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Visit one of Southern California's largest malls, the huge

Del Amo Fashion Center!

In the slide show above, you've viewing pictures of the Del Amo Fashion Center Mall. One of Southern California's largest shopping malls, Del Amo is popular with both visitors and local residents alike. On this page, you'll discover the info you need to plan your Del Amo visit for some fun shopping, dining, entertainment (or all 3!)

Del Amo Fashion Center Review

The Del Amo Mall is a huge place! If it seems large enough to be two malls, well, that's more or less true. At one time, Carson Street in Torrance had shopping centers both on its north and south sides. When the giant Del Amo Fashion Center that we know today was created, these two shopping areas were joined by a pedestrian bridge....and Carson Street runs under that part of the Del Amo mall to this very day!

But, the future is always marching onwards at the Del Amo Fashion Center. Whether adding new additions, undergoing renovations, or bringing exciting new store brands and restaurants to the mall, Del Amo is continually doing something new to interest its guests.

On the rest of this page, you'll discover the shopping, dining and entertainment options awaiting you when you visit the large and vibrant Del Amo Fashion Center.

Del Amo Mall---list of stores

Directory of clothing stores for adults and teens

You'll find several good department stores plus quite a long list of specialty clothing stores waiting to serve you at the Del Amo Mall. Macy's has two "general" department stores at Del Amo Fashion Center (plus there's a Macy's Home Store, as well!) and the JC Penney's Department Store is also brimming full of stylish merchandise for your home and family. The Sears Dept Store not only offers styles for home & family, but also appliances, electronics, carpeting and tools for the home workshop. In the following list of Del Amo's stores featuring various clothing styles, you'll find something for everyone in your family, no matter what their ages might be, or the "image" they're trying to project.

Photo: Del Amo Mall's Express Store; Torrance, California 2b, (2b Bebe) telephone number is 310-793-4217
Aeropostale, store phone number 310-370-1270
Alfa Moda clothes, phone number 310-371-0224
All Pro Sports, phone number 310-542-8404
American Eagle Outfitters, phone 310-921-6325
Arden B, store phone number 310-214-5131
Anthropologie, phone number 310-370-9709
Beachworks, telephone number 310-214-3090
Body Basics lingerie, phone 310-371-4700
Burlington Coat Factory, phone 310-370-9090
Cacique clothing, phone number 310-542-7737
Caracci for Men, phone number 310-793-1810
Charlotte Russe, phone number 310-214-9424
Cotton On, telephone number 310-542-9991
Eddie Bauer, telephone number 310-214-4804
Express clothing store, phone 310-542-5662
Foreigh Exchange clothing, phone 310-370-9000
Frederick's of Hollywood, phone 310-371-3643
Free People, clothing store phone 310-542-4013
Gap Body, phone number 310-542-8629
Glitzy clothing, telephone number 310-793-2127
Guess clothing store, phone number 310-214-8971
H&M, store telephone number 310-371-1308
Hollister clothing, phone number 310-371-1753
J. Jill apparel, telephone number 310-370-6968
JC Penney Department Store, phone 310-371-6577
Jenuine, phone number, phone 310-214-2288
Lady Bug, telephone number 310-214-3424
Lane Bryant, phone number 310-542-7737
Levi's Store, phone number 310-793-8454
Loft by Ann Taylor, telephone 310-214-2134
Love Culture, phone number 310-370-5050
Lucky Brand Jeans, phone number 310-542-1632
Macy's Department Store, phone 310-370-8511
Macy's Department Store (South), 310-542-5941
Mani Gi Italy, phone number 310-214-2921
Marshall's, phone number 310-793-9801
Photo of the Beachworks store at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, CaliforniaMotherhood Maternity, phone 310-371-6061
New York & Company, phone 310-371-7061
O.C. Designs, telephone number 310-370-3322
Old Navy store, phone number 310-214-2997
Pac Sun store, telephone number 310-542-5199
Pro Image, telephone number 310-214-0455
Sears Department Store, phone 310-214-7000
Silhouette clothing, telephone 310-370-0740
TJ Maxx store, telephone number 310-793-9595
Urban Outfitters, phone number 310-370-9167
Via Italia, telephone number 310-371-3999
Victoria's Secret, phone number 310-542-0050
Victoria's Secret, phone number 310-214-3122
Wet Seal, store phone number 310-921-9490
Windsor Fashions, phone number 310-542-9155
XXI Forever, store phone number 310-542-0676
Zumiez, store telephone number 310-214-6863

Del Amo Mall--list of accessories stores

Jewelry stores, shoe stores, sunglasses & other wardrobe add-on's

Photo of the Icing store at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, California No matter what you need to complete your new outfits, you're sure to find it at the huge Del Amo shopping mall. In the following list of stores, you'll find vendors of shoes, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, etc:

