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Disney Princess Costumes

Your little girl will love dressing up as Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, Tiana or Snow White!

If you can't find the perfect man's, woman's or child's Disney Costume in your local stores, check out the selection of cute princess & other character costumes in the slide show above. You may use the following link to view all Disney costumes at Or, use the costume search box (just below) to find family costumes for your favorite character only (for example, type in Tinker Bell, Cinderella, etc.)

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Belle? Cinderella? Jasmine? Snow White? Ariel?

Photo of Disney Tinkerbell Costume for sale at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California What little girl doesn't pass through a phase of having a favorite Disney princess? Which of the Disney princesses is your own daughter's favorite?

* Princess Ariel? The independently-minded Princess Ariel was presented to the public in the Disney adaptation of "The Little Mermaid" story. Though Ariel, a mermaid, yearned to become human, what human little girl wouldn't like to have fun pretending to be a mermaid?

* Princess Aurora? Several generations of little girls have thrilled to Disney's classic animated movie, "Sleeping Beauty." Aurora's sweet disposition and long golden tresses endear not only Prince Phillip, but everyone who views this delightful film.

Picture of Disney Princess Aurora dresses on sale at the World of Disney store in Anaheim, California * Cinderella? The story of this sweet-tempered beauty who endured hardships, but finished with a dream life has thrilled young girls for years. Her beautiful ball gown remains a popular Halloween costume and dress-up item.

* Princess Jasmine? This adventuresome young woman found both love AND "whole new worlds" to explore in the 1993 acclaimed hit animated movie, "Aladdin."

* Snow White? The raven-haired beauty who rallied from her own misfortunes to take care of 7 dwarfs who were clueless about running their home was Walt Disney's very FIRST movie princess. Since 1939, she's been charming children...and her distinctive dress is a favorite for wearing at Halloween and for making Disneyland visits in costume.

* Tinkerbell? The little fairy with an attitude from "Peter Pan" isn't really a princess in the movie...but Tinkerbell costumes are usually included in sections of Disney Princess dresses. Tinkerbell fairy dresses are more fanciful than ordinary princess ball gowns...and many little girls adore wearing their own set of "wings."

Disney Princess Costumes --- Sew or buy?

Picture of Disney's Cinderella ball gown, a popular Halloween costume for little girls; sent by reader Marilyn L

If your child wishes to dress up as a Disney princess, it won't be hard to BUY a costume---they're "everywhere." Because the Disney company wishes to make money & please its shareholders, Disney Princess costumes can be found at many different stores and in a number of different price ranges.

Mass merchandisers (such as Walmart and Target) not only carry Princess dresses at Halloween, but all throughout the year as well in their toy departments.

Disney also sells licensed costumes in a variety of costume shops. If you find a store which sells a complete line-up of the Disney brand costumes, it will surprise you just what a wide selection of outfits there are available! (In Southern California, most costume shops carry a selection...stores such as Party City or the seasonal Spirit Halloween Stores. In greater Los Angeles, The Halloween Club has a particularly thorough assortment of official Disney costumes...and they sell costumes year-round, not just at Halloween.

Photo note: The charming Cinderella costume picture to your left was sent by reader Marilyn L. What a cute Cinderella her daughter made!

Picture: Disney princess nightgowns and other related princess accessories can be found at mall-based Disney Stores and at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California
*The popular mall-based Disney stores sell a more upscale version of the princess costumes found at discount stores and costume shops. Many styles are sold year-round (for use as dress-ups) with extra costumes piled into the stores during the Halloween season. You can find a Southern California location of the Disney Store chain by heading to the Disney Store Locations page of our site.

Still one more place to find high-quality Disney princess costumes is at the Disneyland Resort itself (in Anaheim, California.) There are shops at Disneyland Park, at Disney's California Adventure theme park, and within the Downtown Disney shopping, dining & entertainment district which all sell deluxe versions of the Princess dresses. Prices generally run around $50+ for these costumes...and that's without any of the extra accessories you might wish to purchase. On the other hand, these costumes do last for a long time. Your little girl will be able to play dress-ups for many months without wearing out these sturdy Disney outfits. The Princess dresses and accessories are sold at Disneyland all throughout the year, and not just at Halloween time.

