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Disneyland Discount Tickets

See the latest Disneyland Discount Ticket specials for out-of-town guests here!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. This page is about discounts for out-of-town guests to Disneyland. Please see the Disneyland Discounts for Local Residents page of our site for details about "locals only" Disneyland discount plans. Or, visit our Cars Land page to see pics & get info about Disney California Adventure's new themed area!

Types of Disneyland Discounts

Picture: Disneyland's Matterhorn mountain and beautiful trees sporting blooms of pink flowers There are a number of places purporting to sell "cheap" Disneyland tickets. That's not exactly true. It's true that you can find tickets that are a little LESS expensive than what the park sells at its ticket booths. However, Disneyland tickets are NOT CHEAP, even with a discount. (Eager visitors, such as yourself, have made Disneyland Park so popular that it can charge pretty much what it wants to!)

While planning your vacation, take time to consider how much cheaper almost every other theme park in southern California is (well, except for Universal Studios Hollywood, now that they have a Harry Potter themed area.) Consider the fact that you could have an annual pass to almost any other park for LESS than the price of spending one day at Disneyland. Do you still want to take the plunge?

If you're still dead set upon doing this, we don't blame you. It's a wonderful theme park. Going to Disneyland Park used to be one of the USA's most looked-forward-to experiences in childhood. Now that Disney parks are world-wide, that heightened sense of anticipation that kids (and even adults) get at the mere mention of the Disney name is an INTERNATIONAL phenomenon. Still, we had to warn you. You're going to pay dearly for the opportunity. So, make the most of your planning time. Don't wait to study your ticket choices when you arrive at the theme park. It will take careful thought if you're going to save money on your tickets.

Picture: Minnie Mouse dances on Disneyland's Main Street USAIn defense of Disneyland's prices: Now that we've bashed the park's prices, here is why we feel you might wish to pay them. Disneyland offers a premium park experience (in comparison to traditional amusement parks and many other theme parks.) You are paying for superior theming and decor; landscaping in which you won't find an out-of-season flower (much less a wilted one); a maintenance department that won't let one scrap of paper on the ground or one toilet stay unflushed for more than a minute or two; restaurants offering a variety of food of a quality not always found in theme parks; and above all, a relatively high employee-to-guest ratio. You will not park unassisted; help will be waiting if you need to load a bulky stroller into the tram that takes you to the front gate; multiple and varied character meet 'n greet experiences for your kids to enjoy; both staged and strolling entertainment; and, in general, a level of unfeigned courtesy amongst employees in all parts of the park. Yes, there are some "summer workers" here for the busy season, but many people of all ages choose to stay here year-round because they truly enjoy the atmosphere & being part of the total guest experience.

There are two types of discounts: those available to all guests, and discounts just for Southern California residents. On this page, we'll be talking about discounts that are available to ALL visitors. It takes a separate long page to talk about the Southern California resident's discounts. But don't get jealous, if you're a visitor. Most of the local residents' discounts are deals on annual passes that have most of the dates blocked from being used EXCEPT during the off-season (when there aren't any visitors around to buy the high-priced daily tickets.) The reality is that if local residents decide to go to Disneyland on the very same day that YOU go, they will pay for a 1-day Disneyland ticket that's the very SAME price as out-of-town visitors pay.

How much do Disneyland tickets cost?

Picture: Fireworks above the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland ParkDisneyland tickets vary in price depending on how busy the park estimates that it will be on a given date. This may come as a surprise to you if you've visited Disneyland before. Not too long ago, there was just ONE ticket price year-round. That's no longer true. These days there are 3 ticket prices: High, higher and highest. In 2018, these three prices are $97, $117 and $135. Therefore, the very FIRST thing to keep in mind is the date you want to attend the park. If you make your visit on the highest-priced dates, you'll be spending $38 more...which is quite a bad move if you're looking for a discount!

The second thing to know is that you can buy 1-park OR 2-park tickets. A 1-park ticket is good for 1 day at Disneyland Park OR at its sister-park, the Disney California Adventure. A 2-park ticket is good at BOTH theme the very same day. These 2-park tickets are called "Hopper" tickets. This is because both parks are situated around the same entrance plaza. You can literally leave one park and "hop" over to the next within minutes.

