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Disneyland Discount Tickets

See the latest Disneyland Discount Ticket specials for out-of-town guests here!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. This page is about discounts for out-of-town guests to Disneyland. Please see the Disneyland Discounts for Local Residents page of our site for details about "locals only" Disneyland discount plans. Or, visit our Cars Land page to see pics & get info about Disney California Adventure's new themed area!

Types of Disneyland Discounts

Picture: Disneyland's Matterhorn mountain and beautiful trees sporting blooms of pink flowers En Espanol | There are a number of ways to beat the prices at Disneyland's ticket booths. Even so, Disneyland tickets are NOT cheap, even with a discount. (Eager visitors, such as yourself, have made Disneyland Park so popular that its tickets command higher prices than any other Southern California theme park!) Still, why wait to purchase tickets for full price at the theme park, when you can save money by planning ahead?

There are two types of discounts: those available to all guests, and discounts just for Southern California residents. On this page, we'll be talking about discounts that are available to ALL visitors.

Unfortunately for Southern California visitors, most of the ways to get discounts are available only to local residents...and those discounts are mainly deals on annual passes and specials during the off-season. But, don't be too jealous. Yes, their deals are cheaper. BUT, there's a catch...and it's a BIG one. Local residents are given good discounts MAINLY so they'll fill up the theme park during months when there are few vacationers arriving from other states and countries. If you buy a "locals only" Disneyland annual pass, your ability to visit Disneyland and Disney's California during the summertime and holidays will be very restricted...and even non-existent some months, depending on the pass you choose. You'll have a choice: cheaper prices OR a good selection of dates you may visit Disneyland. But not both. The same price that local residents pay for a 1-day Disneyland ticket is actually the very SAME price as out-of-towners pay.

How much do Disneyland tickets cost?

Picture: Fireworks above the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland ParkDisneyland tickets are expensive. To spend just ONE day at Disneyland Park, it will cost you $96...which is the price for adults, teens, and kids age 10 and above. (The price for a one-day kid's ticket is $90 for ages 3 thru 9. Babies and toddlers through age 2 enter free.) A one-day ticket to the Disney California Adventure Park also costs the same fee.

If you want a ONE-DAY ticket which includes BOTH parks (Disneyland AND Disney's California Adventure) you're looking at even more money. If you'd like to visit both parks all in one day, you may get a Disney "Park Hopper" ticket for a whopping $150 for adults & students age 10 and over. The price of children's Park Hopper tickets is $140. This is some serious cash...and so it's a good idea to try to find a way to cut your ticket bill before you go.

Disneyland Discounts that are NOT available

We get a number of questions about other types of Disneyland discounts that just aren't available. Disneyland does NOT give Coke can discounts...nor Pepsi can discounts, or any other soda can discounts of any type. Disneyland does NOT sponsor Burger King, Subway, Wendy's, McDonald's nor any other type of fast food discount coupons. On occasion, however, Disneyland does work occasionally with local supermarkets and Costco. However, the grocery store and/or Costco Disneyland discount tickets are not for out-of-town visitors...they're for Southern California residents only. If you ARE a SoCal resident, please see our Disneyland Discounts for Local Residents page for further info.

List of Disneyland Discounts

Section 1: ARES Travel's online Disneyland Discount Tickets

Picture: pretty pink spring blossoms make Disneyland's golden Astro Orbitors ride look lovlier than ever! What is the ARES Travel company? ARES Travel is a ticketing and reservations company that provides the "ticket store" for a number of well-established websites, including the websites of a number of California's convention & visitor's bureaus. You can rest assured that ARES Travel is a reputable company. ARES would not receive Disneyland's permission to sell their tickets at a discount if they were not.

While you are in the process of investigating various sources of deals & discounts for your upcoming trip, you will want to check out the ARES Travel website to see how this company's prices compare to others you have checked.

We've noticed that their discounts are relatively small, but can add up to a significant savings if you're buying tickets for an entire family.

Check for ARES Travel Co's Disneyland Discounts: Here's a link to the Disneyland discount ticket from ARES Travel. so you can check for current special offers.

Section 2: CityPass discounts to Disney, Seaworld and Universal

Picture:  Radiator Springs Racers ride in Cars Land at the Disney California Adventure ParkThe Southern California CityPass program DOES work and it DOES save money! This is a program primarily for tourists, because with the City Pass discounts, you have to do a LOT of sight-seeing in a very short time.