Disney Princess sewing patterns

Photo of Disney's Belle princess dress, a popular Halloween costume for little girls One way to make sure that your little girl's Princess outfit is at least a tiny bit different from what "everyone else" has is to sew the costume yourself! Another reason for sewing the Disney princess dress would be to get a higher-quality garment for less money than the pricey deluxe Princess costumes sold at the Disneyland Resort.

When it comes to sewing Disney Princess outfits, there are quite a few sewing patterns from which to choose. First of all, however, you'll need to select the particular Disney princess whose outfit your child wishes to wear, because, of course, a Tinkerbell fairy dress or a Princess Ariel mermaid suit will need an entirely different pattern from the more traditional ball gowns which Cinderella, Aurora, or Belle might wear.

1.) Simplicity has offered the "official" Disney Princess costume patterns in the past. However, in a surprising move, Simplicity decided to cut almost all of the Disney Princess costumes out of its catalog (with the exception of Cinderella and Snow White.) Now, Ebay (or other online sources) may be your only hope of finding the other Official Disney patterns. However, you'll need some patience; they'll only appear in Ebay auctions when someone is trying to sell them! The pattern numbers you'll be looking for will be listed below. These Simplicity princess patterns all feature the "authentic" look for each particular Disney princess...which is important if your child insists on looking just like the characters in their favorite movies.

So, does Simplicity still offer Disney Princess patterns? A few...but most are now "generic" princess gowns. For most purposes, you'll find that generic princess dresses can be given the right "look" you want simply by your choice of fabric and trimmings.

2.) McCalls offers generic princess patterns which will turn out"authentic" looking, as well. You may even discover that you PREFER the variations offered from the "official" look---just for a change of pace! An advantage of the McCall's patterns is that their size range is larger: girls up to size 14 may have the Disney princess dress of their dreams, too!

3.) Butterick also offers non-Disney princess costumes which can be sewn in the "official" colors of the Disney princess dress you'd like to make. This choice offers you the chance to create a more unique "look."

Little Mermaid/Ariel Costume Patterns

Picture of Disney Princess Belle costume and Ariel's Bridal Dress As you have read above on this page, Simplicity has recently cut most of its Disney "officially licensed" costume patterns from its catalog. Don't worry, though--the Ebay auction website can help you find them. The pattern numbers of the out-of-print Simplicity princess patterns are included below (to help you look for them on Ebay) if you can't find a substitute pattern that you like as well as the "official" one.

* Ariel Costume Patterns from Simplicity: (1.) There was once a Disney "official" Ariel Mermaid costume pattern; it's now out of print. If you'd like to find it on Ebay (or elsewhere on the internet,) you should look for Simplicity pattern 9919. This pattern is for girl's sizes 3 thru 8.

(2.) Another choice would be to make the official Disney Ariel's bridal costume, which was included with Simplicity's #9902 Disney costume (and came in girls sizes 5-8.) While it's now out-of-print also, it can still be found fairly easily on the internet.

3.) Simplicity generic mermaid costume pattern: If you don't care whether or not you purchase an "official" licensed Disney mermaid pattern, then there IS still a Simplicity mermaid pattern that's NOT out of print! It's Simplicity #4043, and this mermaid costume comes with sizes for toddlers, girls and women all in one package. This is a modest costume which covers the midriff. The mermaid's tail is not extremely tight and allows room for walking.

4.) Simplicity's "mermaid dress" pattern: If mermaid tail-troubles bother you, you're not the only parent to worry. Your little girl might trip on the tail, it could get tangled in bushes, etc. Simplicity came up with a way around those difficulties: a mermaid DRESS. Lacking a tail, the mermaid-looking top features seashells where Ariel's seashell-bra would be. And yet, the bottom of the outfit is simply a dress with nothing to trip up a toddler's feet. You may see this interesting look on the Simplicity princess dress 5105 page of the company's website.

