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Disneyland Christmas Parade Pictures

"A Christmas Fantasy" is a Christmas season favorite!

Picture: Reindeer costumed characters precede Santa Claus at the finale of Disneyland's Christmas Parade "A Christmas Fantasy" is the holiday parade being presented at Disneyland Park this year.

"A Christmas Fantasy" is an ornate, colorful and imaginative presentation which features a number of popular Disney characters, along with traditional holiday elements such as Christmas trees, toys, elves, snowflakes, candy...and Santa Claus.

Because the Disneyland Christmas parade is such a popular presentation, you'll want to claim your curbside spot to watch it in advance of the show. On the other hand, if you don't care to wait, you'll find that many of the Christmas parade floats are quite tall. You'll be able to enjoy many of the parade's whimsical features even if you have a viewing spot that's not right in the front row.

On this page, you'll see pictures of some favorite Disney characters as they appear in the "A Christmas Fantasy" Disneyland holiday parade. It's whimsical, colorful, awe-inspiring...and filled with both traditional holiday lore as well as many of your favorite Disney characters!

Disneyland Christmas Parade: Favorite Disney Characters!

Picture: Daisy and Donald Duck's Christmas outfits blend well with the red and green color scheme of their Disneyland parade float Two Disney favorites, Daisy and Donald Duck, appear on a cute float near the front of the Disneyland Christmas parade.

Leading the way to the float, there are elves in colorful costumes bearing bags of mail...letters to Santa Claus. It appears as if Daisy and Donald have undertaken the chore of helping Santa sort through children's wish lists! As the float drives along the parade route, Dasiy Duck checks through a long list of kid's names from time to time.

At other times, Donald and Daisy wave to the crowd of cheering onlookers...while standing beside a tall & beautiful white Christmas tree laden with colorful bulb ornaments.

Picture: Pluto costumed character hangs a star atop the Christmas tree in Disneyland's holiday parade

Pluto, another Disney character favorite, rides on the same float as Daisy & Donald.

Pluto seems very absorbed in hanging a shining star atop the Christmas tree. He sits atop the snow-laden roof, trying to place the star on the tree with his fishing pole!

Picture: Pinocchio's Christmas float in the Disneyland parade is laden with cute and colorful toys

Pinocchio is another favorite Disney character that you'll see perched high atop a float later on in the parade.

The name of Pinocchio's float is "Santa's Toy Factory," and features a wonderland of children's playthings decorating the float.

As Pinocchio sits atop the float waving to the crowd, he is flanked by giant-sized Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals. You'll also see a number of cute teddy bears, decorative lights and Christmas garlands decorating the front part of the float...

Picture: Jiminy Cricket rides on a float in the Disneyland Christmas Parade

...and as the side of the float comes into view, you'll also see Jiminy Cricket waving to the crowd!

The hind part of the float (not seen in these pictures) consists of an adorable Ferris wheel made of Tinker Toys. Huggable-looking giant stuffed animals make up this Ferris wheel's passenger list.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse skate on their float in the Disneyland Christmas Parade

To your left, you can see Mickey and Minnie Mouse through the white branches of wintry, leafless trees on their float. Because the float is high off the ground and is surrounded by fencing, trees and other obstacles, it was difficult for me to get a good picture of their faces.

Mickey and Minnie's float represents a winter-time outdoor ice skating pond...and the two favorite Disney mice actually go skating on it!

Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse are wearing rich, blue velvet skating outfits. Minnie modestly wears bloomers underneath her knee-length dress...which is a good thing. As the float passes in front of you, you'll be looking directly upwards at her...which means, you'll be looking under her skirt!

Disneyland Christmas Parade--Goofy bakes gingerbread!

Picture: Goofy bakes gingerbread cookies on his float in the Disneyland Christmas Parade Goofy bakes gingerbread cookies! Though it appears that he's making quite a mess (dough is seeping from the oven in the picture to your left,) the cookies seem to be turning out just fine.

In the whimsical Gingerbread segment of "A Christmas Fantasy" parade, bakers and gingerbread men dance and march about.

White-clad bakers wearing decorative aprons embroidered in the Christmas colors of red and green, mix the dough and scamper about.

Picture: Gingerbread Man from the Disneyland Christmas Parade

Meanwhile, the colorful and tasty-looking gingerbread men dance and do-si-do as they make their way along the parade route.

As Goofy's parade float nears, you can see that he, too, is baking gingerbread men...with the help (or hindrance?) of his nephew, who sits high atop the roof of this Gingerbread House-style float. Poor hapless Goofy! It appears that he's a little less than careful, as dough seeps out the cracks of his oven and icing drips down the sides of a mixing bucket. He can't seem to resist eating as he bakes, either---at times he holds a cookie out of which he's already taken a big bite!

His Gingerbread House, though, is adorable, being ornately decorated with candy canes, lollipops, ribbon candy, gumdrops, chocolate chips...and even Halloween candy corn!

Photo: Gingerbread Men and Bakers dance together along the route of Disneyland's Christmas Parade

Disney Christmas Parade--Disney Princess Float

Picture: Cinderella waves from her float in the Disneyland Christmas Parade Many young viewers would be disappointed if there were no princesses in the Disneyland Christmas parade...but there's no cause to be concerned. Of COURSE the parade has Disney Princesses! (And each princess in the parade is accompanied by the prince of her dreams, as well!)

To you left, you see a picture of Cinderella waving to the onlookers lining the parade route. In "A Christmas Fantasy," though, the princesses do more than merely wave...they leave the float and come dancing in the street!

Photo: Disney Princess Float in the Disneyland holiday parade, called A Christmas Fantasy

In the picture below, you can see Princess fully human (instead of a mermaid)...dancing with her husband, Prince Eric.

Behind them, you can see Princess Aurora dancing with her beloved Prince Phillip.

Though you can't see it in this image, Snow White and Prince Charming dance alongside the float, as do Princess Belle and her true love, The Beast.

Picture: Princess Ariel and Prince Eric dance in the Disneyland Christmas Parade

In the photo above, you can see the Disney Princess Float as it makes its way along the parade route of "A Christmas Fantasy" at Disneyland Park.

The float is ornately decorated, as befits the royalty it carries. Lovely candelabra adorn each of the four corners of the float. Purple and gold ornaments and ribbon decorate the float for the holidays, along with garlands of greenery. Gold-accented pillars hold up the roof---which (though you can't see it in this picture) is topped by a golden crown.

Picture: Genie from Disney's Aladdin movie appears in the Disneyland Christmas Parade Princess Jasmine rides in her own separate car, along with Aladdin and the Genie.

To your right, you see a picture of Genie from Disney's Aladdin pointing to a spectator on the sidelines. Always a jokester, the blue Genie tosses out handfuls of artificial snow into the crowd as he makes his way along the parade route.

Picture: Princess Jasmine and Aladdin in the Disneyland Christmas Parade

To your left, you can see Princess Jasmine and Aladdin waving to fans on the sidelines. As you can see, Jasmine has donned a gold-toned jacket over her midriff-baring outfit to protect herself against the nippy December night air!

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