Bakers Shoes, telephone number 310-371-2318
Cathy Jean, telephone number 310-370-5400
Claire's Boutique, telephone 310-370-7752
Coach, store telephone number 310-371-2484
Daniel's Jewelers, phone number 310-793-8777
Del Time, store phone number 310-214-0945
Fast Fix Jewelry & Repair, 310-370-0330
Florsheim Shoes, phone number 310-370-4183
Foot Locker, telephone number 310-371-1825
FootAction USA, phone number 310-793-0012
Francesca's Collections, phone 310-214-3200
Glamour Shoes, phone number 310-371-9993
Global Leather & Luggage, phone 310-370-2757
Gold Italia, telephone number 310-370-2237
Icing by Claire's, telephone 310-370-4573
Kay Jewelers, telephone number 310-542-5567
Kensington Luggage, telephone 310-371-1248
Kevin Jewelers, telephone number 310-371-6161
Kids Foot Locker, phone number 310-370-2527
Lady Foot Locker, phone number 310-371-6480
Lids, store telephone number 310-542-3042
Love D, store telephone number 310-542-4375
Photo of the Kay jewelry store at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, CaliforniaNaturalizer shoes, phone number 310-371-6511
OMY Shoes, store phone number 310-793-1700
Payless Shoes, telephone number 310-370-8773
Precise Jewelers, phone number 310-214-4945
Robert Wayne Footwear, phone 310-542-9200
Shiekh Shoes, telephone number 310-303-3144
Skechers, store phone number 310- 793-2474
Stride Rite kid's's shoes, phone 310-371-6800
Sunglass Hut, telephone number 310-406-3283
Vans shoes, phone number 310-370-6117
Watch City, telephone number 310-921-9711
Wild Pair, phone number 310-214-0145

Del Amo Fashion Square--Children's Shops

In addition to the children's sections that you'll find in Del Amo's department stores, you'll find a number of kid's specialty stores at the mall. At the following stores, you may find children's clothing, accessories and toys:

Build A Bear Workshop, phone 310-921-2327
(The) Children's Place, phone 310-921-9475
Cotton On Kids, phone number 310-542-2463
Crazy 8, store phone number 310-793-7479
Disney Store, phone number 310-370-8686
Gap Kids, telephone number 310-542-8629
Gymboree, store phone number 310-371-1144
Justice Just for Girls, phone 310-214-0362
Kids Foot Locker, phone number 310-370-2527
Payless Kids, telephone number 310-370-8773
Sanrio Hello Kitty store, phone 310-371-8100
Stride Rite children's shoes, 310-371-6800

Del Amo Mall's Bath, Beauty and Health

Spoil yourself! Women will find that the shops and salons at the Del Amo Mall will make them "feel like a queen!"

Aveda-Vicara Salon Spa, phone number 310-371-6200
Bath & Body Works, store phone number 310-793-9668
Bath & Body Works Flagship, phone number 310-370-9127
Beauty World, telephone number 310-370-4070
Blooming Beauty Supply and Salon, phone 310-370-4150
(The) Body Shop, phone number 310-370-0132 Photo of the Kay jewelry store at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, California
Fifth Avenue Nails, phone 310-542-2827
Gap Body, phone number 310-542-8629
GNC, store phone number 310-214-3910
Lens Crafters, phone number 310-542-3042
Lenscrafters, phone number 310-370-2626
LA Fitness, phone number 310-921-9890
Luxury Perfumes, phone number 310-371-0710
MAC cosmetics, phone number 310-214-3750
MasterCuts, phone number 310-793-9191
Merle Norman Cosmetics, phone 310-370-4897
Optical Fashions, phone number 310-542-7070
Origins store, telephone number 310-370-3515
Salon Vivace, telephone number 310-370-7007
Vitamin World, phone number 310-214-3717
Vogue Salon, phone number 310-303-7977
Vogue Beauty Studio, phone 310-370-0777

Del Amo Mall's Home Furniture & Electronics stores

In addition to the many fine wares for your home that you'll discover at Del Amo's department stores, you'll find the following specialty shops featuring electronics, furniture and home decor.

Aloha World, telephone 310-214-3680
Brookstone, phone number 310-542-9424
Crate and Barrel, phone number 310-371-4804
Game Stop, telephone number 310-370-4734
Home Paradise, phone number 310-371-0022
Macy's Dept Store, phone 310-370-8511
Radio Shack, store phone number 310-542-4118
Things Remembered, phone number 310-371-1624
Z Gallerie, telephone number 310-214-3029

Other stores at the Del Amo Mall

Photo of the Barnes and Noble Book Store at the Del Amo Mall in Southern California

The Barnes & Noble bookstore, phone number 310-371-5552, is a popular store at Del Amo. Its chairs encourage would-be buyers to relax awhile and investigate interesting titles before they make a purchase. The cafe lets you satisfy your hunger and thirst without ever leaving the store. Bookworms can be found enjoying Barnes & Noble from the moment it opens until the last minutes of its extended 11 pm closing time!