If you want to save money, it's REALLY important to think about whether you actually NEED to "hop" back and forth...because there is a $50 difference between a "1 park" ticket price and the cost of a "2 park" entry pass. The 3 different prices for these tickets (in 2018) are $147, $167 and $185.

Which should you choose; 1 park per day, or 2? Well, considering the waiting time in lines and for show times to begin, it's difficult to see everything inside of Disneyland in merely one day. In fact, if you want to see absolutely EVERYTHING there is, you CAN'T do it in one day. Period. The same thing is true of Disney's California Adventure Park. If you choose to "hop" between parks on your one-day visit, then, you will be missing many of the unique Disney experiences that you came to see...and paying a whopping $50 more for the privilege of missing them. Therefore, we would recommend that you NOT hop between parks unless you don't think that you'll be returning to Disneyland at any time during the foreseeable future.

On the other hand: We've had some foreign readers who felt it was worth the extra money to get a glimpse of both parks, at any cost. This is quite understandable in the case of somebody who won't be returning. And $50 is quite a small expense compared to the cost of an international trip. There is one other circumstance which would warrent the extra expense: longer stays of 4 or 5 days will leave you with "favorites" at both parks that you'd like to experience again. "Hopper" tickets make it easier for long-staying guests to keep up their excitement (by repeating their favorite rides and shows an extra time.) But to repeat, if you're looking for the cheapest way for your family to see the Disney parks, "hopper" tickets are NOT going to be the most economical way. The $50 price difference adds up to $200 for a family of four.

This brings up the third thing to consider: How many days will you visit? It will soon become apparent (if you read thru the chart below) that your price-per-day at Disneyland will get less expensive the longer the length of your ticket is. For example, if you purchase a 5-day ticket, your cost-per-day drops down to around $64. But the longer you stay at Disneyland, the less time you have to see other things in southern California. What about the beaches? What about seeing San Diego or Hollywood? What are your priorities and how much total time do you have for your vacation? Nobody but you can advise you on this question. Some people have their fill after one day at each park. Others think that it takes 3-4 days to see everything. And die-hards will be able to fill up their 5 day tickets by repeating favorite rides and seeing every show. About the only thing you should NOT plan to do is visit some OTHER attraction (say, the beach or Hollywood) during the morning and then Disneyland Park in the afternoon. The traffic in Los Angeles; the hour's length of time it takes to park, take the tram to Disneyland's entrance, and go through security; and the sheer number of delightful attractions that you will miss...all work together to making it a bad idea to share your day at Disneyland with any other type of plans.

Picture: Dancers at a Disneyland paradeHere's a chart of one-day ticket prices at the time of this update:

1 day---1 park tickets:
Lowest Adult $97; child age 3 to 9, $91
Mid: Adult $117; Child $110
Highest: Adult $135; Child $127

1 day---2 park Hopper tickets:
Lowest: Adult $147; child $141
Mid: Adult $167; Child $160
Highest: Adult $185; Child $177

Calendar of Disneyland's tiered prices: As you can see, it gets quite complex when you try to decide what ticket is best for you! You will actually need to play around with the ticket-planner tool to decide what is the best price...for the most days...that you can come up with. Before you head to that page, however, here's a quick preview of the pricing tiers:

June 2018 price tiers:
Lowest: No dates in June
Mid: June 1 thru 15; 18 to 21; 25 to 28
Highest: June 15-17; 22-24; 29-30

Link to Disneyland's ticketing page: Armed with this information, you should have an idea of the cheapest time you can visit the park considering the dates that you have available. From there, you can play around with the pricing tool to figure out the best value for your needs. Jot down that price, because it's the figure you'll want to BEAT if you try any of the discount ideas featured later on this page. Here a link to the ticketing page of the Disneyland website.

Other Disneyland Discount Ticket Providers

Section 1: ARES Travel's online Disneyland Discount Tickets

Picture: pretty pink spring blossoms make Disneyland's golden Astro Orbitors ride look lovlier than ever!Disneyland Park is not the only authorized place to get Disneyland tickets. Other vendors are allowed to offer tickets at a "special" price...but usually not TOO much less than the park. Your hotel may have a discount vendor in the lobby, or you may be refered to a number of ticket-selling agencies if you do a web search. There are also UNauthorized vendors, however, and their tickets don't always work. Therefore, in the next section, we will only review places from which we've used that we're sure their tickets will work if you should choose them. (For local residents who can afford it, however, we recommend getting Disneyland's annual pass in order to get the best daily rates. Discounts on daily tickets are best only for those who can't visit the park except for a pre-set number of days.)

