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Disney Store Locations

Find the most convenient California Disney Store location for YOU!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Disney stores & merchandise, including the Montebello Disney Store...which was one of the USA's very first locations to receive the chain's new "interactive" makeover.

Disney Store history and merchandise

A little intro to the Disney stores....

Photo of back-to-school Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet characters sold at The Disney Store in years past The Disney Stores were originally just what the name says: stores owned by the Disney company. There was a hey-day of store building, but when all the fury had died down, the Disney company decided that mall stores just weren't profitable enough for them.

Therefore, the USA Disney Stores gave a contract to The Children's Place stores....yes, that very popular chain of kid's clothing stores where you've surely shopped before (if you have kids.) The Children's Store operated the Disney Stores for several years under what was supposed to be a long-term contract. With the company's expertise in running mall-based stores, this was supposed to have been a workable solution to keeping the public supplied with the Disney products we want in a profitable manner.

To make a long story short, in 2008, the Children's Place stores announced that they had failed. The Disney Stores have now been handed back over to Disney. In the fallout, a number of Disney Stores in the USA and Canada closed. This was a sad turn of events...but it's difficult to keep Disney fans away from their merchandise, so the downturn didn't last too long.

The good news? If you're looking for Disney stores, new locations are now being opened again! (Besides, if you live in California, you may not ever have been affected at all: California Disney fans made sure that this was one of the LEAST-affected states for Disney store closures in the country!

WORLD OF DISNEY STORES: Besides the mall-based Disney stores, the Disney company owns several separately-operated shops called "World of Disney." The characters you'll find at World of Disney are the same; it's the specific merchandise that is different.

The original World of Disney store is at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The newest World of Disney store recently opened in New York City. And, of course, visitors to Disneyland Park in Anaheim will see a World of Disney store when strolling through the Downtown Disney District.

The delightful World of Disney store at Downtown Disney Anaheim is advertised by the Disneyland Resort as being the largest collection of Disney merchandise in the entire western USA! And, it offers consumers an entirely different style of products than the mall-based Disney Stores do. So, if you're a big fan of Disney merchandise, you could browse at both stores in one day and not get bored! If you'd like to get further information about the World of Disney store at the Disneyland Resort, please head to the Downtown Disney Anaheim page of this website.

Merchandise you'll find at the Disney Stores

Photo of a cute Lady and the Tramp snow globe sold at the Disney Store in past years In the photo to your left, you can see a cute Lady and the Tramp snow globe that we bought at a Disney Store. Snow globes are a Disney Store specialty. They ALWAYS carry a selection of them. They're always simply beautiful, too! Naturally, as with all the merchandise at the Disney Stores, the stock is rotated if you see the "perfect snowglobe," you should buy it soon.

Stuffed animals are another specialty at the Disney Stores. There's always plenty in hand...of all sizes from "key chain buddy" to large room-decorations. It's always amazing to see the many ways that the Disney Store designers can think of to "change up" the way a few basic Disney Character plush animals look! They can come in bold or in muted colors; in differing fabrics; carrying items associated with a particular season or holiday; or even wearing a costume!

Disney Stores always carry some type of clothing for the entire family, but the selection is greatest for girls, women, and small boys. Keep the actual size of your child or grandchild in mind when making a purchase; Disney Store clothing can sometimes run large.

Aside from sleepwear, there are always plenty of T-Shirts at a Disney store. For girls, there will be some dresses and pants sets....and also pants sets for little boys. You'll be able to find a small selection of infant clothing, as well.

Toys take up a good deal of space at a Disney Store. Toys themed to the latest Disney movie releases are seen at the stores during the time the movie is most popular; the movie merchandise dwindles off...until a new movie is released and the cycle begins again!

Certain toy themes endure month after month. For girls, the Disney Princesses are ALWAYS represented in the toy and clothing selections. And, for boys, Buzz Lightyear, Stitch, Mr. Incredible and Cars characters are generally always available in one style or another.

Looking for the latest DVD or music releases? Or, an old Disney classic? Disney Stores carry a pretty good selection of DVD's, some videos, and a number of Disney music CD's.