JoAnn crafts and fabrics, phone number 310-214-0992, is a favorite store of creative people. For those who would rather say, "I made it myself" than to buy a similar object, JoAnn's is a great resource of ideas and supplies. With JoAnn's help, crafters may whip up their own original designs, or prepare a project from a kit. Kids enjoy coming with their parents, because there's a plethora of fun kits 'n crafts intended especially for them, as well.

LA Fitness, phone number 310-921-9890, is conveniently located at Del Amo. This is an attractive, large modern club with many exercise machines, lap-swimming pool, court sports, day care, juice/snack bar, and attractive locker rooms with all the amenities.

STILL MORE STORES! Despite the many shops and services which have been listed above on this page, there are still a number of specialty stores in miscellaneous categories at Del Amo

Entertainment & Dining at Del Amo Fashion Center

Del Amo Mall's AMC Theaters

Photo of the AMC 18 Theaters at Del Amo Mall in Torrance, California Many families enjoy taking in a movie at Del Amo's terrific ultra-modern cinema, the AMC Del Amo 18 Theaters. (Phone number/showtimes: 1-888-AMC-4FUN; telephone number/guest services, 310/921-2046.)

You'll find the latest first-run hits playing at the Del Amo AMC Theaters...and all the luxury and comfort you demand in a modern movie theater inside each of its auditoriums. Stadium seating and state-of-the-art sound are standard features here!

If you would rather look on-line for the AMC Del Amo Theater showtimes, you may use the following link to visit the AMC Theater's Del Amo showtimes page of the AMC official website.

Or, if you can't find the show you want at Del Amo's AMC Theater, you can hunt for a different movie theater by heading to the Southern California Movie Theaters page of this website.

Lucky Strike Lanes at Del Amo

Picture: Lucky Strike Lanes bowling sign at Del Amo Mall in Southern California
The Lucky Strike Lanes are a popular place to relax & have fun at Del Amo Fashion Center. If you'd like to give this upscale bowling center a try, head on over to the mall...or call first for further info, if you'd like. The Del Amo Lucky Strike Lanes phone number is 310/802-7010.

Del Amo Mall's Lucky Strike Lanes is a member of a growing chain that wants to change the public's perception of what a typical "bowling alley" looks like...and feels like.

When you enter a Lucky Strick location, you'll notice that the lights are soft and dim, and comfortable, modernistic furniture does as much to create an upscale atmosphere as it does to provide a place to sit. Whereas traditional "bowling alley food" is simply a secondary thought at most lanes, a stylish restaurant with a tasty menu is considered an essential element at Lucky Strike bowling locations.

To learn more, you may use the following link to view the site, which is the Lucky Strike official website.

Restaurants at Del Amo

Photo of the PF Changs restaurant at the Del Amo Mall in Torrence, California Featured restaurants at the Del Amo Mall include:

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, phone 310-542-2270
BJ's Restaurant, telephone number 310-802-6440
Black Angus Restaurant, phone number 310-370-1523
Buffalo Wild Wings, phone number 310-542-3400
Hometown Buffet, phone number 310-921-6546
Johnny Rockets Diner, phone number 310-214-4051
(The) Lazy Dog Cafe, phone number 310-921-6080
Lucilles Smoke House BBQ, phone 310-370-7427
Outback Steakhouse, phone number 310-793-5555
PF Chang's China Bistro, phone number 310-793-0590
RA Sushi Bar Restaurant, phone number 310-370-6700

A number of fast food and snack shops within the Del Amo Mall will help keep you from getting hungry. If you'd like to see the complete list of fast food & snacks available at the mall, please visit Del Amo's official website (link at bottom of page.)

Del Amo Fashion Center address, directions and contact information

Photo of Carson Street running under the Del Amo Fashion Center mall! The Del Amo Mall phone number is: 310-542-8525.

Shopping hours at Del Amo Fashion Center are as follows: Mondays thru Fridays, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm; Saturdays, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm; and Sundays the mall opens at 11:00 am and closes at 7:00pm.

The Del Amo Mall address is: 21519 Madrona Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503.

Directions to the Del Amo Mall: Unfortunately, this shopping center does not lie close to any freeways! Get prepared to do some driving on city streets.

Coming from LAX Airport on I-405 Southbound, take the Hawthorne Blvd; proceed 4 miles south to Del Amo. However, there are many ways to get to the Del Amo Mall. If you're coming from another direction, you may chart your course by studying the following Google map to the Del Amo Fashion Center Mall in Torrance, California.

Del Amo Mall website: If you'd like to learn more about the Del Amo mall, including info about other shops and eateries which were not covered by this traveler's review page, you may use the following link to view the Del Amo Fashion Center official website.

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