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Christmas at Knotts Berry Farm, pt. 2...

...and Knott's Berry Farm's New Year's Eve party info!

In the slide show above, you're viewing beautiful Christmas lighting displays at Knott's Berry Farm that you'll enjoy during Knott's Merry Farm & New Year's Eve events. Knott's Park is full of holiday fun. See pics & discover more info on this page (and our Knott's Christmas Part 1 page, too!)

Cartoon picture of Snoopy sitting in a Christmas stocking Knotts Berry Farm's Christmas celebration runs from Thanksgiving Day, 2013 until January 5, 2014! And in addition, Knott's Berry Farm will ring in 2014 with a giant New Year's Eve Party on December 31st this year!

THIS YEAR'S EVENT WILL NOT BE CALLED "PRAISE CELEBRATION." For a number of years, the Knott's Berry Farm party on New Year's Eve was called the "Praise Celebration" and although the park was open to anyone who wanted to attend the bash, it was definitely a Christian event. In recent years, the party has become less oriented to a specific religion. However, the former Praise Celebration is still missed by those who enjoy Christian music and entertainment.

Cartoon picture of Snoopy laying down in a Christmas wreathThis change seems to signal that Knott's wants to draw a more diverse crowd to the park's annual New Year's Eve event. Parties in recent years have steered away from Christian entertainment...and so it seems that Knott's is charting a new course for future New Year's parties to be more inclusive. Nevertheless, the annual party continues to be an all-ages family event. This year, several family-style dance parties will be held...and a family-friendly comedian will be entertaining, as well.

You can enjoy Knott's New Year's Eve bash without ever participating in the entertainment at all, if you wish. Most of the park's major rides will be open, as well as many stores and most restaurants and snack bars. You can scream the night away on your favorite roller coasters...and only take a quick break to ring in the New Year by watching the fireworks display, if you wish. (Be sure to bring a jacket with you...because by midnight it will get CHILLY!)

Knott's New Year's Eve party prices: The ticket price for the Knott's party this year is exactly the same as the park's one-day ticket price. This year, there is a "3 Day Advance Ticket" discount price, which is $37.99 online. There is also an online "last minute" price of $41.99 that's available if you don't make up your mind until the last minute. Or, for further money-saving ideas on Knott's Park tickets, please visit our Knott's Berry Farm Discount Tickets page.

What can you do at the Knott's New Year's Eve Party?

Seasons Greetings signs cover a building at Knotts Berry Farm; and they're made only out of lights and shadows! 1.) Most of the Knott's Berry Farm rides and attractions will be running. You can spend the evening enjoying them just as if it were a normal night at the park, if you don't like any of this year's entertainment...but most people choose to enjoy one or more of the park's special New Year's Eve activities.

2.) A second-by-second countdown will ring in New Year 2014. The show will be centered at the Calico Stage in the Old West section of the park...which will surely be jammed shoulder to shoulder this year, as always. The "Midnight Mayhem Fireworks Show" will also be a part of that celebration this year.

3.) Special Entertainment: Live entertainment is always a special highlight at Knott's New Years Eve parties. Several types of music are represented so that everyone will hopefully fine a style that they enjoy.

THERE IS A SURPRISE GUEST AT THIS YEAR'S EVENT! Are you a Disneyland-lover? And do you remember "Billy Hill and the Hillbillies?" They'll be preforming at the Knott's Berry Farm's New Year's Eve party to help you ring in 2014!

Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies is the new name of the group. So, WHY would Billy Hill & the Hillbillies be playing at Knotts? That's a good question. This funny and personable group has been cut from the list of entertainment at Disneyland Park, presumably as a cost-cutting measure. Now, they're free to play where they like...and so you'll see them at Knott's on New Year's Eve.

Dana Daniels, another Disneyland veteran, will stage a magic show in the Knott's "Boardwalk Ballroom." In addition, dances, DJ's, and other entertainment will be available at this year's party.

Knotts Silver Bullet Roller Coaster at night
OTHER INFO TO KNOW: Most stores and restaurants are open in the park. While the stores don't usually do a brisk business, some the restaurants stay quite you may encounter a line.

The weather gets quite cold at Knott's by the time the New Year arrives. Expect temperatures to fall to the lower 40's F....or even down into the upper 30's F. Jackets, hats,'ll be glad if you've brought them!

Regular parking lot rates apply. Knott's Berry Farm's parking lots remain open during the festivities. Regular parking rates of $15 apply. If you'd like directions to Knott's Berry Farm for this event, please visit our Knott's Berry Farm Address and Directions page.

Regular park hours for December 31st will be 10 am until 1 am (in the wee hours of New Year's morning.) Arrive whenever you like, then stay and play for as little or as long as you want! Knott's holiday events will continue through January 5, just in case you can't make it for New Year's Eve, you'll still have time to enjoy the park's "Knott's Merry Farm" attractions.

