2010 Christmas Contest Winners

Here are the top prize winners:

In the slide show above, you're viewing our Christmas Contest's Grand Prize thru 5th Place winners. We've already mentioned their names on the main Christmas Contest page, so if you miss seeing the list, you'll find that info on our 2010 Christmas Contest page.

There are many more fabulous pictures which were entered into this year's contest, as you'll see when you view our "Best of Category" winners below. Just keep scrolling down this page, and you'll see some very beautiful Christmas shots taken by our contestants, who come from all parts of the USA and Canada. There is truly Christmas beauty everywhere...and our contestants really know how to find it!

"Best of Category" prizes in the Pets categories

In the slide show above, you're viewing the Pet Winners in our 2010 Christmas Contest! The following categories are represented in the pictures above: The Cute Kitties of Christmas; Pets and People; the Darling Doggies of Christmas; and Christmas Pet Costumes (which was a double-sized category because it had twice the entries of any other group!)

If you'd like to see ALL of our 2010 Pet Entries, you'll be treated to pictures of some of the cutest furry friends anywhere. You'll find those photos on our Cute Pet Entries page.

"Best of Category" prizes in the Kid's categories

In the slide show above, you're viewing the Children's "Best of Category" Winners in this year's Christmas Contest! The following categories are represented in the pictures above: Santa Visits (which was a double-sized category because it had twice the entries of any other children's group group); The Costumes of Christmas; Santa Hats; the Special Clothing of Christmas; the Faces of Christmas; Kids 'n Family; and the Magical Glow of Christmas.

If you'd like to enjoy viewing all of the wonderful children's entries this year, you'll see those cute photos on our Cute Kid's Christmas Entries page.

"Best of Category" prizes in the All-Ages categories

In the slide show above, you're viewing the All-Ages "Best of Category" Winners in this year's Christmas Contest! The following categories are represented in the pictures above: Cute Frowns, Pouts and Bloopers; the Artistry of Christmas; the Activities of Christmas; Adult and Teen entries; and Christmas Decorations (which was a double-sized category because it had twice the entries of any other all-ages group group!)

If you'd like to enjoy more of our contestant's All-Ages Entries, you'll find the rest of this year's fabulous pictures on our Christmas Contest Photos page.

2009 Christmas Contest Winners

Here are 2009's top prize winners!

In the slide show above, you're viewing the top prize-winning photos from the 2009 Christmas contest. On the rest of this page, you can view still MORE beautiful winners from last year's contest. (For contest dates & guidelines, please see our Christmas Photo Contest page. Note: USA and Canadian entries are accepted into this contest.)

Here are the names of the contest's top prize winners!

Our Grand Prize winner for 2009 was Kerri Haycook of Florida. What a heart-melting photo of her children sharing the warmth and love of the Christmas season with a hug! Kerri wins the $100 prize for this very touching entry.

Winning 2nd place in the contest is Jennifer Tracy of Arkansas. Jennifer's quick thinking captured the image of her friend's daughter peeking out the window trying to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus on his way. Jennifer wins a $75 prize for this charming photo of a child's sweet innocence and belief.

Four different photos tied for 3rd place! The 2009 third place winners include-- Kat Harris of Tennessee, for her very artistic shot of "Santa caught taking a break." Fabian Lozano of Texas was photographing a rare event--snow in Houston! His son was delighted at being able to make his first snowman...and Fabian caught quickly captured his son's joy with a snapshot!

Bonnie & Beth Abelew of New York win with a fun wintry scene they created for their doggies...complete with homemade costumes, as well! And, Melissa Andrews of Ontario, Canada with her cute Baby Santa photo. Her newborn was one of the youngest contestants in the contest!

More Christmas contest winners!

Children's Categories, Part 1

In the slides above, you're viewing pictures of contest winners in the "Faces of Christmas," the "Special Moments of Christmas" and the "Humor of Christmas" categories. Here are the names of our winners in these 3 contest categories:

THE FACES OF CHRISTMAS--- People's faces reflects so much about them...and in this category, you'll see expressions of happiness, joy, wonder, and awe. In other words, all the fun & emotions associated with the holiday season! This was a "double catetory" which is twice as large as the single categories. Therefore, this category had 2 winners and 4 runners-up.

Angela Cuocci of Maryland captured one of the winner's prizes by taking this sweet picture of her daughter (for a special Christmas card to Dad.) Nicole Hornett of Alberta, Canada also receives a winner's prize in the Faces of Christmas category with her son's heart-melting "first Christmas" picture. Runners up in this category were: Tina Emery of Colorado with her baby girl's smiling Santa Hat photo; Shawn Bashary of California with her son's sweet picture relaxing under the Christmas tree; Lori Boggetti of Pennsylvania for taking a photo which captures the joy of Christmas shown in the faces of her two young sons; and Tara Nelson of Missouri for her daughter's happy Christmas picture with her beloved doggie.

THE SPECIAL MOMENTS OF CHRISTMAS--- The Christmas season is filled with special times for families. Memories are made that can last a lifetime. Children face new experiences, families feel more love, and people act in more generous and charitable ways. In the touching photos that were submitted to this contest, we can see how these families made fond and lasting memories during the 2009 holiday season.

There were two winners in this double-sized category. Laurie Heath of California charmed the judges with her children's heartwarming picture of sibling love. Jennifer McGuire of Oklahoma captured the other winner's spot. She describes her beautiful picture saying, "My husband and son spent a whole day setting up this vintage Lionel Train around our tree. It was so special getting to see our 2-year-old watch the magic unfold." Runners up in the Special Moments of Christmas category were: Eileen Fiore of Rhode Island with her sweet picture of brotherly love; Melissa Jensen of Wisconsin, who sent a touching photo of her two children sharing special moments at the piano; Melanie Conner of Georgia, for the very special picture of her boys playing together by the Christmas tree; and Chris Gardiner of Ontario, Canada for submitting the bittersweet photo of a child's first Christmas after a tragic loss.

