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Condor Flats at Disneys California Adventure is now a part of the

Golden State themed area

Photo of the sign you'll see as you enter the Condor Flats section of Disney's California Adventure theme park When Disney's California Adventure Park first opened, every themed "land" within the park paid homage, in some way, to the history or natural resources of California. Condor Flats was no exception. This themed area of the park paid tribute to the many decades that Californians have been involved in the development of aviation---and the continued importance of aviation in California even today.

The themed areas at Disney's California Adventure no longer revolve only around the state of California. Too many visitors knew very little about this state, and the clever themed areas didn't mean much to them. Therefore, during the park's recent expansion, "Disney/Pixar" themes received a greater emphasis when designing new rides...while the emphasis on California-themed attractions decreased.

"CONDOR FLATS" HAS NOW BEEN FOLDED INTO THE "GOLDEN STATE" THEMED AREA. Same attractions...but just a different "land."

Many guests consider this area's major ride (Soarin' Over California) to be one of the very best attractions in the theme park. Despite new additions to Disney's California Adventure (such as the Little Mermaid ride and the World of Color nighttime spectacular,) most guests feel that a visit to the California Adventure theme park is incomplete without taking in the mega-popular Soarin' ride!

Soarin' Over California ride

Photo: View of the Soarin' Over California attraction building, housing one of the most popular rides at Disney's California Adventure theme park What would it be like if you could hang-glide over the whole state of California? What would it feel like? What things would you see?

Want to find out? You WILL, if you hop onto the unique "Soarin' Over California" ride in Condor Flats at Disneys California Adventure!

At the Soaring Over California ride, you'll climb aboard a weird contraption---a hang glider built for dozens of guests!

The lights go dim, a movie plays...and suddenly you're flying over the most famous and beautiful sights in the state of California!

Photo of the entrance to the Soaring Over California attraction, a unique and popular ride in Condor Flats at Disneys California Adventure Since Soarin' Over California ONLY exists at this one particular Disney theme park (well, at least it USED to be a one-of-a-kind ride until "Soarin'" was added to Disney's Epcot park in Orlando)...and since it's such an enjoyable ride for all but the very youngest members of the family...then, you'll often find one of the longest lines in the park here!

Luckily, there are two ways you can circumvent the line.
1.) Use the FastPass feature...or

2.) Use the "single rider" line, when it's available. (Often times, single riders can walk right up and enter the FastPass lane. If there's no sign up about this, you can ask the attendant if they're offering the "single-rider" feature on the day you visit.)

Photo of the costumed Disney character, Aviator Goofy, greets fans in the Condor Flats section of Disney's California Adventure Unfortunately, Soarin' Over California was the ONLY attraction within Condor Flats at Disneys California Adventure! So, in a nutshell, that's why this area was added to the "Golden State" themed area...which helped BOTH themed areas to feel more full and complete.

Can you greet Disney characters in this area of the park?

From time to time, you may meet, greet and photograph "Aviator Goofy" as he strolls through this section. Most often, he'll appear by the scenic, old-fashioned plane that you see in this picture.

Restaurants and shopping in Condor Flats

The Taste Pilot's Grill

Photo: Plane seems to take off from inside the Taste Pilot's Grill restaurant! The "Taste Pilot's Grill" (which is a cute pun on the phrase "test pilot,") is the only dining option in Condor Flats at Disneys California Adventure. This is a moderately priced, casual-dining restaurant.

At the Taste Pilot's Grill, you'll find several styles of hamburgers and other sandwiches (such as fried or grilled chicken) on the menu, plus a selection of main-dish salads, and even hearty BBQ pork ribs. Entrees come served with french fries, but drinks are added separately. The cost? Entrees here range from $8--13.

The Disney resort's popular $6 kids meals are also served here....and, as usual, come with a beverage and side dish included, and are served in souvenir plastic keepsake boxes.

Photo: Patio dining area of the Taste Pilot's Grill; Condor Flats at Disney's California Adventure The Taste Pilot's Grill restaurant has both inside and outside seating areas. The inside is air-conditioned, but a bit dreary. (The building is a Quonset hut, in keeping with the "aviation" theme of Condor Flats! Even the imaginations of the Disney folks get stretched when trying to make a Quonset hut look cute!)

The outdoor patio has a great view of the sights of Condor Flats, and is shaded by trees.

Fly N Buy store

Photo: This new building, which was created to look old-timey, houses a gift shop in Condor Flats Looking at the "rusty," corrugated steel buildings of Condor Flats, one might be fooled into thinking that these structures are old relics. Of course, that's the point---they LOOK old...exactly like the buildings in which the aviation pioneers worked!

This building houses the "Fly N Buy" (another pun) store in Condor Flats at Disneys California Adventure.

Photo of Disney merchandise for sale in a gift shop within Condor Flats at Disneys California Adventure This rugged-looking store is decorated inside as if it were the workshop of an aviation hobbyist or experimental engineer. The relics featured inside look as if they could possibly be real antique artifacts...and not just more Disney make-believe.

The relics scattered about make for a fun and interesting shopping experience at the Fly N Buy.

Photo: Front of the Fly 'n Buy gift shop in Condor Flats at Disneys California Adventure



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