5.) McCall's Ariel's Mermaid Costume Pattern: The McCall's mermaid suit pattern will give you one of the most practical end results out of all the pattern choices. If you wish to dress as the Little Mermaid, check out McCalls mermaid sewing pattern M5498 before reaching your decision...because you just may like this one the best. In addition, the mermaid pattern comes in adult women's sizes, as well. This is a mermaid "dress" pattern that eliminates tripping over a mermaid tail (because it doesn't have one!) However, the dress portion of the costume visually "suggests" a mermaid tail because of unusually shaped ruffles at the bottom.

Princess Aurora Costume Patterns

* Simplicity Aurora sewing patterns: Unfortunately, all of Simplicity's official Disney Sleeping Beauty Princess patterns are out of print. You'll need to hunt on the internet for one of them. The good news is that there are 3 good patterns, and they're relatively easy to find, since they were discontinued only in the last few years. For toddlers and preschoolers up to size 4, try to find Simplicity pattern 4949. For girls up to size 8, find either Simplicity #9384 or Simplicity pattern 5835. All of these patterns produce Princess Aurora dresses with an authentic "look."

Simplicity's generic princess patterns: 1.) You'll be able to find Simplicity princess pattern 2569 in your own home town, because it's still in print. If you make it in pink, it could look somewhat like Aurora's beautiful ball gown. However, it's not an "official" pattern, so you won't get the exact look seen in the "Sleeping Beauty" movie.

2.) * Butterick Princess Pattern, out of print: Butterick never offered an officially licensed Disney Princess pattern, yet this company has had some styles in their catalog which make a great-looking substitute. Until recently, the popular Butterick princess pattern #B4630 was offered. (You may still find it occasionally on the Ebay auction website.) If you're looking for a princess gown, this elegant pattern offers you some options that aren't available in "standard" Disney princess designs...such as a regal, high-back neckline; leg-of-mutton sleeves; or a tall, pointed princess cap. One view of the pattern is shown with a fluffy, feathery trim, which your daughter might find enchanting. This pattern, though, is only available in girls sizes 2 through 8. If made in pink material, this costume could be used to make a ball gown resembling Princess Aurora's. Note: This pattern has gone out of print, but it's still being sold thru the Butterick catelog until all copies are gone. After that time, you're only hope of finding this elegant princess dress pattern is online through one of the auction websites.

Princess Belle costume patterns

Picture of Belle Costume with warm shirt underneath for trick or treating on a chilly evening

* Simplicity Belle Costume Patterns: Until 2008, there were two official Disney costume patterns you could buy to make Belle's stunning yellow ball gown, but they are out of print. If you'll be looking for these patterns through EBay or other online sources, you'll want to know the following pattern numbers: (1.) The less-detailed gown was Simplicity pattern 5835. The fancier Beauty and the Beast dress was Simplicity #9902. Both costumes look very much like Belle's yellow ball gown in which she performed her grand waltz with The Beast.

* McCall's Belle Pattern: McCalls doesn't offer official Disney patterns, but they make costume pattern which look similar. McCalls princess pattern M5494 makes a a floor-length ball gown which is meant to look like Belle's dress (if you make it in yellow, as the pattern picture suggests.) This pattern is not out of print, and you should be able to find it at your local sewing stores.

* Butterick's Belle costume pattern: Like the McCall's Belle pattern, the Butterick Princess Belle dress isn't "officially licensed." However, it's quite cute and really does resemble the Beauty and the Beast ball gown. It's not out of print. You should be able to find the Butterick Belle costume sewing pattern #B4320 in your neighborhood sewing stores.

* Burda's Belle costume pattern: Patterns from the European pattern company Burda has been rather difficult to find in the United States in past years...but no longer! The USA's Simplicity pattern company sells them now. You'll find Burda's Princess Pattern 2480 to be a very nice rendition of Belle's beautiful yellow ball gown. Sizes range from Girls 4 thru 9 (American sizing.)

