Christmas Pet Costumes, Clothing,

and other cute holiday pet photos!

What a large Christmas Photo Contest this turned out to be! In 2010, over 400 entries were submitted, about double last year's total.

And happily, about 100 pet entries were a part of those submissions! Pet doggies, kitties and other animals look adorable ALL of the time, of course....but they look especially cute at Christmas time. Some dress up as kitty Santas or doggie elves. Others pose by the Christmas tree...or even sit on Santa's lap!

In the 2010 Christmas contest entries below, you'll enjoy viewing this year's entries that feature cute, sweet...and even dogs, cats, and even a few other types of animals, too!

More contest pictures: When you're finished viewing the cute pet pictures, you may wish to enjoy some of the adorable kid's photos which have been entered. Here's a link to the cute Children's Contest Photos page, if you're curious. AND, you also might enjoy viewing our Adult and Teen Christmas Photo Entries, as well.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE OUR CHRISTMAS CONTEST WINNERS? You'll find pictures of the winning photographs on our Christmas Photo Contest rules and information page. Check 'em out!

Category: Cute Pet Christmas Costumes, part 1

In the slide show above, you're viewing adorable pets in their Christmas costumes! As you can see, there are doggie Santa Claus suits, elf costumes for pets, and reindeer costumes worn by dogs...and even horses! Aren't they so cute?

There were so many pets who got into the holiday mood by wearing Christmas costumes, that there's an entire second slide show of pet costumes just below.

Category: Cute Pet Christmas Costumes, part 2

Here are still MORE sweet pets whose Christmas costume pictures have been entered into the contest. There was plenty of holiday spirit during the 2010 Christmas season, as you can tell. How precious they look!

Category: The Darling Doggies of Christmas

In the slide show above, you're viewing adorable dogs whose photos were entered into this Christmas contest. This category includes both doggies who are wearing special dress-up Christmas clothing or winter-wear, and those who have been photographed with holiday and winter scenes in the background.

Category: Pets and People

In the slide show above, you're viewing adorable pets as they interact with the people they love during the holiday season. Aren't they simply heart-melting?

Category: The Cute Kitties of Christmas

In the slide show above, you're viewing beautiful, velvety pet cats that seem to be enjoying the holiday season just as much as their human friends do! This is the first year we've had enough pet cats entered to have a category all to themselves...and we hope this trend continues!

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