What is the ARES Travel company? ARES Travel is a ticketing and reservations company that provides the "ticket store" for a number of well-established websites, including the websites of a number of California's convention & visitor's bureaus. You can rest assured that ARES Travel is a reputable company.

While you are in the process of investigating various sources of deals & discounts for your upcoming trip, you will want to check out the ARES Travel website to see how this company's prices compare to others you have checked.

We've noticed that their discounts are relatively small, but can add up to a significant savings if you're buying tickets for an entire family.

Check for ARES Travel Co's Disneyland Discounts: Here's a link to the Disneyland discount ticket from ARES Travel. so you can check for current special offers.

Section 2: CityPass discounts to Disney, Seaworld and Legoland

Picture:  Radiator Springs Racers ride in Cars Land at the Disney California Adventure ParkThe Southern California CityPass program DOES work and it DOES save money! In some ways, we feel that this is the best all-around plan for first-time visitors because of the high-quality blend of theme park entertainment that you get for one low price.

How does the Southern California CityPass work? You will buy a multi-park ticket which gives you 3 days at Disneyland and California Adventure (with "Park Hopping" priviledges...meaning that you can visit BOTH parks in the same day...and split up your time between them however you'd like.) You'll also get one day at SeaWorld San Diego, and one day at Legoland theme park in San Diego. (In other words, this is a great plan for multi-park touring, but isn't the right discount plan for someone who simply wants to spend one afternoon at Disneyland Park.)

The CityPass adult price for 2018 is $367, and the Kid's (ages 3-9) price is $337.00. This is a good price that's sure to save you money if you want to visit all 4 of these theme parks on your Southern California visit. In fact, it's a VERY difficult price to beat, which is why we recommend them (and have used them ourselves.)

CityPass coupons are purchased at the ticket booths of any of its member attractions (including the Disneyland ticket booths), making it a very easy & convenient way to participate in a discount plan. You may also purchase the CityPass through their website, in advance of their visit.

The "down sides" of the CityPass plan are obvious: you might not want to go to all of four theme parks...yet you have to pay for them up-front. This problem has been compounded by the fact that recently Legoland Park was added to the line up (when Universal Studios Hollywood opted out.) While all ages used to enjoy Universal Studios, there is not much for an adult visitor to enjoy at Legoland. However, if you've got kids, this is an especially good deal because Legoland gives out very poor 1-day discounts (because it urges its visitors to get annual passes, which aren't much higher than one-day tickets.)

Further, you only have 14 days (from the time you first use a ticket) to complete your visits to all four of these theme parks. So in short, this is a great deal for an active tourist who wants to "see it all" during their stay in California; but not so great for someone who just wants to spend a day or two at Disneyland.

For further information about the Southern California CityPass discounts, please check out CityPass website for complete details.

Section 3: AAA's Disneyland Discounts

If you're a member of the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) then you should know that many local auto club offices sell Disneyland discount tickets. These discounts include both multi-day tickets as well as hotel packages (and Disney Cruise Line discounts, as well.) For details about the AAA's discount programs, you should visit either your local office or

January is always "Disney Month" at the AAA every year. During January, you'll get even better deals through your local AAA branch office than normal. If you're a member, you should get a special email every January about the various special discounts (as long as the AAA has your current email address on file.)

Section 4: Costco Disneyland Packages

Oogie Boogie in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park, AnaheimOccasionally, Costco carries one-day Disneyland and/or Disney's California Adventure tickets...but that's only on rare occasion. What you CAN depend on regularly, however, is Costco vacation packages to the Disneyland resort. The discounts may be available at your local store, but one way or the other, they are ALWAYS offered on the Costco Travel website.

