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Picture: Temeku Discount Cinema, a bargain movie theater in Temecula, California

Are you looking for a fun family outing without spending a fortune? Heading to one of Southern California's discount movie theaters is a good way to take the entire family to a movie for bargain prices! Prices have raised at some of the theaters on this list in the past few years. Others have gone mainstream & raised prices. But there are still some good bargains out there when you'd like to take in a movie on-the-cheap.

The bargain movie theaters on this page feature discount ticket prices between $1.50 (now rare) and $8, with the average price being around $3-6 per ticket. In addition to these already-low prices, some of these theaters offer further discounts for matinee showtimes or for kids & senior's movie tickets.

How can these theaters charge so little? Because they show movies that aren't "new releases." The films in these theaters have already made the rounds of "first run" theaters...the megaplexes with the stadium seating and love-seat chairs. Once the crowds coming to see these films dwindles, then the movies head over to the bargain theaters...where new people are interested in seeing them, but only "if the price is right."

Bargain theaters are almost always older theaters...cinemas built before stadium seating became popular. (However, there are a FEW theaters on this list that are relatively new and have stadium seats.) This doesn't mean that cheaper theaters are necessarily old and decrepit. Stadium seating swept in like a tidal wave in the late '90's, leaving a number of nearly-new theaters outdated long before their time. And theaters built in the '80's or before? They're absolutely ancient history, even though the buildings themselves may be in good condition. If you don't like the bargain theater closest to your area, simply try a different one; you're sure to find one "nice enough" to meet your needs.

Families, in particular, benefit from using discount theaters. With the average movie ticket price in Southern California hovering around $12, a family of four simply can't enjoy an evening at the movies for under $50 (and after buying popcorn, it's more.) That's a huge chunk of change...which the family could have used to buy several DVD's (or a new video game) which would have kept them entertained for a number of evenings. The presence of bargain theaters makes going out together lots easier on the wallet. The same family of four will often spend less than $15-$20 (after popcorn) when taking advantage of the cheaper ticket prices found at the list of discount theaters on this page. Going out together becomes fun again!

Southern California discount theater locations

Find bargain cinemas in LA County, Orange County, and other SoCal areas

Photo: Temeku discount theater in Temecula, CA

Apple Valley AMC Classic 14: You can see newly-released films for about half the average price of Southern California movie tickets (even cheaper for matinees)...and the discount is every day of the week. Prices higher for 3D. The address is 22311 Bear Valley Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92308. You may check the AMC Apple Valley website for show times, and you may also purchase tickets from the Apple Valley page of Fandango.

Bakersfield: AMC Bakersfield 6 Theaters, address is 4200 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93309. This theater's prices aren't as cheap as when it was the Starplex Cinemas, and it now shows current releases at prices that are almost as much as the newer theaters in the area. However, there are "$5 Tuesday" specials that you might want to try out. Here's a link to view the AMC Bakersfield 6 Theater showtimes online. And, just in case you've never been to this theater before, here's a Google map to the Bakersfield AMC 6 cinema.

Bonsall: AMC Classic River Village 6 Cinemas, address is 5256 Mission Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003. Here's a link to check the Bonsall River Village 6 showtimes on the AMC website. Prices here are about 1/2 of the going rate in Southern California, and matinees are a particular bargain. Tuesday is $5 Day for AMC Stubs members. Movies are recent releases. Here's a Google map to the AMC Classic River Village 6 to help you find this location.

Cathedral City: Regency 10 Theaters, (formerly a member of the Cinemark chain) address is 34491 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City, CA 92234. Here's a Google map to the Cathedral City discount Regency Theater. Here's a link to the Cathedral City Regency theater's schedule. To purchase tickets online, you may use Fandango's Cathedral City 10 web page. Prices are cheap every day, with super-duper bargains on Sundays. Movies are several months old, and a variety for all ages are shown.

Chula Vista: UltraStar Chula Vista Cinemas is closed and the AMC Chula Vista 10 has opened at the Chula Vista Center. Movies are now full-price at this location, but you can still get a bargain here on Tuesdays. Members of the AMC Stubs program can take part in "$5 Ticket Tuesdays" and enjoy the latest released films. This theater is located at the Chula Vista Center; the address is 555 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91910. Here's a link to the AMC Chula Vista movie showtimes online. And, here's a Google map to the Chula Vista Center.

