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Disney Holiday Parade, part 2

See more photos of "A Christmas Fantasy" at Disneyland Park!

Picture: Reindeer precedes Santa Claus in the Disney Holiday Parade at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California "A Christmas Fantasy" is the Disneyland seasonal parade this year.

This popular Disney holiday parade is full of floats, Disney characters, Christmas decorations, and fun! This is a big event, and thousands of onlookers line the parade route at Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California for each performance.

The parade is large enough that one page hasn't been enough to cover it. This is "page 2" of the Disneyland Christmas parade photos. If you missed part 1---which covered Disney costumed characters you'll see in the parade---you may use the next link to visit the Disneyland Christmas Parade, pt 1 page of this website.

On this page, we'll talk about other fun floats, characters and Christmas-themed fun that you'll see in this Disney holiday parade!

Disney Holiday Parade -- Pixar Characters

Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody join the fun!

Picture: Buzz Lightyear looks over the crowd from his float in the Disneyland holiday parade in Anaheim, CA Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody, Pixar characters from the Toy Story movies, join in the fun of the Disneyland holiday parade!

To your left, you see a photo of Buzz Lightyear as he looks out over the crowd of onlookers lining the parade route at the Disneyland theme park.

On Buzz Lightyear's float, you'll also see cute little aliens from the Disney/Pixar Toy Story movies, as well. You can see them in the photo below.

Picture: Pixar character Cowboy Woody rides a wooden horse in the Disneyland holiday parade called A Christmas Fantasy

Cowboy Woody rides a tall wooden horse in the Disney holiday parade.

Like Buzz Lightyear's float, Woody's parade float makes use of giant-sized replicas of cute children's building blocks to build up the float to a tall height. Even if your family wasn't lucky enough to get a front-row spot along the parade route, you'll have no trouble at all viewing either Buzz Lightyear or Cowboy Woody as they pass by you.

Disney Holiday Parade -- Fun Christmas Characters

Picture: Wooden soldiers with dapper red coats and crisp white pants join the Disney holiday parade Though Disney and Pixar characters are cute and much-beloved by the many children lining Disneyland's holiday parade route, these characters aren't particularly "Christmas-y."

So, along with them, the Christmas Fantasy parade mixes in many other holiday elements, including Christmas trees, lights, candy and gingerbread, and toys---all brightly colored and a feast for the eyes.

Reminiscent of the toy soldier in the "Nutcracker Suite," the parade is joined by a regiment of wooden toy soldiers playing instruments. Their crisp white pants, shiny black boots and dapper red coats look very "official" as they usher in the rest of the parade floats to come.

Photo: Snowmen dance as they march along the Disneyland Christmas parade route

Even to Southern Californians basking on the sand under a palm tree, nothing "says Christmas" like snowmen.

And, indeed, the Disney holiday parade has some of the cutest snowmen that you've ever seen!

Decked out in colorful hats and scarves, the snow men (and women!) dance their way along Disneyland Park's parade route. Sparkles on the surface of their costumes glimmer in the parade lights like sun shining on a fresh field of powdery snow!

Picture: Santa's elves join the Disneyland holiday parade in Anaheim, Calif

How could Santa Claus ever be ready with millions of toys for good little girls and boys...if it weren't for the help of his many elves?

You'll see a number of elves in the Disneyland Christmas parade, dressed in cute & whimsical outfits of red, yellow and green.

To the left, you see a picture of several elves following Pinoccio's float in the Christmas Fantasy parade at the Disneyland theme park.

Picture: Skaters dressed in wintry attire look like snowflakes gliding along the Disneyland holiday parade route

There may not be ice on the ground at Disneyland...after all, this is Southern California!

That doesn't stop skaters from joining the Disney holiday parade! Decked out in "snowflake" ice skating costumes, they glide along the parade route carving formations as if on a frozen pond.

Only if you look carefully at their feet do you realize that they're wearing roller skates instead of boots with blades for the ice!

Disney Holiday Parade---Santa Claus & Mrs Claus!

What character brings up the rear of Disneyland's Christmas Parade?

It's Santa Claus!

Though the Disneyland version of Mrs. Claus isn't particularly jovial in this picture,

the good Saint Nick is always smiling...quite a jolly old fellow.

He waves at the crowd from his perch atop a lovely, lavish red & green float bedecked with Christmas trees!

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