Cinderella costume sewing patterns

Disney Princess Cinderella costumes
* Simplicity still makes a Cinderella pattern which is NOT out of print! This is an officially licensed Disney pattern which will give you the exact look that you see in Disney's Cinderella animated movie. The same pattern comes in a variety of sizes.

(1) Toddler Cinderella pattern-- You'll want to look for Simplicity Baby and Toddler Cinderella pattern 2563. This pattern will fit babies 6 months old through age 4. A pattern for Cinderella's headband is included in the package.

(2) Girl's Cinderella gown pattern--The Simplicity Cinderella sewing pattern to use for girls ages 3 thru 14 is Simplicity Girl's Cinderella Pattern 2817. Gloves and a necklace are shown on the pattern cover, but you must provide these items for yourself.

(3.) Women's Cinderella Dress-- This same costume also can be made for grown women who are Cinderella fans. Look for Simplicity Women's Cinderella Pattern 2813, which comes in a range of Misses sizes from 6 to 20. You should be able to find all 3 of these Cinderella patterns easily in your local stores.

Princess Jasmine Costume Patterns:

* Simplicity Jasmine patterns-- Simplicity's official Disney Jasmine suit is now out of print. There was only one Princess Jasmine pattern offered by Simplicity in recent years; it was Simplicity 9919, in girls sizes 3 thru 8. If you'll be looking for it online, it does come up for bid regularly on Ebay. If you'd like to make a Jasmine costume from local sources, you may try using Simplicity's non-licensed Genie costume, which is not out of print. By using the right color fabric, this pattern could be easily adapted. Simplicity Genie Pattern #3626 is what you'll be looking for. Strangely enough, this costume includes sizes both for girls AND for women all in the same package! This costume will fit girls size 10 thru 16 AND Misses size 2 thru 12. A cute Jasmine-type costume for younger girls ages 2 through 8, is Simplicity princess costume pattern 5105.

Show White costume patterns

Picture of Snow White dress* Simplicity Snow White Costume Patterns: Simplicity's Snow White dress patterns are still in print! The pattern number you need depends on the size you plan to make.

1.) Baby and Toddler Snow White costumes: If you'd like to make a cute Snow White dress in sizes 6 months to 4 years, you'll be looking for Simplicity Snow White costume pattern 2563. (2.) Girls Snow White pattern: The Simplicity Snow White sewing pattern to use for girls sizes 3 thru 14 is Simplicity #2817. Snow White's traditional high collar and her flowing cape (separate) are included. (3.) Women's Snow White pattern: There's even an official Disney Snow White costume for women! You'll want to look for Simplicity Women's Snow White pattern #2813, which comes in a variety of Misses sizes, all in the same package. A pattern for Cinderella's blue ball gown comes in the same package for both the adult and children's Snow White patterns.

* Butterick's Snow White costume pattern: Butterick makes an unofficial Snow White pattern that you may wish to check out. It's Butterick costume sewing pattern #B4320, which fits toddler size 2 through teen size 14. This pattern comes with other options which can make either Belle's yellow ball gown, a pink princess gown like Aurora's, and a "Dorothy" dress (from the Wizard of Oz.)

* Burda's Snow White costume pattern: Burda's Snow White Costume Pattern 2480 is a traditional rendition of Snow White's costume as made famous by Disney...and yet, it suggests using red for the skirt color (giving it an interesting twist.) Sizes range from Girls 4 thru 9 (American sizing.)

Princess Tiana & Rapunzel sewing patterns

What sweet little girl wouldn't like to dress up as Disney's newest royal characters, Princess Tiana and Rapunzel? Stores are gearing up to sell a large volume of Tiana costumes this year...and two pattern companies have released patterns for Tiana's lovely princess dress, as well.

1.) McCall's Tiana pattern M6183 features a floor-length gown with very interesting details. The floor-length portion is made of a sheer white fabric. Over this, you'll make a mid-calf length skirt in yellow. And an even shorter layer is made in green satin and decorated with trim. All you'll need to complete the princess's look on the package is your own dressy slippers and stockings, plus a tiara and jewelry. This costume can be made to fit girls from approximately ages 2 thru 8.

