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Cyclone Bay at Magic Mountain--

The Apocalypse coaster is a favorite for thrill-seekers!

YOU'LL LOVE THE CYCLONE BAY SECTION OF MAGIC MOUNTAIN! Its a part of the park with "something for everyone." Thrill seekers head straight to the popular Apocalypse Roller Coaster. But not everyone enjoys white knuckle rides...and the Cyclone Bay themed area of 6 Flags has plenty of choices for families seeking more "moderate" fun, too.

The Apocalypse wooden roller coaster

Formerly called the Terminator Salvation roller coaster, this woodie was originally built to coincide with the movie's release

Picture: Magic Mountain's fun Apocalypse wooden roller coasterThe Psyclone coaster is gone: The dark-stained pine Psyclone was a 1991 addition to Cyclone Bay at Magic Mountain. Though still relatively new, Psyclone was been removed from 6 Flags Magic Mountain. Its rough ride meant that it never became a "favorite" with many people. So, if you're a return visitor looking for this monstrous-looking rollercoaster & can't find it...well, no, you're not losing your memory. It isn't there!

The Terminator Salvation roller coaster opened in May, 2009 in its place! Just like the Psyclone, the Terminator Salvation ride is a wooden roller coaster. As you must have suspected, the Terminator Salvation coaster is themed to the movie of the same name.

In 2011, The Apocalypse became the new name of this coaster, in a money-saving move by the theme park. (Getting rid of ties to the movie saves Magic Mountain from paying royalty fees.) At the same time, elements of the line queue meant to help guests feel an "immersion" experience in the ride's theming were changed. All references to Terminator Salvation were removed, and a new version of the ride queue was made.

Do you want to ride this $10 million dollar giant? If you do, you're not alone--expect a crowd! The Apocalypse is fairly family-friendly, because its minimum height requirement is only 48 inches tall. That's because, despite it's huge-looking size, its biggest drop is only about 88 feet---far less than Magic Mountain's Goliath or X2 coasters! And, it has a top speed of only 50 mph.

Will you like the Apocalypse coaster? This new coaster has some very good "strong points." Top on the list--even though it's a wooden coaster, it actually has a smooth ride. Sharp turns, "air time," a dark tunnel segment, and even bursting fire are all elements that combine to make this coaster memorable for its riders.

Deja Vu Roller Coaster is gone!

The Deja Vu roller coaster has now closed at Six Flags Magic Mountain...and has opened under a new name at a different Six Flags theme park. However, many thrill fans still miss Deja Vu...and so, we'll be leaving the slide show above to help you remember all the good times on this exciting steel coaster.

Carnival games in the Cyclone Bay themed area

Picture of arcade game prizes at Six Flags Magic Mountain Cyclone Bay at Magic Mountain is the park's center for extra-fee activities. There's a large selection of prize-awarding carnival games to be found here---so come and test your luck, if that's "your" type of fun.

You can throw balls into baskets or milk cans, break balloons, fling a plastic ring onto bottle necks, toss a basketball into a hoop. In other words, if you like a particular game at your County Fair, you'll probably find a Six Flags Magic Mountain version of it here!

Picture of the carnival games area of Six Flags Magic Mountain in greater Los Angeles, California For kids and those less skilled (myself included!) there are games here in Cyclone Bay at Magic Mountain that everyone can easily play. There are games where you play in a match against several other opponents---and SOMEONE in the group wins a prize each time. If you can manage to catch a quiet moment in the day, you can create a "private" match against the other members of your family. And THAT means that your clan is 100% certain to walk away with a prize!

As you can see from the photos of Cyclone Bay at Magic Mountain, the prizes you can win have great kid-appeal...with a good selection of their favorite characters represented. During the summertime heat, you'll be glad to know that many of the games are situated so that they're shaded from the afternoon sun, and water vapor "misters" run continually to keep the paying players cool!

Photo of game prizes at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Los Angeles, California

"Extra Fee" attractions at Cyclone Bay

Picture: Dive Devil extra-fee ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain You're looking here at a photo of the "Dive Devil," towers as they rise above the Cyclone Bay 500 race cars. The Dive Devil is an extra-pay activity at 6 Flags...which means it can be a rather costly addition to your visit to Magic Mountain, if you choose to ride it.

Six Flags advertises this attraction as an experience in "skydiving without a parachute." Others liken it to a swing...but a swing for GIANTS. And, still other folks simply call it a "skycoaster." The facts tell us that it's 153 feet tall, and it can get you swinging at 60 MPH right after takeoff! The tall tower is used to hoist you (and your group) up to a height where you may swing widely to & fro...without running into anything. You'll have the "sky" to yourself! You'll dangle & swing...wildly at first, then gradually slowing to an eventual stop.

Since this ride is difficult to describe, we're going to refer you to the Fay family's website, where you can watch them in a video as they ride the Dive Devil. (You may not be interested...and that's fine, too. But, since you'll be spending, at minimum, $20 to do this---the actual price varies on how many are riding at one time---you really NEED to know for sure if it's something you want to spend that kind of money on!) watch that video, here's a link to

THE CYCLONE BAY 500 is an extra-fee race-car ride in Cyclone Bay at Magic Mountain. The cars in the Cyclone Bay 500 attraction are NOT on a track. The driver is actually steering on this one, and so only riders 58 inches tall and above may enjoy this. This is a favorite ride for tweens who are itching to get behind the wheel of their own vehicle, but are too young for a driver's license!

Magic Mountain's "Rapids Camp Crossing" themed area

Photo of the wild water raft ride at the Magic Mountain theme park Now, let's leave Cyclone Bay at Magic Mountain. Next, we'll start the looonnnggg climb up Magic Mountain's mountain, and head towards the "Rapids Camp Crossing" section of the park. (Since Rapids Camp Crossing only has one ride, it has been included here on the "Cyclone Bay at Magic Mountain" page.)

The climb up the hill is through a pleasant, green, thickly wooded area. By the time you get to the top...after passing all that beautiful scenery...your mind actually believes that a churning, white-water-rapids river could occur NATURALLY in that setting!

Six Flags Magic Mountain is proud that their "Roaring Rapids" raft ride was the first of this type in the Western USA. Of course, nowdays, several other parks in Southern California have rafting rides. With such an enjoyable type of attraction, there's always room for more!

This is a true family favorite for everyone in the clan over 42" tall. It's MOST fun, however, on a warm day that'll sun-dry you afterwards...because you WILL get soaked!

Katie's Kettle restaurant at Six Flags Magic Mountain Katy's Kettle is a pleasant place to eat, if you happen to get hungry while venturing in this part of Six Flags Magic Mountain. The menu is limited to burgers or chicken strips with fries...and its taste is only "average"...but its hard to beat the atmosphere of dining under the pines! The attractive, rustic setting makes having a meal at Katy's Kettle a memorable experience, even if the food does not.

Katy's Kettle restaurant sign



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