Christmas Angel Costumes

A beautiful angel costume will enhance your local pageant or home celebration!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of infant's, children's, women's and pet angel costumes from Whether or not you plan to sew or purchase your Christmas angel costume this year, you can get some great ideas about what's available from viewing the slides.

Of course, with over 15,000 costumes, accessories and props, the photos of angel costumes above are only a portion of what this huge online costume company has to offer. If you'd like to view everything that's available, here's a link to the Christmas Angel Costume section of the website. Or, if you'd like to view a different type of costume, simply type what you're looking for into the Costume Search Box below:

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Sewing or buying a Christmas Angel Costume?

Which is the better choice?

Picture: Doggie Angel Costume...too cute for words!

Will you be sewing or buying a baby, child or adult angel costume?

What are the "pro's and con's?

When you buy, you'll have your costume much quicker than if you sew. You simply see the costume you want, and either pick it up at your local costume shop, or order it online. (For help in finding a costume shop in Southern California, please see the Year-Round Costume Stores page of this site.)

Sometimes, your costume will be less expensive if you purchase it. Especially if you're looking for a lower-end costume that won't be worn too many times, by the time you pay for a pattern, notions, and fabric, you'll have a hard time competing, price-wise, with a costume manufacturer that has bought all of these items in-bulk.

On the other hand, sewing your angel costume can be preferable if---

1.) Your body isn't the "one size fits all" type. Most costumes come in very few sizes...but, if you sew, there isn't a limit on the size you can make, if you choose the right pattern.

2.) You want a durable, long-lasting costume: To buy a high-end costume, you'll pay for that quality. If you want an angel costume that can appear in multiple Christmas pageants year after year, you may want to sew it yourself so that you can pick a high-quality fabric that you know will wear well.

3.) Personal satisfaction: Christmas time brings out the crafts-lover in many people...and what could be more satisfying than seeing your own creation "in action?"

Photo note: The cute Doggie Angel pictured to your right was contributed by Jennifer Lee from New York. What a cute Westie---who certainly IS an angel!

Infant, child and adult Angel Costume sewing patterns

Here are some good pattern choices available this year

Picture: Little angel girl stares enchantedly at a manger scene; submitted by reader Christy Elmore of Virginia


Here's a selection of patterns you'll find when you head to your local sewing store or browse at a pattern company's website---

1.) Simplicity Angel Pattern 2506 fits babies, toddlers and preschoolers to size 4. This one-piece jumpsuit would be suitable for angelic little boys as well as girls, since it features separate pant legs instead of a dress. The package also includes the pattern piece for a halo, but the angel's wings shown in the cover picture must be purchased on your own and added to the costume.

2.) Simplicity infant angel pattern #2524 fits babies size XS through L (about age 2.) This is an angel pattern which, at first glance, appears to be a dress. However, it's actually a pinafore worn over a long-sleeve shirt and gathered pants with sewn-in feet. The costume includes a pattern for angel's wings. Both the angel costumes and wings feature gold trim.

Photo note: The cute little angel girl staring enchantedly at her home's manger scene (above) was submitted by reader Christy Elmore of Virginia. Without words, this simple unrehearsed scene conveys a heartwarming feeling.

Girl's Angel Costume Patterns

Picture: Girl's angel costume in a Christmas pageant; submitted by Valerie Ford of New York

Photo note: Valerie Ford of New York submitted her daughter's sweet picture (right) as she plays the part of an angel in her local Christmas pageant.

1.) A nice "traditional" Angel pattern for girls size 2-12 is Simplicity girl's angel pattern #2845. This floor-length gown features long, wide sleeves, gold purchased trim & cord belt, and golden angel's wings (wing pattern included.) You won't have to insert a zipper, because a stretchy, elastic neckline makes this dress easy to put on over the head. The angel's wings are "no-sew," being made of gold-colored poster board and wire, instead of fabric. To create a mother-daughter angel pair, Mom can make herself Simplicity Misses angel pattern #2847 which comes in sizes 6 thru 20. (See the Women's Angel Costumes section below for details.)

2.) An easy traditional angel costume that features only 4 main pieces is McCall's Quick And Easy costume pattern M5729. This floor-length angel costume is very plain. Purchased trim is added to the bottom of its wide, wrist-length sleeves and is also used as the costume's belt...and these 2 things are the only ornamentation on the otherwise plain, white outfit. No need to sew in sleeves; they're cut out along with the main costume panels. No need to put in a zipper either; the neck closes with a hook & eye.