Irvine: AMC Classic Woodbridge Movies 5, address is 4626 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604. You may check the AMC Woodbridge website for show times, and you may also purchase tickets from the Woodbridge page of Fandango. Prices are higher now than when this was a Starplex dollar movie theater. However, tickets are cheaper here than at other theaters in Orange County, and recently-released films are shown now. Here's a Google map to the Woodbridge Theater to help you plan your route. The Woodbridge Theater's phone number is 949-733-0980 (recorded movie information.)

La Mirada: Starplex Cinemas La Mirada Movies 7 is now the AMC La Mirada 7 Theatre. The address is 15296 Rosecrans Avenue, La Mirada, CA. You may use the following Google map to this discount movie location to plan your route. At the time of this update, the theater is closed for construction/upgrades. You may check to see if it has re-opened (and what its new prices might be) on the AMC La Mirada 7 page of the AMC website.

Lancaster: Cinemark 12 Theaters, address is 44790 Valley Central Way, Lancaster, CA 93534. You may check the showtimes on the Cinemark Movies 12 page of the Cinemark website...or else on the Cinemark Movies 12 page of the Fandango website. You may view the Google map to this discount Cinemark location if you're unfamiliar with the area. You will get bargain rates every day of the week here, and may choose from a good selection of movies that were released several months ago.

Moreno Valley: Regency Towngate Theater, address is 12625 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley, CA 92553. Directions: from the 60 Freeway, take the Frederick St exit and head south; this address is in a shopping center just east of the Moreno Valley Mall. Here's a Google map to the Towngate Theater for your convenience. The Regency Towngate discount theater's phone number is 951-653-5500. Or, to check via the internet, here's a link to the Regency Towngate movie listings and showtimes on the Regency website. Purchase of tickets can be made on Fandango's Regency Towngate web page. Low prices every day of the week for older movies released several months ago. Sunday is Value Day, and ticket prices are amazingly cheap.

Norwalk: Regency Norwalk 8 Cinemas, address is 13917 Pioneer Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650. There are a number of good ways to reach this theater, depending on the freeway you'll be using. Here's a Google map to the Regency Norwalk 8 Cinemas so you can plan the most convenient route from your starting point. The Norwalk Regency 8 Cinema's phone number is 562-804-5615. Or, you may check the Norwalk Regency 8 showtimes on the Regency website. Older movies are shown here with cheap prices every day...and super-cheap tickets on Tuesdays. Online ticketing is done thru Fandango's Norwalk Regency 8 web page.

North Hollywood: Regency Valley Plaza 6 Theaters, address is 6355 Bellingham Ave, North Hollywood CA 91606. Here's a link to check the Regency Valley Plaza 6 showtimes online at the Regency website, if you wish. Ticket purchases are made thru Here's a link to check the Fandango's Regency Valley Plaza 6 web page. Prices are very cheap daily, and incredibly cheap on Tuesdays. Movies that were released several months ago are shown here. You may also wish to view the following Google map to the North Hollywood Regency Theater location. Major cross streets are Victory Blvd and Laurel Canyon Blvd; or, you may take the Victory Blvd exit off of the Hollywood Freeway.

Pasadena: Regency Academy Cinemas 6, address is 1003 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91106. This location is at the corner of Colorado Blvd & Catalina. Here is a Google map to this Regency theater location if you wish to see the layout of this area. The Regency Academy discount movie theater's phone number is 626-229-9400. You may check the Regency website to view the theater's show schedule. To purchase tickets online, you may use the Regency Academy 6 page of the Fandango website. Movies are bargain-priced every day, and typically screen flicks that are several months past their release dates.

Santa Ana: The Picture Show Theater is no longer a discount theater, now that it has received some upgrades. However, good bargains on matinee performances can still allow you to see recently released films at a discount price. The address at the Westfield Main Place Mall is 2800 Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Directions: from I-5, take the Main St exit and head north 1 block on Main to the mall's entrance. Park near the mall's rear entrance to be closer to the theater. You may use the upcoming Google map to the Main Place Mall to help you find your way. You may check the Picture Show Theater's movie schedule on their website.

Simi Valley 10 Tristone Cinemas, address is 1457 E. Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065; phone number is 805-526-4329. Tuesday is "Value Day," when you can still get cheap prices. After the change of ownership here, the other days of the week are higher, but the moves are recent releases. You may check the Simi Valley 10 showtimes here. And, here's a Google map to the Simi discount theater here.

Temecula: Temeku Discount Cinema, address is 26463 Ynez Road, Temecula, CA 92591. Directions: from I-15, take the Winchester Rd exit, then turn right onto Ynez Road. This location is in a shopping center just west of the Promenade in Temecula Mall. Google map to the Temeku Theater to help you find your way. The Temeku discount theater's phone number is now a part of the Tristone Cinemas chain. Here's where you may check the Temeku theater showtimes on the Tristone website.

