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Darth Vader Costumes

Lord Vader's black attire is one of the most popular movie costumes of all time!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of official Star Wars Darth Vader costumes and accessories. These particular costumes come from, one of the largest costume suppliers on the internet---with over 15,000 costumes, accessories and props on-hand. However, there are a limited number of Official Darth Vader items on the market, and so you'll be seeing some of the same items in your local stores, as well. If you can't find what you're looking for locally, here's a link to the Star Wars Costume section of, where you'll find dozens of Official Star Wars costumes and accessories (including light sabers, Darth Vader voice changers, masks, etc.

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Darth Vader, an extremely popular movie villain

Your Lord Vader suit can serve you over & over again

Picture: Darth Vader costume; side view of a professional Lord Vader at Disneyland Park

The story of Anakin Skywalker's journey from innocent boy to evil Sith Lord has played out on thousands of movie and TV screens world-wide, spanning several decades.

Whether you love him or hate this good-turned-evil-turned-good-again character, you'll surely agree with one thing: his famous dark "life support" suit is one of the greatest movie costumes of all time!

If you'd like to dress as Darth Vader for Halloween, you've got several choices to make...which will help you decide whether to make or sew the costume, and what quality level you need to get.

1.) Will you be wearing your Darth Vader suit more than once? You can choose a lower-quality costume if you're planning to wear it for just one event. However, Darth Vader is a classic character that won't be leaving the minds of movie-lovers any time soon. Will you be able to pull your Darth Vader suit out of the closet in 3 years, 5 years or 10 years & wear it again? You bet!

2.) Where are you going in your Darth Vader costume? If you're answering the door for trick-or-treaters, a lower quality will suffice. On the other hand, if you're heading to a party where there's a little competition brewing, your pride is at stake. Wearing a low-quality costume (of ANY kind) is the equivalent of having the smallest BBQ grill on the block, driving a tiny pick-up truck, or having your wife rescue your kitten from out of a tree. The better your Vader imitation (or Dracula, or whatever) the more "manly" the other party goers assume you are. This goes double if you're heading to a singles party.

3.) How many people will be dressing as Star Wars Characters? A Darth Vader suit lends itself well to group costuming. Having your family dress as other characters from the movie can make for great fun. There are even pet costumes so your dog can join in! To discover info about other Star Wars movie costumes (eg Jedi costumes, Princess Leia, etc.) please visit the Star Wars Costumes page of this website.

Buying Darth Vader costumes

None come totally complete...but there are Official accessories you can add

Darth Vader Costume seen at Disneyland Park

The Darth Vader costume to drool over is the Darth Vader's Official Collectors Edition. This is an amazing costume...and it's actually an authentic copy of the Darth Vader suit worn in the Star Wars movies. The Sith Lord's flowing cape is cut from the same Lucas Studios pattern that was used for the Star Wars movies...and the plastic parts are all molded from the original movie molds, too. You'll truly look and feel like Darth Vader when you're wearing the Collector's Edition costume.

On the other hand, it will cost you a pretty penny to be a Darth Vader look-alike. The Official Star Wars collector's edition costume runs around $799...a price which would make the REAL Darth Vader want to strangle someone with his "clutching the air" trick!

This costume will last for years, and you won't have any other accessories to purchase except your light saber. Plus, this is the top-dog costume of all the Official Star Wars line of collectibles. You'll have everyone else drooling...and you'll have no fear of walking into the most competitive party or festival and being out-classed.

What Darth Vader costumes look good, but cost less? You can still be proud of your Darth Vader costume if you can manage to spend about $100 for the costume and accessories.

The Official Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe costume costs about $79, depending on where you get it. This is another good choice; the lesser cost reflects the fact that it does NOT use the original movie patterns and molds---an "extra" that's really not necessary to the costume's finished appearance. Another difference is that "standard" quality is used for the suit (instead of the "excellent" quality level of the Collector's Edition. Nevertheless, this suit can stand up to multiple wearings.)

