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Discover Club Libby Lu...

...Downtown Disney Anaheim's magnet for tween girls!

Picture: Club Libby Lu store at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CaliforniaSad news: All Club Libby Lu stores closed in January, 2009---and this included Club Libby Lu's Downtown Disney location. In other words, Club Libby Lu has completely gone out of business. Sigh! Why did this have to happen to one of the fun-most stores around?

Though the Club Libby Lu stores will close, this page will not be taken down. It will remain on the as a remembrance of the fun times we've all had at Club Libby Lu in the past. (And, yes, we have quite a few readers who still remember and miss Club Libby Lu!) Club Libby Lu items will continue to be sold on Ebay (the auction website) whenever they're available. (See the end of this page for info about Ebay's Libby Lu merchandise.) End of notice.

Maybe you've never heard of them, but the Club Libby Lu stores are ground zero for "fru fru" style among young girls. The Downtown Disney District in Anaheim has its own Club Libby Lu location, not far from the Build A Bear Store.

And just what do girls DO at Club Libby Lu? They get beauty makeovers! New tween hairdos (called "Libby Du's!) And sparkly "makeup" (called "potions.") Plus, they mix scneted, sparkly beauty and bath products of their own to take home with them. (If you'd like to see what happens in an actual Club Libby Lu makeover session, use the following link to view the "Club Libby Lu Makeover" page of this website.

In addition to hair and beauty makeover sessions, there are other things to enjoy at Club Libby Lu. You'll find an array of Libby Lu clothing, including blouses, skirts, dresses, costumes and dress-ups. During the winter, warmer clothing and even outerwear is carried at a Club Libby Lu store.

Club Libby Lu offers special accessories to match their clothing, and includes items such as flip flops, costume jewelry, hair ornaments, sunglasses, hair pieces and purses. In addition, Libby Lu stores offer school and personal accessories such as colorful pencils, notepads, address books, etc.

Club Libby Lu's Hairstyle and Makeover Packages

Picture: Club Libby Lu hairstyle and makeup makeover session

Though you do NOT have to purchase a makeover package to enjoy Club Libby Lu stores (you may simply come in to browse or purchase clothing and accessories,) many girls do choose to participate in a hairstyling and makeup session.

1.) All makeover sessions are part of a "package plan." The most basic (least expensive!) plan includes the hair styling and makeup application. As you spend more, your package will include extra items, such as makeup to take home, or stuffed animals from the Pooch Parlor.

2.) The basic Libby Du hairstyle and makeup session starts at about $25 at the Downtown Disney Anaheim store. (The Downtown Disney location is a few dollars higher than "regular" mall stores, which start at $22.50, as of March 2008.) For the fee, your daughter or grandchild will receive a Club Libby Lu hairstyle-and-makeup makeover, plus a choice of 5, minimally-colored, pre-packaged beauty items from the "pick a mix" gallery...which is a bin full of miscellaneous small items appealing to tween girls.

3.) Want a few more extras for your daughter? For a few dollars more, your daughter will get all the above, plus she'll get to create ONE mix-her-own "Sparkle Spa" creation which is a chance to customize her own lip gloss, shampoo, or other beauty-related item. For still a few dollars more, your child will get the Libby Du hairstyle...and either Libby Lu accessories or a stuffed dog from the "pooch parlor," depending on the particular package she chooses.

Club Libby Lu's hip tween hairstyles!

Photo of the hair styling area --for creating Libby Du's!--at Club Libby Lu in Downtown Disney Anaheim The names of the make-over hairdos were specially created to appeal to "tween" girls. Guests to Club Libby Lu are always offered a selection of 4-5 different Libby Du Hairstyles from which to choose. Each of these Libby Lu hairstyles come with accessories to complete a stylin' look. The particular hair styles offered change regularly (about every 2 months) so that repeat guests won't get bored with the selection. And, sometimes, extra-special Libby Du's are offered---like the makeover sessions which inlcude a Hannah Montana wig, which will continue to be offered probably as long as Disney's Hannah Montana remains popular. Currently, you can also choose a "Sharpay wig" which helps girls to look more like a favorite character from Disney's "High School Musical" series of movies.

Picture of Tween Hairstyle from Club Libby Lu The list of Club Libby Lu hairstyles is always changing, but here's a list of some hair styles which have been popular in the past---

1.) The Priceless Princess...Each guest got to choose a tiara to complete the look

2.) Tween up-do which came with a "pink heart" necklace

3.) Rock Star...This style came with a headset "microphone," an accessory so popular with guests that nearly every change of hairstyles at Club Libby Lu keeps SOME type of Libby Du with the headset accessory included

4.) Pop Star...which came with a curly, pink-streaked hairpiece included

5.) Pink Twinkle...which came with 12 "pink flower" hair clips included.

Though the precise names of the tween hairstyles at Club Libby Lu keep changing, some of the most popular accessories keep appearing in new packages. Tiaras, faux microphones, headbands, hairpieces, and hair coloring all keep popping up repeatedly as new Libby Du tween hairstyles are created.

