A Club Libby Lu Makeover!

Discover what a Libby Lu hair and makeup session was like!

Club Libby Lu Makeover: Natali looks at her new Libby Du in the store's heart-shaped mirror

Sad news: All Club Libby Lu stores closed their doors in January, 2009---and this includes Club Libby Lu's Southern California locations. In other words, Club Libby Lu has completely gone out of business. Sigh! Why did this have to happen to one of the fun-most stores around?

Though the Club Libby Lu stores have closed, this page will not be taken down. It will remain on the Family-Vacation-Getaways.com website as a remembrance of the fun times we've all had at Club Libby Lu in the past. AND, Club Libby Lu items will continue to be sold on Ebay (the auction website) whenever they're available. (See the end of this page for info about Ebay's Libby Lu merchandise.) End of notice.

Would you like to have your hair done up, put makeup on, and look like you're ready for a big party? But you can't because you're "only a kid?"

Don't worry any more---now you CAN get your hair done---and you MUST be a kid!

Where's this place??? It's CLUB LIBBY LU, and you just might be near a store in your area. If you aren't, then maybe you can get a Libby Lu hairdo-and-makeup makeover when your family makes a trip to Disneyland. There's still a girl's make-over salon at Downtown Disney Anaheim...and it operates in the very SAME location where the Disneyland Club Libby was. It even uses some of the old Club Libby Lu equipment! It's called the Studio Disney 365 store. And, along with makeovers, you'll also find some very cute clothing and accessories for girls as well. You can see pictures of a Studio Disney 365 store makeover & merchandise on the Downtown Disney Shopping Fun page.

On this page, you'll discover what happened when I took my granddaughter, Natali, to Club Libby Lu for a makeover. As you look over the makeover pics and read the words, you can be thinking, "Is this something I'd like to do, too?"

Club Libby Lu Makeover -- Before your session

Photo of cute clothes at Club Libby Lu

The first thing you have to do when you go into the Club Libby Lu store is let the employees know that you would like to have a makeover. That's because they need to put your name down in the appointment book. The day Natali and I went for her makeover, we got there at 1:30 pm...and they didn't have an appointment available until 3:00 pm! We had 1 1/2 hours to wait! (If you don't like to wait around, you can call the store in advance to make your appointment.)

We wondered what we could do for an hour and a half while we waited...but it turned out that there was plenty to do.

First of all, we had to look through the Libby Du hairstyles, and Natali had to decide which one she wanted. It isn't easy to make a decision!

There were 5 different Libby Du's to choose from, and they all looked cute! Natali narrowed her choices down to the 2 she liked most, and then thought about it some more. Finally, she decided to choose "The Rocker" hair style. She liked the very modern look of the Rocker. Plus, by choosing The Rocker, she would get a bright pink headband and choker-style necklace to take home with her. The selection of hairstyles changes frequently at Club Libby Lu, but whenever you go, you'll probably like several of the tween hair styles being offered at that time.

Picture of cute tee shirts at Club Libby Lu

While waiting for her appointment, Natali also had to decide which "makeover package" to get. With all of the packages, you get the hair style of your choice and the makeup which goes with that particular hairstyle. But, with each of the "package plans," you also get to pick something to take home with you, too. You can choose items from the Goodie Shop bins...stuff like makeup or hair accessories.

Or, you can choose a "makeover package" that lets you make your own Sparkle Spa potions. "Potions" are beauty items like shampoo, sparkling skin gel, sparkly powder and lip gloss. With each potion, you get to choose the color, the amount of sparkles, and the scent that goes into the mixture. When you're finished, you have a Sparkle Spa Beauty Potion that's like no one else's!

Picture: Picking a pooch and doggie clothing at Club Libby Lu Another makeover package at Club Libby Lu includes getting a stuffed puppy dog from the Pooch Parlor. This package comes with your choice of stuffed doggie...but that's not all! Your new puppy gets a collar and a t-shirt...plus YOU get a carrier in which you may tote your cute little dog with you.

If you choose to select a plush dog from the Pooch Parlor, you'll have still MORE choices to make!!! There are a whole bunch of different doggies from which you can choose...and every one is cute! There are different breeds of dog to choose from, and different colors, too.

Next, you'll have to choose the shirt you want your Pooch Pal to wear. There are several styles from which you may choose. They come in different colors, and the shirts have different "sayings" on them.

You're STILL not done making decisions! Next you have to pick your dog's collar and tag! The collars and tags come in various colors...silver, several shades of pink, purple...and black, which is what Natali chose (so that the collar would match the black doggie tee shirt that she had chosen.)

Finally, you'll need to pick a purse...which will be your puppy's carrying case. Still more choices! The purses, naturally, come in a variety of colors...like pink and purple. Natali chose a cute purse which was black-and-white like a spotted Dalmatian dog!

Club Libby Lu Makeover -- First, the tween hair style

Closeup photo of The Rocker hairdo from Club Libby Lu

When it was Natali's turn for a makeover, she first chose a Club Libby Lu outfit to wear while getting her hair and makeup done. As you can see in the pics on this page, it was a shiny silver pants set. You don't have to wear one of the Club Libby Lu outfits, but it's a good idea. Since you'll be working with some messy stuff---like hair spray with sparkles in it, eye makeup, nail polish, and sparkly skin powder---you won't have to worry about getting your own clothing dirty if you're wearing one of the Club Libby Lu costumes.

