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Disney Princess Fantasy Faire pictures

Fans of Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, Aurora (and other Disney Princesses) should make a beeline to this fun attraction at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California!

DISNEY PRINCESS FANS: The Princess Fantasy Faire is YOUR kind of place!

What is the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire? The Princess Fantasy Faire is actually several attractions rolled up into one. It's a live interactive show in which your young children can see Disney Princesses...and even dance with them! But, it's also more than that. In addition, it's a Disney Prince and Princess greeting area; a Disney Princess story-telling area; a Disney Princess store; and a children's princess-themed "beauty salon."

WHERE IS THE DISNEY PRINCESS FANTASY FAIRE ATTRACTION? At Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. It's "home" is in the Fantasyland themed area (in the covered outdoor auditorium where the Snow White musical show used to be held.) You'll find it directly opposite the Mickey's ToonTown Depot and to the side of the "It's a Small World" attraction.

Photo notes: In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Disney Princesses appearing at Disneyland Park's Princess Fantasy Faire attraction. These pictures of Princess Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella and Mulan...plus the Host and Hostess of the event...were taken at several different sessions of the showtime. On this page, you'll discover what happens during the Princess show (plus before and afterwards, as well!)

Picture of Disney Princess Aurora dancing at Disneyland Park's Princess Fantasy Faire attraction What will you do at the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire? In the pictures of the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire (running in the photo slide show above) you have already gained an idea of what happens at this fun Disneyland attraction. During the show, young guests watch as Disney Princesses descend an elegant staircase and wave to the audience. The princesses greet the crowd, the audience hears some remarks about inner beauty, and then dancing begins! The Disney Princesses dance on the stage, while the kids at the show dance on the floor of the theater.

But this is not "free for all" dancing. Everyone performs the same movements (or tries to; but nobody cares if the kiddies mess up, of course!) Before the princesses arrive on the stage, you see, the little girls and boys in the audience learn the dance steps, then practice them a few times. Once the princesses are on the scene...the dance begins "for real!"

Kids glide to and fro on the floor of the auditorium. Princesses (along with the Host and Hostess of the event) dance up on the stage. As the grand finale of the dance, assistants bring lovely pastel-colored May Poles onto the dance floor. The Disney Princesses descend from the stage, and then dance around the May Poles with the kids. It's an event that young Princess-lovers will remember for years to come!

Disney Princesses at the Fantasy Faire attraction

Every show features 3 of the Disney Princesses

Picture: Cinderella smiles at the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire audience

Every showtime of the Disney Fantasy Faire features 3 different princesses from the Disney animated movies. In addition to the princesses, the program has an elegant host and hostess, plus a corps of attendants to assist the young guests.

WHAT DISNEY PRINCESSES WILL YOU SEE? At the 2 of the shows I attended, I saw the same three Disney Princesses both times: Cinderella, Snow White and Mulan. At the third show I attended, the princesses were Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty.) Cast members working at this attraction tell me that the princesses rotate in and out of the attraction during the course of the day. That, upon returning, Disneyland guests may find different Disney Princesses at the event.

Picture: Princess Mulan descends an elegant staircase

There is no guarantee of which particular Disney Princess trio that you'll see when you bring your children to watch the show. The theme park's updated entertainment schedule for the day (which you should pickup at the Disneyland turnstiles as you enter in the morning) will be able to tell you the exact times that the Princess Coronation Ceremony and dancing activity will begin. The schedule will NOT tell you what princesses will be available at the time you select.

Disney Princess Fantasy Faire: Cinderella and Snow White on stage WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT AT SHOWTIME? The Disneyland theme park is a busy place! Even though you may have picked up a daily showtime schedule when you entered the park, just KNOWING what time an event starts doesn't mean you'll be able to get there. You may be in line at another attraction; you may find yourself on the other side of the park; you may have become hungry & stopped to eat.