What kind of Disneyland Resort packages are available? At the time of this update, all of the discount programs involve staying at either a Disneyland Resort hotel...or an affiliated hotel in the community (called "Good Neighbor" hotels.) These hotel & ticket packages are actually quite similar to what Disneyland itself offers on its own website. You will need to compare prices both at AND at to see which one offers the best prices for the choice of hotel & perks that you desire.

Costco Travel website: Here's a link to the Disneyland Resort discount packages page of Costco's website, where you'll find complete information.

Section 5: Disneyland online web-only specials at

Picture: Flo's V8 Cafe serves up tasty meals in Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure Park's ticket prices are usually similar to those at the Disneyland ticket booths: BUT, you might miss getting extra perks if you buy your Disneyland tickets at the park...instead of online at

When you purchase 3 to 5-day tickets online, you'll receive 1 "Magic Morning" early entry ticket. This is a perk that your family might enjoy very much--some actual time in the park before the other guests are admitted. It's a very good reason to purchase tickets before you reach the park. And yet, you should also know that it's not really a chance to roam all overthe park freely and get onto all your favorite rides without a line. Only selected attractions will be open for Magic Mountain. Some of them appeal to all ages. Often, the selection includes Space Mountain, Star Tours and/or the Matterhorn Bobsleds. But...

Magic Morning tickets are largely geared towards families with kids, and so during your early bonus hour at the park, more of the rides that are open will be of particular interest to children. Being inside the park will not only give you extra riding time, but also place you into position to be FIRST to reach your other favorite attractions when they open at the "official" time for the general public.

Why are Disneyland perks offered online and not usually at the ticket booths? The reason is simple. If you arrive in Southern California without tickets, you might discover some OTHER attraction that you'd like to see...and NOT spend as much time at Disneyland Park. On the other hand, if you have pre-purchased your tickets online before you get to Southern California, then you WILL spend your days visiting Disneyland. Is it any wonder, then, why the Disneyland folks want you to purchase your tickets ahead of time? And, they're willing to give you an extra incentive if you'll commit before you leave home.

Military and Employee discounts on Disneyland Tickets

1.) Military Discount Tickets--- If you're in the military, you are among the few people who can get the cheapest prices on Disneyland tickets! That's the good news. The slightly bad news is that you CAN'T get your great discount at the gate. But for this special, it's worth a trip ahead of time to the base ticket office, for sure.

Active and retired U.S. military get special 3-day and 4-day hopper ticket prices: You can get the 3-day Hopper for $168...or the 4-day hopper for $188. Compared to the public's price, which is $330 or $380, you'll really get a great bargain on these. You must purchase your tickets on or before December 16, 2018 and use them by December 19, 2018. These are good any day, no matter whether the single-day tier pricing is at it's "value" level or its "premium" prices. For complete info, please see the Military Discounts page of the Disneyland website.

2.) Employee discounts: Another group to receive good discounts is by going to the park with Disneyland Resort employees. If you're coming from afar, chances are that you won't know one. But if you live in the area, this is one time to speak up and ask...considering the great sum of money that's at stake. Employees get an amazing discount for friends and family members, and they don't need to stay with you once you enter the park, either (if you don't wish to inconvenience them.)

Section 6: Disneyland Annual Passports; great savings for frequent guests!

A.) Disneyland Deluxe Annual Passes

Tinkerbell at Disneyland Park in Anaheim You may have heard---correctly---that Southern California residents can get cheaper prices on their Disneyland annual passes. Sure, it's true, BUT those Southern California annual pass tickets are chock-full of blackout dates! For example, if you bought the cheapest Southern California annual passport, you wouldn't be able to attend Disneyland on any Saturday or Sunday ALL YEAR LONG! Your summer visiting would be SEVERELY restricted...and near Christmas time? Forget it!

Out of town visitors are offered the absolute best Disneyland Annual Passes, in terms of the LEAST black-out date restrictions! In this section, you'll discover the Disneyland Resort Annual Passes that are available to ALL Disneyland visitors. With an annual passport, you may visit the theme park as many times as you like until it expires ON THE DATES ALLOWED by the type of passport that you buy. (You are able to know what dates these are before you purchase your pass.) They work like "Hopper" tickets; in other words, you may use them at BOTH Disneyland theme park AND at Disney's California Adventure theme park on the same day, if you wish.