Are you a collector of Disney Memorabilia? You'll find a selection of higher priced Disneyana aimed at the True Collector. These displays feature more expensive items, and so they're not kept near the front of the store where people could walk of with them easily. Head towards the rear of the store; you'll often find the collectibles in a spot where they can't even be seen from the main entrance.

Last, but not least, you may wish to head to a Disney Store if you want to buy theme park tickets. You'll be able to avoid the long lines at the theme parks. Ha--on a busy day at a Disney Store, you just may find yourself standing in a long line, anyway! Another "down" side to buying your tickets at a Disney Store is that if you lose them before you get to Disneyland Park, you're just plain out of luck. On the other hand, we've bought tickets this way...and since we didn't stand in a long line at the store where we made the purchase, it did turn out to be a real time-saver.

On this page, we'll discuss where you can find a California Disney Store that's convenient for, we'll talk a bit more about the oh-so-darling Disney merchandise that you'll find once you get there!

*NOTE: If you're looking for Disney Character Warehouse information, please see the last section of this page!

Note to Canadian readers!  A number of Canadian readers reach this page about California Disney Stores...after all, the abbreviation "CA" means both Canada AND California. A list of Canadian Disney Stores has been added to the page to help you find them.

List of Disney Store Locations--Southern California

LA County Disney Stores and Disney Outlets

Photo of the Disney Store in The Shoppes at Montebello mall in Southern California Arcadia Disney Store phone number (626) 445-7693; address (At Westfield Santa Anita) is 400 S Baldwin Ave; Arcadia, CA 91007. Directions: From the Interstate 210 Freeway, take the Baldwin Ave exit and head south just a few blocks. Here's a Google map to the Santa Anita Mall & Disney store for your convenience. Or, you may wish to see the Westfield Santa Anita Mall page of our for further mall info.

Canoga Park Disney Store, phone number 818/703-7067. This store is located at the Westfield Topanga Mall, address 6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Canoga Park, CA 91303. Here's a Google map to Westfield Topana to help you plan your route. If you like, you may view a slide show of Topanga Mall pictures on the Westfield Topanga Mall page of our site.

Cerritos Disney Store, phone number 562/860-6028. This Disney Store location is at the Los Cerritos Center Mall, address 163 Los Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA 90701. This easy-to-find mall is directly to the east site of the I-605 Freeway at the South St exit. Here's a Google map to the Cerritos Mall to use as a guide.

Culver City Disney Store phone number is (310) 390-8014; address at the Westfield Culver City Mall is 294 Fox Hills Mall Culver City, CA 90230. (Obviously, the former name of this mall was Fox Hills!) Here's a Google map to the Culver City Mall & Disney Store so that you may plan out your route.

Glendale Disney Store, phone number 818-683-8022; address (at the Glendale Galleria Mall) is 2227 Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA 91210. Directions: From the Interstate 5 freeway, take the Colorado Blvd exit and head east to the mall. It's also easy to reach from other directions, as well. Here's a Google map to the Glendale Galleria if you need assistance.

Lakewood Disney Store, phone number (562) 634-9781; address (at the Lakewood Mall) is 88 Lakewood Center Mall,Lakewood, CA 90712. Directions: From the I-605 Freeway, take the Del Amo Blvd exit and head west to Lakewood Blvd. From the CA HWY 91 Freeway, take the Lakewood Blvd exit and head south to Del Amo. The mall sits at the intersection of Del Amo and Lakewood Boulevards. But this is just one way of several to reach the mall. Here's a Google map to the Lakewood Mall to plan out your route from your own starting point.

Montebello Disney Store, has re-opened...with a surprise! It's the first of a new style of Disney stores! Created to be more interactive, there are more opportunities at the store for kids to play around. It's not quite as different from the older stores as I expected it to be, but since it's a children's store, any opportunities to crawl & play without getting into trouble are certainly welcome. The Disney Store address in The Shops at Montebello is 2060 Montebello Town Centre, Montebello, CA 90640; phone number 323/720-1055. Directions: From the CA 60 Freeway (the Pomona Freeway), take the San Gabriel Blvd exit. The mall sits less than a block south of the freeway. To view a map and learn more about the Montebello mall, you may view the Montebello Town Center page of our site.