"Christmas at Knotts Berry Farm" Pictures

Beautiful pink sunset over the Knotts Berry Farm Christmas crafts festival The Christmas decorations in the Ghost Town section of Knotts Berry Farm are plentiful and lovely. In keeping with the atmosphere of this themed area---which features REAL antique buildings brought in from Old West ghost towns---an "old fashioned Christmas" is the theme of the decorating style.

Since Ghost Town is also the "home" of the Knotts Berry Farm Christmas Crafts Village (a large annual arts and crafts fair) you'll find the Ghost Town area buzzing with activity. Tables and stalls are added to every available space, and you may purchase hand-crafted items of all sorts and descriptions. You'll find Christmas decorations for your home; personalized items which you'll order specially made for the recipient of your gift; toys, clothing and accessories; home decor items; wood craft; and just about anything else you can think of which may be hand-crafted. And, as a special treat, you'll often get to see the crafts people at work making new items!

Strolling Christmas carolers at Knotts Berry Farm during the Christmas season Most of Ghost Town's vintage buildings sport Christmas wreaths, garlands, and other Christmas decorations. This section of the park looks beautiful and cozy.

Another way that the "old fashioned Christmas" atmosphere is maintained is by strolling Christmas carolers dressed in costumes from the 1800's.

This "a capella" group makes their rounds through Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town singing popular holiday carols...and gathering a small crowd everywhere they stop. You'll enjoy the fine musicianship of this quartet...who manage to stay perfectly on pitch, despite the lack of instruments to guide them.

Naturally, a number of guests enjoy taking photos with the costumed carolers after they sing---a request that the carolers are most pleased to oblige.

Santa Headquarters at Knotts Berry Farm sells cute Christmas decorations & gifts...and kids can greet Santa! Children love visiting Knott's Berry Farm's Santa Claus, whom you'll find tucked away in his cute, decorated Santa Set inside the Santa's Headquarters building within Ghost Town.

Adults will have fun visiting Santa's Headquarters, as well, though, because it's a wonderland of Christmas decorations (which you may buy to take home) and gifts. You'll find a cute selection of interesting seasonal items here that make for some great browsing...including the popular Santa Claus Snoopy stuffed animal, and other Peanuts Character plush toys. (Of course, the Peanuts store in Knott's Berry Farm's "Camp Snoopy" area AND the Snoopy Store just outside the Knotts main entrance are other great places to find the Snoopy Santa stuffed animal and many other Peanuts-character themed Christmas decorations.)

Ebeneezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit working hard on Christmas Eve One of the Christmas delights at Knotts Berry Farm is seeing a Christmas play at Ghost Town's Bird Cage Theater.

One of the 2 plays being presented is Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol, a traditional favorite.

You've undoubtedly seen at least several versions of "A Christmas Carol," since it's been made into movies several times, and into television specials, as well. No matter how many other versions you've seen, the Knotts version of "A Christmas Carol" won't disappoint you!

Ghost of Jacob Marley visits Ebenezer Scrooge

Working with few props (and in a theater that seems like it hasn't been updated since its original Wild West days,) these master actors re-create the familiar story of "A Christmas Carol" that seems so real you'll never miss the missing pieces of furniture and other props upon which the movies and TV specials depend.

Above, you see a picture of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Bob Crachit working hard in the counting house on Christmas Eve. Scrooge's nephew has come to wish his uncle a "Merry Christmas," and invite the old man to Christmas dinner. The now-famous phrase "Bah, humbug!" was Scrooge's reply to his warmly-given invitation.

Ebeneezer Scrooge becomes a changed man, bringing happiness to those who know him

In the photo to your right, you see that green stage lighting has been used to create an aura of mystery on-stage. This is the play's scene in which the ghost of Jacob Marley comes to warn Mr. Scrooge of the dangers of maintaining his hard and callous spirit...and announces the upcoming visit of the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future.

And, to your left, you see that, just as in the book and on television, Ebeneezer Scrooge has a changed heart by the end of the show...bringing happiness to those who know him.

The other play staged during the Knotts Berry Farm Christmas festivities is O. Henry's Gift of the Magi. You may have read the story or seen another version of this play in which a man and a woman each secretly sacrifice the possessions dearest to them in order to buy a Christmas present for the other.

Amidst enjoying the shopping and attractions at Knotts, it's a wonderful thing to be able to "take a break" by watching either of these 2 finely-acted presentations...and have your heart touched with the spirit of the season.

To see still MORE pictures of Knott's holiday fun, be sure to see the Knott's Berry Farm Christmas Events, part 1 page of this website.

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