Since the costume doesn't include a light saber, gloves nor breathing device, you'll need to add these items. Getting a higher-quality mask is also a good idea. However, your total price will still be MUCH less than for the collector's edition, and produces a very nice finished look (especially if you've chosen your accessories well.)

Cheaper costumes are available, as well. You can get bottom-of-the-line men's Darth Vader suits for under $40. And, the less-expensive boy's costumes let your son feel like he's "really" Darth Vader without breaking the bank. The cheapest boys Darth Vader suits can be had for $30 or less, depending on the store. Yet, it's still an Official Star Wars product...and would certainly make the best choice if you're on a budget. (And, believe it or not, there are even Darth Vader outfits for babies, too!)

Sewing your Darth Vader costume

Official Darth Vader sewing patterns can be found on EBay

All Darth Vader officially licensed Star Wars costumes are now out of print. A decade ago, this would have been a big stumbling block to making an authentic-looking costume, but nowadays it's no big deal. You can find official Star Wars patterns almost any day of the week on the EBay auction website. (Except, of course, near Halloween time...when Darth Vader patterns get much harder to find!)

It's best to plan ahead. Because the offerings on EBay change from day...depending on the items that people want to may or may not find a Darth Vader sewing pattern on your first try at EBay. Don't worry; one will appear. You can even post a request for the pattern...and get a notification coming straight to your email's in-box when it comes up for bid.

Pattern numbers for Darth Vader sewing costumes

Darth Vader's costume; details of chest area and breathing apparatus

You don't really need to know the exact pattern number in order to find a Darth Vader sewing pattern. EBay has its own internal search box which will pull up a list...complete with pictures...of the patterns you're seeking. Since most of the official Star Wars patterns featured costumes for more than one character, try making a search for Star Wars Sewing Patterns, and you'll get a nice plump list of results turn up.

1.) Butterick's "Official Star Wars" Darth Vader costume patterns 5176 makes one of the best home-sewn Darth Vader outfits that you can find. Since it's out-of-print, be sure to start looking for this one early. This pattern includes everything you need for you or your son to look like Darth Vader except the mask, gloves and props (like a red light saber.) Butterick Pattern 5176 pattern makes a costume that can fit boys ages/sizes 7 thru 14. But if you'll be making this same outfit for men, look for Butterick Star Wars costume 5183, which is the same pattern...except for grownups. Butterick 5183 includes all men's sizes from XS thru XL.

2.) Kids Simplicity pattern 4426 (AKA 0578) features several Star Wars character costumes. The pattern for a Jedi tunic & robe can be made in pure black to produce a good Darth Vader imitation. Purchase a Darth Vader mask, gloves and light saber & your child's journey to the Dark Side will be complete!

3.) Vintage McCall's 7772 Kid's Star Wars Pattern is an older version of Star Wars costumes. A child's Darth Vader costume is featured (along with several other characters from the movie, as well.)

4.) For adults, try Simplicity 5840; LOTR/Star Wars fantasy costume. This is a teen & adult pattern for those with chest measurements between 30-48 inches. An Anakin-style black jedi suit is included, as well as a robe which could be made in black. A mask, light saber and gloves will be needed to give the costume a more authentic look.

5.) Simplicity Sewing Pattern 4450 includes costume patterns for Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and either Darth Sidius or Count Dooku (depending on the materials you use & how you adapt it.) Once again, this costume will need accessorizing, but it's a good pattern that an experienced seamstress will find easy to work with.

Slide show note: In the slides, you're viewing pictures of vintage out-of-print Darth Vader costume patterns. These are the patterns we've been discussing...and the ones you'll want to look for online if you're trying to sew a men's or boy's Darth Vader suit. If you'd rather sew an Anakin Skywalker costume, the pattern information is included on the Other Star Wars Costumes page of this site.

Darth Vader Patterns on Ebay

If you've decided to look for an out-of-print Darth Vader costume pattern, Ebay is one source that sells them year-round. In the Ebay widget below, you'll see current auctions going on right now...and you may place your bid if you see one which interests you. (Note: This widget is set for the term "Star Wars Pattern," since the Darth Vader pattern is sometimes included as only one costume in an entire set of Star Wars patterns.)

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