Northridge Disney Store, phone number (818) 718-8275; address (at the Westfield Northridge Fashion Center) is 9301 Tampa Ave, Northridge, CA 91324. Directions: From the CA Hwy 118 Freeway, take the Tampa Ave exit and head south. The mall will be at the intersection of Tampa Avenue and Plummer St. Here's a Google map to the Northridge Fashion Center Mall if you'd like to take a look before leaving home.

Sherman Oaks Disney Store, phone number (818) 907-5094; address (at the Westfield Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall) is 14006 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Directions: From the US HWY 101 Freeway, take the Woodman Avenue exit one block north to Riverside Drive. You may see a map and get further mall information on the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square page of our site.

Santa Monica Disney Store, address is 395 Santa Monica Place Santa Monica, CA 90401; phone number is 310-395-4365. Santa Monica place has re-opened from several years of renovation. Surprise--it's now an outdoor mall! You'll want to explore the mall while you're visiting the Disney Store...especially the sweeping views you can enjoy from the new rooftop dining deck! Here's a Google map to Santa Monica Place for your convenience.

Photo of Tinkerbell costumes, wings and other props for sale recently at Disney StoresTorrance Disney Store, telephone number 310-370-8686; address (at the Del Amo Fashion Center Mall is 3 Del Amo Fashion Center, Torrance, CA. Directions: Heading south on the I-405 Freeway, take the Hawthorne Blvd exit and head south about 4 miles. Or, to see a map & get more info about the mall, please visit the "Del Amo Fashion Center" page of our site.

Valencia Disney Store, phone number (661) 222-9132; address (at the Westfield Valencia Town Center) is 24201 Valencia Blvd, Valencia, CA 91355. Briefly, from the I-5 freeway, take the Valencia Blvd exit and head east to the mall. Here's a Google map to the Westfield Valencia Town Center to help you make your plans.

West Covina Disney Store, phone number (626) 337-4262; address (in the Westfield West Covina Mall) 334 Plaza Drive, West Covina, CA 91790. Directions: From the Interstate 10 Freeway, take the Vincent Ave exit and head 1 block south; the mall sits just to the side of the freeway. To see a map and encounter more mall information, please view the Westfield West Covina page of our site.

West Los Angeles, see Los Angeles/West listing

Orange County Disney Store Locations

Brea Disney Store; phone number (714) 990-2264; address (at the Brea Mall) is 2004 Brea Mall, Brea, CA 92821. Directions: From the CA HWY 57 Freeway, take the Imperial Hwy exit and head one block west to the Brea Mall. Here's a Google map to the Brea Mall & Disney Store.

Costa Mesa Disney Store, phone number 714/751-8080; address (in the South Coast Plaza Mall, main building) is 3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. For directions, to see a map, and to find out other shopping, ententertainment and dining choices, please see the South Coast Plaza Mall page of our site.

Mission Viejo Disney store, in the Shops at Mission Viejo mall. The mall's address is 555 The Shops Blvd, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, and the Mission Viejo Disney Store's phone number is (949) 364-2107. This is the 2nd Southern California Disney Store to be built in a new "interactive" style which features more things for kids to do and play with in the store. Here is a Google map to the Mission Viejo Mall to help you plan your route.

Santa Ana Disney Store, phone number 714-972-8011; address (at Westfield Main Place Mall) is 2800 N Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705. For directions, to look at a Yahoo map of the area, and to learn about all the shopping fun you can have while you're at the Westfield MainPlace Mall, please see the Main Place Mall page of our site.

Westminster/Huntington Beach Disney Store, phone number (714) 373-4667; address (at the Westminster Mall) is 2043 Westminster Mall,Westminster, CA 92683. Briefly, this mall sits at the intersection of Interstate 405 and the Golden West St. exit. Here's a Google map to the Westminster Mall for your convenience.

