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Disneyland Christmas Fireworks and Snow

Both magical and heartwarming, you'll enjoy these traditional Disney holiday festivities

Picture: Disneyland Castle covered with snow and icicles, decked out for the Christmas holiday season You don't need to step foot onto Disney property in order to watch the Disneyland Christmas Fireworks display. If you're traveling on any street near the Disneyland Resort...including the 57 and the 91'll witness the fireworks show, whether you're trying to see it or not!

(And, if you're driving down Interstate 5, you may even glimpse the fireworks more closely than you ever WANTED to see fireworks...frighteningly close!)

Nevertheless, there are 3 very special places from which you may watch Disneyland's holiday fireworks:

1.) in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

2.) in New Orleans Square by the riverbank

3.) in front of the "It's a Small World" ride

Why are these places all very special?

Because these locations have snowfall following the fireworks shows!

On this page, you'll see pictures of the fireworks and snow flurries, and discover information which will help you decide what location is the best one for you and your family to enjoy the Disneyland Christmas fireworks and snow flurries.

Disneyland Christmas Fireworks & Snow Locations

1.) Main Street USA, near Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle

Closeup photo: Disneyland castle towers covered with artificial snow and icicles for the winter holiday season Some Disneyland Park guests feel that the "one and only" place to view fireworks is directly in front of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. Given the fact that beginning in 2007, the Disneyland Castle gained a spectacular new holiday lighting system (as you can see in the pictures on this page), guests may feel more than ever that standing beside the castle is THE place to watch the Christmas fireworks display.

The biggest problem with watching the Disneyland Christmas Fireworks show in front of the castle is dealing with the crowd. Since this fireworks viewing location is so very popular, you'll have to vie for your spot here. You'll have to arrive earlier (and then wait longer) to see the fireworks show from this location than from any other spot at Disneyland Park.

The best time to do this is on one of the lower-attendance days of the holiday season. For example, during the first 2 weeks of December, you'll have to cope with less crowding than during the last 2 weeks of December, when public demand for Christmas-themed activities is at its height. By planning your visit for a less crowded day, you'll be able to arrive closer to showtime, making it possible for you to enjoy the park's other activities longer.

2.) Disneyland Christmas Fireworks & Snow---New Orleans Square

Picture: Disneyland Christmas fireworks display as seen from the riverbank in New Orleans Square New Orleans Square is another great place to watch the Disneyland Christmas fireworks display---and enjoy the snowfall afterwards!

You can get a good view of the fireworks show standing near the riverbank in the "New Orleans Square" themed area of Disneyland Park. You'll get a clear, unobstructed view of the fireworks if you stand along the riverbank and gaze upwards.

Plus, you WON'T MISS the snowfall which follows the Christmas fireworks display at Disneyland Park---because snow flurries can be found in this location, too!

The big benefit of viewing the fireworks display in New Orleans Square is the lack of crowding (compared to Main Street.) You can arrive later while still getting a good view of the show---meaning you'll have more time to enjoy Disneyland's other rides and holiday attractions!

3.) Christmas fireworks & snow near "It's a Small World"

Picture: Snow falling at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California Standing by the "It's a Small World" ride is another special place to see fireworks.

One reason is because this area is another "snow location" in Disneyland Park. After the Christmas fireworks show is over, you'll experience snow falling from the, well, it at least SEEMS to come from the sky. As you can see in the picture to your right, it's at least coming from overhead (via snow-making equipment set high on a pole.)

Photo: Snowflake pictures appear on the Its a Small World attraction during snowtime

You'll also get a special lighting show---with "It's a Small World" acting as the screen!

As you can see in the picture to your left, the Christmas lighting of It's A Small World is turned off...and special lighting appears shining on the attraction to accompany the snowfall!

Picture of Snow Maker at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California

How does it snow at Disneyland Park? Why not see for yourself? To your right is a photo of snow coming out of the machine which makes it...set up high above the crowd (along with special lighting equipment.)

Though the snow comes out of a rather small space, it spreads out to fill a larger area by the time it hits the ground. Kids scamper to touch some, while adults get busy snap, snap, snapping away with their cameras!

Is it real snow? Yes, indeed! Nights in December in California are generally the 50's. This is too warm a temperature for the snow to stick on the ground, but plenty cool enough for the flakes to fly through the air without melting on the way down. It's cold to the touch, and melts in your hand if you catch a few flakes. So,'s NOT styrofoam bits, plastic, cotton, nor any other artificial material!

If you ever wondered how snowmakers work, you may use the following link to visit the Snowmaking page of

Disneyland Christmas Fireworks Pictures

Photo: Disneyland Christmas Fireworks show In this section, you'll see pictures of fireworks displays from the Disneyland Christmas fireworks show, called " Holiday Magic!

Though pictures of fireworks are pretty, they don't capture the magic of the actual performance.

Part of the magic comes from the fact that you're surrounded by all of Disneyland Park's beautiful holiday decorations. You've spent the day gazing upon lovely wreaths, garlands, and ornaments...then, when night fell, you began to view the beautiful lighting effects in every themed area of the park. By the time that the Disneyland Christmas fireworks show begins, you're thoroughly in a state of anticipation.

Picture: Disneyland Christmas Fireworks display

Secondly, the music being played during the fireworks presentation is heartwarming.

You'll hear some of your favorite Christmas carols and seasonal tunes, bringing to mind the joys of past holiday seasons. These memories combine with the beauty of the fireworks before you to create a special emotional feeling---the joy of the holiday season.

Image: Disneyland Christmas Fire Works

In the picture to your left, you can see one of the whimsical fireworks formations---the image of a smiling face!

Fireworks are lit from several different points in Disneyland Park. Therefore, you'll see displays coming from several different angles.

Picture: Disneyland holiday fireworks display

What happens if it rains; will fireworks be held in the rain?

Yes, fireworks shows can be held in the least, they can be held in a drizzle. (We've been at the park when it was drizzling, and the show went on.) Fireworks in the rain look a bit "different." If there's a low-hanging cloud, part of the formations seem to "disappear" into it!

Fireworks can NOT be held in a brisk wind. The biggest danger to the surrounding community lies in the fact that sparks from the fireworks can be carried by the wind. Considering that fires are such a huge threat to Southern California, absolutely the greatest care must be taken to avoid starting a fire breakout.

In the event that wind MIGHT cause a cancellation of the evening fireworks show, Disneyland Park makes announcements over the loudspeaker informing the crowd as it assembles. That way, folks who don't want to wait if they might end up being disappointed may leave or head to other activities. The final decision about whether or not the fireworks show will actually be held is usually made right at showtime (in hopes that the wind will die down enough for the show to continue.)

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