Making the most of your annual pass--- The prices for an annual passport at Disneyland can make you gulp. Maybe, perhaps, you'll even faint. If you don't live in Southern California, can it possibly be cost-effective to get one, nevertheless? Yes, it can...if you look at the situation with a full 12-month perspective. Since you may use your pass for an entire year, it can be good for 2 different summer vacations. One this year, immediately after purchasing it...and then again next summer, right before it expires. By then, single-day ticket prices will have gone up AGAIN, and the same is true for annual passes. Thus, your vacation next year will be at this year's prices. Even two visits (of several days each) will save you money compared to the cost of one-day tickets. If you can manage to squeeze in an extra Disneyland trip for Fall Break or Spring Break, then you'll be saving even more.

Once you decide on the best annual passes to suit your needs, you may purchase them at either, at the Disneyland theme park ticket booths, or at the Disney stores in your local mall. Following, you'll find the annual passports that are available to ALL guests:

THE DELUXE DISNEYLAND ANNUAL PASSPORT--- The deluxe annual pass to Disneyland will allow you a generous 300+ days per year to visit Disneyland Park. You'll be allowed to enjoy both Disneyland amusement park AND the Disney California Adventure amusement park each time you visit, hopping back and forth between the parks, if you wish, to catch your favorite performances at both. In addition, you'll be offered some Disneyland Resort discounts which are not available to the general public.

Following are the Disneyland Resort Deluxe Annual Passport prices--
1.) $729 for children age 3--9 (no discount for children; same price as adult pass. Price ) If you think this price seems too high, you're right. This passport cost $379 until 2012, and $519 as of May, 2014. This means that there has been a huge price increase in recent years...since about the time that Cars Land opened (and crowds went wild.) Still...if you'll be visiting Disneyland a number of times in the next year, it's going to save you money in the long run.
2.) $729 for adults (age 10 and up); no parking included
3.) Traditionally, annual pass-holders have been able to buy a "parking pass" along with this passport. THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE. The Disneyland website says that pasking passes aren't available " any longer, and suggests that you upgrade to a more expensive pass. FYI, the daily parking rate is now $20, which is the standard rate among southern California theme parks right now. If you care to read an official statement about the matter, here's a link to the parking pass addition information on the Disneyland website.

Purchasing a Disney Deluxe annual pass: If you think that Disneyland's Deluxe passport might be the right one for you, then here's a link to the Here's a link to the Annual Passport page of Disneyland's website.



New---please read: Beginning 2019, the block-out dates for Disneyland Park MAY BE DIFFERENT than the no-go dates for the Disney California Adventure Park! This hasn't been the case in the past, but the resort would like to start becoming more flexible with annual pass hours. In the following list, any exceptions will be noted. Otherwise, you may assume that the block-out dates are the same for both parks.

June 2018--- ALL Saturdays are on the black out list.

July 2018--- ALL of the Saturdays in July are blocked out, plus Sunday, July 1st.

August 2018--- 2 Saturdays (August 4 and 11) are listed as blackout dates at Disneyland and DCA.

September 2018--- There are 2 block-out dates in September this year, 9/1 and 9/2, which are both part of the Labor Day weekend. However, you MAY attend Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure on Labor Day (September 3rd.)

October 2018--- NO dates are on the black out list! You may visit Disneyland or the Disney California Adventure Park any day you'd like. One thing to remember in October, however, is that Mickey's Halloween Party (held on selected evenings after Disneyland's closing time) is an extra-fee event. Even if you have an annual Disneyland Passport, you'll still need to purchase a separate ticket if you wish to attend.

November 2018---Only 3 days on the blackout list: Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving Day) plus Nov 23 & 24th (the Friday & Saturday of Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.)

December 2018---Many days are on the no-go list this month...yes, despite the fact that you've paid a pretty penny for your Deluxe Annual Passport! Here are the days that you MAY attend: December 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18,, 19, 20. Here are the dates that you may NOT visit: December 1, 8, 15, 16, 21st thru 31st.

January 2019---There are 5 blackout dates in Jan, 2019! These dates are January 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

February 2019---Only 2 dates blacked-out: Saturday & Sunday, February 16 & 17. These are on the President's Day holiday weekend. Oddly enough, Monday, Feb 18...President's Day NOT blocked out.

