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Love roller coasters? Colossus County Fair at Magic Mountain has plenty!

Looking for great roller coaster action? The Colossus County Fair themed area of Magic Mountain has three great thrill rides waiting for you. In the photo slide show above, you first see pictures of the Scream roller coaster, which makes serious loops and plunges. You'll view pics of the Goliath roller coaster, always a favorite because of its huge height. Then, you'll see photos of Colossus, the wooden roller coaster classic that sometimes takes guests for a ride---BACKWARDS!

What fun awaits you? Roller coasters...and summer shows!

Scream roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain The historic Colossus roller coaster is the heart of this themed area of Magic Mountain.

In 1978, the park got a brand-new giant coaster---The Colossus, which was the world's tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster at the time! A new themed area was added to honor the new King of Coasters, and Colossus County Fair was born.

This attractive section of Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to 2 more gargantuan roller coasters...both of which are mega-popular with coaster enthusiasts: Scream and Goliath. How's THAT for packing in the thrills! In addition to rollercoasters, there are some "old-standard" type rides in this themed area that the whole family can enjoy together.

Magic Moments Theater is a summertime favorite in this area of Magic Mountain. Though it doesn't operate year-round, many visitors don't feel like they've "seen everything" on their visit to Magic Mountain without taking in the show here. Since the featured live show changes every year, you'll never know what type of show you may find coming up next. In past years, it has ranged from acrobats to even CSI detective shows, where the audience helps to solve the crime!

The Colossus and Goliath Rolller Coasters

Colossus wooden roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California

In the photo on your right, you see the coaster that gave its name to Colossus County Fair at Magic Mountain---The Colossus wooden roller coaster. This white wonder is a dual-track dream for thrill lovers. After plunging down a 115 foot drop, the cars zoom along at speeds of up to 62 MPH while whizzing over its 4,325 feet of track.

As you can see from the photo, the waiting area is in a nicely shaded area, which is a treat on a hot day. Unfortunately, all the trees didn't make for a very good photo of the coaster structure itself!

Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

The Goliath roller coaster is a monstrous 255 foot tall metal-tracked devil which is situated near The Colossus coaster in Colossus County Fair at Magic Mountain. This timid-soul's nightmare was added to the park in 2000.

Keeping in mind that the Colossus was once the world's tallest coaster, look at this photo showing the two of them together. Goliath makes Colossus look like a kiddie ride by comparison!

Goliath is tall, and it is FAST. It's a full 3-minute whirlwind of fury as the coaster train swoops along its serpentine course at speeds reaching 85 MPH! No wonder that for some speed-lovers, it's still their favorite thrill ride---despite later and flashier additions to the park's coaster collection!

Buccaneer Ride and Swashbuckler Swings

Enjoy family fun in Colossus County Fair, too!

Bucaneer, Six Flags Magic Mountain Family fun rides to enjoy! If you don't like thrills that will make you "scream your lungs out," don't worry---there's some milder action to be found in the Colossus County Fair themed area of 6 Flags.

The Bucaneer is a family ride allowing riders over the height of 42" to board. This is a ride that you've seen before at other parks--a boat shaped like a giant pendulum, that swings from side to side. Because of the way it's constructed, there's a considerable variation in the rider's experience depending on where he or she sits in the boat. The outer seats swing wildly into the heights, while the inner seats just provide a gentle swinging motion. So, it's easy to not frighten the younger bunch---just sit towards the middle of the ride, and they'll enjoy the trip. You can see pictures of the Buccaneer ride in the slide show at the top of this page.

Goliath roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California The Swashbuckler is, just a fancy name that was given to a traditional chair-swing ride. You know---the riders all sit in chairs (attached to the top of the ride by 4 chains.) Then the chairs all rotate around a central hub, which gives the riders a mild flying sensation. This ride, like the Buccaneer, accepts kids 42" and taller. You can see pictures of the Swashbuckler swing ride in the slide show at the top of this page.

Sad news! There used to be another family ride in this section of the park...the "oldie-but-goodie" Circus Wheel." The Circus Wheel was the theme park's cutesy name for a traditional "tilt-a-whirl" ride. Unfortunately, the Circus Wheel is not longer in operation at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park..

Scream, the Roller Coaster

Scream roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain

2003 was a great year for roller coaster lovers at Magic Mountain. That's when the popular Scream roller coaster was added to the Colossus County Fair section of the park.

Scream, a blue/yellow/magenta metal-tracked zoomer, features FLOORLESS trains. The ride feels like being hoisted in a ski lift as you dangle from the track above...but a ski lift on steroids!

After plummeting down Scream's 150 foot first drop, riders whiz along 4,000 feet of track as they loop, bank and corkscrew to the finish line. Whew! This is a roller coaster's version of 'roid rage!

You can see the Scream track closely in this photo to your left. This beautifully-colored structure seems as flexible as rubber and as graceful as a flowing fountain, making it a pleasure to look at, as well as to ride.



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