comes with directions for making a panda bear...or a "regular" bear, either one.
2.) Simplicity baby or toddler panda pattern 2506 also fits infant and toddler sizes. This is a complete body suit with a hood. Naturally, you'll want to make it in the "panda" colors of black and white, following the picture on the costume package. A contrasting red bow is a decorative touch on this cute panda suit.

PENGUIN COSTUMES: 1.) Simplicity family penguin pattern #3639---This year your group can go to parties dressed as a family of penguins! With sizes from child's extra-small to adult women's or men's extra large, this roomy jumpsuit-style outfit is sure to fit nearly everyone. The suit's body comes with a penguin's tail. The separate hood includes a beak; and separate slippers complete the "look" & keep your shoes from showing! Although this pattern is now out of print, you may still find it occasionally. This is one of the rare costume patterns what was actually made with groups in mind, so it may be worth your efforts.
2.) Kwik Sew Penguin Pattern #3630 is a warm outfit that includes long raglan sleeves and an attached hood (decorated with the penguin's eyes and beak.) In addition, a separate pants pattern is included; this is for the penguin's feet, which stick out from under the main costume. Sizes range from kid's 4 thru 14.

PUMPKIN COSTUMES: 1.) Butterick Pumpkin Costume pattern B6695--- Children from tots to tweens can fit this "Children's One Size" pumpkin costume pattern. Here's a different options from the others; rather than having a blousy pumpkin which fits over other clothing, the Butterick pumpkin pattern is simply a one-piece jumpsuit. Lacking the blousiness, it looks less like a real pumpkin...but on the other hand, it's both warm and practical. Instructions for Jack O Lantern eyes, nose and mouth; a separate "pumpkin hat" hood; and even a matching pumpkin trick or treat sack come included. No shoe covers.
2.) Simplicity pumpkin costume #2788--- fits babies and toddlers up through size 2. This cute plump-as-a-butterball pumpkin outfit uses a long-sleeved, zipper-back jumpsuit which serves as a base.Next, your child puts on a super-stuffed over-piece featuring appliques depicting a jack-o-lantern's face. Top it off with a pumpkin hat to make a fun look your child will remember (in pictures, at least!) for years to come.
DISCONTINUED PUMPKIN PATTERN: The following pattern is out-of-print; however, you may be able to find it on Ebay or elsewhere online if you'd like to make this unusual costume. Simplicity costume 3593 is for older kids through adults. This costume consists of a blousy pumpkin "top" worn over your own clothes underneath. A pumpkin hat tops off this outfit. Jack Skellington lovers: The picture on the package shows you how to convert this pumpkin suit into a Jack Skellington costume by using white fabric instead of orange, and making the appropriate facial markings on the body of the suit.

SPIDER COSTUMES: 1.) You won't be afraid of spiders, at least not on Halloween night. Once you see how cute your baby or toddler is in McCall's Spider Costume Pattern M6180, you'll just want to give your "spider" a hug! The pattern itself makes a jumpsuit, under which your child will wear his or her own black shirt for warmth. You'll make a cute web out of ric-rac on the front of the jumpsuit (instructions provided) and you'll also make 6 "scary" spider legs (which attach to the back of the costume.) The other 2 spider legs are placed on a hat, which your child will wear to make this costume warmer. Will people scream when they view your baby "spider?" Only in pretense! They're much more likely to say, "Oh, how darling!"
2.) Another cute spider costume for toddlers and preschoolers is KwikSew's spider pattern #3803. Meant to be worn over your child's own pants and long-sleeved shirt in a matching color, the body of the spider costume is a blousy, sleeveless garment to which the spider's many legs are attached. A separate hood keeps your child warm on chilly Halloween evenings...and serves as the place where you'll attach the spider's bulging eyes. Another cute part of this pattern is the matching spider trick-or-treat bucket!

SKUNK COSTUMES: 1.) McCall's skunk costume pattern M6106 is a Tom Arma designer animal costume for infants, toddlers and preschoolers from age 6 months thru size 4. This cute-as-a-button baby skunk costume includes a full-body suit with feet enclosed; hood with skunk ears and white stripe; and a tail which continues the skunk's white stripe all the way to the tip.

Tiger costume: see cat

TURTLE COSTUME: A cute baby or toddler costume can be made from Simplicity turtle costume pattern #2527. The main part of the costume is a basic long-sleeve jumpsuit. A hood and booties featuring turtle toes are added. Next, the highlight of the costume is made and put into place--the turtle's shell!

Links to major pattern companies---

After you've found which companies you'd like most to check for the type of pattern you want, you can use the following links to reach their official websites easily:

1.) Simplicity:

2.) McCall's:

3.) Butterick:

4.) KwikSew:, once a smaller pattern company that has become a part of the McCall's family. Kwik Sew has a few good costume choices, along with crafts patterns, dress patterns and sewing projects for the home.

Pictures of cute baby and toddler costumes

Would seeing photos of some cute babies and toddlers in their Halloween costumes help you get some ideas?

In the slide show above, you can see photos which "real people" have sent in to the website. Aren't they cute? Many of the costumes shown will be some of the very same costumes which you've thought about while reading this page. Hopefully, by now you've got some ideas brewing!

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