San Diego Disney Stores and Disney Outlets

Picture:  Minnie, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck plush toys at the Disney Store recently Carlsbad Disney Store, phone number (760) 730-0337; address (at the Westfield Plaza Camino Real) is 2525 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Directions: From the CA HWY 78 Freeway, take the El Camino Real exit and head 1 block south: Google map to Westfield's Plaza Camino Real mall.

El Cajon Disney Store, phone number 619/441-0536; address (at the Parkway Plaza) is 371 Parkway, El Cajon, CA 92020. Directions: Parkway Plaza sits at the junction of Interstate 8 and the San Vicente Freeway (also known as the "67 Freeway.") Here's a Google map to the Westfield Parkway mall. You may head to the Westfield Parkway page of our site to view a map of the area and discover more mall details.

National City Disney Store, phone number (619) 470-3391; address (at Westfield Plaza Bonita) is 3030 Plaza Bonita Rd, National City, CA 91950. To get directions, look at a map, and get further mall info, please head to the Plaza Bonita page of our site.

San Diego Disney Store, phone number (619) 299-0652; address at the Fashion Valley Mall is 7007 Friar Road, San Diego, CA 92108. Here's a Google map to the Fashion Valley Mall & Disney Store, for your convenience. If you'd like to view mall pictures & get further info about this exciting San Diego shopping center, please visit our Fashion Valley Mall page.

San Diego/San Ysidro Disney Outlet Store, phone number 619/428-2174; address (in The Las Americas Premium outlet mall) is 4211 Camino de la Plaza, San Diego, California 92173. To see a map and get directions, please visit "The Las Americas Premium Outlets" page of our site.

Inland Empire/Riverside Co/San Bernardino Co Disney Stores

Picture of princess-themed decor at a Disney StoreMontclair Disney Store, phone number (909) 624-4548; address (at the Montclair Plaza Mall) is 5018 Montclair Plaza Ln, Montclair, CA 91763. Directions: From the Interstate 10 Freeway, take the Central Avenue exit; the mall sits to the north side of the freeway in plain sight of traffic: Google map to the Montclair Plaza Mall

Ontario Disney Outlet Store, phone number 909/980-9070; address (at the Ontario Mills Mall) is 1 Mills Circle, Ontario, CA 91764. For directions, to see a Yahoo map of the area, and to find out about more Ontario Mills shopping, food 'n fun, please use the upcoming link to visit the Ontario Mills Mall, page of our site.

Riverside Disney Store, phone number (951) 687-1581; address, 1149 Galleria at Tyler, Riverside, CA 92503. Directions: From the "91 Freeway" take the Tyler St exit; the mall sits at the side of the freeway in plain sight. To view a map and get further mall info, check out the Galleria at Tyler page of our site. Or, you may view this Google map to the Galleria at Tyler

San Bernardino Disney Store, phone number (909) 386-7347; address (at the Inland Center Mall) is 428 Inland Ctr, San Bernardino, CA 92408. Directions: From the Riverside Freeway (I-15) take the Inland Center exit and head 1/2 block east to the mall. The mall is plainly visible from the freeway---you won't get lost! You may view a map and learn more about the Inland Center by visiting the Inland Center Mall page of our site.

Temecula Disney Store, phone number 951/296-0557; address at the Temecula Promenade Mall is 40820 Winchester Road, Temecula, CA 92591: Google map to the Promenade in Temecula

Ventura Co Disney Stores and Disney Outlets

Camarillo Disney Outlet Store, phone number (805) 383-8364; address at the Camarillo Premium Outlet Mall is 500 E. Ventura Blvd, Camarillo, CA 93010. Here's a Google map to the Camarillo Premium Outlets & Disney Outlet Store, which you'll find conveniently located at the Las Posas Rd exit of the 101 Freeway.

Ventura Disney Store, phone number (805) 477-9776; address (at the Pacific View Mall), 3301 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93003. Directions: Main Street is near the juntion of the 126 freeway and the US HWY 101 freeway. Here's a Google map to the Pacific View Mall

Imperial County Disney Store

El Centro Disney Store, phone number 760/353-2651; address at the Imperial Valley Mall is 3451 S Dogwood Ave, El Centro, CA 92243. Here's a Google map to the Imperial Valley Mall for your convenience.

