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Disney's Electrical Parade Pictures

Disney's California Adventure Park hosts this nighttime cute-fest that both kids and their parents will enjoy!

Disney's Electrical Parade is not currently running at any California Disney Park. The electrical Parade does have an open ended run at Walt Disney World in Florida, although this does not run at all times of the year. This page will cover the Electrical Parade in California, should it return. If not, this page will remain dedicated to preserving its memory. The Electrical Parade has proven to be a very popular parade, so it very well might return to Anaheim, and if it does, we will let you know here.

WHAT IS THE DISNEY ELECTRICAL PARADE? It's a nighttime parade featuring thousands of colorful lights which runs at Disney's California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, California.

WHEN CAN VISITORS SEE DISNEY'S ELECTRICAL PARADE? Though the Disney Electric Parade isn't performed at all in California, and not even daily year-round in Florida, its appearance is somewhat predictable. Generally speaking, the Electrical Parade schedule is not easy to find, so calling Disney World in Florida might be one of the best ways to see if it will be performed on the dates you would want to see it.

On this page, you may view photos of Disney's Electrical Parade...and decide if this fun & clever entertainment option will make it onto YOUR "must see" list!

History of Disney's Electrical Parade

The former "Main Street Electrical Parade" no longer runs at Disneyland Park

Picture: Butterfly and Mushroom float in Disney's Electrical Parade

Disney's Electrical Parade has developed a small army of loyal, "die hard" fans. In a way, it's more than a mere parade: it's a phenomenon!

Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade began 'way back in 1972! Thus, the parade which is now known as "Disney's Electrical Parade" began its life over 35 years ago! Though many Disneyland fans enjoy the park for its ever-changing events and attractions, this pageant of dazzling lights and unique "electronic" musical soundtrack is NOT one of the entertainment options which visitors want changed.

From 1972 through 1996, the Main Street Electrical Parade ran almost every year at Disneyland Park. There were several years in which a different parade was substituted, but the popular Electric Parade remained most years until it was finally retired from Disneyland in the fall of 1996.

Picture: Blue Fairy begins the Disney Electrical Parade

Nevertheless, the parade's fan base stayed firmly in place.

When Disneyland's new sister-park, Disney's California Adventure opened in 2001, the parade began its performances once again...to the delight of its many fans. And in 2008, it continues to delight visitors to DCA (many of whom are the children who loved this parade when THEY themselves were kids!)

Though a few changes have been made to this popular evening parade over the years, for the most part, you'll feel very familiar with this spectacle if you're seeing it again after a long absence. Disney's Electrical Parade is beautiful, whimsical...and rarely fails to enchant both new and returning theme park visitors alike!

Disney Electrical Parade's floats and performers

Picture: Hippo pulls a calliope and circus wagon during Disney's Electrical Parade


Though most visibly made up of lighted parade floats, you'll also see a number of "live" performers as you watch this Disneyland Resort entertainment favorite.

Older Disney characters--- Since the forerunner of the current parade began in 1972, you'll have a chance to see some of the older Disney characters which you might not see otherwise featured at Disneyland Resort attractions.

Picture: Elliott the Dragon float in the Disney Electrical Parade at Disney's California Adventure park

DUMBO THE ELEPHANT---Outside of Disneyland's Fantasyland themed area, you'll no longer hear much mention of Dumbo the flying elephant and his circus train. Nevertheless, Dumbo's story lives again during the Disney Electric Parade!

In the picture of a hippo to your left, you see this monstrous beast pulling a calliope and circus acts into town! This "Dumbo" segment of the parade features live action as well as floats and props. You'll see lively circus clowns pass you, dressed up in their finest circus clothes and painted faces! And, you'll get to see little Dumbo himself, looking cute as ever...with ears every bit as long as you remembered them.

Image: Pete's Dragon float in Disney's Electrical Parade; Anaheim, California

PETE'S DRAGON---Anyone remember the Disney movie "Pete's Dragon? This 1977 live action film is memorialized in Disney's Electrical Parade by a large and spectacular float...of a life-sized giant dragon!

Pete rides atop Elliott the Dragon's back: A "real live" boy playing the part of Pete (from the movie) rides high above the crowd, as you can see in the closeup photo of Pete's Dragon to your left. As the parade passes by, you'll be able to hear Pete's voice talking to his dragon-friend, Elliott, above the parade's background music.

Picture: Clock float from Disney's Electrical Parade in Anaheim, California


In the photo slide show at the top of this page, you'll see pictures of--

1.) Alice in Wonderland floats: A series of floats in the electric parade revolves around the theme of Alice's visit to Wonderland. In the slide show above, you'll see pictures of Alice atop a giant mushroom...and of the hookah-smoking caterpillar above yet a different colorful mushroom.

The many different small floats of bugs and snails which run whimsically about...even heading to the parade sidelines to "meet" the crowd...actually belong to the Alice in Wonderland segment of the parade!

2.) Cinderella floats and dancers: In the slide show at the top of this page, you'll see pictures of Cinderella's pumpkin coach, and of the Wicked Stepsisters' float (upon which they ride...squabbling for the length of the parade route!) Cinderella's entourage also includes the handsome prince, and a number of dancing couples from the prince's ball---complete with electric lights on their party attire!

Picture: Disney Electrical Parade's patriotic float called To Honor America 3.) Peter Pan--- You'll see Captain Hook's pirate ship...all lit up with colorful lights, and looking FAR from threatening! Lest you forget that you should be afraid of pirates, Captain Hook himself is aboard the ship to rant and rave where his theatrics can be seen by the crowd. Peter Pan is aboard ship, as well...and never breaks a sweat despite Hook's swagger. Mr. Smee? He's trailing behind the pirate ship---in his own little rowboat!

4.) Snow White's story is honored, and a cute mine-car float featuring Dwarf Dopey is part of the parade.

5.) Patriotic float, To Honor America--- Bringing up the rear of the parade is the long and spectacular "To Honor America" float. You'll see the US flag represented in lights, along with fireworks, drums and stars. The ultimate finale of the parade is a brightly lit American Eagle.

6.) Mickey and Minnie Mouse! To many Disney fans, Minnie and Mickey Mouse will always be the stars of the show. Mickey and Minnie have NOT been left out of Disney's Electrical Parade! They both ride aboard the float which bears the "sign" lit up with the parade's name (as you can see in one of the slide show pictures atop this page.)

Picture: Dopey, one of the Seven Dwarfs, rides a mine car float in Disney's Electrical Parade



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