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Disney Halloween Pumpkins

Enjoy Disney Character Pumpkins & the Main Street Pumpkin Festival during Disneyland's Halloween Time!

Picture of large Mickey Mouse pumpkin on Main Street in Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California Disneyland Park's Halloween celebration is NOT scary! And it WANTS to be that way!

Other parks may gather crowds of fright-lovers; let them! Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California offers a fright-free Halloween experience for kids...and its high attendance rates prove that there are hordes of families that prefer their Halloween celebrations to be more cute than scary.

At Disneyland Park, there are only a few references to witches and magical spells. Ghosts are limited to the Haunted Mansion. And, you just won't find mummies, vampires and monsters roaming through the theme park at all. It's all part of the child-friendly atmosphere of Disney's Halloween Time celebration. So just HOW does Disneyland Park decorate for Halloween without using any of these traditional scary images?

Pumpkins! And there are literally HUNDREDS of them! You'd be hard-pressed to find a better pumpkin display than you'll see throughout the Main Street Pumpkin Festival.

Another big part of the pumpkin-filled Disneyland celebration is Disney Character pumpkins, in which you'll find the images of famous Disney or Pixar characters carved into intricately decorated pumpkins! Forget rides and attractions--you can spend a great part of your October days at the Disneyland theme park just admiring Jack O Lanterns! On this page, you can view pictures of some great Disney Pumpkins and make your plans to go see them in person!

In the picture of a giant Mickey Mouse pumpkin to your left, you see Main Street's Halloween centerpiece...which is used as a photo backdrop by guests visiting the theme park. You'll probably have to stand in line for your turn to take a picture in front of this popular Mickey Mouse pumpkin! The Mickey Mouse Jack O Lantern photo backdrop stays busy from the park's opening time until late at night!

Don't think that the Giant Mickey Pumpkin is the ONLY jack-o-lantern on Main Street! It may be the most noticeable...and yet it's only one of dozens of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns here. And, as you can tell from the rest of the pictures on this page, many are intricately carved with whimsical faces and details.

Let the cute Disney pumpkins begin!

You'll know it's Halloween Time at Disneyland even before you enter the gate!

Picture: Disney's Goofy, made of giant pumpkins...artificial, of course! You'll know it's Halloween Time at Disneyland even before you hand over your ticket at the turnstiles!

In the picture of Giant Pumpkin Goofy to your left, you'll capture a quick idea of how creative and whimsical the Disney artists have been when preparing the theme park for this special fall holiday.

In the picture of Donald Duck to your right, you'll see that he's made of artificial pumpkins and gourds, just like Goofy. In fact, you'll find other favorite Disney Characters made out of giant "pumpkins" gazing down at you from the top of the Disneyland turnstiles as you enter the park!

Picture: Giant Donald Duck pumpkin at Disneyland's entrance gates

Watch out for tourists taking snapshots!

Many visitors want photos of these whimsical Disney character pumpkins to adorn their photo albums when they get back home.

And yet, these are just the first of HUNDREDS of pumpkins that you'll see during your October visit to Disneyland Park!

Picture: Mickey Mouse Halloween portrait; pumpkins, gourds and squash were used to create this effect!

What will be the first thing you see as you enter Disneyland after passing through the gates?

A portrait of Mickey Mouse--made entirely of of pumpkins, small gourds and squash. In the photo of Mickey Mouse's portrait to your left, can see the Halloween version of this famous Disneyland Park landmark.

Many tourists drop their jaws at this sight...and spend time lingering in front of the pumpkin portrait of Mickey trying to figure out how it was done!

Disneyland's Main Street Pumpkin Festival

Disney Character Pumpkins at the theme park's entrance are just the beginning!

Photo of Disney Halloween Merchandise on sale at Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, CA

As you step onto Main Street from the park's entry plaza, you'll find every building swathed with orange and yellow fall-themed banners...and carved Jack 0 Lanterns in nearly every window---dozens of them!

Picture of Disney Halloween decorations along Main Street in Disneyland theme park, Anaheim, Calif In the picture of Main Street at Halloween Time, you see buildings draped with the orange and gold bunting banners which will surround you on both sides if you stroll down the middle of the street.

In the photo of Disney Halloween merchandise above, you can see some of the attractive gifts and souvenirs for sale in one of Main Street's stores. If you're a Disney-lover (or collector) you'll enjoy the variety of Halloween items available at Disneyland Park. Halloween Mickey Mouse ornaments, teapots, and ceramic pumpkins. Mouse ears which look like a pumpkin! Costumes of many Disney and Pixar cartoon characters. Jack Skellington items. And, of course, pirate merchandise a-plenty!

Picture of Disney Halloween Pumpkins adorning the Main Street Emporium at Disneyland Park in Southern California To your right, you see a picture of carved jack-o-lanterns atop Disneyland's Main Street Emporium.

Pay careful attention to ALL the second story windows and balconies on Disneyland's Main Street! You'll see grinning pumpkins looking at you from nearly all of the buildings!

Your October Disneyland Park brochure will tell you that this is the "Main Street Pumpkin Festival," and they weren't kidding! You'll see DOZENS of pumpkins by the time you've sauntered from one end of Main Street to the other!

Picture of Disney Halloween Pumpkin Festival activities at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA

Part of the Main Street Pumpkin Festival includes little shows, complete with singing, dancing, and even audience participation.

Since Main Street harkens back to times 100 years ago or more, part of the pumpkin festival skits use words to tunes from bygone years...with the words changed to fit Halloween themes!

For example, words from the old tune, "I was strolling through the park one day," became, "I was strolling through the DARK one day" in one Main Street skit. Clever!

Photo of Disneyland Halloween Jack O Lanterns lit up and glowing in the night!

You'll want to visit Main Street once again after dark. Why is that?

