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Disney Halloween Candy Corn Decorations

Enjoy the imaginative Candy Corn Acres at Disney's California Adventure!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Candy Corn Acres, an adorable garden full of fun Halloween decorations at Disney's California Adventure Park. This exciting theme park is the sister-park of the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It is located adjacent to Disneyland, so it's convenient and easy to visit both parks on your Southern California visit!

Halloween at Disney's California Adventure Park

Picture: Giant Candy Corn pieces decorated Disney's California Adventure Park before the park's renovation project began. Candy Corn Acres, as seen on this page, is no longer available at Disney's California Adventure every Halloween!

As you may know, Disney's California Adventure Park...the "sister park" to the original Disneyland...has received extensive makeovers. In fact, the "Sunshine Plaza" area of the theme park, where the former Candy Corn Acres exhibit used to be shown every Halloween, has been bulldozed away!

All of the renovations and additions are complete, and Buena Vista Street has now replaced Sunshine Plaza. This exciting new entry area for Disney's California Adventure will once again feature Halloween decorations every Fall! At the time of this update, it's not yet known what type of Halloween decorations will be displayed on Buena Vista Street. Maybe an entire new set of decorations for the park; or, perhaps, these cute giant candy corn sets will be brought back once again.

Meanwhile, across from Disney's California Adventure, Halloween Time at the original Disneyland will set the park ablaze with Autumn colors, as usual. In fact, Halloween is one of the BEST times of the year to visit Disneyland Park!

On the rest of this page, you may enjoy viewing the Disney California Adventure giant candy corn decorations as they once appeared before the park's big construction & renovation project began. You'll surely find some TERRIFIC Halloween decorating ideas from the Disney Imagineers...that you just might be able to adapt for you your own home at Halloween time!

Adorable giant-sized candy corn--

What a fun Halloween decorating idea!

Photo: Candy Corn Acres at Disney's California Adventure Park in Anaheim, CA, was a Halloween display featuring imaginative usage of candy corn

One of the cutest Halloween displays you'll ever see anywhere used to take place in the former Sunshine Plaza section of the park. It was called "Candy Corn Acres," and it featured HUNDREDS of giant-sized pieces of (fake) candy corn!

Picture: Corn stalks sprouting candy corn are one feature of Candy Corn Acres, part of the Disney Halloween Time celebration!

The imaginative premise behind Candy Corn Acres is that "candy corn grows on plants"...just like the ones in your backyard vegetable garden!

As you can see in the photo to your left, an over-sized "seed packet" announces that corn is growing. And to your right, you can see candy corn has developed on corn stalks...right in the spot where the ears of corn should be!

In addition to the clever candy corn "garden," you'll notice a giant-sized piece of candy corn in this area, along with a stage. Live presentations take place here...and include visits from Heimlich the Caterpillar, a character from the Disney/Pixar "A Bug's Life" movie. Also, the entire area is the scene of a popular dance party after night falls, and the separate-admission "Mickey's Halloween Treat" party begins. (Naturally, when there are no events in progress, you're free to use this piece of giant candy corn as a photo backdrop!)

Disney Candy Corn Garden

Image: Carrots made from candy corn are one creative and whimsical feature of Candy Corn Acres, part of Disney's Halloween Time celebration! It MIGHT even make sense that candy corn could possibly grow on a corn plant. But, to take the whimsical "garden" theory of candy corn even further out into the world of fantasy, the candy corn at Candy Corn Acres grows into DIFFERENT vegetables, as well!

In the photo to your left, you can see that "carrots" are growing in the garden plot.

Well, these very appealing "carrots" look a lot more like candy corn than they look like a dinner vegetable!

Don't you wonder: do Candy Corn Carrots taste like candy...or like carrots?

In a different plot, you'll notice a "Candy Corn Pumpkin" seed packet on display.

Then, you'll notice that huge pieces of candy corn are "growing" from vines...that even bear flowers which look like the ones on REAL pumpkin vines!

Anyone ready for Candy Corn Pumpkin Pie?

Disney Candy Corn Garden: YOU guess!

Quiz: Can you guess what type of Halloween candy corn is growing in this picture? COVER UP the pictures on the right hand side of the page now! It's time for you to play "guess what's growing!"

To your left, what kind of fruit or vegetable could be growing on those plants?

Notice the stakes being used to support the plants. If you have a home garden, that might give you a clue. For your answer, uncover the picture to your right.

Picture of Halloween decoration at Disney's California Adventure...a sign showing candy corn growing like tomatoes in a garden!

They were "Candy Corn Tomato" plants!

Did you come up with the correct answer? If not, don't worry...that was a difficult one to determine!

Fun Quiz: Can you guess what type of Halloween candy corn is growing in this picture?

This one's not going to be any easier, though.

What's that growing on vines snaking up the light post?

No fair peeking until you make a guess!

Picture: Candy Corn Grapes grow in clusters on a vine twining up this lamp post!

Ready to learn the answer?

You were looking at clusters of Candy Corn Grapes!

Who would have guessed!

Packing Disney Candy Corn...?

Photo: Candy Corn moves up this conveyer belt after being harvested at Disney's California Adventure Park! So, what do you think happens to the Candy Corn "fruits and vegetables" after they've become fully grown?

They're harvested, of course!

Then, as part of the packing process, they move up this Candy Corn Conveyer Belt!

Totally adorable, isn't it?

Picture: Candy Corn is gathered into crates...and used as a decoration for Disney's Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort!

Next, the harvested and gathered candy corn is packed into shipping crates, supposedly to head on its voyage to grocery stores around the world.

In reality? Why, of course, it becomes a whimsical decoration to make our Halloween-time visit to Disney's California Adventure a delight!

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