Ventura: Regency Buenaventura 6 Theaters, address is 1440 Eastman Ave, Ventura, CA 93003. Directions: from the 101 Freeway, take the Telephone Road exit. This location is in the same shopping center as the Chuck E Cheese Pizza restaurant. You may refer to the following Google map to the Regency Buenaventura theater for your convenience. Here are the Regency discount theater show times on the Regency website. Tickets are cheap every day, and Tuesdays are always Dollar Days. Online tickets purchases may be made on the Buenaventura 6 Theaters page of the Fandango website. The Regency Buenaventura discount theater's phone number is (805) 658-6544.

Victorville: Cinemark 10 Theaters, address is 12353 Mariposa Road, Victorville, CA. Low prices every day for older movies...PLUS a super-duper discount on Tuesdays. Here's a Google map to Victorville's older Cinemark theater for your use. Here are the Victorville Cinemark 10 showtimes as listed on the Cinemark website.

West Covina: Edwards West Covina Stadium 18 Theaters, every day discount pricing. Address: 1200 Lakes Dr, West Covina, CA 91790. Here's a Here's a Google map to Edwards West Covina Stadium 18 theater. You may check today's showtimes on the Edwards West Covina page of the Regal Cinemas website.

Theaters featuring "Value Days"

A number of discount cinemas in Southern California have closed as the cost of running theaters has risen in recent years. But "regular" full-priced cinemas have increased the number of locations that offer "value days."

What is a "value day?" The theater has to pay employees every day of the week...but some days have very few movie-goers. So, the price of current movies is lowered to draw more traffic, making it a terrific day of the week for bargain-hunters! Often that day is Tuesday. Sunday is another popular day.

Here is a list of some current value days in Southern California that's current as of 2018. Prices may change at any time.

AMC Theaters: "$5 Ticket Tuesdays" is a discount offered at most locations to AMC Stubs members.


  • Huntington Beach Century, Tuesdays $5.75 or $9.25 for XD
  • La Quinta Century, Tuesdays $6 or $9 XD
  • Oxnard RiverPark 16, Tuesdays $6
  • Rancho Mirage Century at The River; $6, $9 XD
  • Ventura Century 10 Downtown, Tuesdays $6


  • Apple Valley Jess Ranch, Tuesdays $5.25
  • Carson, Tuesdays $5, but $8 for XD
  • Chino Movies 8, Tuesdays $4 or $6.50 for 3D
  • Downey, Tuesdays $5, or $7.75 XD
  • Long Beach Pike Outlets, Tuesdays $6.50, or $9.50 XD
  • Los Angeles Howard Hughes Center, Tuesdays $6.25, $9.25 XD
  • North Hollywood, Tuesdays $6.75
  • Palmdale, Cinemark Antelope Valley Mall, Tuesdays $5.75
  • Victorville Cinemark 16, Tuesdays $5.75 or $7.75 XD


  • Alhambra Renaissance Stadium 14: Sunday & Tuesday $6.45
  • Anaheim Hills 14: Sunday & Tuesday $5.70
  • Bakersfield Stadium 14: Tuesday $6.45
  • Camarillo Palace Stadium 12: Sunday & Tuesday $6.70
  • Corona Crossings Stadium 18: Tuesdays $6
  • Cerritos Stadium 10: Tuesdays $6.50
  • Long Beach Stadium 26: Sundays $7
  • Temecula Stadium 15: Tuesdays $6.95


  • Escondido Stadium 16: Tuesdays $ 7.95
  • Garden Grove Stadium 16: Sundays $8.75
  • Indio Metro 8: Sundays & Tuesdays $6.75
  • Oceanside Stadium 16: Tuesdays $7
  • Palm Springs Stadium 9: Tuesdays $7
  • Rancho Mirage Stadium 16: Tuesdays $6
  • Simi Valley Stadium 16: Tuesdays $6.75 w/ Crown Club card


  • Commerce 14, Tuesdays $6.50
  • Fontana 8, Tuesdays $6.50
  • Lancaster BLVD Cinemas, Tuesdays $5.75
  • Riverside University Village 10, Sundays $6
  • San Bernardion Sterling 6, Tuesdays $6.50
  • San Juan Capistrano Regency, Tuesdays $6.50
  • Santa Paula 7, Sundays $5.50
  • Westminster 10, Tuesdays $6.50


  • Laguna Villate 12: Tuesdays $8.90

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