How does the Southern California CityPass work? You will buy a ticket which gives you 3 days at Disneyland and California Adventure (with "Park Hopping" priviledges...meaning that you can visit BOTH parks in the same day...and split up your time between them however you'd like.) You'll also get one day at Universal Studios Hollywood, and one day at SeaWorld San Diego. (In other words, this is a great plan for multi-park touring, but isn't the right discount plan for someone who simply wants to spend one afternoon at Disneyland Park.)

The CityPass adult price for 2014 is $328, and the Kid's (ages 3-9) price is $284.00. This is a good price that's sure to save you money if you want to visit all 4 of these theme parks on your Southern California visit. In fact, it's a very difficult price to beat, which is why we recommend them (and have used them ourselves.) To keep your prices low, they no longer pay commission to the various websites which talk about ours. Nevertheless, we feel you'll enjoy the CityPass if you get one, and they don't need to pay us a dime in order to merit our recommendation.

CityPass coupons are purchased at the ticket booths of any of its member attractions (including the Disneyland ticket booths), making it a very easy & convenient way to participate in a discount plan. You may also purchase the CityPass through their website, in advance of their visit.

The "down sides" of the CityPass plan are obvious: you might not want to go to all of four theme parks...yet you have to pay for them up-front. And, if you're a frequent theme park visitor, you'll still most likely save money by getting the annual pass to each one of these theme parks. Further, you only have 14 days (from the time you first use a ticket) to complete your visits to all four of these theme parks. So, this is a great deal for an active tourist who wants to "see it all" during their stay in California; but not so great for someone who just wants to spend a day or two at Disneyland. Or, conversely, it's not the best deal for someone who plans to spend a great deal of time at SeaWorld, Universal & Disneyland...both now, as well as later in the year.

For further information about the Southern California CityPass discounts, please check out CityPass website for complete details.

Section 3: AAA's Disneyland Discounts

If you're a member of the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) then you should know that many local auto club offices sell Disneyland discount tickets. These discounts include both multi-day tickets as well as hotel packages (and Disney Cruise Line discounts, as well.) For details about the AAA's discount programs, you should visit either your local office or

January is always "Disney Month" at the AAA every year. During January, you'll get even better deals through your local AAA branch office than normal. If you're a member, you should get a special email every January about the various special discounts (as long as the AAA has your current email address on file.)

Section 4: Twitter contests

Oogie Boogie in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park, AnaheimTwitter contests for FREE Disneyland and/or Disney's California Adventure tickets...on rare occasion: Frankly, Disneyland hasn't offered as many contests on social networking sites as some of the other theme parks have. However, there have been a FEW free-ticket giveaways in the past year...including some freebies.

How can you find out when there might be another Disneyland Resort contest? By following the Disney parks on Twitter...and/or Facebook...and/or the Official Disneyland Blog. If a contest happens, you'll have to act quickly because there is usually only a small window of opportunity to enter.

There is no way of knowing when...and if...another contest will be announced. But, if you follow Twitter or Disneyland's other social media, you'll be one of the few who know about it!

Section 5: Disneyland online web-only specials at

Picture: Flo's V8 Cafe serves up tasty meals in Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure Park's ticket prices are often cheaper than the Disneyland ticket booths: That doesn't mean the tickets are "cheap" online; because, no...they're outrageously expensive anywhere you get them. However, you can knock a bit off the price by pre-purchasing them online. (Yes, you may wait to buy your Disneyland tickets until you've arrived at the theme park. Every admission booth sells them. BUT, you'll miss getting extra discounts by purchasing your Disneyland ticket packages ahead of time on-line at

When you purchase 3 to 5-day ticket packages, you'll receive 1 "Magic Morning" early entry ticket. This is another perk Disneyland throws into the mix--some actual time in the park before the other guests are admitted. It's a good reason to purchase ticket packages...and yet, you should know that you will NOT get to roam the park freely and get onto all your favorite rides without a line. Magic Morning tickets are geared towards families with kids, and during your early bonus hour at the park, most of the rides that are open will be of particular interest to children. However, a FEW rides that will interest adults and teens are generally included on the list, too (often Space Mountain, Star Tours and/or the Matterhorn Bobsleds.)

Why are Disneyland tickets cheaper if you buy them ahead of time? The reason is simple. If you arrive in Southern California without tickets, you might discover some OTHER attraction that you'd like to see...and NOT spend as much time at Disneyland Park. On the other hand, if you have pre-purchased your tickets online before you get to Southern California, then you WILL spend your days visiting Disneyland. You'll buy more food and eat more meals at the Disneyland Resort. You will notice a Disneyland T shirt, stuffed animal or Mouse Ears that you want to buy at the park. Disneyland's photographer will take a picture of your whole group in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle that you might purchase. AND, most importantly, if you see some other attraction you might like to visit, you won't go there...because you've already paid for your Disneyland tickets!

