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The Disney Soda Fountain

Hollywood's Disney Pin Trading headquarters, plus imaginitive desserts!

Photo of a festive ice cream sundae from The Disney Soda Fountain on Hollywood Blvd in California The Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store is a Hollywood family attraction that visitors with kids are sure to enjoy. If you don't have children? No problem! Anyone who nostalgically remembers his or her OWN childhood is sure to enjoy this whimsical store and restaurant.

What is the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store? It's an enterprise directly adjacent to the El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Visitors to Hollywood's most famous tourist attractions surely can't miss seeing the soda fountain: it's directly across the street from the Hollywood & Highland mall, the Kodak Theater and Grauman's Chinese Theater...and it also lies along the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. The store's area is divided roughly in half, with one portion dedicated to selling Disney toys and other merchandise...particularly merchandise related to the current movie playing at Disney's El Capitan Theater. The other half is dedicated to serving meals---and very imaginative desserts---in the "restaurant" portion of the shop.

On this page, we'll be talking about the merchandise & food items you'll enjoy when you visit this intriguing and one-of-a-kind Disney attraction.

On the other hand, if you were looking for a location of a "regular" mall-based Disney store, you may head to the "Disney Store Locations" page of this website. Or, if you're seeking information about the Disneyland Theme Park in Anaheim, California, you'll want to check out the "Disneyland Resort" section of this website.

Disney's Soda Fountain---What an ice cream parlor!

Picture of the Mickey's Masterpiece ice cream sundae served at the Disney Soda Fountain, an ice cream parlor on Hollywood Blvd in Southern California Yes, the Disney Soda Fountain serves meals. BUT...dessert-lovers might not even take notice, because the imaginative ice cream desserts "steal the scene."

First of all, the Disney Soda Fountain dreams up a new ice cream sundae in celebration of each and every movie shown at the adjacent El Capitan Theater! During the run of Disney's blockbuster movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End," the Disney Soda Fountain offered POC3 Sundaes created just for the event. The Pirate's sundae featured chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a "pirate ship" made out of ice cream cone...all of which was served in a special Pirates of the Caribbean ice cream bowl.

While the clever, animated film, "Ratatouille", ran at the El Capitan, the ice cream parlor offered a vanilla sundae served in a tall clear soda glass. The guest's choice of 2 toppings were added, then at the summit of this creation was placed a rat! The cute, super-chef rat who was the cartoon "star" of Ratatouille, that is! Pretzel sticks were used as the rat's "whiskers," while a specially-made marshmallow chef's hat crowned the treat!

One favorite ice cream dessert which is a favorite for families and other groups to order is Mickey's Masterpiece. This ice cream sundae features 8 scoops of ice cream; 3 toppings---hot fudge, caramel and marshmallow; a cover of whipped cream; and a sprinkling of nuts on top. A special delight is seeing the Mickey's Masterpiece sundae served in a special huge dish...which is a replica of the magician's cap worn by Mickey Mouse in his "role" as the Sorcerer's Apprentice! (You can see the Mickey's Masterpiece sundae in the picture to your left.)

Photo of my root beer float at the Disney Soda Fountain, an ice cream parlor in Hollywood, California There are other soda fountain favorites available besides ice cream sundaes. In fact, there's a very good reason NOT to order a sundae at the Disney Soda Fountain, and it's this---the ice cream itself is so special that you may not wish to cover its taste by adding a topping!

The Dewar's company makes the Disney Soda Fountain's ice cream especially for this location...using a special premium ice cream recipe. If you never thought that eating plain vanilla ice cream was much of a treat, you'll think again after trying the Dewar's vanilla! Though there are now a quite a number of ice cream shops in the USA which feature their own version of premium ice cream, the Dewar's special recipe served at the Disney Soda Fountain is certainly one that's at the top of the heap.

The vanilla (or other flavor) ice cream may be enjoyed as a cone or in a bowl; whipped into rich freezes, milk shakes and malts; served on the side of a root beer float (as you can see in the photo to your right); as part of an old-fashioned ice cream soda; or made into specialty treats such as a freshly made ice cream sandwich.

If you'd care to see other treats & ice cream desserts offered at the Disney Soda Fountain...or browse through the list of sandwiches, soups, salads and other meal may use the following link to view the Disney Soda Fountain's menu (PDF).

Disney Studio Store: Hollywood's Disney Pin Trading hot spot!