Photo of Club Libby Lu's colorful ribbons for sale in Downtown Disney Anaheim

One past style that my granddaughter really enjoyed was called The Rocker. This cool style came with a hot pink headband and "choker" style necklace; this is the style you'll see being created on my granddaughter, Natali, on the "Club Libby Lu Makeover" page of this website. If the Club Libby Lu offerings don't offer a particular hairstyle that you liked in the past, try waiting awhile. Many of the Libby Du's disappear for awhile...and then return once again!

While getting her hair styled at Club Libby Lu, your daughter will be the center of attention. Why? Because the hair stylist's table sits right at the front of the store where all the other customers can watch the process. As you can see in the photos on this page, she'll sit at a specially-designed styling table, complete with pink-framed, heart-shaped mirrors! (Parents and grandparents, of course, may take photos to their heart's content!)

Club Libby Lu Makeup & Bath

"Sparkle Spa" lets you create one-of-a-kind beauty products!

Photo of the Princess Polish display at Club Libby Lu in Downtown Disney Anaheim After getting styled with their Libby Du's, the girls can create an assortment of potions at Club Libby Lu's Sparkle Spa. These are beauty items which include lip gloss, body gel, bath & shower Gel, and similar products. (In the picture to your right, you see the former Princess Polish station; the Sparkle Spa is similar, but has been updated.) For girls who aren't purchasing a "package deal" which includes this item, the Sparkle Spa creations may be purchased separately.

The potion-making process works about the same no matter what beauty product that the girls are making. The girls select a base---which will be gooey, powdery, or in-between, depending on what potion they're making. They'll add a color, a fragrance, plus the desired amount & color of "shimmer."

Photo of Club Libby Lu's display of Shimmer polish in the Downtown Disney Anaheim store In this photo to your left, you can see the former Body Shimmer-making station at Club Libby Lu. (This, too, has been updated with a new Sparkle Spa station.) As mentioned above, there is an individual fee for concocting beauty products if girls are not purchasing a "beauty package" which includes bath & beauty items.

Then, when the girls are stylin' with their finished Libby Du's, and lugging around the colorful beauty potions that they've made...then it's time for them to shop for accessories on the merchandise-filled shelves at the Club Libby Lu store!

Club Libby Lu Clothing, Dressups and Accessories

Photo of cute pink outfits for dressups or dance class at Club Libby Lu in Downtown Disney Anaheim What kind of merchandise do the Club Libby Lu stores feature? Anything pink...or puffy; feathery or pastel ribbon-decorated; shiny or shimmery. In other words, the shopping floor at Club Libby Lu is a young girl's dream world!

In the photo on your left, you see several pink outfits which were for sale in the past at Club Libby Lu. Perhaps dressups? Or worn to dance rehearsal? Whatever the occasion, the pretty colors and the dressy fabrics are certain to appeal to your child. If you don't want your daughter to beg you to buy things, just don't enter the store! Because, once she steps foot inside of Club Libby Lu, it's certain that she'll find SOMETHING that she wants! And if you don't find what you're looking for today---come back. Cute new merchandise is continually arriving at Club Libby Lu!

Photo of fuzzy pastel-colored slippers at Club Libby Lu in Downtown Disney Anaheim

In the image on your right, you see feathery, pastel items which I first thought were bedroom slippers. On closer inspection, they turned out to be toy telephones. Other items sold in the store include hair decorations, scarves, hair styling gels and electrical equipment, bath products, pens and note pads...and some items that seem to defy description. You don't even need to bring your daughters with you to Club Libby Lu---Moms and Grandmas can have fun by themselves, just looking around the store at all the interesting and unique items for sale!

Club Libby Lu Parties for Girls

Animation of balloons floating into the air Club Libby Lu holds makeover parties for birthdays, Girl Scout troop meetings, end-of-school celebrations...or what ever event for which you'd like to bring your group to celebrate.

Club Libby Lu party prices: At Club Libby Lu, the cost for each girl will be the same "full price" that any other customer is charged for a Libby Du hairstyle & makeover package. Instead of getting a discount, what the group WILL receive is their own private hair and makeover consultant to stay with them throughout the length of the party (at no extra charge.)

Club Libby Lu has no private party room, but (at least at the Downtown Disney Libby Lu location) there IS a separate area of the store reserved for parties. However, there are no facilities for serving food---so you'll have to enjoy your party refreshments elsewhere.

The convenience of having your child's party away from home is considerable..., no "making sure the house is spotless" beforehand, and no mess to clean up afterwards! However, the hefty price tag of a Club Libby Lu party is ALSO considerable. So...if you want to think of having a similarly-themed party at home (for a lot less money!), I can suggest a cute website with information on how you can do just that. It's called "Diva Girl Parties and Stuff", and you can see this site's fun girls' party ideas by using the following link to visit the "Diva Girls Parties" site!

Fun Club Libby Lu things on Ebay!

The popular EBay website has really cute Club Libby Lu clothes, purses, school supplies and other things for sale. You don't need to live anywhere near a Club Libby Lu store to get in on the fun!

In the Ebay widget below, you can see things that are available right now on EBay. AND...when one item gets sold, something new takes its place! So, you'll always have different things to see every time you visit this page!



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