Christmas Photo Contest!

In the slide show above, you're viewing the very lovely top prize-winning photos from our 2010 Christmas contest! The winners for our 2010 Christmas Contest have just been announced by our panel of judges...and their pictures are in the process of being posted! (To view ALL of the 2010 winners, please see our 2010 Christmas Contest Winners page.) Unfortunately, there will be no 2011 Christmas Contest. We hope to be able to start up our site's contests at a future date, but at this point, it's uncertain if that will be possible.

These are the top 2010 prize-winners

whose pictures you see in the slide show above!

The 2010 Christmas Contest was our biggest one yet---400 photos were entered, and most of them were absolutely wonderful shots! It was very difficult for the judges to make eliminations. In fact, it took nearly the entire month of January for the judges to think, deliberate, discuss...and sometimes even come up with this year's list of winners. You can see the winners of the top 5 prizes in the slide show above. And, there are plenty more winners in this contest, too! If you'd like to see all of the "Best of Category" winners, you'll find them on our Christmas Contest Winners page.

This year's Grand Prize Winner is Brooke Bilobrk from Windermere, Florida! Brooke's son certainly seems to have had the Santa visit of a lifetime; his astonished expression, along with the colorful and cozy setting completely won over the judges. Brooke says, "No one is really sure what Santa whispered in his ear, but it certainly got a reaction from our surprised little 4-year-old." How lucky that the proud parents were standing by with a camera to catch this amazing shot!

Stephanie Guinn of Spring, Texas is this year's 2nd Place Winner. She wanted to create a cute Christmas scene...and the opportunity presented itself when her youngest child fell asleep in her bed. Her 3 triplets joined the little fellow and pretended to be asleep, too, for this shot. Stephanie calls the picture, "The children were nestled all snug in their beds (while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.)" This cute shot certainly DOES look like a scene straight out of the famous "Night Before Christmas" poem!

The judges announced a tie for 3rd place, with two equally wonderful pictures sharing the spotlight. Dana Lussier from Alberta, Canada submitted a lovely shot depicting a family tradition: drinking tea by the Christmas tree at Grandma's house. This very artistic pose features Dana's family member ready to take a sip of tea...while the beautiful glow of tree lights lends a magical aura to the scene. Also in 3rd place is Taylor Johnson of Atlanta, Georgia whose adorable Westie looks heart-meltingly cute in his reindeer costume. As he sits by the tree with his Christmas toys, he looks just too precious for words.

In 4th place is Maria Mahaffey from Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Her cute little son, all dressed up in his special Christmas outfit, displays such a sweet expression. He exemplifies the innocence and wonder of childhood as he shares cookies and milk with Santa Claus.

Our 5th place winner is Halle Keighton from Blacksburg, Virginia. Halle's cat seems totally mesmerized by the lights on the family Christmas tree. So completely immersed in the experience was the cat, that Halle was able to catch this scene at cat's-eye level without disturbing the special moment!

Here are just some of our 2010 Christmas Contest entries!

Category: The Cute Kitties of Christmas

In the slide show above, you're viewing cute Christmas pictures of cats that have been entered into the current Christmas contest.

We're so excited about this new contest category---this is the first year we've had enough kitty photos entered so that they could have a category all of their own! In honor of the occasion, The Cute Kitties of Christmas was the very first category of photos sent out to the judges...and the first category to be displayed to our readers, as well. In fact, there's only one problem with this new category: ALL of the sweet kitties are too adorable to possibly pick a winner! But...since there MUST be a winner, the judges will have an extremely tough time deciding which of these velvety beauties will capture the prize.

STILL MORE pet pictures were entered by this year's contestants--- in fact, we received over 100 pet pictures! That's 1/4th of the contest entries this year! There were so many cute pet pictures that it takes 5 slide shows to display them all. You can check out ALL of this year's adorable pet entries on the Christmas Pet Photos page of this site.

Children's Christmas Pictures

Category: Santa Visits

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of cute Christmas visits with Santa Claus that have been taken by adoring parents this past holiday season. There's certainly lots of tradition represented here; what parent hasn't taken the kids to see Santa? In fact, so many parents entered Santa pictures this year (nearly 50 of them!)that they make up over 1/10th of the pictures entered this year.

In the slide show below, you'll see the rest of the contest's cute, funny & sweet Santa Visit pictures---

Many MORE children's Christmas pictures have been entered into this contest! You can view more of the kid's Christmas entries on the Children's Christmas Costumes, special clothing & other kid's categories page of this site.

Still MORE Christmas Photo entries!

Category: Teen & Adult contest entries

Pet owners and parents aren't the ONLY people who love clicking away at their cameras during the holiday season. Above, you're viewing the terrific adult & teen entries of families & friends at Christmas time.

But, there are still MORE categories of photos you haven't seen yet...including artistic shots, decorations, and Christmas activities, as well.

You may enjoy viewing still more of our contestant's entries on the Christmas Contest Photos page of this site!

Guidelines & Info for the 2010 Christmas Photo Contest!

2010 Prizes for the Christmas Photo Contest

Will there be prizes for the Christmas contest? Of course!

There will be a Grand Prize of $125 for the best entry, regardless of its category of submission. The 2nd Place Prize will win $100. And, there will be a 3rd Place Prize, which will win $75. NEW! This year, there will be 4th and 5th place winners. Both of them will win $50 each.