The good thing is that no matter how differently your day turns out compared to the way you planned it, you will probably NOT miss seeing the show. That's because the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire has a good selection of showtimes throughout the day. You will have about a half dozen different performance times from which you may select.

Picture: Snow White poses at Disney's Princess Fantasy Faire

Secondly, there's ALWAYS something going on at Disney's Princess Fantasy Faire from the moment it opens until the moment it closes!

If the dancing show isn't going on at the time you arrive, simply start with one of the other activities.

Meet the princesses! You'll have to stand in line for this activity...but once you pass through the line, you'll get to meet more than one princess (and a Disney prince or two, as well!) Maneuvering through one line is all you need to enter a lovely set that's "just meant" for picture taking...and meet a number of different costumed characters waiting for you "reception line" style.

Picture: Princess Mulan at  the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire show


When meeting the Disney princesses, parents accompany their children. During the performance time, parents have a choice.

There is bleacher seating available for parents whose children are old enough to go down to the dance floor by themselves. On the other hand, parents are equally welcome to go sit on the dance floor with their toddlers and preschoolers. Please, though: if you go onto the dance floor, remember that there are parents in the bleachers who would like to see the action! Every once in awhile, you'll see parents who stand smack dab between the bleachers and the princesses, making it hard for folks to get photos of their children. You wouldn't want to accidentally seem rude, right?

Picture: Cinderella claps her hands during the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire performance

A UNIQUE PHOTO OP: Wherever parents choose to sit, one thing is certain: most parents are busy snap, snap, snapping away with their cameras! The Disney Princess Fantasy Faire is one of those moments for which you'll want to have new batteries in your camera (or plenty of film, if you're bringing a 35mm camera.)

When your daughter or young son is dancing around the maypole with a Disney prince or princess, it's a moment most parents won't want to forget!

Picture: Disney Princess Fantasy Faire's beauty salon for kids

PRINCESS BEAUTY MAKEOVERS AT THE FANTASY FAIRE! At Disney's Princess Fantasy Faire, your little girl will see plenty of princesses...as you can tell from the pictures on this page. But, she doesn't have to stop with just SEEING princesses! She can BECOME a princess---or least look like one.

For an extra fee, you and your child may choose a princess hairstyle (from selections in a book) and your daughter can have a "makeover" on the spot. You can see a picture of the children's "beauty salon" at Disney's Princess Fantasy Faire to your left.

But, perhaps a "new do" isn't what your daughter wants. No problem---she can choose from Princess face painting or makeup (also for an extra fee) instead.

Picture: Disney princess costumes for sale at the Princess Fantasy Faire attraction

DRESS LIKE A DISNEY PRINCESS! There are a number of places to buy Disney princess costumes at the Disneyland Resort...and the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire is one of them. It's a convenient place to find a variety of Disney Princess dresses, shoes, purses, etc. After being inspired by the performance, your child will find just the merchandise so she can "be" Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, and the other Disney princesses.

IT'S POPULAR FOR LITTLE GIRLS TO VISIT DISNEYLAND WEARING PRINCESS CLOTHING: For a number of years now, little girls have been dressing up as either Minnie Mouse or their favorite Disney princess while visiting the Disneyland theme park. No, the majority of kids aren't in costume. But, for those young girls who DO dress up, it's quite a fun experience. Parents and grandparents also love this fad because they come home with true "once in a lifetime" photos of their little girls that will be cherished for decades to come.



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Every little girl who loves the Disney princesses would love to have as many of the princess gowns as possible. Of course it would be more fun to "be" Cinderella one day, and Snow White the next...but not every budget can afford buying a number of Princess dresses all in one day when you visit Disneyland Park. Perhaps getting a bargain on Disney Princess Dresses for a discount price on Ebay would help your child have more of the princess clothing she desires. In the Ebay widget below, you'll find current auctions for Disney Princess Dresses that are going on right now. Items in the widget are continually rotating to show new ones...so by the time you return to this page another day, you'll have an entirely different selection to admire!

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