3.) An elegant angel pattern for girls sizes 3 thru 14 is Simplicity girl's angel pattern #2861. Plush fabric is suggested to be used, which perfectly complements the feathery trim around the long skirt, cape and halo. The floor-length dress also features a slit to the knee for visual interest. Though this is a great angel pattern, you'll have to purchase your wings at a costume store, because a wing pattern isn't included.

4.) McCall's also has an elegant girl's angel costume, McCall's costume pattern M5496. This floor-length dress features sheer sleeves and a fabric belt. Maribou feather trim is placed at the sleeve hems and used for the halo. A pattern for angel's wings comes included. This costume fits young girls size 2-8.

Women's Angel Costume Patterns

Picture: Girl's blue angel costume with pink, feathery wings; submitted by reader Christy Anthony from Pennsylvania

1.) Traditional angel costume: Simplicity angel costume pattern #4795 comes in sizes XS thru XL (approximately sizes 6 thru 20.) This traditional-looking angel costume features a floor-length dress and long, bell sleeves. Beautiful gold trim and a gold chord belt (purchased) are elegant accents to this outfit. A no-sew pattern for angel's wings made from golden poster board is included in the package.

2.) Elegant Angel costume: This pattern is now out-of-print, but it creates a beautiful angel costume; you can still find it on Ebay and other internet sources such as Amazon or various crafts sites. Simplicity women's angel pattern #2864 for Misses size 6 thru 20, is a very elegant Angel costume. This caped angel costume features a floor-length dress with a slit to the knee. Both the cape and the dress feature plush feather trim around the hemline. The pattern gives details for making a feathery halo, too; but, you'll have to purchase your own pair of angel's wings from a costume shop, since a wing pattern isn't included.

3.) Plus-size only costume: While I doubt that real angels are concerned with one-upmanship, you'll nevertheless be the most elegant angel in the room if you sew Simplicity's costume pattern #2818, which fits women's sizes 18-32. This floor-length outfit is decorated with purchased golden trim AND fluffy white feather trim, which give the outfit its stunning look. You'll start by making a simple, white sheath dress to wear as a base. The decorated angel's robe is worn on top and tied into place by purchased golden rope or braid. You'll need to purchase angel's wings and a halo from a costume shop to complete the look, as these patterns are not included. But despite this drawback, it's still one heck of a good angel's costume!

Photo note: Christy Anthony from Pennsylvania submitted the cute picture of her daughter in a colorful angel costume (above.)

Men's Angel Costumes

While it's not exclusively for men, the Simplicity unisex angel costume pattern #4795 was designed to give men a costume that will fit their gender well, too. After all, men are angels, too--I doubt that you could convince the Angel Gabriel otherwise! This costume fits either men or women with a chest size between 30 and 48 inches. For men, leaving off the golden braid trim suggested in the pattern will help to give this costume a plainer, more masculine look.

Christmas Angel Costumes for Pets

Picture: Beautiful angel costumes for dogs can be sewn or purchased, as this picture shows

You already know that your precious little pup is an absolute angel; now, everyone else can discover it, too! Let your little sweetie be the star of your holiday housewarming wearing a precious doggie angel outfit. Photo note: the darling Doggie Angel pictured to your left was contributed by Rose G. from Verdugo City, California. What a perfect costume for such an angelic sweetie!

Doggie Angel Wings costume: McCall's angel pattern for dogs M5502 is a simple costume...but that's just the kind Fido likes best! This angel costume for dogs features merely a set of lovely angel wings on a "bra" like costume that fits around the animal's chest. A dog-sized angel halo pattern comes included, and requires the extra purchase of several pipe cleaners. This economical pattern includes instructions for other costumes which will serve you for years to come, including a dog superman costume for macho doggie dudes, and doggie princess, butterfly and ballerina costumes for the little ladies.

If you have a purchased halo and pair of wings, then a number of patterns can be sewn in white to make a dog angel's gown/dress/robe. An easy pattern to sew makes a cape-like outfit which will suggest an angel when sewn in white. (It can be made fancier-looking by using a luxurious fabric like brocade or velvet, and given a feathery trim.) It's Simplicity dog pattern 9520. Other things you can make with this pet costume pattern include a raincoat, a poncho and a T-shirt.

If you would prefer a full dress, including sleeves, then Simplicity dog pattern 3952 (if you make it in white) would be a good choice. Though not as easy to sew, you'll have a more traditional "full length" looking dress with this pattern, which can be made in satin or other high-quality fabric, with trim added around the waist and cuffs.

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