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Central & Northern California Disney Store Locations

Bay Area Disney Store Locations

Picture of princess Tiana-themed costumes & merchandise sold recently at the Disney StoreConcord Disney Store, phone number (925) 676-2323; address is 355 Sun Valley Mall, Concord, CA 94520. Directions: from I-680, take the Sun Valley Blvd exit to the mall...which sits at the side of the freeway. Here's a Google map to the SunValley Mall & Disney Store to help you plan your route.

Daly City Disney Store, phone number (650) 991-7104; address, 25 Serramonte Center, Daly City, CA 94015. Directions: The Serramont Centre is adjacent to the junction of I-280 and Serramonte Boulevard. You may use the following Google map to the Serramonte Center Mall & Disney Store to help you find your way.

Newark Disney Store, phone number (510) 494-0631; address is 1107 Newpark Mall, Newark, CA 94560. Directions: from the I-880 freeway, take the Mowry Ave exit; the mall can be seen from the freeway. For assistance, here's a Google map to the Newpark Mall & Disney Store.

San Francisco Disney store, address downtown is 39 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 (just off of Market St); phone number (415) 283-0245. For your convenience in finding this location, here's a Google map to the San Fancisco Disney Store. route.

San Jose Disney Store location, phone number (408) 225-8275; address at the Oakridge Mall is 925 Blossom Hill Road San Jose, CA 95123. Here's a Google map to the Oakridge Mall & Disney Store.

Santa Clara Disney Store, phone number (408) 557-0355; address (at the Westfield Valley Fair mall), 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Directions: From I-880, take the Stevens Creek Blvd exit and head west 1/2 block to the mall. For your convenience, here is a Google map to the Valley Fair Mall & Disney Store.

Central Valley Disney Stores

Sacramento Area Disney Stores

Fairfield Disney Store, phone number (707) 428-5396; Address (at the Solano Mall) is 1350 Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533. Directions: from the I-80 Freeway, take the Travis Blvd exit 1/2 block to the mall entrance. For your convenience in finding this location, here is a Google map to the Westfield Solano Mall & Disney Store.

Roseville Disney Store, phone number (916) 788-4433; address (at the Galleria at Roseville) is 1151 Galleria Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678. To help you find your way to this lovely mall, here's a Google map to the Roseville Galleria & Disney Store.

Sacramento Disney Store, phone number (916) 923-9165; address (at the Arden Fair Mall) is 1689 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815. Directions: from the I=80 freeway, take the Arden Way exit 1 block to the mall entrance. For help in planning your route, here's a Google map to Arden Fair & the Disney Store.

Other Central Valley Disney Stores

Fresno Disney Store, phone number (559) 229-9872; address (at the Fashion Fair shopping center) is 587 E Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93650. Directions: from CA Hwy 41, take the E Shaw Ave exit east to the mall. Here's a Google map to the Fashion Fair Mall & Disney Store, for your convenience.

Modesto Disney Store, phone number (209) 549-1434; address (at the Vintage Faire Mall) is 3401 Dale Rd, Modesto, CA 95356. Directions: From the CA Hwy 99 Freeway, take the Beckwith Rd exit and head east 1/2 block to the mall. You may use the following Google map to the Vintage Faire Mall & Disney Store, if you wish.

Disney Stores in other Northern and Central CA locations

Gilroy Disney Store Outlet at the Gilroy Premium Outlets; address is 681 Leavesley Road, Gilroy, CA 95020.

Salinas Disney Store, phone number, (831) 442-3146; address (at the Salinas Northridge Mall) is 720 Northridge Shopping Ctr, Salinas, CA 93906. Directions: from the US 101 freeway, take the Boronda Rd exit. Head east one block to the mall. To help you find your way, here's a Google map to the Salinas Northridge Mall & Disney Store location.

Santa Rosa Disney Store, phone number (707) 545-0167; address is 1023 Santa Rosa Plaza, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Here's a Google map to Santa Rosa Plaza & Disney Store.

