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Christmas Contest Photos!

For the Christmas 2010/January 2011 photo contest, we received over 400 entries! This was double the amount of entries that our site received last year...and the biggest Christmas contest we've had yet!

So, not ALL of the Christmas contest photos can be shown on this one page! After you've had a chance to enjoy viewing the entries here, there are two other pages of our contestant's entries which you may wish to explore. Here's where you'll find them:

Pet Photos: We had over 100 pet photo submissions in this year's Christmas contest...and it takes an entire page to show them off! You may see these adorable entries on our Christmas Contest Pet Photos page.

Children's Photos: Some of the kid's photo contest submissions can be found on this page. And, you may enjoy dozens more precious kid's Christmas pictures on our Christmas Contest Children's Photos page.

ARE YOU CURIOUS WHO WON THE 2010 CHRISTMAS CONTEST'S TOP PRIZES? Talk about a difficult contest to judge! It took our panel of judges nearly the entire month of January to reach their decisions because so many of the entries were extraordinarily good! Here's our Christmas Photo Contest info page where you can see pictures of the top winners this past year.

Category: Teen & Adult Christmas Contest Entries

If you've only seen our other Christmas Photo Contest entry pages, you may have come away with the idea that our contestants think that the holidays are only for kids & pets! But, as you'll see in the slide show above, our teen & adult contestants have every bit as much fun preparing for the Christmas season!

Category: The Activities of Christmas

As you surely know already, Christmas is a holiday with many types of special activities you may enjoy with your friends and family. In the slide show above, you may witness how some of our contestants enjoyed the holiday season.

Some contestants enjoyed special activities around the house, including baking, eating Christmas goodies and building a snowman. Other contestants enjoyed fun community activities, such as parades, fireworks displays, singing with a choir, Christmas puppet theaters and ice skating shows!

Category: Cute frowns and pouts

Christmas is an exciting time of year, to be sure...but sometimes kids feel like it's just too long to wait for Santa Claus. Or, that they just can't endure another photo shoot trying to capture the perfect image for the family Christmas card. For whatever the reason, children may worry, frown or pout at Christmas time...and sometimes the results are just too cute!

Category: The Artistry of Christmas

The Christmas holidays tend to turn home photographers into avid shutterbugs! What better time of year to take pictures? Sometimes, the many interesting photo ops of Christmas bring out the artist in people...as you can tell by viewing the pics in the slide show above.

Double Category: The Decorations of Christmas

There are hundreds of different ways to decorate for Christmas, everything from house lights to tree lights; from festive baked goods to ornate Christmas crafts...and more. So many of our contestants sent in pictures of various decorations and winter scenery, that it takes two slide shows to display all of them!

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