Category winners will receive $35 prizes. Honorable Mention prizes of $25 will go to the runners-up in each of the contest's categories.

For a listing of the contest's categories, please see the next section of this page.

Christmas Contest Categories

Here's a more detailed description of this contest's categories

Picture: Cute boy's Christmas Elf costume...a prize-winner in the 2008 contest! Submitted by Paula Mbonda of Canada

Submissions to last year's Christmas Photo Contest were grouped into the following categories:

1.) The Faces of Christmas category showcases the reaction of babies, children, adults...and even the holiday events around them. Some faces exhibit awe; others, curiosity. Some are funny! But all are insightful into the way we North Americans celebrate the Christmas season.

2.) The Decorations of Christmas category showcases the beautiful Christmas trees, lights, wreaths and other decorations which our contestants have used to adorn their homes and yards.

3.) The Costumes of Christmas category highlights the cute, whimsical and inspirational costumes that our contestants, their children and their pets have worn to make the holiday season a bit brighter for all who see them.

4.) The Newborns of Christmas, a category which had so many entries in 2009 that it was able to have its own category!

5.) The Artistry of Christmas features very artistic shots, including unusual viewpoints, unique lighting, etc.

6.) The Humor of Christmas features rib-tickling photos that will get you grinning.

7.) The Santa Visits of Christmas, the smiles...and the frowns!

8.) The Special Clothing of Christmas, featuring our contestants showing off their holiday finery

9.) The Special Moments of Christmas, depicting the love, joy, tenderness and warmth that glows especially strongly in our hearts & homes during the holiday season

10.) The Pets of Christmas, showing how our adorable furry friends help to make the season especially bright for us.

Because the types of photos entered into the contest may be different from year to year, the same categories that we had in the 2009 contest may OR MAY NOT be the same in 2010 (based on the types of photos that are entered into the contest.)

2010 Christmas Contest Rules

Picture: Dog Santa costume in a cute holiday setting; sent in by Beth and Bonnie Abelew of New York

1.) Contest Dates: The 2010 Christmas Photo Contest was opened for submission on Thursday, November 25th (Thanksgiving Day), 2010. The last day to register for the Christmas Contest will be January 3, 2010. All registered photos must be received by Tuesday, January 5th. Contest judging will begin on January 7, 2011. Hopefully, the panel of judges will have the contest's winners selected within 2 week's time...but selecting a winner is difficult, and it may take as long as 3 weeks (as it did during the 2009 competition.)

2.) Eligibility for the Christmas Contest: The Christmas contest is open to US and Canadian readers age 13 and above (void where prohibited or regulated in your locality.) Photos must be taken by the contestant. This contest is free to enter, and no purchase of products advertised on this website (such as costumes) is necessary.

3.) Number of entries: You may enter pictures of 3 different costumes, people, pets or decorations. However, you may also send in additional "detail shots" for the judges to see. Especially if you're entering a picture of yard decorations, adding additional shots will help the judges to see the individual components better.

4.) Judging will be based on the following qualities: Aesthetics of the costumes & decorations (eg. how cute or attractive is the photo?); originality; clarity of the photo; appropriateness to a family-oriented website.

5.) Awarding the prizes: Following the announcement of winners in late January, 2011, the winning contestants will be emailed. At that time, winners will need to submit their mailing addresses (in order that their checks may be sent to them.)

Christmas Contest panel of guest judges

Picture: Doggie Santa costume--so cute! Sent in by Janice Lee Mitchell of Georgia The panel of judges for the 2010 Christmas Photo Contest has been finalized. In fact, they're the same panel of judges that served last year. Here is a list of this year's judges--

1.) Renee Lauren, Modeling Specialist: Renee' Lauren has been in the modeling industry for l5 years working with a top NY agency. She is the author of the "Let's Model" modeling guide, and runs the website. Child Models Advice is a fun, safe place for your child on the web, and includes information on fashion, modeling, health and fitness. Parents may be interested to know that Renee's website hosts a monthly Child Model contest.

2.) Sue Koranki, Pet Specialist: Sue has been a long-time pet lover, and now runs the fun & informative website, Is Sue familiar with cute puppies? You bet! In the process of administering her site's "Pup of the Month" photo competition, she's seen hundreds of adorable four-footed darlings! Whether you're looking for puppy information (health, feeding, naming, training, etc), or would simply like to enter one of her fun contests, The Puppy Dog Place will keep you "in the know" about the needs of your canine friends.

3.) Kelli and Greta Gaylor, Crafts Specialist: Kelli and Greta are our Christmas Contest judge whose artistic flair and life-long enthusiasm for crafts projects has led them to develop a website on the topic, aptly called If you love crafts, you'll certainly want to check out her fun-filled site. You'll discover the cutest projects---all of them illustrated with photos so that you're sure to have success! Be sure to check out Kelli's site if you need some good ideas for fun, free designs...and return for Valentine's Day, Halloween and other holidays. Something brand-new on this cute site is a section for beautiful wedding craft projects. Will you be heading down the aisle soon? Be sure to check out the Wedding Craft Ideas section for lovely make-it-yourself invitations and decorations you can whip up to personalize your very special day so it will be like no other wedding, before or after!

Note: Thanks again to Thor Brisbin from and Julie Borel from who helped judge this contest in 2008.

2010 Christmas Contest Submission Form:

The submission period for the 2010 Christmas photo contest has now ended!

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