Disney Stores in Canada

Picture of Cinderella-themed costumes & merchandise sold recently at the Disney StoreSince the abbreviation "CA" can mean Canada as well as California, many Canadian visitors reach this page. For you, here are the Canadian Disney Store locations:

Alberta Disney Stores:

Calgary Disney Store, telephone number at the Southcentre Mall is (403) 278-8886; address, 100 Anderson Road SE, Calgary, AB T2J 3V1.

Edmonton Disney Store, telephone number at the Kingsway Garden Mall is 780-477-5255.

The other Edmonton Disney Store is located at the West Edmonton Mall. Address, 8882 170 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2; phone number, (780) 487-7216.

Rocky View Disney Store Outlet, address at Cross Iron Mills is 261055 CrossIron Blvd, Rocky View, AB T4A 0G3; phone number is (403) 275-2628.

British Columbia Disney Store---

Burnaby Disney Store, address in the Metropolis at Metrotown is 4820 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4P1; phone number is (604) 434-5511.

Ontario Disney Stores---

Barrie Disney Store, located at the Georgian Mall; phone number is (705) 726-5143; address, 509 Bayfield Street, Barrie, ON L4M 4Z8

Hamilton Disney Store, phone number at the Lime Ridge Mall is 905-574-5060; address, 999 Upper Wentworth Street, Hamilton, ON L9A 4X5

Mississauga Disney Store, phone number at the Square One Shopping Centre is 905-949-5501; address, 100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

New Market Disney Store, location at the Upper Canada Mall; address is 17600 Yonge Street, New Market, ON L3Y 4Z1

Toronto Disney Store, location at the Yorkdale Plaza; address is 3401 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON M6A 3A1

Vaughan Disney Outlet Store, phone number at the Vaughan Mills Mall is 905-760-8111.

Disney Character Warehouse Stores are now called...

Character Depot!

Picture of the Disney Character Warehouse in Fullerton, CA Disney Character Warehouse Stores were a great place to buy discounted Disney merchandise...and they still are. However, they have a new name...AND new merchandise. As you may know, Disney purchased Marvel Comics in the not-too-distant past...and so now these stores will ALSO begin to carry the Marvel line of merchandise. In addition, the Character Depot stores will offer some non-Disney characters, as well.

There is a Disney Character Warehouse called Character Depot not far from Disneyland. It's in the nearby city of Fullerton, California. Whether you live in the area, or are simply visiting Disneyland for a few days, you'll want to check out this conveniently-located Character depot location if you like cheaper souvenirs than you'll find at the theme park.

The Fullerton Character Depot phone number is 714-870-9363.

The Fullerton Character Depot address is 227 Orangefair Mall, Fullerton, CA 92832. This is at the Orangefair Marketplace shopping center in Fullerton. Directions: From the 91 Freeway, take the Harbor Blvd exit and head north one block to the shopping center's entrance drive. It will be on the right hand side of the street as you head north. You can't see the store from the main entrance off of Harbor Blvd; you'll find it on the north side of the plaza facing Orangethorpe Ave. For your convenience, here's a Google map to the Fullerton Character Depot.

In addition to the company's permanent store in California, there is another Disney Character Warehouse Store in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please visit our "Southwest USA Disney Stores" page for details about the Nevada location.

The Character Depot sometimes operates TEMPORARY locations throughout of California and other Southwestern USA states to give people who don't live near Disneyland a chance to buy this popular merchandise. To find out if there's currently a temporary location near you, then use the following link to access the Disney Character Depot website. You'll find out the starting and ending dates of temporary Disney stores currently "up & running," and a list of those stores which have recently closed. However, sometimes there are no temporary stores at which case, you'll only find listings for the permanent Character Warehouse locations.

Disney Character merchandise on EBay

Another place to find fun Disney clothing, collectibles and toys is on the Ebay auction website. This comes in handy if you don't live anywhere near one of Disney store locations...or if you're looking for an item which is no longer being made.

The following EBay widget shows current auctions of Disney Character merchandise. When one auction ends, another auction fills in its place in the widget---meaning that any time you come back to this page, you'll see an all new selection of Disney merchandise!

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