Is it any wonder, then, why the Disneyland folks want you to purchase your tickets ahead of time? You'll spend your money at THEIR park, instead of someone else's. And, they're willing to give you an extra incentive (in the form of savings) if you'll commit to spending time at their park before you leave home.

Disneyland Online Discounts good from NOW thru December 31, 2015

The following Disneyland ticket prices are in effect (as of May, 2014) if you buy your tickets online at the website. You may use these tickets any time throughout 2014...all the way until December 31st next year. Ticket prices may increase during the meantime...but if you've already bought one of these tickets, you'll be admitted without having to pay any new, higher prices which may be announced.

1.) The 5 Day Park Hopper Ticket--- These are tickets that you may use to "hop" back and forth between Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure in the SAME DAY. Since you won't really need a full 5 days to see everything at the two theme parks, this is a pass that's meant for the true Disneyland enthusiast who wants to experience favorite rides, shows and parades more than once. These prices are available at, and will probably be higher if you wait to purchase them at the Disneyland Park ticket booths. All 5 tickets must be used within 13 days of your 1st admission. One Magic Morning early entry ticket is included in the pack. You may calculate your savings by comparing them to the price of a one-day Disney Hopper ticket...which now costs $150 (no, that's not a joke, either, except for the "joke" the park execs are playing on the poor guests who have to pay these prices.)

Children's discount 5-day Park Hopper ticket: $289 for kids ages 3--9
Adult discount 5-day Park Hopper ticket: $305 for adults, teens, and tweens age 10 and over.

Get cheaper 5-day passes: a.) 5 day NON-hopper tickets: You can lower the price of a 5-day pass by opting to get one-park tickets instead of "Hopper" tickets. What's the difference? You can go ONLY to Disneyland OR Disney's California Adventure each day...but not to BOTH parks in the same day. By choosing non-hopper tickets, the adult 5-day ticket prices comes down to $266, and the kids price comes down to $250.

Picture: Dancers at the Soundsational Parade! 2.) 4 Day Park Hopper Tickets---As with the 5-day Park Hopper discount tickets, you'll be able to switch from park to park each day of your visit (between Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure theme park.) All 4 theme park tickets must be used within 13 days of your 1st visit. One Magic Morning early entry ticket is included in the package. On-line special prices are---

Children's special 4-day discount: priced at $274 for kids
Adult's special 4-day discount: priced at $289 for adults, teens, and guests age 10 and over

Get cheaper 4-day Disneyland passes: a.) 4 day non-hopper tickets: You can lower the price of a 4-day pass by opting to get one-park tickets instead of "Hopper" tickets. By choosing non-hopper tickets, the adult 4-day ticket prices comes down to $250, and the kids price comes down to $235.

3.) The 3 Day Park Hopper Bonus Ticket---Same benefits as with the packages above...but good for 3 days only. This is a good-sized Disneyland Resort ticket package to buy if you want to see almost everything at both parks, but you also want to visit other attractions while you're visiting Southern California. Spending 2 days at Disneyland Park and 1 day at Disney's California Adventure (making a total of 3 days,) is enough to see almost everything (on all but the busiest days.) In three day's time, you won't be able to ride everything twice...but you'll undoubtedly get to sample most of the rides, shows and parades on your "must see" list. You'll also get one Magic Morning early entry ticket with this package. The on-line prices for the 3 Day Park Hopper ticket package are as follows---

Children's 3-day deal: $254 for kids
Adult's 3-day deal: $265 for adults, teens and older children (age 10+)

Get cheaper 3-day passes: a.) 3 day non-hopper tickets: You can lower the price of a 3-day pass by opting to get one-park tickets instead of "Hopper" tickets. What's the difference? You can go ONLY to Disneyland OR Disney's California Adventure each day...but not to BOTH parks in the same day. By choosing non-hopper tickets, the adult 3-day ticket prices comes down to $226, and the kids price comes down to $215.

4.) 2 Day Park Hopper Tickets: The online price for Disneyland 2-day "hopper" tickets is $204/kids and $217 for age 10 and up. These are not special online prices---it's the same amount you'll pay at the gate. Disneyland does NOT give an internet discount on its 2-day Park Hopper Tickets. Why not? Because they want to encourage you to spend a minimum of 3 days at the park!

You can get cheaper 2-day Disneyland tickets by choosing the NON-Hopper option. The 2-Day "1 Park Per Day" ticket is $178 ages 10 and up, and $165 for kids ages 3 to 9.

