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Disney California Adventure Hours Of Operation

In the photo slide show above, you're viewing colorful pictures of Disney California Adventure Park attractions, present and past. But these scenes are FAR from everything you'll see when you visit Disneyland's younger "sister" theme park. Disney's California Adventure Park can keep you busy all day & all evening, too!

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Plan your day: how to squeeze in the most fun!

Radiator Springs Racers ride at Disneys California Adventure Park in California Do you want to know the Disney California Adventure theme park's hours of operation? You'll find that info right here!

You'll notice that the Disney California Adventure park hours aren't the same as its sister park, Disneyland. In fact, Disney California Adventure hours are almost always shorter than Disneyland's hours---and that's because Disneyland attracts a greater crowd.

Don't worry, though. Even though Disney's California Adventure Park is open shorter hours, its shorter list of must-see attractions and its RELATIVELY lighter lines will usually let you see everything that you had planned.

Plan your day around the most popular attractions, and everything else will fit into place. Those attractions are---

1.) Cars Land: A major new themed area opened a few years ago! You may view the town of Radiator Springs come to life...with all the major buildings you know and love so well from the movie. In addition, 3 rides are open inside of Cars Land (and only ONE of them offers Fast Passes. Be sure to grab your Fast Pass for the Radiator Springs Racers as soon as you reach the park if you want to make sure you're able to enjoy this mega-popular ride.) Crowds have been thick ever since the opening day! To view our Cars Land pictures & discover details about the rides & attractions in this visually stunning new themed area, please visit our Cars Land page.

Picture: Flo's V8 Cafe in the Cars Land themed area of the Disney California Adventure Park2.) Guardians of the Galaxy---Mission Breakout! Formerly called the "Twilight Zone Tower of Terror," this drop-tower ride continues to pack 'em in. One of the most popular thrill rides in the park, the Guardians of the Galaxy ride often has a line all day long. It's a good idea to ride it (or get your fast pass for it) early in the day.

3.) Disney's Broadway-style theater production, "Frozen--Live at the Hyperion!" (Only several showtimes throughout the day.) If possible, get your Fast Pass tickets early in the day to reserve your spot at one of the performances. However, you may also wait in the stand-by line for any seats which open up (if a Fast Pass holder doesn't show up. This happens fairly frequently, since guests tend to get tied up in other attractions and don't keep their eyes on the on the clock.) Despite the fact that the theater is large, you may not make it into the showtime of your choice if you aren't one of the first several dozen people in the Stand-By line. So, plan ahead and get in line early...and that means at LEAST an hour before the scheduled showtime. You'll need to consult the park's daily Show Guide to find out the times of the performances on the day that you visit.

4.) The Incredicoaster at Pixar Pier: If you've visited before, you may remember the California Screamin' roller coaster...with its huge lift hill and zippy "launched" coaster trains. Replacing California Screamin' is the Pixar-themed Incredicoaster. It's the same coaster with Incredibles-themed visuals and coloring. You'll find the most theming INSIDE of the red "tunnels" (which used to be painted blue, you may remember.) Look for the various Incredibles characters as you zip along! Lines can be long, so this should be another important ride for you to plan your day around.

5.) Toy Story Mania ride: Combining both the fun of an indoor dark ride with game-playing, you'll find Toy Story Mania at the very "back" of the park (in the Pixar Pier area, not far from the Incredicoaster.) This popular ride, featuring a number of different "Toy Story" movie characters, always gathers a crowd.

6.) Soarin' Around The World, formerly called "Soarin' Over California (ride; has Fast Pass option.) This "motion movie" ride is another one that most visitors consider a must-see attraction. You'll often find a long line here; yet the Fast Pass and Single Rider options can help tremendously.

7.) Little Mermaid Ride: A big-budget ride featuring Little Mermaid movie characters & music is a major highlight at Disney's California Adventure this year. For fans of the movie, this is a can't-miss attraction! Fortunately, the Little Mermaid is a constantly-boarding ride and is able to accommodate many more visitors per hour than most attractions in the park. As such, you probably won't find the line too long wherever you place it on your schedule for the day.

8.) World of Color nighttime spectacular: This major evening outdoor performance is considered by many to be the biggest highlight at Disney's California Adventure. The "World of Color" show is held after dark at the park, and features spectacular lighting, captivating music, synchronized water fountains...and, of course, many favorite Disney characters. HOWEVER, THIS ATTRACTION IS UNDER REFURBISHMENT DURING SUMMER 2018, so you will have more time to enjoy all of the other "must-see" rides and shows.

So, what major nighttime entertainment should you see instead? Disney's colorful and beautifully-lit Paint the Night Parade. Fortunately, it's much easier to see the parade than it is to see the World of Color show. There's no need to worry about getting a Fast Pass in the morning. Just claim your curbside spot along the parade route (which will be marked in the daily entertainment guide that you'll receive as you enter the park.)

DISNEYLAND PARK hours: This page is about Disney California Adventure Park hours. If you are looking for Disneyland hours instead, please visit our Disneyland Park Hours of Operation page.

Summer, 2018 Disney California Adventure hours

July & August hours of operation

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of CARS LAND, an exciting & popular themed area at Disney's California Adventure Park. If the slides have stopped running by the time you reach this point in the page, you may try refreshing the page to get it going once again.

