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Halloween Dance with Disney Characters!

At Mickey's Halloween Party, you'll jump & jive

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the two all-ages dances at Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland. This special October event takes place after Disneyland closes for the evening; a special party ticket is needed to get in. Among the many activities at Mickey's Halloween Party, you'll find dances---and, yes, you'll actually have a chance to dance with characters!

Character dances at Mickey's Halloween Party

There's good news for Disneyland party-goers...and bad news!

First, the bad news: Compared to past years (when Disneyland's Halloween event was held at the Disney California Adventure Park,) the lively all-ages dances at Mickey's Halloween Party have been scaled back. Sad but true. There were a number of years when you could see MANY Disney and Pixar characters "up close & personal" at the Disney extra-fee Halloween party. Now that Disneyland Park is hosting the special Halloween event, there are only 2 dances going on...and you won't get to see very many characters by attending them.

Sadly, there are fewer characters at the dances than ever. If you're a dance-lover, you'll still enjoy Disneyland's lively, family-oriented dance parties...but you'll enjoy MORE dancing and LESS character interaction than in previous years.

You can still see many different Disney and Pixar characters at the party...but they can be found in more traditional "meet and greet" stations which have been sprinkled around Disneyland Park. Why is this? Perhaps party guests clamored for less interaction with characters. The more likely reason, obviously, is that Disneyland's paid photographers don't work on the dance floor; they can't capture the adorable shots of your kids with characters that make extra money for the theme park!

The good news? If you're one of the MANY "meet 'n greet lovers"'ll be very happy this year. These days, there are more character-greeting stations at Mickey's Halloween Party than ever before!

At a recent Halloween party, there were two dances at Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland: Club Skellington (at the French Market restaurant in New Orleans Square) and Buzz Lightyear's Intergalactic Space Jam (at Tomorrowland Terrace.)

What's the good news about dances at Mickey's Halloween Party? These dances are vibrant, high-energy attractions that give kids a fun way to release energy...and are also a fun way for parents and kids to interact as they dance together to the lively beat of music being spun by DJ's. Some of Disney's most gracious cast members also work at the dance parties as costumed hosts and hostesses. They circulate throughout the dance parties making sure that every child is noticed and danced-with...smiling all the while. These hosts and hostesses are very much "into" their dancing with toddlers and preschoolers is their favorite thing to do in the whole wide world!!

The dance parties change up a bit every year. So, when you visit Mickey's Halloween Party this year, you're sure to see something altogether new and different than the last time you went!

On the rest of this page, you'll see pictures of Disney/Pixar characters at Halloween dances in past years.

Past years: Characters at Dance Parties

Some favorite Disney/Pixar characters at Halloween Party dances from past years

Picture of Buzz Lightyear, a Pixar character you can dance with at  Mickey's Halloween Party! Does your child love to meet the Disney characters?

And, wouldn't it be great to have the opportunity not merely MEET favorite Disney and Pixar characters, but to actually get to spend some time "up close and personal" with them?

AND, get to spend this "quality time" with costumed Disney characters without having to stand in a line or wait for a parade to pass by? It can happen! How?

By attending one of several lively dance parties at Mickey's Halloween Party!

Picture: Dance with Mr and Mrs Incredible, popular Pixar characters who appear at the Mickey's Trick or Treat dance parties!

What is Mickey's Halloween Party? It's a special after-hours Halloween party which takes place at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

There are 2 theme parks at the Disneyland Resort: Disneyland Park, the original theme park built by Walt Disney himself...and Disney's California Adventure, a fun theme park which opened at the Resort in 2001. From 2005 thru 2009, the newer Disney California Adventure Park is where the party (formerly called Mickey's Trick or Treat Party) was held. These days, the party has a new name and location. It's now Mickey's Halloween Party...and it is held at Disneyland Park itself!

You'll need a special ticket to enter Mickey's Halloween party. Neither your regular park admission ticket nor your Disneyland annual pass will get you into this extra-fee event. For information on this special activity's prices, dates, and other "general information," please see the Disneyland Halloween Events page of our site.

Picture of Stitch, the alien character from Disney's Lilo and Stitch movie, dances at one of the Mickey's Halloween event dance parties

Photo notes:

1.) Buzz Lightyear dances face to face with me in the photo at the top of this page. Make no mistake about this point: NO telephoto lenses were used in taking any of the pictures on this page! In fact, just the opposite is true; considerable downsizing of the Pixar and Disney Character's photos was needed in order to get the character's images small enough to fit onto the page!

2.) Mr and Mrs Incredible, starring characters from the Disney/Pixar animated movie, "The Incredibles" also spent a considerable amount of time at one of the Mickey's Halloween dance parties! In this photo, Mr Incredible and ElastiGirl had stopped dancing long enough to pose for several of us wishing to get a snapshot of the pair together.

3.) Stitch, the little alien always getting into trouble in the Lilo and Stich movies & Disney TV shows, dances awhile with me at the Mickey's Halloween party.

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