Is there an advantage to purchasing 2-day tickets on the Disneyland website rather than at the park? Yes...your advantage is a big one: Convenience. By pre-purchasing, you'll skip out on the lines at Disneyland's ticket booths, which can be quite long. Note: With a 2 Day Park Hopper ticket, you do NOT receive a pass to the Magic Morning early entry program at the park. This omission is designed by the Disney Folks to make you want to spend at least 3 days at the resort.

Picture: Minnie Mouse dances on Disneyland's Main Street USA 5.) 1 Day Park Hopper Tickets: The online price for Disneyland 1-day Park Hopper Tickets is $144/kids and $150/ages 10 and up. There is no discount for purchasing online; this is the same price as at the gate. Buying them online ahead of time does allow you the convenience of NOT standing in line at Disneyland's ticket booths, however...which can take an irritating chunk of time out of your day at the park. There is no discount for being a local resident.

Note: It costs less to buy a "one day/one park" ticket, which is usually the better choice. For a one-day/one-park Disneyland ticket, it costs adults $96 and kids $90. You save $$$ for omitting the ability to "hop" back and forth between Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure...which is difficult to do, anyway. "Park-hopping" (which is the name for going to BOTH Disneyland Park AND Disney's California Adventure Park) on a one-day visit is really NOT a good idea. There are MORE rides and attractions at Disneyland Park than visitors can see in one day...even if they stay just at that one theme park! Trying to squeeze in visits to 2 theme parks in one day simply means that visitors won't see anything but a quick sampling of attractions at either one of them. (On the other hand, some tourists feel differently. As one Asian reader told me, "I'll only be coming to Southern California one time in the foreseeable future. I'd rather pay a bit more and glimpse both parks, than miss out on seeing Disney's California Adventure Park altogether." Ticket Page: If you want to learn more about the tickets mentioned above...and check to see if there are any sales or specials going may use the following link to view the ticket page of the website.

Section 6: Disneyland Annual Passports; great savings for frequent guests!

A.) Disneyland Deluxe Annual Passes

Tinkerbell at Disneyland Park in Anaheim You may have heard---correctly---that Southern California residents can get cheaper prices on their Disneyland annual passes. Sure, it's true, BUT those Southern California annual pass tickets are chock-full of blackout dates! For example, if you bought the cheapest Southern California annual passport, you wouldn't be able to attend Disneyland on any Saturday or Sunday ALL YEAR LONG! Your summer visiting would be SEVERELY restricted...and near Christmas time? Forget it!

Out of town visitors are offered the absolute best Disneyland Annual Passes, in terms of the LEAST block out date restrictions! Here are the Disneyland Resort Annual Passes that are available to ALL Disneyland visitors. You may use them at BOTH Disneyland theme park AND at Disney's California Adventure theme park. (Once you decide on the best annual pass for your needs, you may purchase them at either, at the Disneyland theme park ticket booths, or at the Disney stores in your local mall.

THE DELUXE DISNEYLAND ANNUAL PASSPORT--- The deluxe annual pass to Disneyland will allow you a whopping 315 days per year to visit the park. You'll be allowed to enjoy both Disneyland amusement park AND the Disney California Adventure amusement park each time you visit, hopping back and forth between the parks, if you wish, to catch your favorite performances at both. In addition, you'll be offered some Disneyland Resort discounts which are not available to the general public. (If you'd like to add a year's worth of pre-paid parking to your Disneyland passport, that option is available, as well.)

Following are the Disneyland Resort Deluxe Annual Passport prices--
1.) $519 for children age 3--9 (no discount for children; same price as adult pass. Price current as of May, 2014.) If you think this price seems too high, you're right. This passport cost $379 until 2012...meaning that there has been a huge price increase in the two years since Cars Land opened (and crowds went wild.) Still...if you'll be visiting Disneyland a number of times in the next year, it's going to save you money in the long run.
2.) $519 for adults (age 10 and up); no parking included
3.) If you are visiting Disneyland on one of the block-out days (see list below,) you're in some real trouble this year. Traditionally, annual pass-holders have been able to buy a "blockout day ticket" at a special discounted rate. AS OF MAY, 2014 THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE. The Disneyland website says that blockout-day tickets aren't available "AT THIS TIME." That may mean forever...or it might just be for awhile. Here's a link to the blockout day ticket information on the Disneyland website. You may check to see if these discount tickets have been reinstated at the time you need them. Annual Pass page: If you would like more information about purchasing Disneyland's Deluxe Annual Passports, here's a link to the ticket & annual passport page.



January 2014---There are NO blackout dates in Jan, 2014! You may attend the theme parks on ANY day you'd like...including January 1st, New Year's Day, and MLK Day.