When can you visit Disney's California Adventure Park this summer? Here's the schedule:

OPENING & CLOSING TIMES---END OF JULY: From July 19th thru 31st, there are 2 schedules: either 8 am to 10 pm; or 9 am to 10 pm.

---8 am to 10 pm dates: July 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31. All of these dates are Sundays and weekdays.

---9 am to 10 pm dates: July Fri 20, Sat 21, Sat 28

OPENING & CLOSING TIMES---AUGUST: Between Wednesday, August 1st and Sunday, August 12th, peak summer hours remain in effect. Then, as guests start heading back to school, opening times get later and closing times get earlier.

---8 am to 10 pm dates: August W1, Th2, Sat4, Sun5, F10, Sun12, Sat18, Sun19, M20, Tu21, Sat25

---9 am to 10 pm dates: August F3, M6, Tu7, W8, Th9, Sat11, F17, W22, Th23, F24,

---9 am to 9 pm dates: August M13, Tu14, W15, Th16, M27, Tu28, W29, Th30

---10 am to 10 pm dates: August Sun26

"Closing" time means the time when the lines for rides close to newcomers. If you're in line at closing time, you will still get to ride. Also, you will still be able to purchase souvenirs and snacks at the front of the park near the exits (until about an hour after the official closing time.) Trams to the parking lots keep running for 2 hours after Disneyland Park's closing time...which is 11 pm or 12 Midnight during the summertime...and cuts back to 10 pm some nights in late August.

Arrive early if you'd like to enter the park at when it opens. It can EASILY take an hour to get your car parked, go through the "security" line and buy your tickets. Fortunately, the parking garage and ticket booths do open a bit earlier than the that you can be ready to enter at 8 am with your ticket in-hand.

Sometimes you will see people in the theme park BEFORE opening time. This is because visitors who stay in the Disney hotels get "early entry" privileges on selected days. These guests pay several hundred dollars a night in order to enjoy this perk. If that sounds like a good use of money to you, and if you're already thinking about booking an upscale hotel, you might wish to check out the Disneyland hotels before you make your reservations. A cheaper way to get early-entry privileges is to buy a multi-day ticket which includes a "Magic Morning" early-entry pass as part of the package. It's typical to get ONE early-entry ticket for each 3, 4 or 5-day ticket package that you purchase.

What's new Disney California Adventure?

In the slide show above, you're viewing pics of the "old" Mickey-themed Fun Wheel (Ferris Wheel) at The Disney California Adventure Park! The new Pixar-themed version (called the "Pixar Pal-a-Round") still looks pretty much the same from a distance. Up close, the thing you will want to notice is that each of the ride cars is painted to feature a different Pixar character (instead of Mickey.) There are two lines at this ride; one gives you the standard Ferris Wheel experience, while the other gives you an extra "sliding car" thrill.

1.) Summer 2018's big event is called Pixar Fest! Many of the special events celebrating Pixar characters will be found at Disneyland Park. However, Disney's California Adventure hosts the most important part of the festifities---the opening of Pixar Pier! The themed area formerly called Paradise Pier has been transformed into Pixar Pier; it opened in mid-June, 2018...with a few rough spots. (1) The project still isn't finished; you'll find plenty of construction barriers still standing in front of yet-to-open exhibits. And (2) Pixar Pier doesn't look so very different from Paradise Pier. The changes are mostly cosmetic. BUT, this project is trying to please two very different sets of guests: namely, those who like the park's "traditional" California-themed look, and those who want a more immersive experience into the world of Disney & Pixar characters. What you'll find is the same "seaside pier" atmosphere---overlaid with pics & props featuring popular Pixar cartoon characters. Will you like the "new" Pixar Pier? Only you will know! Sadly, the nightly World of Color show is under refurbishment at this time. It would have added such a nice touch to Pixar Fest. The exact reopening time is unknown at the time of this update, but is expected to be in late 2018.

2.) Frozen Live! replaced the long-running Aladdin musical in June, 2016! Although many of us were sad to see the Aladdin production go, the production did indeed have a spectacularly long running time. And, considering the popularity of Disney's "Frozen" movie, this was a natural theme for Aladdin's replacement. Reviews are quite positive. What this means for this summer's visitor is that you'll have to wait longer than ever to view the Hyperion Theater's live performances. Fast passes can be obtained in-person at the park beginning at gate-opening time. Once they are all distributed for the day, the only way you can see this show is to wait in the stand-by line.

3.) Cars Land opened fairly recently (in June, 2012) at Disney's California Adventure Park, and has been mega-popular ever since. What does that mean for park visitors this year? Heavier crowds than used to be usual, as guests descend on Cars Land to have their chance to enjoy this brand-new themed area. (Yes, STILL, even after all these months!)

Cars Land is a massive, highly detailed, and extremely immersive experience into the world of Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. It includes 3 new rides and a replica of the fictional town of Radiator Springs (where the action takes place in the original "Cars" movie.) Make sure you head to see Cars Land before the crowds build up...and enjoy the rides before the lines get log-jammed.

In addition to early morning, there are several other good times to return to Cars Land. In the afternoon, the sun shines its brightest on the Southwestern desert scenery behind the Radiator Springs Racers, and the hills look especially colorful and vibrant. And nighttime? After dark, it's an absolute, can't-miss, MUST SEE experience to venture back into Cars Land. In the evening, Radiator Springs is decked out in all its full neon glory...and a more beautiful nighttime streetscape is difficult to imagine.

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