Picture of the Disney DVD and media area of the Disney Studio Store in Hollywood, California The Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store offer collectors 2 types of specialty merchandise: Disney toys especially made for this shop and Disney trading pins. For any lover of Disney memorabilia or collector, this fact makes paying a visit here a top priority. In addition, shoppers will find a wide selection of Disney movie DVD's and other media available to them. (You can see the Disney movie selection area of the store in the photo to your right.)

Disney pin trading enthusiasts will want to keep a watch on the Disney Studio Store's official website. From time to time, announcements are made there regarding release dates for new collector pins. Often these dates are near the opening dates for new Disney films that will be playing at the El Capitan Theater; these pins are generally themed to that particular Disney movie. For example, pins have been released themed to the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie, Ratatouille, Meet the Robinsons, Peter Pan (which played at the El Capitan for several weeks in early 2007 in celebration of a new Peter Pan DVD release), Wild Hogs, Bridge to Terabithia, and others.

However, not all of the Disney Studio Store's collector pins are related to current Disney films. For example, there have been pins depicting Disney movie posters for several animated classics (such as Alice in Wonderland and Bambi.) Holidays are sometimes celebrated by the release of a new pin, as well. Other pins are themed to various other subjects. Collector pins portraying stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are an example of Disney pins unique to the Hollywood's Disney Studio Store. Pins commemorating the Disney Soda Fountain itself are even available!

While some pins sort of "slip in quietly" to the lineup from time to time, the release dates of many Disney Collector Pins are big events at the store. Major pin releases are first announced on the Disney Soda Fountain's website. On the day the new pins make their debut, there can be a line which stretches down the block from the Disney store. And, if a particular pin doesn't sell out completely on its release date, there may be times when it's only available at the store itself for a 2-week period before it's added to the inventory of Disney Collector Pins displayed on the shop's website.

If you'll be visiting Hollywood, check out the latest Disney pins in person at the Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store, where you'll find a constantly rotating selection. Or, if distance is a problem (plus, to see a larger variety of pins---including older ones which are no longer on sale at the Disney Studio Store,) you may visit the Disney Soda Fountain's official website (see link below on this page.) You may browse on-line through the selection of remaining pins. If you wish to order one (or more!) you'll need to call the Disney Studio Store in Hollywood at phone number (323) 817-1475 because the website doesn't have the ability to actually take customer's orders. Before you make the call, be sure to jot down the name and SKU number of the pin/pins you want.

Disney Toys and Collectibles

Photo: this ice cream cone-shaped sign for the Disney Soda Fountain in Hollywood, CA even sports Mouse Ears! The Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store specializes in selling toys & collectibles related to the Disney movies which play at the El Capitan Theater. There is a limited selection of "general" Disney toys...including the Disney princess-themed items, which are ever-popular with little girls. But, the bulk of merchandise themed to current movies. If you find something you like, your best bet is to "buy it while you can," because every time the feature playing at the El Capitan changes, the Disney Studio Store undergoes a thorough rotation of the merchandise that's available!

Not all Disney toys and collectibles are unique to this Hollywood Disney store...but SOME items are. The Disney Soda Fountain actually commissions merchandise to be made which will ONLY be sold in this one location. (These items will be sold together in their own display, or will be otherwise marked to tell you of this distinction.) So, if you truly wish to purchase a gift or item for your own Disney collection which can't be found "just anywhere," then you won't want to leave Hollywood without investigating the Disney Studio Store thoroughly!

Disney Soda Fountain---Contact Information

Photo of the Disney Soda Fountain and the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California

The Disney Soda Fountain's phone number is 323-817-1475.

The Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store's address is 6834 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028. This location is directly across from the Hollywood & Highland shopping, dining and entertainment complex; the world-famous Grauman's Chinese Theater; plus the home of moviedom's Oscar awards ceremonies, the elegant Kodak Theater. While the Disney Soda Fountain doesn't have its own parking facilities, there are several private lots nearby. A good place to park is in the underground parking garage below the Hollywood & Highland mall.

There are several ways to reach the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store. One way is to take the US 101 exit for Hollywood Blvd and head west to the store. Another good way is to take the Highland exit of the 101 freeway and head south to Hollywood Blvd. However, there are many other ways to reach this location. You may plan out the best route from your own starting point by following the upcoming link to a Google map to the Disney Soda Fountain in Hollywood, California.

If you're planning a visit to Hollywood...or if you're an avid Disney pin'll certainly want to check out the Disney Soda Fountain's official website for further information. You may use the upcoming link to view the website.

Photo notes: Photos number 1, 2 and 4 (in descending order) on this page were sent to me by an employee of the Disney Soda Fountain. These 3 photos are courtesy of the © Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.



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