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Hi---This is me, Vicki Funes. Thanks for reading! I hope that the photos and information you found on this website have sparked some new vacation ideas in your mind.

Readers with questions: Please bear in mind that this is a hobby website that my family and I maintain simply because we love California. You may see pictures of attractions and get ideas of places you might visit here. However, this site does not sell tickets, mail brochures, arrange for hotel & tour packages, etc.

We sincerely hope that our thousands of photos and reviews of attractions have helped you to get some good ideas about what you'd like to do on your Southern California vacation.

However, we are currently NOT accepting individual questions and the "contact form" which was on this page has now been removed. The reason is simple:

We are buried in a mountain of SPAM. Unfortunately, spammers and pranksters are the type of readers who contact us much of the time.

We have spent hours & hours of our time answering questions to readers who have provided us fake email addresses. We also have readers whose mailboxes are full and the emails we take time to write to them bounce back to us. We have other readers who have not double-checked their email addresses & given us the wrong one; readers who wish to sell us things despite requests on this page to the contrary; and other junk like that.

To our nice readers who sincerely have questions, we're so sorry that we had to delete our contact form. Hopefully after some time passes and spammers realize they have ruined the system for everyone, we can restore our contact form...and begin to answer our reader's vacation questions once again.

Privacy Policy: This website does not sell nor share email addresses. This website does not sell merchandise nor collect credit card numbers. To read this website's complete Privacy Policy, please visit the Privacy Policy page of this website.