Because all the dozens of Jack O Lanterns are lit up at night! In the photo of Disneyland's Jack-o-Lanterns to your right, you see a display of brightly-lit Disney Halloween pumpkins glowing in the night! And these are a mere few of them. The entire length of Main Street is aglow with jack-o-lantern light!

Disney Character Pumpkins

Disneyland's Halloween Time displays jack-o-lanterns of your favorite Disney characters!

Picture of Toy Story character Woody engraved on a Halloween pumpkin at Disneyland Park in California Amble up Disneyland's Main Street until you get to the traffic circle in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. There, surrounding the beloved statue of Walt Disney, you'll find a number of clever carved pumpkins.

Each Disney Halloween pumpkin here is carved with the image of a Disney or Pixar cartoon Character!

Picture of Buzz Lightyear face on a Halloween pumpkin at Disneyland Park in greater Los Angeles, California

In the picture to your left, you see a Jack-O-Lantern version of Woody from Toy Story.

And to your right, a Buzz Lightyear Halloween pumpkin!

Of course, such huge and perfect pumpkins aren't real...but the high quality of these imitation Halloween pumpkins makes them nearly look like they just came out of a farmer's garden!

Picture: Disney character Lilo engraved on a Halloween pumpkin at Disneyland Park in Orange County, California

Other intricately carved Halloween pumpkins displayed throughout Disneyland are very real, indeed!

For example, a real pumpkin has been carved with the image of Disney's Lilo, the little Hawaiian girl, upon it. And to your right, it's another genuine pumpkin which bears the likeness of Lilo's little alien friend, Stitch. These pumpkins can be found in a Frontierland display area to one side of Woody's Halloween Roundup.

Picture: Disney character Stitch carved into a Halloween pumpkin at Disneyland Park in Orange Co, California

In fact, at times you can see a master Pumpkin Carver at work! By Woody's Halloween Roundup, you'll find many ornate and interesting Jack O Lanterns bearing the likeness of Disney-related characters. And in the middle of the pumpkin display, you'll often find the Master Carver hard at work on the next pumpkin work of art!

Picture: Halloween pumpkin resembling the Mayor of Halloweentown from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas movie

Here are two Nightmare Before Christmas carved pumpkins which have been made at the carver's station in Disney's Frontierland. To your left, you can view a very cleverly done Mayor of Halloween Town pumpkin.

And to your right? Why, that's none other than a pumpkin portrait of Jack Skellington himself!

Picture: Jack Skellington the pumpkin! A Disneyland master pumpkin carver did this rendition of Jack Skellington's head

If you haven't made your way back to Woody's Halloween Roundup...perhaps thinking the attraction is just for toddlers and preschoolers...think again! And put on your jogging shoes to hurry up there!

Adults and children old enough to truly appreciate the ingenuity of the carved pumpkins on display are the ones who may even enjoy the exhibits of autumn decorations more than little tykes. But, of course, children's activities are one of the focal points of the attractions. If you'd like to learn more about what you'll find at this Disneyland Halloween activity, you may head to the Woody's Halloween Roundup pictures page of this website!

Disney Villain Halloween Pumpkins

Picture: Disney villain Captain Hook on Halloween pumpkin; Downtown Disney District in Anaheim's Disneyland Resort Beware! Villains are on the loose at Disneyland Park!

Actually, there ARE Disney Villains you can meet and greet during Disney's Halloween Time. They're inside Disney's California Adventure theme the Golden Dreams Theater. Re-named the "Golden SCREAMS Theater" for October's Halloween season, there's a cute, family-oriented show inside the theater that your group may enjoy.

And outside the theater? Favorite Disney Villains to meet and photograph!

Picture: Evil Ursula, villain from Disney's The Little Mermaid, is carved on a Halloween pumpkin on display at the Disneyland Resort

But pumpkin-lovers will enjoy the imaginative Disney Villain Halloween Jack-o-lanterns that they'll find throughout the Disneyland Resort even more!

To your left, of course, you see Peter Pan's nemesis, Captain Hook. And to your right, there's the fiendish Ursula, slimy villain from Disney's "The Little Mermaid."

While some of the ornate Disney Halloween pumpkins were never meant to be lit, other Jackolanterns, like these two sneering snake-in-the-grass characters, come especially "alive" when glowing with the light of an electric candle.

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Special Disney Halloween Pumpkins

Photo: Tweedle Dum Pumpkin; the popular Disney character from Alice in Wonderland is skillfully built from more than one pumpkin! Disneyland's master pumpkin carvers really outdid themselves when making the lavisly ornate pumpkin creations which you see in this section of the page.

To your left is a picture of a multi-pumpkin statue of Tweedle Dum, a crazy character from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" animated movie. Tweedle Dum's tongue is sticking out of his mouth, and his silly little beanie hat sits atop his head. Clearly, the artist was able to portray this character's whimsical charm dispite working with vegetables as the artistic medium!

Picture: Alien from the Disney/Pixar Toy Story movie created out of several Halloween Pumpkins; on display at Disneyland Park

Another multi-pumpkin creation which brings a smile to the face is a little alien from outer space, seen in the Disney/Pixar Toy Story movies.

Amazingly, the alien's feet, arms, curly ears, and even the antenna atop his head are all made from pumpkins and squash!

Picture of Vampire Mickey Mouse carved on a Halloween pumpkin!

Disneyland's Halloween celebration doesn't feature scary creatures such as vampires. Nevertheless, there IS one vampire at Disneyland Park...and he's CUTE instead of frightening!

It's Vampire Mickey Mouse! Seen in the photo to your left, this Disney Halloween pumpkin bears the image of Mickey Mouse...and his 2 vampire's fangs are plainly showing in the grin on his mouth!



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