2.) Simplicity's Tiana Gown pattern 5399 is also a lovely floor-length dress meant to be made in green and yellow fabric. Like the Butterick pattern mentioned above, all you'll need to complete the "look" on the package is your own footwear & jewelry...and perhaps a small stuffed frog, as well!

Rapunzel is now a royal character, ever since being the star of Disney's movie "Tangled."

Rapunzel has her own "official" Disney pattern, which fits girls sizes 3 through 8. This is a pretty floor-length dress that any girl will surely enjoy. However, oveshadowing the dress is a faux hairpiece you'll make to hang down nearly as long as the hemline! Here's the Simplicity 2065 Rapunzel costume page so that you may check out the details.

Tinkerbell Costume Sewing Patterns

* Simplicity Tinkerbell Costume Patterns: Simplicity fairy pattern #2872 is an official Disney Tinkerbell pattern which you'll be able to find at your local sewing store; it's one of the few official Disney patterns that's NOT out of print! You'll be able to make an official Tinkerbell costume if you sew it with the green fabric suggested by the pattern. Other variations of fairy costumes are included in the package, too, because these days, as you surely know, Tinkerbell has friends! The official Disney patterns for the following fairies are included in the pagkage: Fawn, an animal fairy; Iridessa, a light fairy; Rosetta, a garden fairy; and Silvermist, a water fairy. Any of these Disney Fairy costumes will fit girls ages 3-8, and the pattern for wings is included.

Out of print Tinker Bell costumes: If you don't like the new Tinkerbell pattern described above, you might want to look for out-of-print Simplicity Tinkerbell costume patterns on Ebay or other online auction sites. Here's a list--- (1.) A cute pattern for preschoolers up through size 4 is Simplicity pattern 4949. (2.) For girls size 3-8, the cutest Tinkerbell fairy costume is included with Simplicity pattern 5835.. (3.) There was also a less-attractive Tinkerbell outfit for girls age 3-8 included with Simplicity Peter Pan pattern #9862.

* McCalls Tinkerbell patterns: McCall's doesn't have the officially licensed Tinkerbell costume pattern, but it does have fairy costumes which could be adapted to look like a Tinkerbell outfit. These patterns are both in print and can be found in your local stores. These are-- (1.) McCalls Tinkerbell fairy pattern M5496. A pattern for "wings" is included with the outfit. The sizes are limited, and range from Toddler 2 through Girls 8.

(2.) An absolutely darling fairy costume pattern which could also be used to make a Tinkerbell outfit is McCalls fairy & angel pattern M4887. This pattern, too, has instructions included for wings, and runs from size 2 thru 8.

* Butterick's Tinkerbell costume: An economical choice for a family with several children would be Butterick's Peter Pan pattern B4632. The package contains a girl's fairy costume which would be suitable for a Tinkerbell outfit. In addition, two boy's patterns are included! One is for an woodsy-style outfit which could be made up as either Peter Pan or Robin Hood. The other is a boy's pirate's costume (Captain Hook!) Yes, all that in one package! This is also the easiest pattern to sew of any mentioned thus far. The long sleeves of the pirate's shirt are cut in one piece with the front & you don't even need to know how to set in sleeves to make a successful project.

Disney Princess Costumes on EBay

Since little girls play dress-ups in Disney's princess costumes year-round, you'll discover that there's a steady supply of them on the "used" clothing auction websites like EBay. The selection of available princess dresses and accessories continually fluctuates on an auction site, of course...and so does the condition of the merchandise. Nevertheless, if you're "hooked" on auctions, you'll enjoy lying in wait for just the right costume to come along that your little girl might want.

Searching for princess sewing patterns: If you would rather hunt for sewing patterns than pre-made costumes, simply use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this widget. Type into the box the type of pattern (or other item) you're seeking, and the widget will pull up current auctions of that product.



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