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Children make the Christmas holidays an especially meaningful time of year. What's more, people who have never owned a camera in their entire lives suddenly become dedicated shutterbugs once they have children in the house. Baby's First Christmas is photographed with the intensity of a breaking news story for CNN...or even MORE so! On this page, you'll see all the cute, sweet, funny...and even zany...children's entries into our 2010 Christmas Photo Contest. All photos are arranged in alphabetical order, so no favoritism is implied by the position of any picture within the slide shows below.

More fun Christmas photos: When you're finished viewing the entries on this page, you may wish to look at all the adorable pet contestants in this contest. You can see them on the Pet contest pictures page. Adult and Teen entries: Believe it or not, it took 3 entire pages to post all of the 2010 entries! You may also like to see the Adult & Teen Christmas Contest Entries which were submitted into the 2010 contest.

Who won the Christmas contest? You may check out the winner's photos on our Christmas Contest Information page.

Category: The Cute Children's Costumes of Christmas

In the slide show above, you're viewing the adorable kids and babies Christmas costumes which were entered into our current holiday photo contest. Every single one of them look precious, don't they!

What kinds of kids costumes are popular at Christmas time? As you can tell from the costume pictures above, Santa Claus (and Miss Claus) are always-popular holiday costumes. In the photos above, you'll also enjoy viewing adorable elf costumes, a feathery angel dress, cute reindeer costumes, a fluffy snowman, and others.

Category: "...and I in My Cap"

As you can tell by the many pictures of kids in Santa Claus caps which were entered into this contest, there's a quick and easy way to add an air of festivity to your Christmas celebrations----just add a hat!

A Santa hat, with its furry white trim and fluffy tassel at the end, makes every smile seem brighter, every outfit seem like special holiday clothing, and every picture ooze with charm. Aren't these babies and children so cute in their sweet Santa caps?

Category: The Special Clothing of Christmas

Many people feel that getting special clothing to wear for their holiday celebrations is a must-do part of the Christmas season. Some choose dressy outfits for very special dinners and parties...knowing that they'll take photographs which will last for a lifetime while they're wearing their special dress-up clothing. Others go in for more casual wear that brings joy and festivity to otherwise ordinary days of the holiday season.

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of kids in their special Christmas clothes which have been entered into the current contest. Don't these children look wonderful in them?

Category: The Faces of Christmas

During the Christmas season, there doesn't need to be a special reason to bring out the camera---every single day, children become captivated with holiday decorations, tree lights, ornaments, presents, and many more facets of modern-day Christmas celebrations that are completely new to them. When their little faces light up...we reach for our cameras and click away!

In the Faces of Christmas slide show above, you'll see some of the many highly-expressive children's faces which have been entered into this year's contest.

Category: Kids 'n Family

All families enjoy their own special moments at Christmas time. Families with young children in the house have no shortage at all of special times & magical moments. In the Kids 'N Family slide show above, you're viewing some special family moments which our contestants have enjoyed during this past Christmas season.

Category: The Magical Glow of Christmas

What's a Christmas tree without beautiful, shining lights that glow so brightly and add a special warmth to your living room? Children find Christmas lights especially fascinating, and as you can tell from the photos above, they love to stare with enchantment at the colorful lights on the family tree. We had so many pictures of kids & Christmas lights entered this year, that there were enough to make an entire, separate category of these photos!

Note: Our website,, does NOT recommend that you wrap Christmas lights around your children or pets unless you have carefully studied the package directions and they specifically state that it's safe to do so. Most Christmas lights do not make safety guarantees. If you want to be absolutely safe with your beloved children & pets, it's always best to stick to simply gazing at the lovely lights.

Category: The Santa Visits of Christmas

If you did not get a chance to see the "Santa Visits" slide shows on the main Christmas Contest page, here they are again. There were so many Santa Visit photos entered that it takes 2 entire slide shows to display all of them!

Below, you'll find the second set of slides:

As you can tell from some of these pictures, not every Santa visit turned out very well! In other photos, it seems as if the children are indeed fascinated by Santa Claus...and telling him their secret wishes!

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