For making The Rocker hairdo, the employee first brushed Natali's hair and divided the hair into a whole bunch of sections---about a dozen small pieces of hair. She turned each section into a little pigtail. She fastened each pigtail to Natali's head with bobby pins (instead of using rubber bands.) Rubber bands would have lasted longer, I think. (This hairdo didn't even last through the night. It came all apart when Natali was sleeping.) Maybe rubber bands ruin the "look" of the hairdo, or maybe they don't want elastic bands because they might hurt.

Anyway, the employee next "teased" (back-combed) each little pigtail until the hair in that section was full and bushy.

Lastly, when all of the pigtails had been teased, the employee sprayed Natali's hair with a glittery hairspray and applied the hot pink sequined headband that comes with the Rocker hairdo.

In this photo, you can see a closeup of the back of Natali's head when she was finished with this stage of her make over.

Club Libby Lu Makeover -- Next, the makeup

Picture of Natali's nails being painted during her Club Libby Lu makeover

After getting the Libby Du, it was time to begin putting on the nail polish and makeup that comes with the "look." In these pictures, you can see the employee putting nail polish on Natali's fingers (left) and applying sparkly lip gloss (right.)

Naturally, Natali got to choose the color of the nail polish that would be applied. We got still another surprise---after the nail polish was put on, then glittery sparkles were sprinkled over Natali's nails!

Picture of Natali getting lip gloss applies during her Club Libby Lu makeover

Next, the stylist put makeup on Natali's face. There was eye shadow, lip gloss and a sparkly powder for the cheeks. Finally, several small silver decals were placed high on Natali's cheek bone, and the hot pink necklace was placed around Natali's neck. The "Rocker Look" was finished!

Club Libby Lu Makeover -- All Finished!

Closeup photo of Natali with hairdo and makeup finished...after her Club Libby Lu makeover

In the picture to your left, you can see a close-up of Natali's face and hair after the Club Libby Lu makeover was finished.

One thing you CAN'T forget to take to Club Libby Lu is your camera! Club Libby Lu stores don't have a photographer for taking photos, and they don't even have a little camera for taking snapshots, either. I don't know about you, but for me this was a day I never want to forget. I was SO GLAD that I brought my camera along!

Pic of Natali modeling the Rocker Libby Du hairstyle after her makeover

Another thing you and your parents might want to consider is taking you to a professional photographer after you're finished with your makeover. That way, you can have some really good photos of your Libby Du...that will last until you can show them to your OWN little girl some day!

Most malls have a photography studio in them, if you'd like to take photos right away. What we did, though, was head to Walmart. The Walmart portrait studio is reasonably priced and usually does a very good job taking the pictures.

After you go to a professional studio, you won't be able to take your photos home right away. It usually takes several weeks before the photographs are ready to pick up. In the meantime, you can enjoy the pics that you've taken with your own camera!

Former Club Libby Lu Store Locations in California

Picture: Fluffy, furry outerwear for sale at Club Libby Lu during the colder months

The Southern California Club Libby Lu locations were---

Anaheim Club Libby Lu at Downtown Disney: Address, 1580 S. Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92804.

Bakersfield Club Libby Lu at the Valley Plaza Mall; address, 2701 Ming Avenue, Bakersfield, California 93304.

Glendale Club Libby Lu at the Glendale Galleria; Address, 1161 Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA 91212.; phone number: 818/549-9348

Northridge Club Libby Lu in the Northridge Fashion Center Mall; address, 9301 Tampa Ave, Northridge, CA 91326.

Palmdale Club Libby Lu in the Antelope Valley Mall; Address, 1233 Rancho Vista Blvd, Palmdale, CA 93551.

Temecula Club Libby Lu at the Promenade Mall; address, 40820 Winchester Road, Temecula, California 92591.

Photo of pink and white summer sandals for sale at Club Libby Lu during the warm months

The northern/central California Club Libby Lu stores were---

Fresno Club Libby Lu at the Fashion Fair Mall: address 637 E. Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA 93712; telephone number, 559/226-4082

Modesto Club Libby Lu at the Vintage Faire Mall, address 3401 Dale Road, Modesto, California 95356; phone number, 209-521-6212.

Pleasanton Club Libby Lu at the Stoneridge Mall: address 1106 Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton, CA 94590; Phone number, 925/467-1590.

Sacramento Club Libby Lu at the Arden Fair Mall: address, 1689 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95817; Phone number, 916/641-5640

Club Libby Lu Fun Stuff on Ebay!

If you don't live near a Club Libby Lu, there's a way you can hunt for cool Club Libby Lu clothing, accessories and other fun things right in your home. It's on the Ebay Auction website!

Sometimes the items on EBay have been used by someone else, but other times you'll find brand new things. Either way, it's always fun to look at! In the EBay widget below, you'll see things for sale right at this moment on EBay; when something gets sold, a new Libby Lu item will appear in its place. So, there's always something brand new to look at!

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