THE HUMOR OF CHRISTMAS--- Tamara Thomas is the winner of this category with her sweet-yet-funny picture of her son stealing Santa's cookies and milk! Runner-up Renee Whalberg of Minnesota gave all the judges a good laugh with her over-the-top "cat hates Santa" picture! And Joanne Winter of New York also gave the judges a giggle with the picture of her son proving he's NOT too proud to beg Santa for his favorite gift!

More Christmas contest winners!

Children's Categories, Part 1

In this slide show, you're viewing 2009 winners in the following categories: Santa Visits, Special Clothing of Christmas, Christmas Costumes and Newborns.

THE SANTA VISITS OF CHRISTMAS: What would Christmas with children be without a visit to see Santa Claus? Patrick Nowlen of Florida sent in the winning photo in this category; his daughter seems to be thinking hard about what gift she wants to request! 3 photos tied for the runner-up spots in this category. Lindsey Rueter of Arkansas entered a very lovely photo of her baby's first visit with Santa. Christi Williams of Florida sent her daughter's photo showing the girl's obvious enchantment with Santa. And Barbara Dolan of New Jersey sent her daughter's picture showing us the deep and unfeigned love this little girl has for Santa Claus!

THE SPECIAL CLOTHING OF CHRISTMAS: A number of our contestants dressed up in their holiday finery for Christmas--enough, in fact, to make a category! Kelly Hunter of California wins the Special Clothing category. Her little girl's picture looks so sweet...and her outfit is simply stunning, as well. Runners up in this category are Russell Hale of North Carolina for his daughter's adorable picture, posing in the mirror wearing her velvety dress and Santa hat; and Marlana Harvey of Ohio, who submitted the precious picture of her baby girl...wearing her very first Christmas dress.

THE COSTUMES OF CHRISTMAS: Joan Easterling of Mississippi won this year's "Costumes of Christmas" category with the photo of her adorable 16 month old son in his colorful elf costume. Runners up in this category were Sam Kaul whose infant son dressed as Santa looked simply heart-melting posed in the family's 200-year-old rocking chair; and Toni Campo of New York, whose little girl with a huge smile makes such an enchanting Miss Claus.

THE NEWBORNS OF CHRISTMAS: Sarah Torres of Illinois won the Precious Newborns of Christmas category with her sweet baby Santa picture. Runners up in this category are LynnEl Springer of Illinois, who shot this adorable Miss Claus photo of her newborn granddaughter; and Nicole Andra of Utah, whose twin bundles of joy looked so cute posed in their elegant Christmas stockings.

Decorations and Artistry Winners

Winning the Decorations of Christmas category this year are Marc and Deb Hansen of Nebraska. Marc and Deb add to their community's Christmas spirit every year with their home's light show featuring over 60,000 bulbs total...and a seasonal soundtrack of music computerized to synchronize with the movement of the lighting display, as well!

Jay Peterson, a runner-up in this category, also puts on a handsome light show for his neighbors. His gorgeous decorations surely attract visitors from far beyond his local area. Gale Burghart, the other runner-up in this category, is also certainly well-known around her Kansas neighborhood for her stunning Nativity decorations.

THE ARTISTRY OF CHRISTMAS: A new addition to the 2009 Christmas Contest was the "Artistry of Christmas" category. These contestants entered photographs of unique subjects, made special use of lighting, or noticed unusual opportunities for shots among the details of holiday decorations and settings.

Winner of the Artistry category is Vicky Barber of Tennessee, who cleverly caught the reflection of Santa Claus in a shiny ornament on her Christmas tree. There was a 3-way tie for the runner-up positions. These spots were won by Joseph Prato of Maryland, who captured his son blowing out a candle for Santa; by Nicole Hiltibran of California with her clever and unusual "bicycle with poinsettias" picture; and by Kevin Tanguay of New Hampshire, whose night shot of his Jack Russell terrier looking out the window made for a beautiful nighttime scene.

2009 Pet Winners in the Christmas Contest

For the 2009 Christmas photo contest, there were so many adorable pets entered that it made up a triple-sized category! (Therefore, there were 3 pet category winners.) Some of our cutest contestants were furry little fellows!

The 3 winners of the extra-large Pets of Christmas category are: Lauren Blackstock of Georgia with her gorgeous Christmas card photo...and the eyes of all 4 doggies are on the camera! Paul Capello of Massachusetts also won with his well-loved Neapolitan Mastiff puppy's adorable Santa Hat pose. Melanie Garrety is our 3rd winner with her sleek Bengal cat's lovely pose.

Runners up in the Pets category include the following entries: Danielle Corey with her adorable new puppy bedecked in his Santa cap and sitting in a ribboned package under the tree. Marianne Mills quick-thinking photo as she caught the humorous sight of her pet ferret checking out the ferret ornament on the Christmas tree! Gary Guernsey of Utah, for his whimsical kitten's picture; exclaims Gary, "We have a new kitten that we can not keep out of the Christmas Tree!"

Other runners up in the Pets of Christmas category are: Denise Jay of British Columbia, Canada for her adorable Corgi named Klaus...all dressed up as Santa Claus. Scott Shimmin for his fluffy white Golden Retriever puppy's picture arranged among his favorite Christmas toys. And, Jennifer Gaddis of Florida for her Boston Terrier's sweet Christmas picture.

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