February 2014---Only 2 dates blacked-out: Saturday & Sunday, February 15 & 16. These are on the President's Day holiday weekend. Oddly enough, Monday, Feb 17...President's Day NOT blocked out.

March 2014---Three Saturdays are blocked out: 15th, March 22nd and March 29th. You may visit every other day in March except those 3 dates.

April 2014--- ALL 4 Saturdays are blocked out. Friday, April 18th is also blocked-out; it's part of the Easter holiday long weekend. (Easter Sunday is NOT blocked out, nor are any Sundays at all.) You may visit the theme park on all the other days of the month except the 5 dates listed.

May 2014--- ALL Saturdays are blackout dates, PLUS Sunday, May 25th (because of the large Memorial Day weekend crowds.) However, Monday May 26, 2014...Memorial Day not a blackout day

June 2014--- ALL Saturdays are on the black out list. However, you MAY attend the theme parks on ANY OTHER dates this month

July 2014--- ALL of the Saturdays in July, plus Friday, July 4th (the Independence Day holiday) and Monday, July 6th are blocked out.

August 2014--- 4 Saturdays (August 2, 9, 16 and 30) are listed as blackout dates at Disneyland and DCA. (The 4th Saturday of the month, however---August 23rd---is NOT on the blackout list. ALSO, Sunday, August 31st is on the blackout list; it's part of the Labor Day weekend this year.

September 2014--- There are NO block-out dates in September this year. You MAY attend Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure on Labor Day (September 1st.)

October 2014--- NO dates are on the black out list! You may visit Disneyland or the Disney California Adventure Park any day you'd like. One thing to remember in October, however, is that Mickey's Halloween Party (held on selected evenings after Disneyland's closing time) is an extra-fee event. Even if you have an annual Disneyland Passport, you'll still need to purchase a separate ticket if you wish to attend.

November 2014---Only 3 days on the blackout list: Thursday, November 27 (Thanksgiving Day) plus Nov 28 & 29th (the Friday & Saturday of Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.)

December 2014---Many days are on the no-go list this month...yes, despite the fact that you've paid a pretty penny for your Deluxe Annual Passport! Between Saturday, December 20th and December 31st, ALL dates are blocked out during the busy Disneyland Christmas Vacation period. You must purchase a blockout-day ticket if you'd like to visit Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure on any day in December between the 20th and 31st.

Buying a ticket on your Block Out Days

Picture: Famous statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland ParkWhat do you do if you'd like to attend Disneyland Park on a date when you're "blocked out?"

As of May, 2014, blockout-day tickets are no longer being sold. Perhaps this is permanent; perhaps it's temporary. Here's a link to the blockout day ticket information on the Disneyland website. You may check to see if these discount tickets have been reinstated at the time you need them.

B.) Disneyland Premium Annual Passports

THE DISNEYLAND PREMIUM ANNUAL PASSPORT---This is the no-holds-barred Disneyland annual pass which is good every single day of the year...all 365 days! If you purchase the Disneyland premium annual passport, you'll get into the park on even on the busiest day of the year...the annual Disneyland New Year's Eve Celebration. (As long as you arrive at the Disneyland before it reaches its full-capacity limit, that is!)

The price for the Disneyland Premium Passport is $699, for both for kids and adults. (This is the cost as of May, 2014.) Plus, this super-duper Premium Annual Passport includes parking, at no extra charge. This is an expensive pass, but when you consider that block-out day tickets are no longer available, this Premium pass can pay for itself quickly if you enjoy visiting the park during high-traffic times (like summer vacation and the Christmas holidays.) If this price seems high to you, should. As recently as Spring, 2012, the Premium Pass was priced at $499. There has been an astounging price increase since 2012---when Cars Land opened.

C.) Disney Premier Passport

Disneyland has recently introduced a brand-new type of annual pass! For a $1,029 fee, you'll get admission to Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Walt Disney World's 4 theme parks (the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom); Walt Disney World's 2 water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach); DisneyQuest at Orlando's Downtown Disney; ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando; and Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course in Orlando.

If you're a California Disney-lover who plans to make a trip to Orlando this year, this new pass could save you lots of money on your outing. However, since it's so much more expensive than any of the other Disneyland annual passes, if you're not heading to Orlando soon, then you're wasting your money...since most of the included attractions are in Florida.

The Disney Premiere Pass cannot be purchased online, at the present time. However, when you arrive at Disneyland Park, you may purchase yours at the resort's ticket booths.

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Find out about other multi-attraction savings programs available; some discount plans even include attractions multiple cities throughout the USA!

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