March 2019---Three Saturdays are blocked out: 16th, March 23rd and March 30th. You may visit every other day in March except those 3 dates.

April 2019--- ALL 4 Saturdays are blocked out. Friday, April 19th is also blocked-out; it's part of the Easter holiday long weekend. (Easter Sunday is NOT blocked out, nor are any Sundays at all.) You may visit the theme park on all the other days of the month except the 5 dates listed.

May 2019--- ALL Saturdays are blackout dates, PLUS Sunday, May 26th (because of the large Memorial Day weekend crowds.) However, Monday May 27, 2019...Memorial Day not a blackout day

June 2019--- Disneyland Park's blackout dates are very different from DCA's this month. At Disneyland Park itself, ALL Fridays and Saturdays are on the black out list. All Sundays are blocked-out, too, EXCEPT for June 2nd. Also, the entire last week of June is blocked-out...from 6/23 until 6/29. HOWEVER, at the Disney California Adventure Park, there will be NO block-out dates this month!

Can you buy a discount ticket on your Block Out Days?

Picture: Famous statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland ParkWhat do you do if you'd like to attend Disneyland Park on a date when you're "blocked out?"

For several years now, discounted blockout-day tickets have no longer been sold. You may buy a full-priced ticket...or you may use the black-out date as an opportunity to upgrade your annual passport to a more luxurious level. Here's a link to the blockout day ticket information on the Disneyland website. You will find a more thorough discussion about the options available to you on block-out dates.


1.) THE DISNEYLAND SIGNATURE ANNUAL PASSPORT (Standard)---For $999, you can attend both Disney theme parks in Anaheim, California...AND get free parking...almost any day of the year. Yes, alas, we did say "almost." Did you ever think you'd see the day that you could pay a thousand dollars for a pass...and still have blackout dates? No, neither did we! At least, the no-go dates are relatively few....and occur during the popular Christmas season (but NOT during the busy summer vacation time.

The block-out dates for Disneyland's Signature Passport are as follows: NO blockout dates during June, July, August, September, October and November. During December, 2018, you may visit both parks from Dec 1st thru 21st. Then, all dates between (and including) Saturday, December 22nd and Monday, December 31st are no-go dates. Then, in January, 2019, you may NOT visit Disneyland on Jan 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. There are NO block-out dates from Jan 6th thru 31st, nor in February, March, April, May or June, 2019.

2.)THE DISNEYLAND SIGNATURE PLUS ANNUAL PASSPORT---Formerly called the Disneyland Premium Passport, this is the no-holds-barred Disneyland annual pass which is good every single day of the year...all 365 days! If you purchase the Disneyland Signature Plus annual passport, you'll get into the park on even on the busiest day of the year...the annual Disneyland New Year's Eve Celebration. (As long as you arrive at the Disneyland before it reaches its full-capacity limit, that is!)

The price for the Disneyland Signature Plus Passport is $1,149, for both for kids and adults. (This is the cost as of 2018.) Plus, this super-duper Premium Annual Passport includes parking, at no extra charge. It also includes the new DISNEY MAXPASS FEATURE, which allows you to activate your FastPass reservations from your phone's Disneyland app. (This saves you from walking all the way to the ride where you'd like to pick up a Fast Pass...which can be a big time-saver.) The MaxPass also has benefits for those who enjoy having their photos taken at the park, as well.

This is quite an expensive pass, but when you consider that block-out day tickets are no longer available, this Premium pass can pay for itself quickly if you enjoy visiting the park during high-traffic times (like summer vacation and the Christmas holidays.)

Purchasing an annual pass: For further information or to purchase a pass, here's a link to the Here's a link to the Annual Passport page of Disneyland's website.

C.) Disney Premier Passport

Disneyland has recently discontinued its Premier annual passport. This amazing pass allowed admission to Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Walt Disney World's 4 theme parks (the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom); Walt Disney World's 2 water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach); DisneyQuest at Orlando's Downtown Disney; ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando; and Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course in Orlando. Surprisingly, a number of passes were sold, and there were indeed California Disney-lovers who visited Florida in order to take advantage of this deal. There will certainly be those fans who lament its loss.

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